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Version Release Date Change Log 2020-04-22

~ Fixed library metab-box 2020-04-12

(2020.03.16) = ~ Fixed security issues (CVE-2020-7916 and CVE-2020-7917): uer logged can change role all users to Instructor ~ Fixed error preview Assignment 2019-11-20

(20.11.2019) = ~ Fixed email doesn't send. ~ Fixed some js errors. ~ Fixed js call twice times. ~ Fixed question doesn't show after added to quiz. ~ Fixed ignore some metadata when copying course. ~ Fixed search orders in backend. 2019-09-05

~ Fixed some errors. 2019-08-23

~ Fixed css conflict with text block of vc. ~ Fixed show message 'Out of stock' for course reached limitation users. ~ Fixed show checked answers when review quiz. ~ Fixed review quiz option does not work properly. ~ Fixed update view after removing order's items. 2019-07-26

~ Fixed cannt add items to course.

3.2.6 2019-07-24

~ Added option to exclude js/css libraries unnecessary (used in theme or other plugins). ~ Added alt prop to user profile avatar. ~ Fixed can't next/prev questions when doing quiz. ~ Fixed wrong items navigation when learning course. ~ Fixed missing js of some pages in admin. ~ Fixed can't close admin notices. ~ Updated envato api to newer version. 2019-05-22

~ Added new strings for translating. ~ Corrected currency of Rwandan franc. ~ Fixed missing utils library when adding manually the orders. ~ Fixed upgrade function that doesn't hide the message when it done. ~ Fixed can't create new page in settings. 2019-05-10

~ Fixed guest can not start quiz with no require enroll course option. ~ Fixed sql to filter orders by user ID. ~ Fixed issue of sending email when finished course: not correct Grade. ~ Fixed can not see Actions buttons when adding questions into the quiz. ~ Fixed changed the logic of Continue button for Course: continue with the next incomplete item. ~ Fixed wrong code to pick up instructor email. 2019-04-11

~ Changed SQL to read course items by user item ID. ~ Improved performance in admin orders page. ~ Upgraded Vue/Vuex to latest version. ~ Added new theme to LP ad. 2019-02-12

~ Fixed bug can't access course after purchased. ~ Fixed bug user can't redo quiz with option 'Retake' is 1. ~ Fixed bug can't order questions by date in questions bank. ~ Extracted purchased date to date and time in order emails. ~ Show point of quiz in result page. 2019-01-15

~ Fixed can not next/prev question when doing quiz. ~ Fixed get wrong total student of a course. ~ Updated language .POT file.

3.2.5 2019-01-10

~ Fixed button for creating LP pages does not work properly. ~ Fixed warning when getting course items does not exists. ~ Added button to close warning for outdated templates. ~ Fixed search order not working. ~ Fixed get course items in incorrect order. ~ Fixed can't start quiz when the course is not required enroll. ~ Fixed the amount number of enrolled users isn't updated correctly.

3.2.4 2019-01-08

~ Fixed cannot enroll course. ~ Fixed prev question button not working correct. ~ Fixed one extra answer option when add new question. ~ Fixed some deprecated keywords for PHP 7.3. ~ Fixed item is null for an item which doesn't support it's type (like assignment after deactivate). ~ Fixed bug the next and prev button not work in review mode of quiz.

3.2.3 2018-12-24

~ Removed un-security code in PP library. ~ Fixed get curriculum item types doesn't work properly. ~ Fixed sort sections/items wrong in SQL query.

3.2.2 2018-12-21

~ Fixed review quiz doesn't work properly. ~ Fixed table session create a lot of rows. ~ Fixed can't enroll to a course purchased. ~ Removed unused functions.

3.2.1 2018-12-19

~ Fixed can't enroll course. ~ Fixed upload issue and drag user avatar on mobile. ~ Fixed course duration does not work properly. ~ Fixed question with multi language. ~ Fixed mail to user 2 times when completed course.

3.2.0 2018-12-18

~ Fixed issue info of order added manual not correct. ~ Fixed issue course duplicated is published. ~ Fixed issue Course content column show as "No Content". ~ Fixed some issues related to cache. 2018-10-19
3.1.0 2018-10-18

~ Fixed issue vulnerabilities. ~ Fixed issue related to object cache when doing quiz. ~ Fixed lesson 404 with Polylang. ~ Fixed PHP Fatal error class LP_Plugins_Helper not found 2018-10-08

= 0.9.19 = In this version, we have changed a little bit about LearnPress Plugin directory structure and moved all add-ons to become independence plugins. If you face any problems relate to add-ons, please completely remove old version and re-install LearnPress. It does not affect your current data. Thank you. 2018-07-27

= 0.9.19 = In this version, we have changed a little bit about LearnPress Plugin directory structure and moved all add-ons to become independence plugins. If you face any problems relate to add-ons, please completely remove old version and re-install LearnPress. It does not affect your current data. Thank you.

3.0.10 2018-07-24
  • Added quiz option to minus a number of point for each wrong question in quiz
  • Added admin email to send to admin when an order is completed
  • Added button allows wp admin can send a request to subscriber ~ Improved auto redirecting to current question when user go to a quiz ~ Improved UI of course editor for RTL ~ Improved content of email sending to admin and instructor ~ Fixed page show 404 with pagination in courses page (conflict with WPML) ~ Fixed course price is still showing after user enrolled course ~ Fixed not auto redirecting to checkout after logged in ~ Fixed some issues made question can't edit ~ Fixed issue for requesting to get related themes/addons in admin ~ Fixed some issues with content header when viewing in Safari ~ Fixed wrong ordering of course item when adding new ~ Fixed order for multiple user is not show in list of orders ~ Fixed some text is not translatable ~ Fixed breadcrumb not show page name when viewing archive course ~ Fixed archive course show header is title of first course
3.0.9 2018-05-24
  • GDPR compliance ~ Improved Start quiz button ~ Load js for comment-reply if it does not load by default ~ Fixed missing param when sending email for user who finished course
3.0.8 2018-05-18

~ Improved: get css class name for items for performance ~ Improved: check item is blocked for performance ~ Improved: upgrade database feature ~ Fixed: warning message when searching posts in frontend ~ Fixed: show 2 comments form in lesson page ~ Fixed: content of lesson does not show if set post-format to video ~ Fixed: some warning when getting question class with an array of post-type ~ Fixed: mysql error when updating item's grade with value is null

3.0.7 2018-04-19

~ Improved: ui/ux when adding/removing course items ~ Improved: ui/ux when adding/removing questions of a quiz ~ Improved: auto focus mouse to input when changing type of new course item ~ Improved: show confirm message before removing course item to trash ~ Improved: move item to trash when delete instead of delete it permanently ~ Improved: changed icon to turn on/off an item is preview and add tooltip ~ Improved: removed green effect when updating via ajax ~ Improved: focus mouse on search input when searching items ~ Improved: show button for closing popup ~ Improved: flush Hard Cache when updating post ~ Improved: updated metabox to latest version and changed textdomain ~ Fixed: pending course does not show for instructor ~ Fixed: filter lessons/quizzes by course does not work properly ~ Fixed: wrong currency symbol for Turkish lira ~ Fixed: division by zero when calculating course results ~ Fixed: get default thumbnail image for archive course if it option is turn of ~ Removed: option thumbnail size for single course ~ Improved somethings...

3.0.6 2018-04-11

~ Fixed: missing 'Instructors Registration' option ~ Fixed: cannot start quiz or complete lesson ~ Fixed: can view a quiz/lesson although it does not assign to a course ~ Fixed: wrong count number in courses manage ~ Fixed: cannot save some settings options ~ Fixed: missing hook ~ Fixed: user can view lesson with single post type link ~ Fixed: issue with 'Buy This Course' button ~ Fixed: cannot change course author ~ Fixed: issue with Become a Teacher form ~ Fixed: instructor cannot add iframe into course/lesson/quiz content ~ Improved: auto detect video in lesson content and move it to the top (move to option) ~ Improved something...

3.0.5 2018-03-30
  • Added: missing single course permalink options ~ Fixed: error notice when saving user profile ~ Fixed: date translation ~ Fixed: notice when viewing courses with Yoast SEO ~ Fixed: can't change author of the course ~ Fixed: preview lesson will redirect back to course ~ Fixed: some other bugs...
3.0.4 2018-03-24

~ Improved: action when clicking to close upgrade notice ~ Fixed: can not add course from other users to order ~ Fixed: lost quiz data after upgrading ~ Fixed: user can view lesson/quiz with single permalink ~ Fixed: can not view lesson ~ Fixed: notices in admin orders ~ Fixed: external buy this course redirect to home page ~ Fixed: remaining time message with course duration is zero ~ Fixed: hidden sections action ajax admin course editor ~ Fixed: admin can not add course to order from other users ~ More...

3.0.3 2018-03-21

~ Fixed quiz auto finish with duration is zero ~ Fixed pagination with quizzes in user profile ~ Fixed warning notice when getting current tab in profile ~ Fixed some issue in addons

3.0.2 2018-03-20

~ Fixed PHP non-numeric cast type ~ Improved admin ajax for course/quiz/question editor ~ Fixed error when extending method from parent ~ Fixed invalid course progress label ~ Fixed invalid filter to course passing grade ~ Fixed empty course item class for other post types

3.0.1 2018-03-19

~ Improved 'External link' button if user has enrolled course ~ Fixed category does not display courses (SO) ~ Fixed callback issue when sorting array|object ~ Fixed course auto finish if duration is 0 ~ Fixed warning message when counting enrolled users ~ Fixed error when calling a method from object + Added position counter to course section + Update some default settings + Fixed some bugs...

3.0.0 2018-03-15
  • Reset courses data for an user has enrolled course
  • Reset course data for users has enrolled course
  • Reset data of a quiz or lesson for an user
  • Enable a Guest user can buy and checkout
  • Option to show/hide login form in user profile
  • Option to show/hide register form in user profile
  • Option to show/hide login form in checkout page
  • Option to show/hide register form in Checkout page
  • Enable sort the payment gateways to show in frontend
  • Quick turn a payment gateway on/of in a list
  • Support plugins Mathjax
  • Widget to display course info
  • Widget to display current progress of a course
  • Custom frontend colors
  • Group emails to related action
  • Run action to send the emails in background
  • Quick edit question settings in it's quiz
  • Preview mode for course/lesson/quiz
  • Option to show list of questions as numbers below quiz while doing or reviewing
  • Display duration of lesson or quiz in curriculum
  • Display number questions of quiz ~ Improves popup for searching courses to add to an order ~ Improves Emails system ~ Improves Multi users order ~ Admin settings pages ~ No distraction mode ~ New course editor ~ New quiz editor ~ User profile ~ Improve cache for speed ~ Improve UI/Ux for both backend and frontend
2.2.1 2018-02-24
  • Fixed bug open lesson show nested popup window
  • Fixed bug calculator wrong total raised
  • Fixed external link for free course not working
  • Update view of widget LearnPress status in dashboard page
2.2 2018-02-07
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9.4
  • Fixed "Finish Course" button not show in can retake course 2018-02-06
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9.3
  • Fixed warnings at the Edit Quiz page
  • Fixed error when upload user avatar in case GD php extensions is not enabled
  • Fixed next and Previous button not work when do a quiz 2017-10-23

= 0.9.19 = In this version, we have changed a little bit about LearnPress Plugin directory structure and moved all add-ons to become independence plugins. If you face any problems relate to add-ons, please completely remove old version and re-install LearnPress. It does not affect your current data. Thank you. 2017-08-22

~ Fixed some bugs

2.1.3 2017-07-18
  • Fixed wrong notice outdated templates
  • Fixed issue when viewing order details in profile
  • Fixed course does not finish automatically when expired
  • Fixed translation issue with failed/passed strings
  • Improved admin course tabs
2.1.4 2017-07-18
  • Added option for external link of "Buy this course"
  • Improved user roles while edit a course and it's items
  • Removed "Show/Hide" questions option of quiz in Global Settings
  • Removed option "Show/Hide" explanation for quiz
  • Removed "Preview" label of course items if course is no required enroll
  • Fixed guest user can not start quiz on wpengine site
  • Fixed "Start quiz" does not show for "No require enrollment" course
  • Fixed course id is missing after duplicating course
  • Fixed course results is incorrect with 'Evaluate lessons' option
  • Fixed wrong review course before publish
  • And more... 2017-07-18
  • Fixed issue with slug of course page is the same with slug of course tab in profile
  • Fixed issue with metabox show/hide field 2017-05-15
  • Removed cache-flush param
  • Added some filters for evaluating course results
  • Fixed js unreachable code
  • Fixed warning message on update post
2.1.2 2017-02-08
  • Fixed Assign course's items to user when assigning course
  • Fixed Options to change key 'lessons' and 'quizzes' when viewing a lesson/quiz in a course.
  • Fixed Course pagination issue in some case
  • Fixed Can not add to cart for non-loggedin user (woocommerce addon)
  • Fixed Broken cert when previewing to print in single course (Certificate)
  • Fixed Paid memberships show user as deleted after buying course (Paid membership)
  • Fixed overwrite templates issue (Paid membership)
  • Fixed "page isnt working" when creating a new post type (conflict with metabox in the-7 theme)
2.1.1 2017-01-24
  • Added options to change value of lessons/quizzes in course item permalink
  • Improved edit profile page
  • Improved permalink for lesson/quiz
  • Improved some options
  • Improved some sections in admin
  • Fixed "Preview change" button show 404 page
  • Fixed question show randomly when starting quiz
  • Fixed username contains spacing
2.1.0 2017-01-11
  • Fixed bugs related to AJAX calling
  • Fixed bugs related to updating user profile
  • Fixed open question to new tab in quiz editor
2.0.9 2017-01-04
  • Improved some sections in admin
  • Added tab 'Related Themes'
  • Fixed error with PHP version before 5.3.x
  • Fixed bug get order incorrect
  • Added option to switch WP Metaboxes into tabs style
  • And more
2.0 2016-12-02
  • Updated database structure for new functions
  • Added view quiz inside a course with sub-permalink
  • Added allow add course's section without a name
  • Added email system to send it to user after buying a course
  • Added popup lightbox to view course's item content in full-screen mode
  • Added option to show/hide list of questions in quiz
  • Added 'Sale Price' for course
  • Added option to combine all scripts/styles enqueued into one file
  • Added option to evaluate course's results by average results of quizzes
  • Added "Passing Grade" to quiz allow evaluate result of quiz is passed/failed
  • Added option to show name of user in profile
  • Added duplicate a question inside quiz
  • Added preview mode of course for instructor or admin
  • Added memorize question type is the most used
  • Added new tab to edit user information in profile page
  • Improved admin course editor
  • Removed "Cart" outside LearnPress core and separated to addon
  • Fixed show answer's explanation right away after user checking question's answer
  • Fixed page does not load after logging in profile
  • Fixed quiz finish automatically right away after starting with duration is zero
  • Fixed displays shortcodes inside content of quiz/lesson
1.0.8 2016-10-31
  • Fixed "Password protected content" feature
  • Fixed get quiz mark with questions mark is empty
  • Fixed certificate display incorrect end date (addon)
  • Fixed user profile link loop redirect in some cases
  • Fixed user can not finish lesson
  • Fixed add existing item problem with single/double quote in title
  • Fixed message finish course duration does not show
0.9.20 2016-04-11
  • Removed some bad source codes.
  • Made LearnPress custom post slugs translatable.
  • Improved questions form.
  • Fixed problem with quiz setting "Show correct answer".
  • Fixed missing lessons navigation for no-require-enrolled courses.
  • Updated default language file.
1.0 2016-04-11
  • Enhanced performance and capacity to extends more features with new database structure
  • Enable purchase multiple courses with Cart
  • Checkout process
  • Option purchase FREE course without cart and checkout proccess
  • Option add course to cart using AJAX
  • Support static pages: Cart, Checkout, Profile, Archive Courses
  • Custom slug for pages with Wordpress Endpoint
  • Review order after do checkout
  • Emails system with capacity to overwtire as templates
  • New UI/UX for admin and frontend
  • Capacity to compatible with more themes
  • Custom permalink for course tag, archive courses, single course pages
  • Custom size of course thumbnail
  • Ability to add new order manually in admin
  • Improved add-ons page