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Version Release Date Change Log
2.5.9 2020-04-05
  • Tweak - Enabled lazy load for all the widgets except for the Posts Grid addon. Posts Grid utilizes the popular Isotope library for laying out grid elements and Isotope library is not compatible with lazy loading of images.
  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.3.2 with Opt-In / Out Enhancements, User Change, and More.
2.5.7 2019-07-17
  • Fixed - The taxonomy chosen dropdown displaying superfluous taxonomies in the dropdown for Posts Grid.
2.5.6 2019-07-01
  • Fixed - Some sites reporting error - call to undefined function get_blog_list().
  • Updated - Freemius to 2.3.0.
2.5.3 2019-05-21
  • Fixed - The posts carousel widget navigation arrows missing.
2.5.2 2019-03-09
  • Fixed - Unwanted loading of scripts and CSS in pages where livemesh widgets are not used
  • Fixed - Some themes can raise JS error due to jQuery $ being unavailable
2.5.1 2018-10-16
  • Fixed - The posts grid widget won't show up with the free version of the plugin
2.3 2018-08-23
  • Fixed - Incompatibility with certain themes due to different versions of waypoints scripts being used.
  • Fixed - Misplaced HTML5 video background hero header video tags information
2.2.1 2018-07-02
  • Fixed - Bug fixes.
1.7.4 2018-07-02
  • Fixed Livemesh Grid columns will not align in fit rows patterns in certain sites.
  • Updated - The waypoints script to 4.x version
1.7.3 2018-06-01
  • Fixed Livemesh Grid columns can break in certain resolutions in FireFox.
  • Fixed - The piechart value is not being rounded.
  • Fixed - The post grid and posts carousel date format not reflecting the user preference specified in Settings page.
1.7 2018-01-20
  • Upgrade Simpler grid system based on NEAT 2.1 version
  • Updated - The CSS is now optimized for vendor prefixes with reduced properties and file size.
1.6 2017-11-20
  • Fixed The post image in a grid or posts carousel was not clickable to the link specified
  • Fixed The grid filters would not center when a heading was not specified.
  • Fixed The grid filters will not display multi-line on devices of lower resolutions like mobile devices.
  • Fixed - The grid layout would break between 800px and 1024px device resolution
  • Updated - Compatibility with WordPress 4.9 version
1.5.2 2017-08-04
  • Correction for author URL and other plugin details.
1.5.0 2017-06-17
  • Fixed - The gutter or spacing between posts carousel items not taking effect with latest update of page builder
  • Fixed - The heading element for the livemesh grid displayed even when no heading title is specified
  • Fixed - Restored the missing instagram icon in team profile widget
  • Tweak - Moved to the_excerpt() from get_the_excerpt() in posts carousel and livemesh grid widgets
1.4.9 2017-06-12
  • Fixed - The top and bottom padding attributes for rows were not taking effect with 2.5.x version of page builder
  • Updated - The top and bottom padding attributes for rows deprecated. Pls use native padding settings of page builder which now provides more fine grained padding controls.
  • Updated - We have moved; all URLs now point to our new site
  • Added - Hebrew translation files - thanks Ahrale!
1.4.8 2017-03-16
  • Fixed - The grid filter hidden behind the grid items when number filters get big
  • Fixed - Pricing button overflowing the container element.
  • Updated - Shortcode processing for team position and team member details
  • Updated - Updated isotope and images loaded plugin scripts
1.4.7 2016-12-16
  • Fixed - The taxonomy filter not reflecting custom taxonomies in grid widget.
  • Fixed - The taxonomy list in posts carousel not displaying custom taxonomies.
1.4.6 2016-10-24
  • Fixed - Translation of published date on the grid.
  • Fixed - Shortcodes not being processed in hero header widget.
  • Updated - Documentation for the widgets.
1.4.5 2016-09-24
  • Fixed - Fixed - Tabs defaulting to zero on mobile width when saving changes.
1.4.4 2016-09-05
  • Fixed - Admin notices were being removed due to a missing conditional statement.
1.4.3 2016-08-22
  • Fixed - Top padding and bottom padding field for various resolutions.
1.4.2 2016-08-20
  • Added - Compatibility with WordPress 4.6.
  • Added - Comparison table of Lite vs PRO version.
1.4.1 2016-07-29
  • Fixed - Display of titles for widgets
  • Fixed - Check for page id when displaying posts/pages in a grid to avoid infinite loop
1.4 2016-07-23
  • Added - Detailed documentation for all widgets
  • Added - Plugin options window for enabling all widgets in one go along with other options.
  • Added - Ability to enter Custom CSS in plugin options
  • Added - Default theme color option for widgets
  • Added - Support for lightweight Portfolio Post Type plugin. Jetpack custom post types module no longer recommended.
  • Fixed - The shortcodes not processed by accordion
  • Fixed - The grid heading was not being displayed
  • Some styling improvements and fixes
1.3 2016-05-26
  • New widgets - Flat style buttons and Icon List widget
  • New fields - Datepicker and Timepicker for developing SiteOrigin widgets
  • Fixed - Some themes squeeze the images in a Livemesh grid or Team widget.
  • Fixed - Couple of widgets fail to display the post links.
  • Fixed - The testimonials slider not aligned to the center
  • Some styling improvements and fixes
1.2 2016-03-04
  • New widgets - Responsive Tabs and Accordion of variety of styles
  • New services widget style
  • Ability to choose entry meta contents for carousel and grid
  • Ability to set a link to the clients website in clients widget
  • Email icon restored for team profiles widget
  • Fixed some bugs, incompatibilities and design improvements
1.1 2016-01-28
  • Changed portfolio widget to a general grid that can accommodate any custom post type
  • Display post meta for blog entries in carousel and grid widgets
  • Display hover information for entries in carousel
  • Fixed some bugs and design improvements
1.0 2016-01-12