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14.6.1 2022-11-25
14.6.0 2022-11-24
14.5.4 2022-11-18
14.5.3 2022-11-17
14.5.2 2022-11-16
14.5.1 2022-11-16
14.5.0 2022-11-09
14.4.0 2022-10-26
14.3.1 2022-10-17
14.3.0 2022-10-12
14.2.0 2022-09-29
14.1.1 2022-09-19
14.1.0 2022-09-15
14.0.3 2022-09-12
14.0.2 2022-09-01
14.0.1 2022-09-01
14.0.0 2022-08-31
13.9.0 2022-08-17
13.8.2 2022-08-12
13.8.1 2022-08-05
13.8.0 2022-08-03
13.7.3 2022-07-26
13.7.2 2022-07-22
13.7.1 2022-07-21
13.7.0 2022-07-20
13.6.0 2022-07-06
13.5.2 2022-06-29
13.5.1 2022-06-27
13.5.0 2022-06-22
13.4.0 2022-06-08
13.3.0 2022-05-25
13.2.2 2022-05-19
13.2.1 2022-05-16
13.2.0 2022-05-12
13.1.0 2022-04-27
13.0.0 2022-04-14
12.9.0 2022-03-30
12.8.1 2022-03-18
12.8.0 2022-03-16
12.7.2 2022-03-11
12.7.1 2022-03-08
12.7.0 2022-03-02
12.6.1 2022-02-23
12.6.0 2022-02-16
12.5.4 2022-02-08
12.5.3 2022-02-04
12.5.2 2022-02-04
12.5.1 2022-02-03
12.5.0 2022-02-02
12.4.1 2022-01-21
12.4.0 2022-01-19
12.3.2 2022-01-10
12.3.1 2022-01-10
12.3.0 2022-01-05
12.2.0 2021-12-22
12.1.0 2021-12-08
12.0.2 2021-12-03
12.0.1 2021-11-24
12.0.0 2021-11-24
11.9.1 2021-11-17
11.9.0 2021-11-11
11.8.3 2021-11-09
11.8.2 2021-11-08
11.8.1 2021-11-05
11.8.0 2021-10-28
v11.7.1 2021-10-20
11.7.0 2021-10-13
11.6.0 2021-09-29
11.5.1 2021-09-21
11.5.0 2021-09-16
11.4.1 2021-09-03
11.4.0 2021-09-01
11.3.0 2021-08-18
11.2.1 2021-08-05
11.2.0 2021-08-04
11.1.0 2021-07-21
11.0.0 2021-07-07
10.9.1 2021-06-25
10.9.0 2021-06-23
10.8.2 2021-06-16
10.8.1 2021-06-15
10.8.0 2021-06-09
10.7.4 2021-06-07
10.7.3 2021-06-07
10.7.2 2021-06-04
10.7.1 2021-05-26
10.7.0 2021-05-26
10.6.2 2021-05-20
10.6.1 2021-05-17
10.6.0 2021-05-12
10.5.4 2021-05-05
10.5.3 2021-04-30
10.5.2 2021-04-29
10.5.1 2021-04-29
10.5.0 2021-04-28
10.4.1 2021-04-15
10.4.0 2021-04-14
10.3.2 2021-04-07
10.3.1 2021-04-01
10.3.0 2021-03-31
10.2.1 2021-03-18
10.2.0 2021-03-17
10.1.1 2021-03-05
10.1.0 2021-03-03
10.0.2 2021-02-23
10.0.1 2021-02-22
10.0.0 2021-02-17
9.9.3 2021-02-15
9.9.2 2021-02-11
9.9.1 2021-02-08
9.9.0 2021-02-05
9.8.4 2021-02-04
9.8.3 2021-02-01
9.8.2 2021-01-27
9.8.1 2021-01-22
9.8.0 2021-01-20
9.7.4 2021-01-18
9.7.3 2021-01-15
9.7.2 2021-01-13
9.7.1 2021-01-12
9.7.0 2021-01-06
9.6.2 2020-12-25
9.6.1 2020-12-24
9.6.0 2020-12-23
9.5.2 2020-12-10
9.5.1 2020-12-08
9.5.0 2020-12-02
9.4.1 2020-11-19
9.4.0 2020-11-18
9.3.0 2020-11-04
9.2.2 2020-10-26
9.2.1 2020-10-22
9.2.0 2020-10-21
9.1.1 2020-10-07
9.1.0 2020-09-30
9.0.0 2020-09-16
8.9.3 2020-09-08
8.9.2 2020-09-07
8.9.1 2020-09-03
8.9.0 2020-09-02
8.8.0 2020-08-19
8.7.1 2020-08-11
8.7.0 2020-08-05
8.6.1 2020-07-28
8.6.0 2020-07-22
8.5.1 2020-07-09
8.5.0 2020-07-08
8.4.0 2020-06-24
8.3.0 2020-06-11
8.2.1 2020-05-28
8.2.0 2020-05-27
8.1.0 2020-05-13
8.0.0 2020-04-29
7.9.1 2020-04-16
7.9.0 2020-04-15
7.8.1 2020-03-27
7.2.1 2020-03-27
7.3.1 2020-03-27
7.4.1 2020-03-27
7.5.1 2020-03-27
7.6.1 2020-03-27
7.7.2 2020-03-27
7.8.0 2020-03-25
7.7.1 2020-03-12
7.7.0 2020-03-11
7.6.0 2020-02-26
7.5.0 2020-02-12
7.4.0 2020-02-05
7.3.0 2020-01-22
7.2.0 2020-01-08
7.1.0 2019-12-11
7.0.0 2019-11-27
6.9.0 2019-11-13
6.8.0 2019-10-30
6.7.0 2019-10-16
6.6.0 2019-10-02
6.5.0 2019-09-18
6.4.0 2019-08-28
6.3.0 2019-08-14
6.2.0 2019-07-31
6.1.1 2019-07-12
6.1.0 2019-07-10
6.0.0 2019-06-26
5.9.2 2019-06-14
5.9.1 2019-06-14
5.9.0 2019-06-12
5.8.0 2019-05-29
5.7.0 2019-05-15
5.6.1 2019-05-01
5.6.0 2019-05-01
5.5.0 2019-04-19
5.4.0 2019-04-03
5.3.0 2019-03-20
5.2.0 2019-03-06
5.1.1 2019-02-21
5.1.0 2019-02-20
5.0.0 2019-02-06
4.9.0 2019-01-23
4.8.0 2019-01-07
4.7.1 2018-12-18
4.7.0 2018-12-12
4.6.1 2018-11-30
4.6.0 2018-11-30
4.5.1 2018-11-21
4.5.0 2018-11-20
4.4.0 2018-11-15
4.3.0 2018-11-12
3.6.3 2018-11-07
3.7.1 2018-11-07
3.8.1 2018-11-07
3.9.1 2018-11-07
4.0.1 2018-11-07
4.2.0 2018-11-06
4.1.1 2018-10-25
4.1.0 2018-10-24
4.0.0 2018-10-17
3.9.0 2018-09-21
3.8.0 2018-09-12
3.7.0 2018-08-31
3.6.2 2018-08-17
3.6.1 2018-08-17
3.6.0 2018-08-17
3.5.0 2018-08-09
3.4.0 2018-08-03
3.3.0 2018-07-20
3.2.0 2018-07-06
3.1.1 2018-06-28
3.1.0 2018-06-21
3.0.1 2018-06-05
3.0.0 2018-06-04
2.9.2 2018-05-21
2.9.1 2018-05-19
2.9.0 2018-05-18
2.8.0 2018-05-03
2.7.0 2018-04-18
2.6.0 2018-04-05
2.5.0 2018-03-28
2.4.0 2018-03-14
2.3.0 2018-03-02
  • Continue editing flow iterations by adding a line between blocks to insert new content it also works within nested groups.
  • Add support for nested templates.
  • Allow duplicating a block through a menu button.
  • Automatically set a matching block as the default when a post format is set and the post is empty. This continues the path of matching blocks with post formats.
  • Add CodeMirror (core library) to the HTML block for syntax highlighting.
  • Simplify design presentation of editor header area for better consistency. (Add label for "Preview" action.)
  • Introduce new API for allowing plugins to register sidebars. It allows plugins to further extend Gutenberg natively with non-content functionality. Note: the public facing functions are marked as experimental as they are being iterated in the context of the major extensibility work going on outside of blocks.
  • Improve the "invalid block" dialog by reducing the options and adding a new convert to blocks feature as we have solidified the transformations.
  • Allow adding images to a gallery without going through the media library.
  • Show the block appender even if the last block is non empty paragraph.
  • Show the side inserter on empty paragraphs within nested blocks.
  • Add a script that creates a PHP file based on a POT to make the plugin translatable.
  • Refactor float alignment to avoid margin calculations and simplify rendering.
  • Support registering and invoking actions in the data module.
  • Add hook to validate useOnce blocks.
  • Add viewport module. (Showing explorations with data module.)
  • Provide a fix for apiRequest in sites configured to use plain permalinks. (Reported several times!)
  • Remove specific grammar support for more tag as we consolidate the syntax and reduce weight.
  • Move filter for registering block types before validation happens.
  • Allow removing the selected image in a gallery block using backspace/delete keys.
  • Make saved blocks preview available to keyboard users.
  • Refactor reducer enhancers as higher-order reducer creators.
  • Refactor query HOC usage with withSelect.
  • Refactor API calls in Gutenberg to always use wp.apiRequest.
  • Register core blocks on init hook.
  • Removed DefaultBlockAppender when a template Lock exits.
  • Reduce and simplify float code.
  • Refactor and cleanup for the Ellipsis and More Menu components.
  • Add focus styles for Windows High Contrast mode.
  • Move meta boxes out of the generic editor module.
  • Make the "more" tag visible in the Classic block.
  • Expose ImagePlaceholder component in wp.blocks.
  • Rename TermTreeSelect to TreeSelect and move it to components.
  • Reuse isHorizontalEdge for RichText component and remove duplication.
  • Improve CSS for gallery caption and avoid UI shifts.
  • Use TreeSelect in HierarchicalTermSelector.
  • Flatten components modes directory organization.
  • Mutate editor store reference in middlewares application.
  • Consider term names as case insensitive.
  • Resolve an issue where removing a block which had contained inner blocks would not clear those inner blocks from state.
  • Make sure block usage is incremented (for calculating frequency and recency) when adding blocks with the side inserter.
  • Hide non editor specific notices, pending further improvements.
  • Update shortcode block icon.
  • Disable post format input if the theme does not support post formats.
  • Remove margin from initial insertion point and fix misalignment.
  • Polish header for mobile and accommodate other more languages.
  • Show taxonomies in the document inspector separately, uncoupling Categories & Tags.
  • Improve handling of block toolbar on mobile.
  • Fix issue with gallery images not cropping within link wrappers.
  • Fix bug in paragraph blocks affecting input behaviour when block is positioned on left or right.
  • Fix minor inconsistency with block margins and the default appender.
  • Fix description typo in freeform block.
  • Fix issue with focus transfering between citation and content.
  • Fix issue with floated block toolbar on adjacent floats.
  • Fix duplicate upload of media on drag.
  • Fix issue that prevented adding new rows or columns in Table block.
  • Fix issues with z-index and the sidebar.
  • Fix accessibility issues with mover icons.
  • Fix issue with default block replace resulting in incorrect order.
  • Fix sidebar tab padding.
  • Fix certain conflicts with markdown plugins.
  • Fix IconButton indent regression.
  • Fix issue with self embedding WP posts and the processing of the embed markup.
  • Fix extraction of _nx translation function.
  • Fix backwards compatibility with props.
  • Fix problem with delete key in empty contentEditables.
  • Resolve an issue with the data module's unsubscribe behavior which can result in a listener callback being invoked even after its been unsubscribed.
  • Remove the api-request JavaScript shim which had existed while WordPress 4.9 was in pre-release.
  • Remove explicit handling of "bottom reached" within writing flow as redundant.
  • Remove invalid reference to WeakMap polyfill.
  • Remove unused wpautop fixture files.
  • Remove non-functional custom taxonomies meta boxes.
  • Remove is- prefix from embed alignment class.
  • Switch get_locale() to get_user_locale().
  • Remove unnecessary $current_screen code.
  • Reduce duplication in 'No saved blocks' and 'No blocks found' component messages.
  • Include string extraction in production build.
  • Add deprecation helper functions for consistent messaging.
  • Improve string cast render test.
  • Add Gutenberg svg to docs.
  • Add documentation describing block transforms.
  • Add documentation for nested template definitions.
  • Add documentation for registering sidebar APIs. Move them to extensibility docs.
  • Update WordPress packages to the latest versions.
2.2.0 2018-02-16
  • Block Nesting is live! It comes with an experimental Columns block. (Note: converting a nested block into a reusable block is disabled on this first version.) Furthermore, this is not a specific implementation for columns alone any block author can take advantage of defining nested areas.
  • Refined block insertion experience:
  • Introduce block shortcuts on every empty paragraph block. This also temporarily disables the sibling inserter as we work on refining this interaction.
  • Add trailing text area at the bottom of a post to continue writing.
  • Preview saved blocks while hovering on the inserter. Allows users to quickly see what they are inserting before inserting.
  • Enable triggering onChange events within RichText component on every keystroke. This was an enforced limitation that prevented saved post checks from being faithful.
  • Rework undo levels to use history "buffer" and leverage the mechanism to aid in continuous syncing of RichText history records.
  • Collapse the publish sidebar when making edits to a published post automatically.
  • Improve writing flow by triggering isTyping mode as soon as the user clicks on the default text appender.
  • Hide hover effects when typing.
  • Add a confirmation message before reverting a published post to draft.
  • When using the inserter, replace the selected block if it's empty.
  • Display reusable blocks in the "recent blocks" tab.
  • Make sure blue line indicators appear consistently when using dropzones.
  • Ensure that hitting enter at the end of a paragraph creates an empty paragraph when using RichText.
  • Ensure the block settings menu and the block movers are shown when the default block is selected and user is not typing.
  • Deselect individual gallery images when clicking outside the block or selecting another image.
  • Add support for setting a page template.
  • Add support for individual image captions in galleries.
  • Add support for saving a post with Cmd/Ctrl+S shortcuts. This is possible after these RichText changes.
  • Support unwrapped paragraph text via native block deprecation mechanism. (Ensures paragraphs without p tags are correctly interpreted.) Also readdresses code that was applying autop selectively on the server for posts made with gutenberg as it is handled at the block level when needed.
  • Add raw handling (pasting mechanism) for iframes (e.g. Google Maps).
  • Allow WP to make images responsive via class.
  • Drop focus/setFocus props in favor of isSelected prop.
  • New PlainText component for raw content that is styled as editable text. Renamed Editable to RichText for extra clarity and separation.
  • Add RawHTML component, drop support for HTML string block save.
  • Absorb multiple-image uploads in generic image placeholder component and reuse it for galleries.
  • Refactor Default Colors and the ColorPalette component. Moves the default colors to the frontend making the Editor script more reusable without the need of the server-side bootstraping.
  • Reimplement block alignment as a common extension.
  • Use block API functions in reusable block effects.
  • Check for duplication in addGeneratedClassName.
  • Assign default for all allowed blockTypes.
  • Update ToggleControl to pass boolean onChange.
  • Add withSafeTimeout higher-order component.
  • Expose getEditedPostAttribute selector.
  • Move selected block focus to BlockListBlock.
  • Allow themes to disable custom color functionality across blocks.
  • Added slug selector to data modules collection.
  • Defer registration of all core blocks until editor loads. Generally useful for extensibility hooks.
  • Add a subscribe function to the editor data module. Also, separate reducers into multiple stores to avoid unallowed access to the actions.
  • Support multiple stores in data module for the redux dev tools.
  • Expose registered selectors as functions.
  • Remove Popover isOpen prop, render by presence.
  • Fix issue with store persistence and switching to fixed toolbar.
  • Fix issue with formatting toolbar hover.
  • Fix block menu render when multi-selecting.
  • Fix TinyMCE custom buttons width in Classic block.
  • Fix sidebar tab admin theme regression.
  • Fix center alignment on resized images.
  • Fix some float issues.
  • Fix type error when merging blocks.
  • Fix regression when converting gallery from shortcode.
  • Fix unset variable in meta-boxes functions.
  • Fix code error in
  • Fix loss of focus when navigating from multi-selection.
  • Fix scrollbars on blank preview loading screen.
  • Fix broken nested lists and Evernote test in pasting functionality.
  • Fix lingering dropzone placeholder at the end of the editor.
  • Fix Button block line break presentation.
  • Fix lingering visual editor classes.
  • Fix codepen embeds width.
  • Fix merging blocks after nested blocks refactoring.
  • Fix Cypress path checks to allow sub-directory.
  • Fix error when pasting image inside caption.
  • Fix some issues when pasting from Word.
  • Fix bug when pasting content with custom styles in a paragraph block.
  • Fix image caption select behaviour.
  • Fix broken nested content caused by overly aggressive cache.
  • Fix issue with comments and pingbacks being set to off on new posts.
  • Fix regression with RichText placeholder whitespace.
  • Fix incorrect directory to load text domain.
  • Fix issue with quote to heading transformation.
  • Fix focus transfer between citation and content.
  • Fix gallery link attribute selector.
  • Attempt to correct Slack's Markdown code block variant.
  • Disable customClassName support on Classic block.
  • Avoid autofocus behavior for blocks without focusable elements.
  • Ignore focus if explicitOriginalTarget is not node (Firefox issue).
  • Extract "edit-post" to its own module this is preparation work for the eventual template editor in v2 onwards.
  • Remove redundant handling of inserter position, simplifying the implementation for nesting.
  • Prioritize specific block handling over generic shortcode catch-all transform.
  • Avoid running a full-parse when rendering a post, instead only intercepting dynamic blocks to handle their callbacks.
  • Ensure string return value from render_callback.
  • Avoid parameters in memoized selectors getDependants.
  • Guard against falsey block container in WritingFlow.
  • Refactor BlockList to use minimal block UIDs array.
  • Pass selection start as UID in BlockList to prevent unnecessary rerenders.
  • Refactor TableOfContents panel to separate component for performance improvements.
  • Restore new post setup as non-dirtying change. This resolves an issue where saving a new post which has an empty title will set the title as "Auto Draft".
  • Center spinner when images are loading in the gallery block.
  • Use isTypingInBlock to avoid unnecessary block rerenders.
  • Add the i18n messages to the built plugin.
  • General design improvements to the full-post code editor. Also removes the dummy quicktag buttons that were non-functional.
  • Only start multi selection from inside the content.
  • Cache columns layouts configurations.
  • General polish to the Classic block and some quote block style errors.
  • Remove wrapper from image raw transform and added tests.
  • Make sure reusable blocks models exist before initializing.
  • Persist withFocusOutside event for async usage.
  • Pass selected block UID as string on WritingFlow.
  • Add label to range control.
  • Remove throttling inputs on RichText.
  • Replace global hover state with local component state. This reduces excesive dispatching of mouse events.
  • Simplify Editor State initialization using a single action to fix undo/redo initialization.
  • Access state paths directly in selector dependants for getBlock.
  • Refactor insertion point to include rootUID and layout.
  • Set new post status to draft in initialization.
  • Strip comment demarcations in content filtering for the front-end after refactoring work.
  • Improve presentation of List block.
  • Optimize getMultiSelectedBlocks by returning shared array reference in empty multi-selection.
  • Increase maximum number of recent blocks to nine in order to accommodate the current design.
  • Avoid cases of rerendering when the previous or next block updates.
  • Restore missing selectionStart props in BlockList.
  • Improve edit and insert link label display.
  • Extract copy and scroll-into-view logic to separate non-visual components in BlockList.
  • Make sure that styles do not contain duplicates in development mode.
  • Use trivial block count check to determine emptiness.
  • Use proper labels provided by the rest API on taxonomies.
  • Use menu order to order pages in the parent page dropdown.
  • Persist link attribute to fix invalid galleries.
  • Update the Dashicons component with new icons.
  • Use correct label on Featured Image Panel.
  • Small improvement to the meta-box partial page file.
  • Delete unused global import in gutenberg_menu function.
  • Improve serialize persistence action name.
  • Improve logic around replacing the editor in PHP.
  • Improve consistency of tooltips text.
  • Improve sandbox component readme.
  • Improve gutenberg_intercept_* functions.
  • Improve "Add New" button logic.
  • Revert updates giving Meta Boxes' #poststuff div a broader scope.
  • Simplify "New Post" button logic.
  • Simplify scripts registration.
  • Replace focus with isSelected verification on hooks.
  • Automate memoized selector setup clear.
  • Consolidate module build JS, CSS, map inclusion.
  • Remove unused code after WP 4.9.
  • Update deprecated BlockDescription in Subhead.
  • Add doc explaining the deprecated block API. (Handbook.)
  • Add doc for Editable component (now RichText).
  • Document block validation, clarify extensibility validation.
  • JSDoc: prefer @return over @retuns.
  • Integrate dependencies from WordPress packages. Brings wp-scriptsinto gutenberg.
  • Move components in wp.blocks.InspectorControls to wp.components.
  • Add lint:fix ESLint "fix" npm script.
  • Add an eslint --fix Git precommit hook.
  • Add reusable block render tests.
  • Add tests for ContrastChecker component.
  • Add more details about unit testing JavaScript code.
  • Add mention to create-guten-block repo.
  • Add partial test coverage to RichText component.
  • Add first version of repository management doc.
  • Assign preferred JSDoc tags and types.
  • Assign edit-post global as wp.editPost.
  • Assign explicit user for Docker WordPress install in tests.
  • Mention installing docker-compose in local dev setup.
  • Update refx to version 3.x.
  • Update memize and rememo dependencies.
  • Code is Poetry footer to main readme.
2.1.0 2018-01-25
  • Iterate on the design of up/down arrows and how focus is managed. This seeks to further reduce the visual and cognitive weight of the up/down movers.
  • Show immediate visual feedback when dragging and dropping images into the editor. (Expands on the previous release work.)
  • Expose state through data module using selectors. This is an important piece of the extensibility puzzle.
  • New button outline and focus styles.
  • Show original block icon after converting to reusable block. Also hides the generic reusable block from inserters. This moves data logic out of the inserter.
  • Introduce a migration function for block versioning.
  • Add HTML handler to dropzone. Allows drag and dropping images from other web pages directly.
  • Trigger typing mode when ENTER or BACKSPACE are pressed. This improves the writing flow but engaging the UI-less mode more frequently.
  • Added ability to align the text content of a cover image to the right, left, or center of the image.
  • Refactor CopyContentButton as a core extension to illustrate how to add functionality to the editor outside of blocks.
  • Allow collapsing/sorting meta-boxes panels.
  • Remove dirty-checking from meta-boxes state, fixes issues with default values and updating certain text fields.
  • Defer registration of all core blocks until editor loads. Improves ability to hook into registerBlockType.
  • Only trigger select block action when block is unselected.
  • Try new markup for Galleries using lists.
  • Try new subheading editorial block.
  • Reduce sibling inserter initial height.
  • Force an update when a new filter is added or removed while using withFilters higher-order component. This improves the rendering flow of filters.
  • Refactor the MediaUploadButton to be agnostic to its rendered UI.
  • Change "size" label to "level" in Heading block settings.
  • Remove breaking spaces logic on List block.
  • Update progress button color state based on theme used.
  • Update Video block description.
  • Refactor the multi-selection behavior to dispatch the multi-selection start action only after the cursor begins to move after a mousedown event.
  • Avoid persisting mobile and publish sidebars.
  • Move drag handling to instance-bound handler.
  • Remove "Open in new window" link option.
  • Use username slug instead of name and remove ephemeral link from it.
  • Ensure isLoading set to false after request error.
  • Allow copying individual text from a block that is not purely text without copying the whole block.
  • Match consistency of tooltip text with Classic Editor.
  • Fix issue with Lists having additional lines when used in a reusable block.
  • Fix errors when adding duplicate tags.
  • Fix inconsistency with applyOrUnset().
  • Fix incorrect display when loading a saved block with no content.
  • Fix issue where black rectangle would briefly blink on new paragraphs.
  • Fix cursor jumps in link-editing dialog.
  • Fix post content validation.
  • Fix scrolling issues around nav menus.
  • Remove Vine embed support as it's no longer supported.
  • Ensure editor still exists after timeout.
  • Add regression check for block edit interface using snapshots.
  • Add missing alt attributes to image (and gallery) blocks when alt returns an empty value.
  • Better build tools with Docker.
  • Register Gutenberg scripts & styles before enqueuing.
  • Force wp-api.js to use HTTP/1.0 for better compatibility.
  • Avoid the deprecated (from 5.0 to 5.2) is_a() function.
  • Remove unused dependency.
  • Update contributing instructions with steps.
  • Consistency cleanup in doc return statements.
  • Include how to assign a template to a default Post Type in the documentation. Also add more context to the code.
  • Improve incremental development build performance by only minimizing -rtl files for production builds.
  • More JSDoc fixes.
  • Remove warning from plugin header.
  • Add new page explaining how to create a block using WP-CLI.
  • Add security reporting instructions.
  • Improve useOnce documentation.
  • Bump copyright year to 2018 in
  • Disable Travis branch builds except for master.
2.0.0 2018-01-12
  • Replace publish dropdown menu with a sidebar panel.
  • Expand latest post blocks with more querying options order by and category.
  • Allow dragging multiple images to create a gallery.
  • Improve markdown pasting (allows lists to be interpreted).
  • Allow pasting copied images directly.
  • Pasting within lists and headings.
  • Improve handling of inline spans.
  • Allow copying a single block.
  • Make sure inline pasting mechanism does not take place if pasting shortcodes.
  • Preserve alignment classes during raw transformations (like pasting an old WordPress post).
  • Support shortcode synonyms.
  • Allow continued writing when pressing down arrow at the end of a post.
  • Mobile design: move block controls to the bottom of a block.
  • Allow deleting reusable blocks globally.
  • Display description and type on the sidebar. (Also replace BlockDescription component with a property.)
  • New table of contents and document counts design.
  • Add button to copy the full document quickly.
  • Expand inserter to three columns and a wider container.
  • Allow using down-arrow keys directly to navigate when searching a block in the inserter.
  • Deselect images in Gallery block when losing focus.
  • Include post title in document outline feature.
  • Rework display of notices and address various issues with overlaps.
  • Added keyboard shortcut to toggle editor mode. Also displays the relevant keyboard combination next to the menu item.
  • Improve deleting empty paragraphs when backspacing into a block that has no merge function (example, deleting a paragraph after an image).
  • Improve the way scroll-position is updated when moving a block.
  • Show block transformations in ellipsis menu.
  • Add drag and drop support for cover image.
  • Allow transforming operations between Heading and Cover Image blocks.
  • Add focus outline for blocks that don't have focusable fields.
  • Allow both navigation orientations in NavigableContainer.
  • Improve the behavior of focusing embed blocks.
  • Unify UI of audio and video blocks.
  • Show message on the inserter when no blocks are found.
  • Show message when no saved blocks are available.
  • Do not show the publish panel when updating / scheduling / submitting a post.
  • Update quote style in front-end.
  • Convert text columns to a div using grid layout.
  • Update button block CSS and add class to link.
  • Allow text in Button block to wrap.
  • Prevent useOnce blocks from being inserted using the convenient blocks shortcut menu.
  • Show correct symbol ( or Ctrl) depending on system context.
  • Rename "insert" to "add" in the UI.
  • Clear block selection when opening sibling or bottom inserter.
  • Always show the insertion point when the inserter is opened.
  • Increase padding on "more options" block toggle.
  • Rename "Classic Text" to "Classic".
  • Improve display of dotted outline around reusable blocks.
  • Updated messages around reusable blocks interactions.
  • Align both the quote and the citation in the visual editor.
  • Exit edit mode when unfocusing a reusable block.
  • Set floated image width (when unresized) in % value.
  • Add withState higher-order component.
  • Initial introduction of module.
  • Restrict the state access to the module registering the reducer only.
  • Refactor PostSchedule to make Calendar and Clock available as reusable components.
  • Allow overwriting colors (defaults and theme provided) when consuming ColorPalette component.
  • Switch orientation of popover component only if there is more space for the new position.
  • New ImagePlaceholder reusable component that handles upload buttons and draggable areas for the block author.
  • Add speak message when a category is added.
  • Announce notices to assertive technologies with speak.
  • Add aria-labels to Code and HTML blocks.
  • Warn if multiple h1 headings are being used.
  • Add speak message and make "block settings" button label dynamic.
  • Make excerpt functionality more accessible.
  • Add various headings around editor areas for screen-readers.
  • Improve accessibility of menu items in the main ellipsis menu.
  • Add missing tooltips to icon buttons.
  • Render toolbar always by the block on mobile.
  • Improve performance of responsive calculations using matchMedia.
  • Avoid shifts around toolbar and scrolling issues on mobile.
  • Improve how the fixed-to-block toolbar looks on mobile. Change how the fixed position toolbars behave, making them sticky.
  • Prevent Mobile Safari from zooming the entire page when you open the inserter.
  • Initial explorations to migrate to server-registered blocks as part of raising awareness of available blocks.
  • Move supportHTML property into the general "support" object.
  • Replace getLatestPosts usage with withAPIData HOC.
  • Convert all filters for components to behave like HOCs (withFilters).
  • Replace flowRight usage with compose for HOCs.
  • Apply filters without function wrappers.
  • Improve Tags/Categories response size by limiting the requested fields.
  • Limit requested fields in category feature of "latest posts".
  • Request only required post fields in latest posts.
  • Replace getCategories usage with withAPIData component.
  • Don't show fields that are not used in media modal when adding a featured image.
  • Polish inserter tabs so the focus style isn't clipped.
  • Make inspector controls available when categories are loading.
  • Improve overlay over meta-boxes during save operations.
  • Hide excerpts panel if not supported by the CPT.
  • Hide Taxonomies panel if no taxonomy is available for the current CPT.
  • Hide several other panels when the CPT doesn't support them.
  • Use _.includes to find available taxonomies. Mitigates non-schema-conforming taxonomy registrations.
  • Defer applying filters for component until it is about to be mounted.
  • Prevent "Add New" dropdown from overriding other plugin functionality.
  • Improve paragraph block description.
  • Refactor to simplify block toolbar rendering.
  • Add missing aligment classes to cover image.
  • Add parent page dropdown to page attributes panel.
  • Allow pressing ENTER to change Reusable Block name.
  • Disable HTML mode for reusable blocks.
  • Add support for the "advanced" meta-box location.
  • Make sure super admins can publish in any site of the network.
  • Rename theme support for wide images to align-wide.
  • Move selectors and actions files to the store folder.
  • Center arrows of popovers relative to their parent.
  • Use fainter disabled state.
  • Add breakpoint grid to latest posts block and update color of date.
  • Move logic for auto-generating the block class name to BlockEdit.
  • Respect the "enter_title_here" hook.
  • Prevent meta-box hooks from running multiple times.
  • Don't set font-family on pullquotes.
  • Remove superfluous parentheses from include statements.
  • Remove redundant CSS property updates.
  • Use "columns-x" class only for grid layout in latest posts.
  • Use flatMap for mapping toolbar controls for a small performance gain.
  • Introduce jest matchers for console object.
  • Updated various npm packages; update Jest. Update node-sass. Update WordPress packages.
  • Switch TinyMCE to unpkg.
  • Reorganize handbook docs navigation.
  • Added FAQ section for meta-boxes compatibility.
  • Added initial "templates" document.
  • Add documentation about dynamic blocks.
  • Updated "outreach" docs.
  • Improve block-controls document.
  • Display a hint that files need to be built.
  • Add WordPress JSDoc ESLint configuration.
  • Update licenses in package.json & composer.json to adhere to SPDX v3.0 specification.
  • Add tests to cover REQUEST_POST_UPDATE_SUCCESS effect.
  • Add tests for color palette component.
  • Add tests for Editable.getSettings and adaptFormatter.
  • Use newly published jest-console package in test setup.
  • Update info about test fixtures generation.
  • Also style footer in quote blocks to ensure backwards compatibility.
  • Add a PHPUnit Docker Container.
  • Fix wrong "return to editor" link when comparing revisions.
  • Fix error when pressing enter from a heading block.
  • Fix error with merging lists into paragraphs.
  • Fix revisions button target area.
  • Remove duplicated styles.
  • Fix z-index rebase issues.
  • Fix tag name warning ordering in validation.
  • Fix text encoding of titles in url-input.
  • Fix endless loop in reusable blocks code.
  • Fix edit button in Audio block using invalid buttonProps attribute.
  • Fix block creation with falsey default attribute.
  • Fix radio control checked property.
  • Fix styling issues of blocks when they are used as part of a reusable block.
  • Fix list wrapping issues.
  • Fix problem when converting shortcodes due to sorting.
  • Fix issue with time-picker not working.
  • Fix hide advanced settings interaction in block menu.
  • Fix issue with url input on images.
  • Fix style regression in textual placeholder on cover image.
  • Fix return type hint in gutenberg_get_rest_link().
  • Fix bug when changing number of Latests Posts rapidly was leading to some numbers being defunct.
  • Fix isInputField check and add tests.
  • Fix unsetting block alignment flagging block as invalid.
  • Fix CSS bleed from admin-specific gallery styles.
  • Fix image handlers at the top from being unclickable.
  • Fix unexpected keyboard navigations behaviour on some nodes.
  • Fix inserter position for floated blocks.
  • Fix bug on empty cover image placeholder used on a saved block.
  • Fix errors when adding duplicate categories.
  • Fix broken custom color bubble in ColorPalette.
1.9.1 2017-12-13
  • Fix error in Safari when loading Gutenberg with meta boxes present
  • Fix error / incompatibility with Yoast SEO Premium terms display
  • Resolve incorrect modal and tooltip layering
  • Remove unintended commas from Page Options content
1.9.0 2017-12-11
  • Introducing reusable global blocks. (Stored in a wp_blocks post type.)
  • Add ability to lock down the editor when using templates so edits can happen but blocks can't be removed, moved, nor added.
  • Handle and upgrade deprecated blocks. This allows to migrate attributes without invalidating blocks and an important part of the block API.
  • Drag and drop upload support to gallery block.
  • Extensibility:
  • Expose packages/hooks public API under wp.hooks.
  • Introduces withFilters higher-order component to make component filtering easier.
  • Introduces getWrapperDisplayName helper function to make debugging React tree easier.
  • Introduces compose function to unify composing higher-order components.
  • Exposes hook for Block component.
  • Updated demo post with a nicer presentation for people to test with.
  • Added automated RTL support.
  • Convert unknown shortcodes to Shortcode block when pasting.
  • Avoid splitting blocks during rich text pasting.
  • Disable block selection when resizing image.
  • Prefetch meta-boxes and don't reload them on save.
  • Support for all admin color schemes.
  • Close sidebar when resizing from non mobile breakpoints to mobile sizes.
  • Apply content autop disabling filter before do_blocks. Also fixes case where server-side rendered blocks produce extraneous whitespace in output.
  • Use cite element instead of footer for quote and pull-quote source markup.
  • Respect recency order when displaying Recent blocks.
  • Update the behavior of notices reducer to respect ID as a unique identifier, removing duplicate entries.
  • Improve quote to paragraph transformations. Fixes cases where quote would be split into two.
  • Use two flex rows instead of one wrapped row in Url modal for cleaner and more consistent display.
  • Avoid restricting endpoints to /wp/v2 in withApiData.
  • Remove duplicated and simplify inserter between blocks styles.
  • Remove unnecessary padding on top of editor when fixed toolbar is off.
  • Avoid intercepting rendering of removed meta boxes.
  • Replace redux-responsive with a simpler custom alternative, fixing a bug with IE11.
  • Fix issues with bullet-point positioning affecting block display.
  • Fix meta attributes selector not returning the correct value if edited.
  • Fix inconsistent animation on settings button.
  • Fix style issues on Custom HTML block's toolbar.
  • Fix broken styles in "edit as HTML" mode.
  • Fix image block description when no image is set.
  • Fix horizontal overflow for selects with long names in sidebar.
  • Fix case where link modal closes upon typing into UrlInput when toolbar is docked to the paragraph.
  • Fix webpack config issue on Node 6.
  • Fix issue with vertical arrow keys leaking to horizontal menu when toolbar is fixed to block.
  • Fix keyboard trap in the form token component and improve accessibility.
  • Fix React warning when saving reusable blocks.
  • Fix issue with horizontal arrow key closing link dialog in fixed toolbar mode.
  • Fix image resize handlers in RTL mode.
  • Prevent "Add New" dropdown from overriding other plugin functionality.
  • Split Sass variables file into multiple files.
  • Updated blue links for better contrast.
  • Resolve notice when template variable is not set.
  • Added unit tests for row panel, color panel (snapshot), and warning components.
  • Add unit tests for editor actions (with further cleanup).
  • Added snapshots tests for BlockControls.
  • Added documentation for Editable component.
  • Avoid caching vendor directory in Travis.
  • Add document on snapshot testing.
  • Add node and npm version check before build gets started.
  • Update cypress and use the newly introduced Cypress.platform functionality.
  • Improve composer.json setup.
  • Improve testing overview document.
1.8.1 2017-11-29
  • Add ability to switch published post back to draft.
  • Fix issue with when changing column count in "text columns" block.
  • Prioritize common items in the autocomplete inserter.
  • Avoid changing publish/update button label when saving draft.
  • Add bottom padding to the editor container to improve experience of writing long posts.
  • Adjust the Classic block toolbar so it's doesn't jump.
  • Colorize the little arrow on the left of the admin menu to white to match body content.
  • Abort focus update when editor is not yet initialized.
  • Update autocomplete suggestions colors to have a sufficient color contrast ratio.
1.8.0 2017-11-28
  • Introduce block-templates as a list of blocks specification. Allows a custom post type to define a pre-configured set of blocks to be render upon creation of a new item.
  • New tools menu design, preparing the way for more extensibility options.
  • Block API change: use simpler JS object notation for declaring attribute sources.
  • Add function to allow filtering allowed block types.
  • Show popovers full screen on mobile, improving several mobile interactions.
  • Began work on publishing flow improvements with an indication of publishing (or updating a published post) action by introducing a button state and label updates.
  • Made docked-toolbar the default after different rounds of feedback and testing. Both options are still present.
  • Provide mechanism for plugin authors to fallback to classic editor when registering meta-boxes. Also includes the ability to disable a specific meta-box in the context of Gutenberg alone.
  • Updated color pickers with color indications and collapsible panels.
  • Update icon and tooltip for table of contents menu.
  • Added contrast checker for paragraph color options.
  • Improve pasting plaintext and shortcode data.
  • Convert unknown shortcode into shortcode block when pasting.
  • Updated notices design and positioning.
  • Move the URL handler when pasting to the raw handler mechanism.
  • Define custom classNames support for blocks using the new extensibility hooks with opt-out behaviour.
  • Add reusable blocks state effects.
  • Remove sibling inserter from inside multi-selection blocks.
  • Image block alt text enhancements.
  • Increase minimum width and height of resized images.
  • Allow using escape key to deselect a multi-selection.
  • Preserve settings when rebooting from crash.
  • Improve structure of store persist mechanism.
  • Extract reusable BlockList component to allow nesting compositions.
  • Extract BlockToolbar, BlockMover, BlockSwitcher, PostTitle, WritingFlow, TableOfContents, Undo/Redo Buttons, MultiBlockSwitcher, PostPublishWithDropdown, KeyboardShortcuts, DocumentOutlineCheck, PostTrashCheck, Notices, as reusable components.
  • Consolidate block naming requirements.
  • Avoid persisting sidebar state on mobile devices.
  • Ensure backwards compatibility to matchers syntax.
  • Show untitled posts as (no title) in url auto-complete.
  • Extract fixedToolbar as a prop of BlockList.
  • Restore insertion point blue line.
  • Display outline tree even if only one heading is used.
  • Allow media upload button to specify a custom title (and fix grammar issue).
  • Fix issue with block mover showing on top of url input.
  • Fix case where tooltips would get stuck on buttons.
  • Fix transformations between quote and list blocks.
  • Fix issue with converting empty classic text to multiple blocks.
  • Fix issue with audio block not updating the toolbar area.
  • Fix contrast issues in button block.
  • Fix change detection to maintain multiple instances of state.
  • Fix text columns focus style.
  • Fix embed category example in docs.
  • Fix button link modal not closing.
  • Fix styling issue with sibling inserter.
  • Fix alignment of block toolbar in wide and full-width.
  • Fix issue when inserting image with empty caption.
  • Fix issue with sibling inserter not appearing in IE11.
  • Fix issue when inserting pullquotes.
  • Fix horizontal scrollbar when floating images to the left.
  • Fix alignment issue with embed videos.
  • Drop withContext optional mapSettingsToProps and fix issue when inserting new image.
  • Require @wordpress import path for application entry points.
  • Resolve errors in IE11 when using the inserter.
  • Added tests for Notice and UrlInput components.
  • Added tests for DefaultBlockAppender.
  • Log debugging messages for invalid blocks.
  • Reduce build size significantly by fixing import statements.
  • Update re-resizeable dependency.
  • Initial document page for extensibility purposes.
  • Added documentation for Editable component.
  • Move all components related to the specific post-edit page into its own folder.
  • Introduce snapshots for testing.
1.7.0 2017-11-15
  • Add toggle to switch between top-level toolbar and toolbars attached to each block. We have gotten great feedback on the benefits of both approaches and want to expand testing of each.
  • Ability to transform multiple-selected blocks at once multiple images into a gallery, multiple paragraphs into lists.
  • Add @-mention autocomplete for users in a site.
  • Add data layer for reusable blocks and wp_blocks post type name.
  • Allow pasting standalone images and uploading them (also supports pasting base64 encoded images).
  • Allow block nesting from a parser point of view. This is the foundation for handling nested blocks in the UI.
  • Full design update to focus styles around the UI.
  • Block Extensibility (Hooks): filters may inspect and mutate block settings before the block is registered using hooks available at wp.blocks.addFilter. Testing with internal functionality first.
  • Moved docs to
  • Refactor "changed post" functionality into higher order component and fix issue with wrongly reporting unsaved changes.
  • Refactor meta-boxes to render inline, without iframes.
  • Disable auto-p for block based posts, solving various issues around conflicting paragraph structures, freeform content, and text blocks.
  • Placed "table of contents" button in the header area and disable when there are no blocks in the content.
  • Redesigned the button block with inline URL field.
  • Improve performance by refactoring block-multi-controls out of VisualEditorBlock.
  • Replace react-slot-fill with our own first-party implementation. Part one, and part two for better handling of event bubbling within portals.
  • Improve autocomplete behaviour by using focus outside utility. This solves an issue with selecting items on mobile.
  • Capture and recover from application errors, offering the option to copy the existing contents to the clipboard.
  • Expose editor reusable components. These will allow editor variations to be constructed with more ease.
  • Add polyfill for permalink_structure option to wp-json. (Corresponding trac ticket.) Several REST API compat issues are going to be addressed like this. This allows Gutenberg to implement permalink editing.
  • Unslash post content before parsing during save, fixing bugs with block attributes.
  • Keyboard navigation overhaul of the inserter with accessibility improvements (accessing tabs, etc).
  • Add paragraph count to table of contents element.
  • General Navigable family of components.
  • Add contrast checker message when color combinations are hard to read.
  • Add "no posts found" message to latest posts block.
  • Improve color highlight selection and browser consistency.
  • Add aria-expanded attribute to settings button.
  • Add loading message to preview window.
  • Extract PostFeaturedImage, PostLastRevision, PostComments, PostTaxonomies, PageAttributes, PostTextEditor, BlockInspector, into reusable modules.
  • Collapse advanced block controls by default.
  • Update max number of columns when removing an image from a gallery.
  • Prevent the post schedule component from having invalid dates.
  • Make sure the inspector for a gallery block is shown when it has just one image.
  • Accessibility improvements for inline autocomplete components.
  • Update caption color for contrast.
  • Update visual display of the "remove x" button on gallery-items.
  • Improve classic block toolbar display and behaviour.
  • Dismiss tooltip when clicking a button or when wrapper node becomes disabled.
  • Restore block movers on floated items.
  • Add spacing around date and label.
  • Adjust raw handler "mode" option for readability.
  • Improve e2e testing performance.
  • Add fixture for undelimited freeform block.
  • Hold jQuery ready only when there are metaboxes and ignore advanced ones.
  • Make sure image size values are integers.
  • Fix floated gallery styles in the front-end.
  • Fix issue with image block not loading properly.
  • Fix issue with missing function in IE11.
  • Fix transformation of empty images into gallery and back.
  • Fix overflow issues on mobile.
  • Fix accidental block hover on iOS.
  • Fix toolbar state issue with slot-fill utility.
  • Fix case of too many undo levels building up.
  • Fix stylesheet load ordering issue.
  • Prevent input events from URLInput from being captured by Editable.
  • Force onChange to be updated with TinyMCE content before merge.
  • Polish heading toolbar buttons.
  • Remove image resizing on mobile.
  • Remove findDOMNode usage from Autocomplete component.
  • Rename references of rawContent as innerHTML.
  • Add tests and handle empty fills in slot-fill.
  • Add tests for block mover.
  • Add multi-select e2e test and fix issue with escape key.
  • Bump node version to active LTS.
  • Update TinyMCE to 4.7.2, fixing several bugs like toolbar flickering, visible placeholders when there is text, navigation breaks when encountering format boundaries, typing in FF after starting a bullet-list.
1.6.1 2017-11-02
  • Handle pasting shortcodes and converting to blocks.
  • Show loading message when opening preview.
  • Fix inline pasting (auto-link feature).
  • Fix undoing multi-selection delete operation.
  • Remove focus state after a selection is finished during multi-select.
  • Remove the "command" shortcut to navigate to the editor toolbar.
1.6.0 2017-10-31
  • Move the block toolbar to the editor's top header. This experiment seeks to reduce the presence of UI obscuring content.
  • Alternate style for block boundaries and multi-selection. Also engages "edit" mode when using arrow keys (hides UI).
  • Complete rework of arrow keys navigation between blocksfaster, clearer, and respects caret position while traversing text blocks.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to navigate regions.
  • Implement multi-selection mode using just arrow with shift keys and support horizontal arrows.
  • Suggest a post format for additional blocks (embeds, gallery, audio, video) and expand on the heuristics to include case of one format-block at the top plus a paragraph of text below as valid.
  • Allow converting a classic block (post) into several Gutenblocks.
  • Several performance improvements
  • * Avoid re-rendering all blocks on selection changes.
  • * Add memoization for multi-select selectors.
  • * Rework implementation of blockRef to avoid render cascade from block list.
  • * Use flatMap when allocating the block list for rendering.
  • * Reorganize logic to determine when a post can be saved to be less expensive.
  • Refactor handling of revisions to avoid loading them up-front, significantly reducing load time on long posts with many revisions.
  • Further memoization on selectors based on specific state keys.
  • Render meta-boxes as part of the main column, not as a collapsible box.
  • Improve handling of undo action stack by resetting only on setup. This makes undo a lot more usable in general.
  • Changes to block inserter design positioning tabs at the top. (1.5.1)
  • Remove multi-select buffer zone and throttle delay for a faster response.
  • API for handling custom formats/tokens in Editable.
  • Improve withApiData component to be able to serve cached data (if available) during an initial render.
  • Show block toolbar in HTML mode for mobile.
  • Update Shortcode block to use a textarea instead of single line input.
  • Increase width of invalid block message.
  • Avoid redirecting to Gutenberg when saving on classic editor. (1.5.2)
  • Don't show "edit as HTML" for the Code and Shortcode blocks.
  • Refactor notices state reducer as array optimizing performance.
  • Disable front-end styles for basic quote block.
  • Reorganize the meta-boxes components for code clarity.
  • Extract reusable PostSticky, PostFormat, PostPendingStatus, PostAuthor, PostTrash, PostExcerpt components.
  • Resolve issue with having to tab twice on the toolbar due to focusReturn utility interfering with button tooltips.
  • Reset min-width of Tooltip component.
  • Avoid function instantiation in render of WritingFlow component.
  • Add the gutenberg_can_edit_post_type filter for plugins to add or remove support for custom post types.
  • Update header toolbar keyboard navigation to include undo and redo buttons.
  • Don't show the classic editor dropdown on unsupported post types.
  • Drop resizable-box in favor of re-resizable to use in the image block resize handlers.
  • Correct placement of link-dialog after moving toolbar to the top.
  • Adjust revisions logic to link to latest entry.
  • Allow editable to accept aria attributes.
  • Add generic focus effect to popovers.
  • Remove unused focus prop from Button component.
  • Remove core namespace from demo content.
  • Enable iOS smooth scrolling within scroll containers.
  • Make sure link menu appears above sibling inserter.
  • Improve layout paneling for short-height viewports.
  • Fix problem with multi-select not working again after a group of blocks has been moved.
  • Fix problem with deleting a block in HTML mode.
  • Fix issue with keyboard navigation entering textareas (non contentEditable) and losing caret position.
  • Fix issue where clicking on an item within autocomplete would dismiss the popover and not select anything.
  • Fix visual issue with the document info popover. (1.5.2)
  • Fix bug with deleting featured image on a post.
  • Fix error with removing a block placeholder.
  • Fix problem with FF and meta-boxes.
  • Fix issue with Classic Text description showing all the time.
  • Fix issue with the color picker width.
  • Fix quick inserter display of custom block icons.
  • Fix missing node check when blurring a paragraph block.
  • Warn about misuses of z-index mappings.
  • Make use of the "build stages" feature in the travis config file.
  • Upgrade ESLint dependencies.
  • Move test configuration files to test/unit.
  • Add easy local environment setup and Cypress e2e tests.
1.5.2 2017-10-26
  • Add the gutenberg_can_edit_post_type filter for plugins to add or remove support for custom post types.
  • Fix Classic Editor redirecting to Gutenberg when saving a post.
  • Fix Classic Editor dropdown showing on post types that don't support Gutenberg.
  • Fix Classic Editor dropdown hiding behind notices.
  • Fix an issue with collapsing popover content.
1.5.1 2017-10-24
  • New design for the inserter with tabs at the top and more space for text.
  • Fix problem with Firefox and the meta-boxes resize script.
  • Fix issue with Classic Text description showing without focus.
1.5.0 2017-10-24
  • Set Gutenberg as the default editor (still allow creating new posts in Classic Editor).
  • Add metabox supportthis is an initial pass at supporting existing meta-boxes without intervention.
  • Display inserter button between blocks.
  • Improve block navigation performance.
  • Hide core namespace in comment serialization. wp:core/gallery becomes wp:gallery.
  • Implement a dropdown for Publish flow.
  • Allow multiselect to work on shift-click.
  • Insert new block from title on enter.
  • Use a dropdown for the block menu (settings, delete, edit as HTML).
  • Add expandable panel for post visibility.
  • Add expandable panel for post scheduling.
  • Implement more inline formatting boundaries.
  • Better clearing of block selection.
  • Show placeholder hint for slash autocomplete on new text blocks.
  • Remove multi-selection header in favor of default block controls (mover and menu).
  • Allow blocks to disable HTML edit mode.
  • Adjust transition and delay of inserter between blocks.
  • Added text color option for button block.
  • Hide extended settings if sidebar is closed.
  • New embed icons.
  • Move the store initialization to a dedicated component.
  • Improve scroll position of scrollable elements.
  • Drop undefined blocks from recent blocks.
  • Update HTML block description.
  • Update embed block description.
  • Add description for classic block.
  • PHPCS-specific improvements.
  • Add a default block icon.
  • Adjust line height of classic text to match paragraph blocks.
  • Adjust filter order in classic block so plugins that extend it can work properly.
  • Set textarea value as prop and not children.
  • Fix mobile issues with block setting menu.
  • Fix undefined colors warning.
  • Fix broken upload button on image placeholder.
  • Fix post edit URL when saving a post/page/CPT.
  • Fix conflict with new TinyMCE version and heading blocks.
  • Tweak block sibling element for better target surface.
  • Avoid loading Gutenberg assets on non-Gutenberg pages.
  • Adjust Jest configuration.
  • Document supportAnchor in block API.
  • Updated TinyMCE to latest.
  • Document block name usage in serialization and add example of serialized block.
  • Updated FAQ section.
  • Upgrade React and Enzyme dependencies.
1.4.0 2017-10-10
  • Redesigned the header area of the editor for claritygroups content actions in the left, and post action in the right.
  • Initial REST API infrastructure for reusable global blocks.
  • Group block settings (delete, inspector, edit HTML) on an ellipsis button.
  • Added new reusable Dropdown component.
  • Show frequently used blocks in the inserter shortcuts (at the bottom of the post).
  • Offer option for the button block to clear content.
  • Refactor block toolbar component in preparation for some iterations (docked toolbar, for example).
  • Allow partial URLs in link input.
  • Avoid using state for tracking arrow key navigation in WritingFlow to prevent re-renders.
  • Improve mobile header after design cleanup.
  • Add focusReturn for Dropdown component.
  • Updated Audio block markup to use figure element.
  • Removed transition on multi-select affecting the perception of speed of the interaction.
  • Show Gallery block description even if there are no images.
  • Persist custom class names.
  • Merge initialization actions into a single action.
  • Fix scroll position when reordering blocks.
  • Fix case where the responsive treatment of the header area was hiding valuable actions.
  • Fix focus styles on the inserter.
  • Fix submenu visibility issue for certain users.
  • Cleanup no longer used code.
  • Document useOnce block API feature.
1.3.0 2017-10-04
  • Add an opacity range slider to the cover image block.
  • Offer the option to convert a single block to an HTML block when conflicting content is detected.
  • Persist recently used blocks through sessions.
  • Added support for pasting plain text markdown content and converting to blocks.
  • The block inspector groups features and settings in expandable panels.
  • Accessibility improvements to the color palette component.
  • Added a feedback link in the Gutenberg side menu.
  • Use expandable panels for advanced block features (class name and anchor).
  • Removed touch listeners from multi select.
  • Added block descriptions to blocks that didnt have them.
  • Allow stored values to be updated with new defaults.
  • Refactor image block to use withApiData and fix issues with .tiff images.
  • Clean up non inline elements when pasting inline content.
  • Remove unused code in BlockList component.
  • Added transform into text to block switcher.
  • Fixed sidebar overflow causing extra scrollbars.
  • Fixed multi-select inside new scroll container.
  • Fixed image block error with .tiff image.
  • Fixed the content overflowing outside the verse block container.
  • Fixed issues with sticky quick toolbar position.
  • Fixed hitting enter when a block is selected creating a default block after selected block.
  • Fixed teaser markup in demo content.
  • Clean working directory before packaging plugin.
  • Updated Webpack dependencies.
  • Updated Jest and React.
1.2.0 2017-09-27
  • Resolve block conflicts when editing a block post in the classic editor. Gutenberg's strict content validation has helped identify formatting incompatibilities, and continued improvements are planned for future releases.
  • Add word and block count to table of contents.
  • Add support for meta attributes (custom fields) in block attributes. This allows block authors to specify attributes to live outside of post_content entirely.
  • Allow Gutenberg to be the default editor for posts with blocks and add links to classic editor.
  • Accessibility: add landmark regions.
  • Add metabox placeholder shell.
  • Add crash recovery for blocks which error while saving.
  • Hide Sidebar panels if the user doesn't have the right capabilities.
  • Refactor PostTaxonomies to use 'withApiData'.
  • Create 'withApiData' higher order component for managing API data.
  • Make casing consistent.
  • Allow toolbar wrapper to be clicked through.
  • Support and bootstrap server-registered block attribute schemas.
  • Shift focus into popover when opened.
  • Reuse the tabbable utility to retrieve the tabbables elements in WritingFlow.
  • Change placeholder text on button.
  • Persist the sate of the sidebar across refresh.
  • Use a small multiselect buffer zone, improving multiple block selection.
  • Close popover by escape keypress.
  • Improve dropzone contrast ratio.
  • Improve search message to add context.
  • Improve string extraction for localized strings.
  • Fixed z-index issue of gallery image inline menu.
  • Fixed image block resizing to set the figure wrapper.
  • Fixed column widths in gallery block.
  • Fixed parsing in do_blocks() and rendering of blocks on frontend in the_content.
  • Fixed position of upload svg on mobile.
1.2.1 2017-09-27
  • Fix issue where invalid block resolution options were not clickable.
1.1.0 2017-09-05
  • Add blocks "slash" autocompleteshortcut to continue adding new block without leaving the keyboard.
  • Add ability to remove an image from a gallery from within the block (selecting image).
  • Add option to open a created link in a new window.
  • Support and bootstrap server-registered block attribute schemas.
  • Improve accessibility of add-new-category form.
  • Documentation gets an updated design and content improvements.
  • Adjust column width calculationin gallery blockto properly respect column count.
  • Move pending review control together with sticky toggle at the bottom.
  • Add caption styling for video block.
  • Allow removing a "classic text" block with backspaces.
  • Allow Button block to show placeholder text.
  • Drop the deprecated button-secondary class name.
  • Fix link dialog not showing in Safari when caret is in the middle of the word.
  • Fix adding new categories and position newly added term at the top.
  • Fix the resetting of drop-zone states after dropping a file.
  • Fix embed saving "undefined" text when URL is not set.
  • Fixplaceholder styling on Textwhen background color is set.
  • Update Composer + PHPCS.
  • Rename default block handlers.
  • Update code syntax tabs in docutron.
  • Link to plugin download and github repo from docutron.
  • Added block API document.
  • Add "Edit and Save" document.
1.0.0 2017-08-29
  • Restored keyboard navigation with more robust implementation, addressing previous browser issues.
  • Added drag and drop for media with pointer to create new blocks.
  • Merged paragraph and cover text blocks (includes the colors and font size options).
  • Reworked color palette picker with a "clear" and a "custom color" option.
  • Further improvements to inline pasting and fixing errant empty blocks.
  • Added thumbnail size selector to image blocks.
  • Added support for url input and align and edit buttons to audio block.
  • Persist the state of the sidebar across page refresh.
  • Persist state of sidebar panels on page refresh.
  • Persist editor mode on page refresh.
  • New withAPIData higher-order component for making it easier to manage data needs.
  • Preserve unknown block and remove "freeform" comment delimiters (unrecognized HTML is handled without comment delimiters).
  • Show "add new term" in hierarchical taxonomies (including categories).
  • Show tooltip only after mouseover delay.
  • Show post formats only if the post type supports them.
  • Added align and edit buttons to video block.
  • Preload data in withApiData to improve perceived performance.
  • Improve accessibility of sidebar modes.
  • Allow changing cover-image settings before uploading an image.
  • Improve validation leniency around non-meaningful differences.
  • Take into account capabilities for publishing action.
  • Update author selector to show only users capable of authoring posts.
  • Normalize pasted blockquote contents.
  • Refactored featured image, page attributes to use withApiData
  • Added a fix to avoid cloning nodes by passing pasted HTML string.
  • Added a fix to avoid re-encoding on encoded posts.
  • Fixed resetting the focus config when block already selected.
  • Allowing adding of plain text after insert link at the end of a paragraph.
  • Update to latest TinyMCE version.
  • Show only users capable of authoring posts.
  • Add submit for review to publish for contributor.
  • Delete or backspace in an empty "classic text" block now removes it.
  • Check for type in block transformations logic.
  • Fixed drop-down menu issue on classic text.
  • Added filter to allow post types to disable "edit in gutenberg" links.
  • Made UrlInput and UrlInputButton available as reusable components.
  • Use wordpress/a11y package instead of global.
  • Added npm5 package-lock.
  • We welcome all your feedback and contributions on the project repository, or ping us in #core-editor. Follow the "gutenberg" tag for past updates.
0.9.0 2017-08-18
  • Added ability to change font-size in cover text using slider and number input.
  • Added support for custom anchors (ids) on blocks, allowing to link directly to a section of the post.
  • Updated pull-quote design.
  • Created custom color palette component with "clear" option and "custom color" option. (And better markup and accessibility.)
  • Improve pasting: recognizing more elements, adding tests, stripping non-semantic markup, etc.
  • Improve gallery visual design and fix cropping in Safari.
  • Allow selecting a heading block from the table-of-contents panel directly.
  • Make toolbar slide horizontally for mobile.
  • Improve range-input control with a number input.
  • Fix pasting problems (handling of block attributes).
  • More stripping of unhandled elements during paste.
  • Show post format selector only for posts.
  • Display nicer URLs when editing links.
  • More compact save indicator.
  • Disabled arrow key navigation between blocks as we refine implementation.
  • Removed blank target from "view post" in notices.
  • Fix empty links still rendering ont he front-end.
  • Fix shadow on inline toolbars.
  • Fix problem with inserting pull-quotes.
  • Fix drag and drop on image block.
  • Removed warning when publishing.
  • Don't provide version for vendor scripts.
  • Clean category code in block registration.
  • Added history and resources docs.
0.8.0 2017-08-11
  • New Categories Block (based on existing widget).
  • New Text Columns Block(initial exploration of text-only multiple columns).
  • New Video Block.
  • New Shortcode Block.
  • New Audio Block.
  • Added resizing handlers to Image Block.
  • Added direct image upload button to Image Blockand Gallery Block.
  • Give option to transform a block to Classic when it encounters problems.
  • Give option to Overwrite changes on a block detected as invalid.
  • Added "link to" option in galleries.
  • Added support for custom taxonomies.
  • Added post formats selector to post settings.
  • Added keywords support (aliases) to various blocksto improve search discovery.
  • Significant improvements to the way attributes are specified in the Block API and its clarity (handles defaults and types).
  • Added Tooltip component displaying aria-labels from buttons.
  • Removed stats tracking code.
  • Updated design document.
  • Capture and recover from block rendering runtime errors.
  • Handle enter when focusing on outer boundary of a block.
  • Reduce galleries json attributes data to a minimum.
  • Added caption styles to the front-end for images and embeds.
  • Added missing front-end alignment classes for table and cover-text blocks.
  • Only reset blocks on initial load to prevent state fluctuations.
  • Improve calculation of dirty state by making a diff against saved post.
  • Improve visual weight of toolbar by reducing its silhouette.
  • Improve rendering of galleries on the front-end.
  • Improve Cover Image placeholder visual presentation.
  • Improve front-end display of quotes.
  • Improve responsive design of galleries on the front-end.
  • Allow previewing new posts that are yet to be saved.
  • Reset scrolling position within inserter when switching tabs.
  • Refactor popover to render at root of document.
  • Refactor withFocusReturn to handle accessibility better in more contexts.
  • Prevent overlap between multi-selection and within-block selection.
  • Clear save notices when triggering a new save.
  • Disable "preview" button if post is not saveable.
  • Renamed blocks.query to blocks.source for clarity and updated documentation.
  • Rearrange block stylesheets to reflect display and editor styles.
  • Use @wordpress dependencies consistently.
  • Added validation checks for specifying a block's category.
  • Fix problems with quote initialization and list transformation.
  • Fix issue where Cover Image was being considered invalid after edits.
  • Fix errorsin editable coming from Table block commands.
  • Fix error in latest posts block when date is not set for a post.
  • Fix issue with active color in ColorPalette component.
  • Prevent class=false serialization issue in covert-text.
  • Treat range control value as numeric.
  • Added warning when using Editable and passing non-array values.
  • Show block switcher above link input.
  • Updated rememo dependency.
  • Start consuming from separate @wordpress dependencies.
  • Fix problem with inserting new galleries.
  • Fix issue with embeds and missing captions.
  • Added outreach section to docs.
0.7.1 2017-08-04
  • Address problem with the freeform block and Jetpack's contact form.
0.7.0 2017-08-04
  • Hide placeholders on focusreduces visual distractions while writing.
  • Add PostAuthor dropdown to the UI.
  • Add theme support for customized color palettes and a shared component (applies to cover text and button blocks).
  • Add theme support for wide images.
  • Report on missing headings in the document outlinefeature.
  • Update block validation to make it less prone to over-eagerness with trivial changes (like whitespace and new lines).
  • Attempt to create an embed block automatically when pasting URL on a single line.
  • Save post before previewing.
  • Improve operations with "lists", enter on empty item creates new paragraph block, handling backspace, etc.
  • Don't serialize attributes that match default attributes.
  • Order link suggestions by relevance.
  • Order embeds for easier discoverability.
  • Added "keywords" property for searching blocks with aliases.
  • Added responsive styles for Table block in the front end.
  • Set default list type to be unordered list.
  • Improve accessibility of UrlInput component.
  • Improve accessibility and keyboard interaction of DropdownMenu.
  • Improve Popover component and use for PostVisibility.
  • Added higher order component for managing spoken messages.
  • Localize schema for WP API, avoiding initialization delay if schema is present.
  • Do not expose editor.settings to block authors.
  • Do not remove tables on pasting.
  • Consolidate block server-side files with client ones in the same directory.
  • Removed array of paragraphs structure from text block.
  • Trim whitespace when searching for blocks.
  • Document, test, and refactor DropdownMenu component.
  • Use separate mousetrap instance per component instance.
  • Add npm organization scope to WordPress dependencies.
  • Expand utilities around fixture regeneration.
  • Renamed "Text" to "Paragraph".
  • Fix multi-selection "delete" functionality.
  • Fix text color inline style.
  • Fix issue caused by changes with React build process.
  • Fix splitting editable without child nodes.
  • Use addQueryArgs in oEmbed proxy url.
  • Update dashicons with new icons.
  • Clarify enqueuing block assets functions.
  • Added code coverage information to docs.
  • Document how to create new docs.
  • Add example of add_theme_support in docs.
  • Added opt-in mechanism for learning what blocks are being added to the content.
0.6.0 2017-07-28
  • Split paragraphs on enterwe have been exploring different behaviours here.
  • Added grid layout option for latest posts with columns slider control.
  • Show internal posts / pages results when creating links.
  • Added "Cover Text" block with background, text color, and full-width options.
  • Autosaving drafts.
  • Added "Read More" block.
  • Added color options to the button block.
  • Added mechanism for validating and protecting blocks that may have suffered unrecognized edits.
  • Add patterns plugin for text formatting shortcuts: create lists by adding * at the beginning of a text line, use # to create headings, and backticks for code.
  • Implement initial support for Cmd/Ctrl+Z (undo) and Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+Z (redo).
  • Improve pasting experience from outside editors by transforming content before converting to blocks.
  • Improve gallery creation flow by opening into "gallery" mode from placeholder.
  • Added page attributes with menu order setting.
  • Use two distinct icons for quote style variations.
  • CreatedKeyboardShortcuts component to handle keyboard events.
  • Add support for custom icons (non dashicons) on blocks.
  • Initialize new posts with auto-draft to match behaviour of existing editor.
  • Don't display "save" button for published posts.
  • Added ability to set a block as "use once" only (example: "read more" block).
  • Hide gallery display settings in media modal.
  • Simplify "cover image" markup and resolve conflict state in demo.
  • Introduce PHP classes for interacting with block types.
  • Announce block search results to assistive technologies.
  • Reveal "continue writing" shortcuts on focus.
  • Update document.title when the post title changes.
  • Added focus styles to several elements in the UI.
  • Added external-link component to handle links opening in new tabs or windows.
  • Improve responsive video on embed previews.
  • Improve "speak" messages for tag suggestions.
  • Make sure newly created blocks are marked as valid.
  • Preserve valid state during transformations.
  • Allow tabbing away from table.
  • Improve display of focused panel titles.
  • Adjust padding and margins across various design elements for consistency and normalization.
  • Fix pasting freeform content.
  • Fix proper propagation of updated block attributes.
  • Fix parsing and serialization of multi-paragraph pullquotes.
  • Fix a case where toggling pending preview would consider post as saved.
  • Fix positioning of block mover on full-width blocks.
  • Fix line height regression in quote styles.
  • Fix IE11 with polyfill for fetch method.
  • Fix case where blocks are created with isTyping and it never clears.
  • Fix block warning display in IE11.
  • Polish inspector visual design.
  • Prevent unhandled actions from returning new state reference.
  • Prevent unintentionally clearing link input value.
  • Added focus styles to switch toggle components.
  • Avoid navigating outside the editor with arrow keys.
  • Add short description to Verse block.
  • Initialize demo content only for new demo posts.
  • Improve insert link accessibility.
  • Improve version compare checks for plugin compatibility.
  • Clean up obsolete poststoshowattribute in LatestPosts block.
  • ConsolidateaddQueryArgs usage.
  • Add unit tests to inserter.
  • Update fixtures with latest modifications and ensure all end in newlines.
  • Added codecov for code coverage.
  • Clean up JSDoc comments.
  • Link to new docs within main readme.
0.5.0 2017-07-14
  • New tabs mode for the sidebar to switch between post settings and block inspector.
  • Implement recent blocks display.
  • Mobile implementation of block mover, settings, and delete actions.
  • Search through all tabs on the inserter and hide tabs.
  • New documentation app to serve all tutorials, faqs, docs, etc.
  • Enable ability to add custom classes to blocks (via inspector).
  • Add ability to drag-and-drop on image block placeholders to upload images.
  • Add "table of contents" document outline for headings (with empty heading validation).
  • Refactor tests to use Jest API.
  • New block: Verse(intended for poetry, respecting whitespace).
  • Avoid showing UI when typing and starting a new paragraph (text block).
  • Display warning message when navigating away from the editor with unsaved changes.
  • Use old editor as "freeform".
  • Improve PHP parser compatibility with different server configurations ("mbstring" extension and PCRE settings).
  • Improve PostVisibility markup and accessibility.
  • Add shortcuts to manage indents and levels in List block.
  • Add alignment options to latest posts block.
  • Add focus styles for quick tags buttons in text mode.
  • Add way to report PHP parsing performance.
  • Add labels and roles to UrlInput.
  • Add ability to set custom placeholders for text and headings as attributes.
  • Show error message when trashing action fails.
  • Pass content to dynamic block render functions in PHP.
  • Fix various z-index issuesand clarify reasonings.
  • Fix DropdownMenu arrows navigation and add missing aria-label.
  • Update sandboxed iframe size calculations.
  • Export inspector controls component under wp.blocks.
  • Adjust Travis JS builds to improve task allocation.
  • Fix warnings during tests.
  • Fix caret jumping when switching formatting in Editable.
  • Explicitly define prop-types as dependency.
  • Update list of supported browsers for consistency with core.
0.4.0 2017-07-08
  • InitialFAQ (in progress).
  • API for handling pasted content. (Aim is to have specific handling for converting Word, Markdown, Google Docs to native WordPress blocks.)
  • Added support for linking to a url on image blocks.
  • Navigation between blocks using arrow keys.
  • Added alternate Table block with TinyMCE functionality for adding/removing rows/cells, etc. Retired previous one.
  • Parse more/noteaser comment tokens from core.
  • Re-engineer the approach for rendering embed frames.
  • First pass at adding aria-labels to blocks list.
  • Setting up Jest for better testing environment.
  • Improve performance of server-side parsing.
  • Update blocks documentation with latest API functions and clearer examples.
  • Use fixed position for notices.
  • Make inline mode the default for Editable.
  • Add actions for plugins to register frontend and editor assets.
  • Supress gallery settings sidebar on media library when editing gallery.
  • Validate save and edit render when registering a block.
  • Prevent media library modal from opening when loading placeholders.
  • Update to sidebar design and behaviour on mobile.
  • Improve font-size in inserter and latest posts block.
  • Improve rendering of button block in the front end.
  • Add aria-label to edit image button.
  • Add aria-label to embed input url input.
  • Use pointer cursor for tabs in inserter.
  • Update design docs with regard to selected/unselected states.
  • Improve generation of wp-block-* classes for consistency.
  • Select first cell of table block when initializing.
  • Fix wide and full alignment on the front-end when images have no caption.
  • Fix initial state of freeform block.
  • Fix ability to navigate to resource on link viewer.
  • Fix clearing floats on inserter.
  • Fix loading of images in library.
  • Fix auto-focusing on table block being too agressive.
  • Clean double reference to pegjs in dependencies.
  • Include messages to ease debugging parser.
  • Check for exact match for serialized content in parser tests.
  • Add allow-presentation to fix issue with sandboxed iframe in Chrome.
  • Declare use of classnames module consistently.
  • Add translation to embed title.
  • Add missing text domains and adjust PHPCS to warn about them.
  • Added template for creating new issuesincluding mentions of version number.
0.3.0 2017-06-30
  • Added framework for notices and implemented publishing and saving ones.
  • Implemented tabs on the inserter.
  • Added text and image quick inserts next to inserter icon at the end of the post.
  • Generate front-end styles for core blocks and enqueue them.
  • Include generated block classname in edit environment.
  • Added "edit image" button to image and cover image blocks.
  • Added option to visually crop images in galleries for nicer alignment.
  • Added option to disable dimming the background in cover images.
  • Added buffer for multi-select flows.
  • Added option to display date and to configure number of posts in LatestPosts block.
  • Added PHP parser based on PEG.js to unify grammars.
  • Split block styles for display so they can be loaded on the theme.
  • Auto-focusing for inserter search field.
  • Added text formatting to CoverImage block.
  • Added toggle option for fixedbackground in CoverImage.
  • Switched to store attributes in unescaped JSON format within the comments.
  • Added placeholder for all text blocks.
  • Added placeholder text for headings, quotes, etc.
  • Added BlockDescription component and applied it to several blocks.
  • Implemented sandboxing iframe for embeds.
  • Include alignment classes on embeds with wrappers.
  • Changed the block name declaration for embeds to be "core-embed/name-of-embed".
  • Simplified and made more robust the rendering of embeds.
  • Different fixes for quote blocks(parsing and transformations).
  • Improve display of text within cover image.
  • Fixed placeholder positioning in several blocks.
  • Fixed parsing of HTML block.
  • Fixed toolbar calculations on blocks without toolbars.
  • Added heading alignments and levels to inspector.
  • Added sticky post setting and toggle.
  • Added focus styles to inserter search.
  • Add design blueprints and principles to the storybook.
  • Enhance FormTokenField with accessibility improvements.
  • Load word-count module.
  • Updated iconsfor trash button, and Custom HTML.
  • Design tweaks for inserter, placeholders, and responsiveness.
  • Improvements to sidebar headings and gallery margins.
  • Allow deleting selected blocks with "delete" key.
  • Return more than 10 categories/tags in post settings.
  • Accessibility improvements with FormToggle.
  • Fix media button in gallery placeholder.
  • Fix sidebar breadcrumb.
  • Fix for block-mover when blocks are floated.
  • Fixedinserting Freeform block (now classic text).
  • Fixed missing keys on inserter.
  • Updated drop-cap class implementation.
  • Showcasing full-width cover image in demo content.
  • Copy fixes on demo content.
  • Hide meta-boxes icons for screen readers.
  • Handle null values in link attributes.
0.2.0 2017-06-23
  • Include "paste" as default plugin in Editable.
  • Extract block alignment controls as a reusable component.
  • Added button to delete a block.
  • Added button to open block settings in the inspector.
  • New block: Custom HTML (to write your own HTML and preview it).
  • New block: Cover Image(with text over image support).
  • Rename "Freeform" block to "Classic Text".
  • Added support for pages and custom post types.
  • Improve display of "saving" label while saving.
  • Drop usage of controls property in favor of components in render.
  • Add ability to select all blocks with ctrl/command+A.
  • Automatically generate wrapper class for styling blocks.
  • Avoid triggering multi-select on right click.
  • Improve target of post previewing.
  • Use imports instead of accessing the wp global.
  • Add block alignment and proper placeholders to pullquote block.
  • Wait for wp.api before loading the editor. (Interim solution.)
  • Adding several reusable inspector controls.
  • Design improvements to floats, switcher, and headings.
  • Add width classes on figure wrapper when using captions in images.
  • Add image alt attributes.
  • Added html generation for photo type embeds.
  • Make sure plugin is run on WP 4.8.
  • Update revisions button to only show when there are revisions.
  • Parsing fixes on do_blocks.
  • Avoid being keyboard trapped on editor content.
  • Don't show block toolbars when pressing modifier keys.
  • Fix overlapping controls in Button block.
  • Fix post-title line height.
  • Fix parsing void blocks.
  • Fix splitting inline Editable instances with shift+enter.
  • Fix transformation between text and list, and quote and list.
  • Fix saving new posts by making post-type mandatory.
  • Render popovers above all elements.
  • Improvements to block deletion using backspace.
  • Changing the way block outlines are rendered on hover.
  • Updated PHP parser to handle shorthand block syntax, and fix newlines.
  • Ability to cancel adding a link from link menu.
0.1.0 2017-06-17
  • First release of the plugin.