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myCred is an intelligent and adaptive points management system that allows you to build and manage a broad range of digital rewards including points, ranks and, badges on your WordPress/WooCommerce powered website.

Build brand loyalty by rewarding your customers through store reward systems, community leaderboards, monetizing your website content, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Increase customer engagement tenfold Rewarding your users for community engagement will help your business grow.


myCred allows THREE different ways through which you can award your users:

  • Points - Set events and triggers to allow real-time tracking and automatically award your users with points.

  • *Ranks * Set ranks within your leaderboards and reward your users with significant perks after they reach a certain milestone.

  • Badges - Boost your users participation by rewarding them for their exceptional performance.


Join the myCred membership club today and take advantage of premium services that include priority customer support and hundreds of add-ons at a super-saver price - Save 30% on all 3-year plans!

  • Instantly gain access to 50+ myCred add-ons.
  • Premium support & priority updates.
  • One membership license key that works for all add-ons.
  • Connect multiple sites with just one membership license key.
  • Upgrade your package at any time to get more add-ons.

Check the package pricing page for the add-on list

Important Announcement You have to update your myCred plugin to version 1.8.8 in order to use the myCred Membership services.


- Point Balances: Each user on your website will have their own point balance, where theyll be able to view points that were gained/lost. - Account History: Each time a user gains or loses points on your website, the transaction is logged into a central log for accountability. - Points Management: You have full control over your users point balances; You can adjust your user/s balance by adding or removing points with or without a log entry. - White-Labeling: myCred has built-in support for white-labeling - This allows you to rename the plugin in your admin area to anything you like. - Import & Export: myCred comes with three built-in import tools allowing you to import points, log entries, or migrate your CubePoints installation. - Automatic Points: Automatically award or deduct points from your users balance for their interaction on your Wordpress/WooCommerce website. - Multiple Point Types: Create multiple point types through the admin area to manage things easily. There is no limit to the number of point types you can have at your disposal. - Multi-Site Support: myCred has built-in support for multi-sites, allowing you to choose between using a unique myCred installation or centralize balances across your network. - Leaderboards: Generate leaderboards based on your users balance or points history - display users with the most points for a particular instance. - Badges: Award badges to your users based on their points history. You can set certain requirements for this feature so that myCred automatically awards them to the deserving users. - Buy Points: The buyCred add-on allows your users to purchase points using real money using some of the most popular payment gateways available in the market today. - Coupons: Create and share coupon codes with your users, which can be redeemed when they have generated a certain amount of points. - Notifications: The notifications add-on allows you to show popup notifications each time a user gains or loses points on your website. - Ranks: Ranks are based on how well your user balance is performing. As a users balance changes, so do their rank. - Store Payments: myCred supports some of the most popular store plugins for WordPress, allowing your users to pay for orders/tickets using their point balance instead of real money. - Reward Purchases: You can opt to reward your users with points that they can use to buy products in your store. - Sell Content: The Sell Content add-on allows you to sell access to the content field of posts/pages or custom post types on your website. - Statistics: The statistics add-on will convert your log data into charts to help visualize points usage and circulation on your website. - Transfers: The transfer add-on allows your users to transfer points to other users on your website. - Theme Independent: The myCred plugin is theme independent - Your theme needs to support widgets and shortcodes in order to run myCred. - BuddyPress Ready: myCred has had built-in support for BuddyPress through which you can access BuddyPress related features like Insert point balances/badges/ranks into your users profiles. - Bootstrap Ready: myCred comes with minimal CSS styling to give you the freedom to style everything according to your needs. - Translation Ready: You can add your own language translation or adjust the built-in translation support.


Empower your WordPress website users by rewarding them points - each user has their own POINT BALANCE that can be used in purchasing online products or online activities.

Not only will you be able to manually adjust the point balance system at any time, but you can also set up multiple point types and use them for different kinds of activities. How these point balances are accessed, used, or displayed are entirely up to you.


myCred supports an extensive set of WordPress interactions through which you can automatically give/take points from a user. These actions can be as simple as logging in, publishing content, or leaving a comment. These automatic adjustments are managed by a feature called Hooks that can be set up in your admin area.


Each time myCred adds or deducts points from a user, the adjustment is logged in a dedicated log, allowing your users to browse their history. This log keeps a record of your users accountability, badges, and ranks, among other useful statistics.

This log data can be converted into charts to help you visualize the usage and circulation of points on your website.

You can achieve the following features by using a dedicated log for your points system:

  • Set a limit to the maximum number of times each hook can give out points to your user.
  • Badges will use the logs data to determine which user has earned a badge.
  • Add-ons such as Sell Content use the log to keep track of users who have purchased posts from your website.
  • Add-ons use the log to make sure that a user does not gain repetitive points for the same interaction within a given time frame.


myCred is much more than just a point management system The plugin comes with several built-in add-ons that enable you to perform complex tasks such as transfer or buy points for real money, allow payments in stores, etc.

- Badges: Award your users badges based on their points history. - buyCred: Let your users buy points in exchange for real money. - Coupons: Create coupons that can be redeemed for points. - Email notifications: Setup email notifications for status updates. - Gateway: Let users pay with points in your store. - Notifications: Enable popup notifications that display status updates. - Ranks: Create ranks based on the users point balance. - Sell Content: Sell your content in exchange for points. - Statistics: Get a statistical overview of points in circulation, etc. - Transfers: Allow your users to transfer points to other users.

Power your WordPress website with 50+ add-ons ranging from categories like Gamification and Freebies to Third-Party Bridges and Store Gateway.


myCred supports some of the most popular WordPress plugins like BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Contact Form 7, Disqus, Gravity Forms, among countless others.

*Simple & organized * To keep your admin area organized, myCred will only show features and setting for those third-party plugins that are installed and enabled.


myCred is integrated with a large number of popular learning management systems, that include:

  • LearnDash
  • LifterLMS
  • WPLMS (Free third-party integration)
  • LearnPress (Paid third-party integration).


  • myCred Elementor
  • myCred Beaver Builder
  • myCred for WPBakery Page Builder


  • LifterLMS Plugin Integration with myCred
  • myCred Credly
  • myCred BP Group Leaderboards
  • myCred for WP-Pro-Quiz
  • myCred for Rating Form Explore to find out more...


  • Stripe buyCred Gateway
  • Easy Digital Downloads myCred Gateway
  • myCred Zapier Addon
  • myCred Dokan
  • myCred WCVendors
  • myCred Learndash
  • myCred for Users Ultra
  • myCred for User Pro


  • myCred PacMan
  • Wheel of Fortune Add-On


  • myCred WooCommerce Plus
  • myCred Email Digest
  • myCred Progress Map
  • myCred Points Cap
  • myCred Level Cred
  • myCred Social Proof
  • myCred SMS Payments Twilio Transfers
  • myCred Expiration Add on
  • myCred Social Share Add on
  • myCred Progress Bar Add on
  • myCred Video Add-on For JW Player
  • myCred BP Charges
  • myCred Rest API
  • myCred Transfer Plus
  • myCred Video Add-on For Vimeo
  • myCred Notifications Plus Add-on


You can find extensive documentation on myCred related add-ons in the myCred Codex. You can also find a list of frequently asked questions on the myCred website.


myCred has the ability to do-it-all because we have put in a lot of effort to make sure that the supported plugins are as developer-friendly as possible. If you need to build a custom feature, simply submit a request for a quote via the myCred website.


We offer support on our myCred website from 9 AM 5 PM, Monday to Friday (GMT+5).

You can either submit a customization request or open a support ticket any time youre facing trouble with myCred.

If youre facing a problem that is not described in our technical documentation, we suggest that you consult myCreds online community with your question. We pay users through myCred Store Tokens as a reward for reporting bugs and even their fixes.

Releases (81 )

Version Release Date Change Log
1.8.11 2020-05-15

Zombaio payment gateway is no longer available and completely removed in this update.


1.8.9 2020-04-17

Bug fixes release.


1.8.8 2020-02-28

Bug fixes release.


1.8.7 2020-02-19

Bug fixes release.


1.8.6 2019-11-13

Bug fixes release.

= 2019-10-10

Bug fixes release.


1.8.5 2019-09-18

Bug fixes release.

= 2019-06-04

Bug fixes release.


1.8.4 2019-05-30

Bug fixes release.


1.8.3 2019-03-27

Bug fixes release.


1.8.2 2019-03-07

Bug fixes release.


1.8.1 2019-03-05

Bug fixes.


1.8 2019-03-04

NEW - Added new mycred_over_hook_limit filter for adjusting hook limit checks. NEW - Added new MYCRED_RANK_KEY constant which can be used to whitelabel ranks. NEW - Added new MYCRED_COUPON_KEY constant which can be used to whitelabel coupons. NEW - Added new MYCRED_BADGE_KEY constant which can be used to whitelabel badges. NEW - Added new MYCRED_EMAIL_KEY constant with can be used to whitelabel email notifications. NEW - Added new MYCRED_BUY_KEY constant with can be used to whitelabel pending buyCRED payments. NEW - Added new MYCRED_ENABLE_SHORTCODES constant in cases where myCRED shortcodes needs to be disabled. NEW - Updated the Email Notifications add-on to version 1.4 with support for custom instances, multiple point types / notice and introduced the new myCRED_Email object. NEW - Updated the buyCRED add-on which now has improved checkout process. NEW - Added the option to set a custom gateway logo for all built-in payment gateways. NEW - Updated the mycred_load_coupon shortcode to show an error message when an invalid coupon is used. NEW - Added new Anniversary hook allowing you to reward users for each year they are a member on your website. NEW - Added new MYCRED_ENABLE_HOOKS constant to disable hooks completely. NEW - Added support for Multi Network setups. NEW - Added new mycred_add_post_meta(), mycred_get_post_meta(), mycred_update_post_meta() and mycred_delete_post_meta() functions in order to add support for the Master Template feature on multisites. NEW - Added support for multiple point types in leaderboards. NEW - The leaderboard shortcode can now be setup to render results based on multiple point types. NEW - Added caching of log and leaderboard queries. NEW - Added new filter to allow adjustments to the reference used for publishing and deleting content hooks. NEW - Added new mycred_give_run filter to control if the mycred_give shortcode should run or not. TWEAK - Moved hooks to /includes/hooks/ and third-party hooks to /includes/hooks/external/. TWEAK - Implemented the use of $mycred_log_table global throughout the plugin. TWEAK - Improved Multisite support. TWEAK - When a user jumps more than one badge level in a single instance, we want to make sure he gets rewarded for each level (if rewards is set). TWEAK - Corrected codex urls for functions and shortcodes throughout the plugin. TWEAK - Added support to whitelabel shortcodes. TWEAK - Added new MYCRED_SHOW_PREMIUM_ADDONS constant to hide all mentions of premium add-ons in myCRED. TWEAK - BuddyPress fixed issue related to points ignoring limit on adding to favorites TWEAK - Optimized search the search for log entries TWEAK - issue related to email not getting send on transfer in and out triggers in transfer addon TWEAK - Rank excerpt fix 2018-12-13

Bug fixes.

= 2018-10-30

FIX Points for clicking on links FIX Point for viewing videos FIX Exchange points from one point type to another point type 2018-06-08

FIX - Version error 2018-06-08

FIX - Notification error. 2018-05-11

Bug fixes.

= 2017-10-24

Bug fixes.

= 2017-09-27

Bug fixes.

= 2017-08-29

Last set of bug fixes for the 1.7.x version.


1.7.9 2017-06-09

Minor bug fixes.

= 2017-04-29

Minor bug fixes.


1.7.8 2017-04-20

Important bug fixes.


1.7.7 2017-03-16

Important bug fixes.


1.7.6 2017-03-13

Important bug fixes and updates for all 1.7 users.


1.7.5 2016-12-14

Bug fixes, query improvements, Coupon add-on updates and WP 4.7 comp.


1.7.4 2016-11-05

Bug fixes and improvements.


1.7.3 2016-09-08

Bug fixes for 1.7


1.7.2 2016-08-25

Bug fixes and improvements for 1.7.


1.7.1 2016-08-18

Bug fixes with 1.7


1.7 2016-08-18

Improved Badges add-on, Banking add-on and Sell Content add-on. Redesigned admin area and improved performance.


1.6.9 2016-07-06

Big fixes & preparation for 1.7


1.6.8 2016-02-12

Big fixes & preparation for 1.7


1.6.7 2015-11-24

Big fixes.


1.6.6 2015-10-21

Critical bug fixes.


1.6.5 2015-10-21

Bug fixes and BuddyPress 2.3+ comp.


1.6.4 2015-10-19

WP 4.3 compatibility update, clean up of code and Japanese language support.


1.6.3 2015-04-08

Translation updates with proper escaping, adjusted log module, badge module and buyCRED module.


1.6.2 2015-03-26

Bugfixes for hooks, ranks and badges.


1.6.1 2015-02-24

FIX - Points for viewing content hook causes logged in authors not to see their own content. FIX - Google Chrome form validation issue for settings. FIX - Removed incorrect link on about page in admin area. FIX - Added "transfer" reference to ignore by central bank. When using custom references, this still has to be added by the user. FIX - Added support for multiple point types for the mycred_video shortcode. FIX - Added missing $type variable for the mycred_has_entry filter. FIX - Removed legend template for statistics add-on as the library seems to have issues handling RTL setups.

1.6 2015-02-20

New Features, Big Improvements and Bug Fixes.


1.5.4 2015-02-02

WooCommerce 2.2 support, BuddyPress 2.1 support, Balance widget update and bug fixes.


1.5.3 2014-09-25

BadgeOS Hook update, referral hook update and minor bug fixes.


1.5.2 2014-09-08

Important bug fixes and new version of the Banking add-on.


1.5.1 2014-08-05

Important bug fixes.


1.5 2014-07-28

Expanding multiple point type support.


1.4.7 2014-07-08

Important bug fixes for myCRED.


1.4.6 2014-06-25

Improvement of Email Notifications, Invite Anyone and bug fixes.


1.4.5 2014-06-10

Bug fixes for import / export of balances and log resets based on point types.


1.4.4 2014-05-09

Bug fixes related to multiple point types, BuddyPress, Ranks and added new Russian translation.


1.4.3 2014-05-02

Bug fixes for BuddyPress and referral hook and new Spanish Translation.


1.4.2 2014-04-23

Gateway Add-on, Multisite and buyCRED Add-on updates.


1.4.1 2014-04-17

Resolving issues with 1.4


1.4 2014-03-31

User requested features.

= 2014-02-15

Security Update.

= 2014-01-29

Compatibility issue with PHP 5.2.17 fix & bug fixes.


1.3.3 2013-12-10

Simple:Press, myCRED Right Now, YouTube + Mobiles and bug fixes.


1.3.2 2013-11-23

Bug fixes, rank improvement, transfer improvement and security fixes


1.3.1 2013-10-26

Important bug fixes for 1.3 users


1.3 2013-10-12

Performance improvement, new Remote API, updated styling and bug fixes.


1.2.3 2013-09-25

New Notifications Add-on and added support for Email Notices for users getting promoted / demoted. Bug fixes.

1.2.2 2013-09-01

Improved performance, better handling of websites with large user base and several bug fixes.

1.2.1 2013-08-24


1.2 2013-08-12


1.1.2 2013-08-05


1.1.1 2013-07-10

This version resolves bugs with the MarketPress add-on and third-party plugins support. You will also have access to the bbPress hooks without the need to use Buddypress.

  • bbPress users should visit the "Hooks" sub-menu and re-enter their hook settings as these will be reset.
  • Ranks Add-on users should visit the "Settings" sub-menu and confirm their Rank settings as new settings will be available.


1.1 2013-06-23
  • Added new Email Notices Add-on.
  • Added new Ranks Add-on.

  • Added support for WP-Polls plugin.

  • Added support for WP Favorite Posts.

  • Added support for Events Manager plugin.

  • Added support for MarketPress (Gateway Add-on).

  • Added Zombaio as Payment Gateway for the buyCRED Add-on.

  • Added filter mycred_label to allow white-labeling of myCRED.

  • Added new template tags to: General and User related.

  • Added new shortcode [mycred_link] to award points for users clicking on web links.

  • Added new shortcode [mycred_give] to award x number of points to the current user.

  • Added new shortcode [mycred_send] to send a given user x number of points if the current user can afford it.

  • Added new shortcode [mycred_render_my_rank] to show either a given users rank or the current users rank. Requires Ranks Add-on.

  • Added new shortcode [mycred_users_of_rank] to show all users of a given rank. Requires Ranks Add-on.

  • Added new shortcode [mycred_users_of_all_ranks] to show all users of every published rank in order. Requires Ranks Add-on.

  • Added the option to let purchases made with the Sell Content add-on to expire after an x number of hours.

  • Added new shortcode [mycred_sell_this_ajax] to allow sale of content using AJAX. Note this shortcode can only be used once per content.

  • Adjusted the myCRED List Widget to offer the same features as the [mycred_leaderboard] shortcode, adding the option to offset or change order of list.

  • Adjusted the buyCRED Forms submit button location. (Suggested by dambacher)

  • Adjusted the Transfer form with new CSS styling.

  • Adjusted add_points() method to allow admins to change users points balances without making a log entry.

  • Renamed the default %rank% template tag to %ranking% to give space for the Ranks Add-on.

  • Fixed Bug #27 - Premium Content Author can not see their own content without paying.

  • Fixed Bug #28 - make_purchase() method referencing arguments that does not exist (renamed).

  • Fixed Bug #29 - ABSPATH issue with WP Stage plugin. (Fixed by clariner)

  • Fixed Bug #30 - WooCommerce division by zero error. (Thanks hamzahali) 2013-05-31
  • Added new template tag %num_members% to show the total number of members on blog.
  • Added support for user related template tags for myCRED Balance widget.
  • Fixed Bug #23 - Misspelled $ref in mycred_add() function.
  • Fixed Bug #24 - Exchange rate returns incorrect value.
  • Fixed Bug #25 - Misspelled the new_reply method name for bbPress Hook.
  • Fixed Bug #26 - Add-on address are incorrect on windows servers. 2013-05-29
  • Fixed Bug #22 - BadgeOS Badge ID issue. Critical for BadgeOS users!
  • Adjusted plugin to handle custom features when adjusting a users points balance.
  • Added function to handle Post/User/Comment deletions for the log.
  • Renamed the update_users_creds method to a more logical choice of update_users_balance. 2013-05-21
  • Fixed Bug #17 - Shortcodes inside mycred_sell_this does not render.
  • Fixed Bug #18 - Pending posts that gets published by admin are not awarded points.
  • Fixed Bug #19 - mycred_subtract function not working properly.
  • Fixed Bug #20 - If user id deleted the log returns empty string.
  • Fixed Bug #21 - If user is removed the ranking is not updated leaving to missing users.
1.0.9 2013-05-15
  • Adjusted plugin URLs in files that were missed previously.
  • Fixed Bug #16 - PHP Notice when using the mycred_history shortcode.

  • Request #9 - Remove paragraph element for not logged in users if the login message is set to blank.

  • Request #10 - Added new mycred_my_balance shortcode to display current users balance.

  • Request #11 - Added new mycred_sales_history shortcode to the Sell Content Add-on to show all content purchased by the current user.

  • Request #12 - Add reference search to the mycred_history shortcode.

1.0.8 2013-05-14
  • Added BuddyPress tag to description
  • Adjusted plugin for new website

  • Fixed Bug #14 - BuddyPress Add-on causes crash if activated before BuddyPress or BuddyPress gets de-activated.

  • Fixed Bug #15 - PayPal does not work with exchange rates lower then 0.01.

  • Request #4 - Allow users to go minus when transferring points.

  • Request #5 - For the Login Hook, impose a default 1 min limit to prevent users from logging in and out for points.

  • Request #6 - Added DIV wrapper around content that is set for sale using the mycred_sell_this shortcode. Only visible to administrators.

  • Request #7 - Added %gateway% template tag for buyCRED add-on showing which payment gateway was used for purchase.

  • Request #8 - Added support for BadgeOS allowing users to award myCRED points for achievements.

1.0.7 2013-05-09
  • Adjusted Social Media CSS Styling.
  • Fixed Bug #12 - Leaderboard Widget Title is not shown.
  • Fixed Bug #13 - PayPal Payment Standard uses a reference that does not exist causing verified IPN calls to fail.
1.0.6 2013-05-09
  • Fixed Bug #10 - Incorrect call of Ranking class.
  • Added Social Media Links to Settings Page.
  • Fixed Bug #11 - Skrill Payment Gateway is missing supported currencies.
  • Request #3 - Move the points for login hook from authenticate to wp_login.
1.0.5 2013-05-02
  • Fixed Bug #9 - Hooks are "run" too late causing some filters/actions to never fire.
  • Request #1 - Adjust plugin to lower requirements for MySQL from 5.1 to 5.0.
  • Request #2 - Add support for Jetpack Site & Comment Subscriptions.
1.0.4 2013-04-24
  • Fixed Bug #6 - Transfer add-on returns "low balance" for everyone.
  • Fixed Bug #7 - Removed stray function in Sell Content Add-on causing error notices.
  • Fixed Bug #8 - Sell Content add-on not parsing post template tags.
1.0.3 2013-04-23
  • Fixed Bug #5 - Missing general template tag parser in Sell Content form.
1.0.2 2013-04-23
  • Fixed Bug #3 - Field name collision in myCRED_Module() class
  • Fixed Bug #4 - Missing text domain for core hook titles
1.0.1 2013-04-23
  • Fixed Bug #1 - Incorrect handling of $data variable causing a PHP Notice.
  • Fixed Bug #2 - Incorrect reference to myCRED_Settings object in installer.
1.0 2013-04-22
  • Official release.