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Version Release Date Change Log
1.1.3 2020-05-20

(May 19, 2020) = * [Premium-Feature] Added new Timeline widget for our Pro users. You can now create beautiful timelines of your work by just dragging the widget ! * [Premium-Feature] Added option to add custom attributes for the element in options property bar. * [Premium-Feature] Added file option in contact form item. Now user can add file upload option in contact form. * [Improvement] Group property has been further improved. Now user can sort the group items. * [Improvement] The update button UI has been improved. * [Improvement] The "Progress Bar" widget has been improved. Added background color, border-radius, prefix and sufix options. * [Bug-Fix] In the premium audio widget the width was not working properly. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] In the Author box widget, the custome biography set was not visible. This is fixed.

1.1.2 2020-05-06

(May 6, 2020) = * [Security] For security reasons, we have changed the nonce names for the editor and for non-editor tasks. We urge all users to update to Pagelayer 1.1.2 as soon as possible.

1.1.1 2020-05-02

(May 2, 2020) = * [Security-Fix] There was a missing nonce check in the settings page of Pagelayer. This was reported by WordFence and is fixed. * [Security-Fix] Capability checks were missing in save content function of Pagelayer. This was reported by WordFence and is fixed. We urge all users to update to Pagelayer 1.1.1 as soon as possible due to these security fixes. * [Premium-Feature] The Pagelayer settings have added the option to add custom header and footer code for the entire site, and you can also add custom header and footer code for particular pages / posts from the "Edit Body and Post Props" option in the Pagelayer editor. * [Premium-Feature] Added "From Email" and "Additional Headers" options for the contact forms in the Pagelayer settings. * [Premium-Feature] Added options to create custom mail template for the contact forms in the "Contact form" widget. * [Task] The new property type "model" is defined. * [Bug-Fix] In the audio widget, the play and volume icon was invisible. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] In the contact form widget, the Redirect option was not working. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] In some cases, memory was exhausted while loading the shortcodes.

1.1.0 2020-04-17

(April 17, 2020) = * [Task] The "Element ID" option has been added for the items in the accordion and collapse widget, Now you can use the accordion and collapse widget as a reference link. * [Task] Made Pagelayer compatible with the "Smush" plugin. * [Task] Added box shadow option in the button widget. * [Bug-Fix] In the accordion widget "Default active tab" option of the accordion item was not working. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] The color preview in the "box shadow" properties was not working the first time. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] If the column already contains an inner-row, the columns are prevented from dragging in the inner-row.

1.0.9 2020-04-11

(April 24, 2020) = * [Premium-Feature] Cookie option added to popup template. Now you can hide a popup for a fixed time with the help of the cookie at the click of close button. This is particularly useful to create a Cookie Consent popup. * [Task] Some WordPress themes did not have an "entry-content" class to wrap post content. Hence Pagelayer was unable to find the editable region. Now we have added the wrapper with the class "pagelayer-editable-area" to create an editable region. * [Task] Added a placeholder to the grid gallery widget. * [Task] Added typography option for image caption in the image widget. * [Bug-Fix] Added cursor pointer to button in button widget. * [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, there were some js errors in the action history. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, Pagelayer was unable to get the contents of the section from the Pagelayer API. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] In the inner row widget the background elements was not working. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] In the inner row widget, shape styles was not working. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] If zlip compression was on in PHP, ob_gzhandler used to give an error due to which Pagelayer failed to load in some cases. This is fixed.

1.0.8 2020-03-28

(March 24, 2020) = * [Premium-Feature] We have added Scrolling Effects and Mouse Effects feature in Pagelayer. You can now set an animation to an element on mouse movement or on scroll. * [Feature] We have now added 300+ sections in Pagelayer. You can 1-click add sections to a post / page. We have also added many pages so that you can build your website with just a few clicks. * [Feature] Added "Import Theme" option in Pagelayer. A theme needs to be a pagelayer exported theme so that anyone can import the theme. * [Feature] Most text fields are now editable from the Editor window itself without the left bar text fields. This enhances the editing experience. * [Improvement] We have added a pre-loader to the Pagelayer editor. * [Improvement] The Left-bar UI has been improved. Much more UI changes are coming ! * [Improvement] The Add Section wizard, has been further improved. The speed of image loading has also improved and we will improve the sections further. * [Improvement] Added more options for popup builder. Advanced options are coming soon. * [Task] Added the option to de-select the options from multi-select property type. * [Task] The Pagelayer Editor left top bar UI is also improved. * [Task] We are re-building our docs and also making some video tutorials for our users. * [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, additional whitespace was added to the attributes. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, widgets were broken when we use double code in text. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] The image portfolio icon was missing. This is fixed.

1.0.7 2020-03-02

(March 3, 2020) = * [Feature] The Add New Section code is now working. We have added 10 blocks and more are on the way. * [Task] Improved the layout of the color selector. Also when no color is selected, the color box will show blank space instead of white color. * [Task] Some more improvement has been done to the Pagelayer Widget Settings UI.

1.0.6 2020-02-21

(February 20, 2020) = * [Feature] Added settings for widgets - Contact Email, Phone, Address. You can specify these defaults and it will be changed throughout the website. * [Feature] Added keyboard options Ctrl+S to update posts. * [Feature] Added size and space option for the slider dots for all Slider widgets. * [Feature] Added screen mode options for typography and alignment in the Contact Email, Phone and Address widgets. * [Premium-Feature] Added new widget for Image Portfolio. * [Premium-Feature] Added inline and spacing option for radio button in Contact form widget. * [Premium-Feature] Added dropdown breakpoint option for responsive menu in Primary Menu widget. * [Premium-Feature] Added pagination option in Archive Posts widget. * [Premium-Feature] Added padding option for content in Archive Posts and Posts widget. * [Premium-Feature] Added screen mode options to the Primary Menu widget where needed. * [Task] Now when you add a new row or inner row, a column will be added automatically. * [Task] The Row, Column and Elements hover UI has been improved. * [Task] From now on, we are saving the Pagelayer ID. So that they are consistent all the time. * [Task] The left panel font has been changed to Roboto to improve the UI of the left panel. * [Bug-Fix] In the flip box widget, the front side of the flip box was not being hidden properly when flipping. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] In the pen menu, some icons were not visible. This is fixed.

1.0.5 2020-01-22

(January 21, 2020) = * [Feature] Added new widgets - Contact Email, Phone, Address, Copyright. You can specify these defaults and it will be changed throughout the website. * [Feature] Added the screen mode option for the custom Column Width in Column widget. * [Feature] Accordian Content Padding and border radius have been added. * [Feature] Added breakpoint settings for Tablet and Mobiles * [Feature] Premium Feature - Added the feature to make an element sticky * [Feature] Added the option to save default Social Profile URLs. These URLs will be used while editing and can be altered while editing. * [Task] Now when you undo and redo, the affected element will become active and the page will also scroll to that element. * [Task] Added the additional parameters with pagelayer_trigger_action function in javascript. * [Task] For a Cite in Quotes, text align option has been added. * [Task] Added the option to remove the Icon selected in the icon properties. * [Task] In mobile/tablet view we have improved the responsive beahviour. * [Task] The Ctrl-z and Ctrl-y behaviour has been further improved. Now when you undo, the actions within the last 200 milli seconds will be undone. * [Task] Added function to get current media mode according to pagelayer tablet and mobile breackpoint in Javascript. * [Bug-Fix] Added overflow to accordion items to fix the overflow in some cases. * [Bug-Fix] Ctrl-z will now work on the entire window. Previously you had to focus back on the editor and then it would work. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] While editing the header if the Row was at 0px of the window, the row options were not visible. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] The Add New Section / Widgets area at the bottom of the content window was aligned to the right. Now its centered. * [Bug-Fix] The column width dragging feature had some bugs where it would not allow resize. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] The anchor overlay in the icon box / image box widgets was going wrong. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] In editor, on clicking setting and property close icons in left bar, the left bar move was triggered. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] We were not registering pagelayer actions while resizing the columns. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] In certain cases the video url was sanitize properly. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] The custom width property of the element in the options was not working properly. This is fixed.

1.0.4 2019-12-13

(December 12, 2019) = * [Feature] Added Line Height to the Rich Text Editor. * [Feature] Added the option to edit or delete an item from the Navigator. * [Feature] Added the option to set a font for the whole site. * [Feature] Premium Feature - Column Background Slider has been added. * [Feature] Premium Feature - We have created a Popup builder in Pagelayer. * [Task] We have added more units to various properties so that you can choose either px, %, vw, etc for the respective settings. * [Task] Added hover delay for Site Title. * [Task] The Image Selector tool UI was not proper. We have improved it. * [Task] The Grid Flex structure has been improved. * [Task] Javascript language string export in the editor is now completed. * [Task] The Rich Text Editor box options have been re-arranged to minimize the utilization of space. * [Task] More font-weight options have been added to typography options. * [Bug-Fix] In certain properties decimal values were not allowed. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] Color options did not work in Microsoft browsers like Edge or IE. This is fixed by using RGB when the alpha is set. * [Bug-Fix] Row content v-align and Column content v-align used to not work properly in some cases. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] The blank image used to exceed the element width. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] Ctrl-z in image URL option of the media box used to undo pagelayer actions. This is fixed.

1.0.3 2019-11-18

(November 17, 2019) = * [Task] We have launched Pagelayer Pro with features like 60+ widgets, 400+ sections, Theme Builder, WooCommerce Builder, Theme Creator and Exporter, Form Builder, Popup Builder, etc. * [Bug-Fix] Animation effects used $ instead of jQuery which broke things in WordPress 5.3. This is fixed.

1.0.2 2019-11-18

(November 15, 2019) = * [Feature] You can now drag the left bar to the right or keep it in the center. Even if you close it, the properties will appear if you edit an existing element. * [Feature] Added a navigator to see the elements structurally. * [Feature] Added Font-Awesome 5 with backward compatibility for v4. * [Feature] Added Position Styles for an element. You can now set the position of an element to Relative, Absolute, Fixed. Various customizations are now possible because of this. * [Feature] Added ctrl+d to duplicate the active element. * [Feature] Added custom x/y position for background image in Element Options for all widgets. * [Task] Font-Awesome 5 will now be gzipped and served. * [Task] Pagelayer editor icons have been updated. * [Task] Added a X-icon option in the widget search field to clear the search box. * [Task] Added Spread and Inset / Outset options to Box Shadow. * [Task] Added background slider option in Row and Columns for the Pro version. * [Task] Added the option to add the Pagelayer Pro license in the Free Version and install the Pro version from the license page itself. * [Bug-Fix] A trigger action was causing things to break in WordPress 5.3. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] List item was not getting a width of 100% of the holder. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] In some cases the cache control for the editor JS was failing. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] If text shadow was given to a heading for hover, it was not working. This is fixed.

1.0.0 2019-09-27

(September 27, 2019) = * [Feature] Added the option to resize columns by dragging the divider between the 2 columns. * [Feature] Images can now be pasted from the Clip Board in the Pagelayer Editor. These images will be uploaded and saved. * [Feature] You can now copy Pagelayer Elements from one editor tab into another editor tab. * [Feature] Image and Icon Box's can now have a link for the whole box. * [Feature] Added rotate option to Icon Widget. * [Task] Added the option to remove the color from a color setting to reset to default. * [Task] Improved the Image filter options setting in Pagelayer editor. * [Task] Removed the empty space of the Admin Bar in Pagelayer editor. * [Task] Added Screen options for a number of Widget Settings. * [Bug Fix] On the blog page if the first post was not a Pagelayer post, the other posts were not rendered. This is fixed. * [Bug Fix] On some servers the pagelayer editor JS used to fail to load because of the URL having base64 as a file name. * [Bug Fix] If a Page / Post did not have a title, Pagelayer Live Editor used to fail. This is fixed. * [Bug Fix] The Color Picker had a z-index lower than the rich text editor. This is fixed. * [Bug Fix] The Divider widget had extra spacing which is now fixed.

0.9.9 2019-09-10

(September 10, 2019) = * [Feature] Added inline editing so you can now edit text / headers in the editor itself. * [Task] Editor Font Size has been introduced. * [Task] The cursor for add widget area has been set to pointer. * [Bug Fix] In the Pagelayer Editor the title of the page was not set. This is fixed. * [Bug Fix] The overflow given to a column was extending beyond the column. This is fixed. * [Bug Fix] The active accordion tab was not shown by default. This is fixed. * [Bug Fix] The correct screen mode was not set correctly in the beginning. This is fixed. * [Bug Fix] The gradient color in the properties tab was not shown correctly the second time of editing. This is fixed. * [Bug Fix] In image box, the spacing caused the image to go outside its holder. This is fixed.

0.9.8 2019-08-20

(August 13, 2019) = * [Task] In the editor, improved the widget border colors for better user experience * [Task] Improved the right click options UI and added icons * [Task] The widget left bar has been improved * [Task] Improved the search box UI in the left bar * [Task] The widget properties UI has been improved * [Task] The editor bottom bar UI has been improved * [Bug Fix] Testimonial widget was not working. This is fixed.

0.9.7 2019-08-13

(August 13, 2019) = * [Feature] Introducing template feature which allows theme developers to make their themes with Pagelayer * [Feature] Added Settings in the editor to change the post title * [Task] Image Box added border options for the image * [Task] Added heading hover style options for Image Box and Icon Box * [Task] Added Column Gap and Row Gap for Grid Gallery * [Task] Added font family to the text editor * [Task] Added the screen type option for multiple settings * [Task] Made Owl Carousel the default slider as it has much more features * [Task] Improved code for AJAX Calls

0.9.6 2019-06-25

(June 25, 2019) = * [Bug Fix] Undo History small fix

0.9.5 2019-06-22

(June 21, 2019) = * [Feature] Added revision control * [Feature] Added the ability to manage actions while editing i.e. undo and redo * [Feature] Added keyboard options like ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+z, ctrl+y

0.9.4 2019-05-07

(May 7, 2019) = * [Feature] Added Inner Row which allows to create columns within columns for complex designs * [Task] The PageLayer Admin JS and CSS was loaded everywhere in the admin panel. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] The PageLayer rating message was not dismissable. This is fixed.

0.9.3 2019-04-22

(Apr 22, 2019) = * [Task] Improved Shortcodes to implement custom widgets

0.9.2 2019-04-16

(Apr 16, 2019) = * [Feature] The drag engine is now much faster * [Feature] Added stretch to the row handler * [Feature] You can now drag on the Add Widget utility * [Feature] Image filter properties have been added * [Task] Progress Bars and Counters will be loaded when the widget becomes visible and not on pageload * [Bug-Fix] If a property was clicked which showed new widget properties in the left panel, then the active tab used to lose focus. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] The unit which was saved was not being shown in the properties. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] For Tabs widget the tab name was not updated in the properties when changed. This is fixed. * [Bug-Fix] For padding and linked values in the widget properties was not shown. This is fixed.

0.9.1 2019-04-08

(Apr 8, 2019) = * Fixed the hover option icon size * Fixed the video overlay issue

0.9.0 2019-04-08

(Apr 4, 2019) = * Released Plugin