PowerPress Podcasting plugin by Blubrry - Version 1.0.12

Version Description

  • Released on 12/8/2010
  • Added the_powerpress_all_players() and get_the_powerpress_all_players() functions for use in themes. Thanks Nicolas for contributing code!
  • Added Danish translation to PowerPress. Thanks GeorgWP for translating!
  • Added French translation to PowerPress. Thanks Aurelien Denis for translating!
  • Added shortcode support for 'Podcasting' plugin's [podcast] shortcode.
  • Fixed syntax bug on line 225 of powerpressadmin-jquery.php file.
  • Fixed a number of warning and notice message when WP_DEBUG define set in WordPress (Some notices remain for WordPress 2.6/2.7 backward compatibility) (Thanks Jeremy for letting us know about the notices/warnings)
  • Updated the itunes:subtitle feed tag logic so empty lines found at the front and end of an excerpt do not include ' - '.
  • Fixed bug where <a> tag was incorrectly ended when the Premium Content feature was enabled. (Thanks Kimberly for letting us know about the bug)
  • Added warning message in PowerPress settings pages when incompatible plugins found.
  • Added new define POWERPRESS_DOWNLOAD_BYTE_LIMIT option for users using buggy versions of Adobe Audition beta who are having media verification errors "Could not find valid MPEG synch before end of file.". Simply add define('POWERPRESS_DOWNLOAD_BYTE_LIMIT', 500000); near the top of your wp-config.php file.
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Developer amandato
Plugin Icon 128x128 PowerPress Podcasting plugin by Blubrry
Version 1.0.12
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Code changes from version 1.0.11 to 1.0.12

languages/powerpress-da_DK.mo ADDED
Binary file
languages/powerpress-da_DK.po ADDED
@@ -0,0 +1,4745 @@