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Version Release Date Change Log
3.27.14 2022-11-17
3.27.13 2022-11-01
3.27.12 2022-09-08
3.27.11 2022-09-07
3.27.10 2022-09-07
3.27.9 2022-09-06
3.27.9-beta.3 2022-08-29
3.27.9-beta.2 2022-08-29
3.27.8 2022-07-18
3.27.7 2022-07-14
3.27.6 2022-06-27
3.27.5 2022-05-24
3.27.4 2022-05-11
3.27.3 2022-03-22
  • 2022/Mar/21 =
  • Update Extendify library
3.27.2 2022-03-08
  • 2022/Mar/08 =
  • Remove get_plugins early cache
  • Update Extendify library
3.27.1 2022-02-23
  • 2022/Feb/22 =
  • Fixed version number display bug
  • Fixed bug where high post ids took time to save - thanks @fschatz
  • Removed slide data from local storage when the user has high slide count
  • Added animation back to slide previews, but only on hover
  • Added rel and alt tags o nivo slider
3.27.0 2022-02-23
  • 2022/Feb/22 =
  • Fixed version number display bug
  • Fixed bug where high post ids took time to save - thanks @fschatz
  • Removed slide data from local storage when the user has high slide count
  • Added animation back to slide previews, but only on hover
  • Added rel and alt tags o nivo slider
3.26.0 2022-02-09
  • 2022/Feb/08 =
  • Update Extendify library
3.25.2 2022-02-01
  • 2022/Feb/01 =
  • FIX: Removes WP welcome notice interference
3.25.1 2022-01-26
  • 2022/Jan/26 =
  • FIX: Adds compatibility with WP 5.9 and block prop filter
3.25.0 2022-01-25
  • 2022/Jan/25 =
  • FIX: Adds PHP5.3 compatibility by removing array shorthand syntax
  • Update Extendify library
3.24.0 2022-01-07
  • 2022/Jan/6 =
  • Update Extendify library
3.23.5 2021-11-30
  • 2021/Nov/30 =
  • FIX: Fixes post output stripslashes bug
3.23.4 2021-11-23
  • 2021/Nov/23 =
  • FIX: Fixes array key on boolean bug
3.23.3 2021-11-13
  • 2021/Nov/12 =
  • FIX: Fixes theme conflict with the utility class stylesheet
3.23.2 2021-11-11
  • 2021/Nov/11 =
  • FIX: Lowers utility class display specificity
3.23.1 2021-11-11
  • 2021/Nov/3 =
  • TWEAK: Changes how metagallery language files are loaded
  • FEATURE: Updates library
3.23.0 2021-08-27
  • 2021/Aug/27 =
  • TWEAK: Bug fixes and updates to the library
3.22.1 2021-08-11
  • 2021/Aug/11 =
  • FIX: Addresses bug with array_key_exists
  • FIX: Addresses conflict with standalone Gutenberg plugin
3.22.0 2021-08-06
  • 2021/Aug/05 =
  • TWEAK: Remove plugin dependency from editor library
3.21.0 2021-07-22
  • 2021/July/19 =
  • FEATURE: Adds MetaSLider patterns to editor Library
  • FIX: Fixes incorrect support URL link
3.20.3 2021-03-04
  • 2021/Mar/02 =
  • FIX: Update responsive slides to improve jQuery compatability
  • FIX: Updates uasort to be PHP8 compatible
  • FIX: Fixes a typo in the export callback
3.20.2 2021-02-09
  • 2021/Feb/08 =
  • FIX: Removes various PHP notices
  • TWEAK: Removes unused Alpine helpers to reduce file size
3.20.1 2021-02-04
  • 2021/Feb/03 =
  • FIX: Fixes a bug for users on older PHP versions
3.20.0 2021-01-20
  • 2021/Jan/18 =
  • FEATURE: Adds the gallery feature
  • FIX: Fixes typo in API fallback fetch function
3.19.1 2020-12-01
  • 2020/Dec/1 =
  • TWEAK: Adds option to filter HTML Purify
  • TWEAK: Updates Appsero dependency version
3.19.0 2020-11-12
  • 2020/Nov/12 =

  • ACCESSIBILITY: Fixes typo on svg button in Simply Dark

  • TWEAK: Adds install date to optin Appsero report

  • TWEAK: Adds passive listener option to FlexSlider touch events

  • FIX: Processes library assets to minify and optimize (production ready)

3.18.9 2020-11-05
  • 2020/Nov/5 =

  • FIX: Adds polyfill for WP 4.5 wp_add_inline_script

  • FIX: Removes some non PHP 5.3 code from 3rd party lib

3.18.8 2020-11-02
  • 2020/Nov/2 =

  • TWEAK: Pass callback function to Appsero instead of relying on caching.

  • TWEAK: Switches Appsero integration to only collected info on the user that logged in.

  • FIX: Adds PHP5.3 compatibility by removing array shorthand syntax

3.18.7 2020-10-27
  • 2020/Oct/27 =

  • TWEAK: Clean up some of the Analytic specific items and reporting bugs. Note: no bugs related to improper handling.

3.18.6 2020-10-26
  • 2020/Oct/26 =

  • FIX: Remove PHP 7.3 specific trailing commas

3.18.5 2020-10-26
  • 2020/Oct/22 =

  • TWEAK: Moves the support related items to a separate page in prep to make it more robust.

  • TWEAK: Updates privacy policy and opt-in product analytics

3.18.4 2020-10-21
3.18.3 2020-10-15
  • 2020/Oct/15 =

  • TWEAK: Update plugin name to better describe its use

3.18.2 2020-10-02
  • 2020/Oct/02 =

  • FIX: Scope slideshow cache to site (for multi-site support)

3.18.1 2020-09-21
  • 2020/Sept/21 =

  • FIX: Remove Nivo loading gif and add back specificity

3.18.0 2020-09-10
  • 2020/Sept/05 =

  • FEATURE/FIX: Updates UI elements and updates icon set (FA was causing issues on some hosts)

3.17.6 2020-09-02
  • 2020/Aug/31 =

  • FIX: Fixes issue with build script and script version number

3.17.5 2020-08-31
  • 2020/Aug/31 =

  • FIX: Fixes bug where the notices nonce script loading relied on jQuery

3.17.4 2020-08-29
  • 2020/Aug/29 =

  • FIX: Adds extra check for HTML Purify class (fixes conflict with CiviCRM)

  • TWEAK: Tweaks to the deploy script (patch version numbers might jump as a result)

3.17.3 2020-08-29
3.17.2 2020-08-28
  • 2020/Aug/28 =

  • TWEAK: Archives the "Thank you" dashboard notice for now

  • TWEAK: Limits loading admin specific code from the front end

  • TWEAK: Switches to a new CI and build process (report any issues to our support channel)

  • TWEAK: Adds extra permission_callback check to settings routes

  • SECURITY: Adds extra filtering of captions using HTML Purifier ( Reminder: Only users with edit_others_posts capability can edit slideshows, which is a role that may be added by third party plugins (ex. Shop Managers from WooCommerce have this role). If you need to limit who can edit your slideshows, then you can update this with the filter metaslider_capability, for example to manage_options. Contact us in support for more information.

3.17.1 2020-08-17
  • 2020/Aug/13 =

  • TWEAK: Adds permission_callback check to register_rest_route as an added redundency

  • TWEAK: Updates colorbox's jQuery .live() function to use .on()

3.17.0 2020-08-07
  • 2020/Aug/5 =

  • FEATURE: Adds setting page to update some default settings

  • FEATURE: Adds export and import functionality

  • TWEAK: Updates jQuery to work with WP 5.5 (while maintaining backwards compatibility)

  • FIX: Fixes a bug where FlexSlider carousel doesn't calculate margins properly

  • FIX: Fixes a bug where custom themes would show on fresh slideshows

3.16.4 2020-04-16
  • 2020/April/16 =

  • FIX: Addresses a conflict with Gutenberg modules that some users are seeing (fix in 3.16.3 was incomplete)

3.16.2 2020-04-08
  • 2020/April/08 =

  • FIX: Updates Gutenberg module to use the new @wordpress/block-editor library

3.16.1 2020-04-03
  • 2020/April/03 =

  • TWEAK: Updates the media_buttons_context hook to use media_buttons

3.16.0 2020-03-26
  • 2020/Mar/25 =

  • FEATURE: Adds sorting options to the dropdown drawer module

  • TWEAK: Expand error handler attempt to catch errors from elsewhere

  • TWEAK: Expand search results from 15 to 25 and make that customizable

  • TWEAK: Adds a reactive title module

  • TWEAK: Updates to use WP style notifications and modals

  • TWEAK: Loads in recent slideshows and lets the user opt to load more

  • TWEAK: Switches anitmation to requestAnimationFrame for added performance

  • TWEAK: Separates settings saving logic from slides, and saves in chunks of 10 slides

  • TWEAK: Adds warning message to users that have a very low input var setting

  • TWEAK: Adds fallback for 404 routes to admin-ajax

  • TWEAK: Adds ability to use the JS dev build for debugging. Use SCRIPT_DEBUG to enable

  • FIX: Fixes issue where single quotes in settings input fields would cause a blank page

  • FIX: Removes unwanted side menu items on the media library view

3.15.3 2020-03-03
  • 2019/Nov/28 =

  • FIX: Updates layout breaks in WP3.4

3.15.2 2019-11-14
  • 2019/Nov/14 =

  • TWEAK: Adds loaded event that other plugins can wait for

  • TWEAK: Updates a few UI elements on the search bar and slideshow drawer

  • TWEAK: Adds better checks for error messages

  • FIX: Fixes an issue where cetain settings would show when not needed

  • FIX: Fixes a layout break in IE11

  • FIX: Address performance issues with a very large collection of slideshows

3.15.1 2019-10-23
  • 2019/Oct/22 =

  • FIX: Adds better check for slide image thumbnails and count

  • FIX: Updates $ to jQuery on the admin settings screen

3.15.0 2019-10-22
  • 2019/Oct/17 =

  • FEATURE: Adds a new way to navigate slideshows

  • TWEAK: Adds various accessibility enhancements to FlexSlider

  • TWEAK: Adds extra checks for REST enabled sites

  • TWEAK: Updates notices

  • FIX: Updates various RTL language styling issues

  • FIX: Fixes bug where new slides wouldn't crop until pressing save

  • FIX: Fixes various layout breaks from other languages

3.14.0 2019-07-26
  • 2019/July/26 =

  • FEATURE: Adds ability to duplicate a slideshow

  • FEATURE: Adds toolbar with various utilities

  • FEATURE: Adds unified notification system

  • REFACTOR: Moves inline styles out of the body tag

  • REFACTOR: Refactors the preview module to be caled from anywhere

  • REFACTOR: Refactors the way slides and the slideshow saving works

  • REFACTOR: Refactors the shortcode copy module

  • REFACTOR: Adds helper functions to better manage the routes files

  • FIX: Fixes bug where adding a class name via Gutenberg crashes the block

3.13.1 2019-05-11
  • 2019/May/11 =

  • TWEAK: Corrects a check on a variable in Theme.php, preventing a possible PHP notice

3.13.0 2019-05-09
  • 2019/May/7 =

  • FEATURE: Allows captions to inherit the image description

  • FEATURE: Adds support for theme developers to register a theme

  • TWEAK: Adds extra checks for when a theme is missing

  • TWEAK: Removed some ancient code for compatibility with PHP < 5.1

  • TWEAK: Stops random theme being inherited when user removes it

  • REFACTOR: DOM appended slides are now rendered as Vue components

3.12.1 2019-04-29
  • 2019/Mar/18 =
  • FIX: Fixes a bug where Nivo and Coin Sliderdid not ship with the plugin
3.11.1 2019-02-01
  • 2019/Jan/30 =
  • FIX: Update Gutenberg compatibility
3.11.0 2019-01-30
  • 2019/Jan/30 =

  • FEATURE: Adds drag and drop module

  • FEATURE: Adds a convenient start page for new users

  • FIX: Fixes layout issue with notices served by other plugins

  • FIX: Updates Gutenberg container styles

  • FIX: Fixes issue where Coin Slider wouldn't open in a new window

  • FIX: Updates support for Elementor page builder

  • TWEAK: Updates various UI elements

  • TWEAK: Removes fonts to reduce package size

  • TWEAK: Adds an escape output of slideshow titles

  • REFACTOR: Removes defunct preview method

3.10.3 2018-12-05
  • 2018/Dec/4 =

  • FIX: Update Gutenberg compatibility

3.10.2 2018-11-21
  • 2018/Nov/21 =

  • FIX: Fixes bug in with captions in NivoSlider

3.10.1 2018-11-20
  • 2018/Nov/12 =

  • TWEAK: Removes redundant height and width attributes

  • FIX: Fixes bug in PHP 5.2 where images would not import

  • FIX: Updates various translation errors and adds translator tips

  • FIX: Allows the folder name to be safely changed

  • FIX: Fixes the situation where using a different folder name breaks everything

  • FIX: Fixes a Gutenberg-related bug that appears in WP5.0 beta2

3.10.0 2018-10-25
  • 2018/Oct/15 =

  • FEATURE: Adds 11 new themes users can apply to their slideshows

  • FEATURE: Adds ability to preview a slideshow with a theme

  • FEATURE: Adds ability for a theme developer to add instructions

  • FEATURE: Adds unique images by theme if a user is importing images

  • FEATURE: Adds new channel for user feedback

  • FIX: Updates unusable filter when attempting to filter slides by type

  • FEATURE: Adds new developer filters to adjust slide output/visibility

  • FIX: Fixes a bug when babel-polyfil is loaded more than once

  • FIX: Adds an extra check for an error before saving the theme

  • TWEAK: Adds a title to the theme module

  • TWEAK: Adds ability to import images with captions, title, alt and desc. from a theme.

3.9.1 2018-09-28
  • 2018/Sept/28 =

  • FIX: Fixes a bug where some slides get appended inside others.

3.9.0 2018-09-12
  • 2018/Sept/11 =

  • FEATURE: Adds the option to toggle autoplay for Coin Slider

  • FEATURE: Adds keyboard shortcuts to preview

  • FEATURE: Adds full width toggle to preview

  • FEATURE: Adds a light and dark preview option

  • FEATURE: Adds ability to import images if none exist

  • FEATURE: Adds Gutenberg block

  • FEATURE: Adds ability to use the title in a shortcode

  • FEATURE: Adds translation functionality to JS components

  • FEATURE: Adds ability to preview a slideshow with a theme

  • FEATURE: Adds ability for a theme developer to add instructions

  • TWEAK: Adds a title to the theme module

  • TWEAK: Updates Pro slide types descriptions

  • TWEAK: Adds placeholder and comparison table entries for schedule functionality

  • TWEAK: Adds compatibility with Pro feature ability to change layer slide background

  • TWEAK: Adds ability to import images with captions, title, alt and desc. from a theme.

  • TWEAK: Updates option name on slideshow select box as title name changes.

  • TWEAK: Adds default Flexslider fonts to repo for users that require them.

  • TWEAK: Adds filters to slides edit buttons

  • TWEAK: Tweaks edits buttons style

  • FIX: Limits image srcset to image and layer slides (fixes post feed image)

  • FIX: Fixes broken Nivo themes (due to css specificity)

  • FIX: Fixes bug where icons would jump during delete

3.8.1 2018-06-07
  • 2018/Jun/07 =

  • FIX: Limits responsive image srcset to slideshows with cropping disabled only

  • FIX: Increases responsive image srcset maximum size to Full

3.8.0 2018-06-07
  • 2018/Jun/4 =

  • FEATURE: Adds compatibility with new Pro schedule feature

  • FEATURE: Adds compatibility with retina plugin

  • FEATURE: Adds option to enable or disable initial fade in

  • FEATURE: Improves Responsiveness

  • TWEAK: Adds default Flexslider fonts to repo for users that require them.

  • FIX: Fixes error when trying to save many slides

  • FIX: Fixes broken markup in settings in some languages.

  • FIX: Fixes bug that always strips referral tags.

  • FIX: Adds a check to the copy/paste element to make sure it exists before adding an event

  • REFACTOR: Removes plugin dependency on Notice class

  • REFACTOR: Standardizes the code to deny direct access

  • REFACTOR: Updates how the plugin handles setting updates.

3.7.2 2018-03-20
  • 2018/Mar/20 =

  • TWEAK: Remove an obsolete admin notice

  • SECURITY: Prevent a non-persistent logged-in XSS attack. The attacker must persuade a logged-in admin-level WP user to click on a malicious link specifically targeted to your site; this can result in his chosen JavaScript being run inside your browser on the MetaSlider page. Hence, the risk is low, but you should certainly update.

3.7.1 2018-03-14
  • 2018/Mar/13 =

  • FIX: Updates FlexSlider to remove flash on page load.

3.7.0 2018-02-27
  • 2018/Feb/26 =

  • FEATURE: Allows users to inherit default captions and other data from the image.

  • FIX: Adds capability filter to pages.

  • TWEAK: Updates to the correct support link.

3.6.8 2018-01-26
  • 2018/Jan/26 =

  • FIX: Updates compatibility for various themes (including Genesis)

3.6.7 2017-12-15
  • 2017/Dec/15 =

  • FEATURE: Adds back in some instructions on how to display the slideshow

  • TWEAK: Add DocBlock checking with CI for PHP and JS files

  • FIX: Adds compatibility fixes for older WP versions.

3.6.6 2017-11-23
  • 2017/Nov/23 =

  • FIX: Fixes FlexSlider bug when resizing slider.

  • FIX: Updates layout on post feed slides.

3.6.5 2017-11-20
  • 2017/Nov/20 =

  • FIX: Fixes issues with bottom margin of slideshow, among other minor tweaks.

  • TWEAK: Prevents a PHP debug log item that appeared in the short-lived 3.6.4

3.6.3 2017-11-16
  • 2017/Nov/16 =

  • FIX: Updates various styles to retain compatibility with previous releases based upon user feedback

  • FIX: Removes translation of slider brand names.

  • UPGRADE NOTE: If upgrading to MetaSlider 3.6+, users of the MetaSlider Add-On pack should also upgrade that plugin to a current release (2.7.1 or later).

3.6.2 2017-11-15
  • 2017/Nov/15 =

  • FIX: Update various styles to retain compatibility with previous releases based upon user feedback

  • FIX: Restore compatibility with old WP versions that lack the wp_add_inline_script() function

  • UPGRADE NOTE: If upgrading to MetaSlider 3.6+, users of the MetaSlider Add-On pack should also upgrade that plugin to a current release (2.7.1 or later).

3.6.1 2017-11-14
  • 2017/Nov/14 =

  • FIX: Removes default FlexSlider styling

  • UPGRADE NOTE: If upgrading to MetaSlider 3.6+, users of the MetaSlider Add-On pack should also upgrade that plugin to a current release (2.7.1 or later).

3.6.0 2017-11-14
  • 2017/Nov/14 =

  • FEATURE: Allow a slide to be restored after deletion

  • FEATURE: Allow the background image to be changed

  • FEATURE: Adds a guided tour

  • FIX: Loads inline JS properly

  • FIX: FlexSlider touch events respect pause on hover setting

  • FIX: Allow for https image URLs

  • TRANSLATIONS: Addresses spelling/localization issues

  • TWEAK: Accessibility enhancements

  • TWEAK: Adds links to activation page

  • TWEAK: Updates FlexSlider to latest

  • TWEAK: Change the label "Meta Slider" to "MetaSlider"

  • TWEAK: Add dashboard notices

3.5.1 2017-11-09

[01/05/17] =

  • Fix: Pre-populate caption and alt text fields for new image slides (based on original media file data)
  • Fix: When a media file is deleted from the media library, also remove it from the slideshow
  • Fix: Update _wp_attachment_metadata when creating new image sizes
3.5 2017-03-13

[13/03/17] =

  • New slides will now be added as a new post type (ml-slide) (existing slideshows and slides will be unaffected)
  • Workaround/Fix: Don't use WP_Image_Editor to load slide images that are missing metadata (invalid images)
  • Fix: Load admin JavaScript in footer
  • New: Add "metaslider_after_resize_image" action
3.4.3 2017-03-02

[01/03/17] =

  • Fix: New slides will now be added as a new post type (ml-slide). For newly added slides, this will fix: -- Adding the same image to a slideshow multiple times -- Using unique captions for the same image across multiple slideshows -- Using unique ordering for the same image across multiple slideshows Existing slides/slideshows will be unaffected.
  • Workaround/Fix: Don't use WP_Image_Editor to load slide images that are missing metadata (invalid images)
  • Fix: Load admin JavaScript in footer
3.4.2 2017-01-17

[17/01/17] =

  • Workaround/Fix: Don't use WP_Image_Editor to load slide images that are missing metadata (invalid images)
3.4.1 2017-01-16

[16/01/17] =

  • Workaround/Fix: Don't use WP_Image_Editor to load admin slide thumbnails, use wp_get_attachment_image_src instead. Attempts to fix white screen issues affecting some users. Related:
3.4 2017-01-04

[04/01/17] =

This is the first in a series of small updates which will eventually allow us to remove restrictions in the plugin which prevent us from implementing certain functionality, including:

  • Changing a slide image
  • Using unique captions when the same slide has been added to more than one slideshow
  • Adding the same slide to a slideshow multiple times
  • Duplicating slides and sliders
  • Drafting slides
  • Scheduling slides

We are releasing this update in a number of small stages due to the number of users Meta Slider has. We are being overly cautious to ensure it's a smooth transition. This update does not make any major changes to the current plugin functionality, but it does put in place the "scaffolding" code which we will rely on to implement further updates.

3.3.7 2016-12-13

[06/05/15] =

  • Fix: "Maximum level reached" error when inserting the shortcode for a slideshow into it's own caption. Thanks to Zhouyuan @ Fortinet for reporting this.
3.3.6 2016-04-28
3.3.5 2015-09-22

[11/09/15] =

  • Prepare plugin for translation project (rename textdomain from 'metaslider' to 'ml-slider')
  • Small styling fix 2015-07-29

[29/07/15] =

  • Fix Roots theme CSS conflict
3.3.4 2015-07-16

[16/07/15] =

  • Add HTML5 validation by applying a property="stylesheet" attribute to meta slider CSS tags
  • Remove unused "Resource Manager" code
  • Chinese language pack updated (thanks to mamsds!)
3.3.3 2015-06-11

[11/06/15] =

  • Ukrainian language pack added (thanks to mister_r!)
  • Fix: Meta Slider hoplink incorrectly adding parameters to filtered url
  • Add "metaslider_attachment_url" filter
3.3.2 2015-04-16

[16/04/15] =

  • Fix: FPD Security issue. Thanks to Ole Aass (@oleaass) for finding and disclosing this issue.

More information:

The fix will prevent some servers (configured with 'display_errors' set to 'on') from disclosing the full path to certain files within Meta Slider.

3.3.1 2015-04-13

[23/03/15] =

  • Fix: Remove 'create video playlist' option from Media Library (on Meta Slider page only)
  • Fix: Support for Enhanced Media Library plugin
  • Fix: Return public slide when DOING_AJAX
  • Improvement: Use admin actions to save slideshow settings
3.2.1 2014-12-16

[16/12/14] =

  • Change: Change slide image functionality backed out
  • Fix: Apply FireFox mobile fix to Flex Slider (github #1110)
3.1.1 2014-10-21

[21/10/14] =

  • Fix: restrict_to shortcode parameter
  • Change: Add metaslider_flex_slider_list_item_attributes filter
3.0.1 2014-09-23

[19/08/14] =

  • Fix: Escape admin setting text fields
  • Fix: Escape admin tab names (thanks to Dylan Irzi for spotting and reporting this!)
  • Change: Allow shortcode parameters to be filtered
2.9.1 2014-07-15

[15/07/14] =

  • New feature: Hungarian Language Pack added
  • Fix: Escape attributes and JS in slideshow output (credit to jwenerd!)
  • Fix: Escape attributes and text fields in admin
  • New feature: Admin slide tabs can be modified with filters
2.8.1 2014-05-07

[28/04/14] =

  • Fix: All in One Events Calendar conflict fix (Advanced Settings not toggling)
  • Fix: CSS resets to avoid theme conflicts
  • Fix: Autoload visibility conflict (
  • Fix: Layer Editor in IE11 - text fields not accessible in modal windows
  • Fix: FlexSlider IE11 Fade transition
2.7.2 2014-03-25

[25/03/14] =

  • Fix: Only apply carousel margin to slides
  • Fix: Enqueue Easing library when carousel mode is enabled, regardless of effect selection
  • Fix: Thumbnail margin when theme has #content div
2.6.3 2014-01-23

[23/01/14] =

  • Improvement: Various admin screen styling improvements
  • Fix: Add 'ms-' prefix to Advanced settings toggle boxes and Preview button (avoid theme conflicts)
  • Fix: RTL fixes
  • Improvement: Filters added for complete slideshow output
  • Improvement: Filter added for slide image label
  • Improvement: 'No Conflict' mode refactored
  • Improvement: 'slider' parameter added to flexslider before/start/after etc callbacks
  • Change: Renamed in admin menu from "Meta Slider Lite" to "Meta Slider"
2.5.1 2013-11-25
2.4.2 2013-10-21

[17/10/13] = * Fix: qTranslate caption & URL parsing for image slides

2.3 2013-09-19

[18/09/13] = * Improvement: Flex Slider upgraded to v2.2 * Improvement: Responsive Slides upgraded to v1.54 * Improvement: 'Create first slideshow' prompt added for new users * Change: 'scoped' attribute removed from inline CSS tag until browsers catch up with supporting it properly. A new filter has been added: "metaslider_style_attributes" if you wish to add the scoped attribute back in. * Change: wp_footer check removed due to confusion * New Feature: 'metaslider_max_tabs' filter added to convert tab list to ordered drop down menu * Fix: Remove 'Insert Media' tab from 'Add Slide' modal (WP 3.6 only) * New Feature: Filters added to allow modification of image slide HTML * Improvement: Settings area tidied up * Improvement: Image URL Field less restrictive * Improvement: HTML Output tidied up

2.2.2 2013-08-21
  • Improvement: System check added with option to dismiss messages. Checks made for: role scoper plugin, wp_footer, wordpress version & GD/ImageMagick.
2.1.6 2013-07-22
  • Fix: Use the original image file if the slideshow size is the same size as the image file
  • Fix: Conflict with Advanced Post Types Order plugin
  • Fix: Colorbox conflict when using resizable elements in lightbox
  • Improvement: Refresh slides after clicking 'save'
  • Improvement: Ensure taxonomy category exists before tagging slide to slideshow
  • Fix: Only submit form when submit button is clicked (not all buttons)
  • Fix: Coin slider caption width in FireFox
  • Improvement: Added hook to adjust carousel image margin
2.0.2 2013-05-02
  • Fix: PHP Error when using slides the same size as the slideshow
1.3 2013-02-28
  • Renamed to Meta Slider (previously ML Slider)
  • Improvement: Admin styling cleaned up
  • Improvement: Code refactored
  • Improvement: Plugin localised
  • Improvement: Template include PHP code now displayed on slider edit page
  • Improvement: jQuery tablednd replaced with jQuery sortable for reordering slides
  • Improvement: Open URL in new window option added
  • Improvement: max-width css rule added to slider wrapper
  • Fix: UTF-8 support in captions (reported by and thanks to: petergluk)
  • Fix: JS && encoding error (reported by and thanks to: neefje)
  • Fix: Editors now have permission to use MetaSlider (reported by and thanks to: rritsud)
1.2.1 2013-02-20
  • Fix: Number of slides per slideshow limited to WordPress 'blog pages show at most' setting (reported by and thanks to: Kenny)
  • Fix: Add warning when BMP file is added to slider (reported by and thanks to MadBong)
  • Fix: Allow images smaller than default thumbnail size to be added to slider (reported by and thanks to: MadBong)
1.1 2013-02-18
  • Improvement: Code refactored
  • Fix: hitting [enter] brings up Media Library
  • Improvement: Settings for new sliders now based on the last edited slider
  • Improvement: More screenshots added
1.0.1 2013-02-17
1.0 2013-02-15
  • Initial version