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Partner with the #1 print-on-demand drop shipping plugin. Over 300,000 active customers and counting!

With Printful, you can focus on building your store. We'll print, fulfill and ship your products for you. Simply upload your design, add it to your store, and we'll do the rest.

We offer more than 305+ products in various categoriesapparel, home & living items, jewelry, accessories, and more! Once your orders start rolling in, well fulfill and ship each one under your brand at our in-house and partner facilities, located globally.

Printful customers have already made more than $1 billion in sales, so start selling today!

How does Printful work?

When a customer buys something from your WooCommerce store, the order is automatically imported to Printful, where we fulfill and ship it to them under your brand. You can then see your order, revenue, and profit statistics on your WooCommerce dashboard.

Were trusted to print over 1 million products monthly and we can't wait to print yours!

Learn more about the WooCommerce + Printful integration here:

With WooCommerce + Printful, you get:

  • Control over your profit: We charge you to cover production while you set your retail price, and what's left is your profit
  • Automated tax settings and live shipping rates
  • Free design templates: Get creative with our Design Maker
  • Product personalization: Sell designs your customers can personalize themselves
  • Warehousing & Fulfillment services: Store your inventory at our warehouse, and we'll fulfill all your orders
  • Stress-free shipping: Lost shipments are on us, and we offer shipping methods with tracking
  • Discounted samples: Order samples of your products with 20% off + free shipping to select destinations to ensure your customers are getting quality products.
  • 24/7 support: Get in touch with us using chat or email

Releases (59 )

Version Release Date Change Log
2.1.34 2022-07-13

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 6.7

2.1.33 2022-05-27

Plugin version fix

2.1.32 2022-05-27

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 6.5.1 WordPress compatibility raised to 6.0

2.1.31 2022-04-12

Licence updated to GPLv3. WordPress compatibility raised to 5.9 and Woocommerce compatibility raised to 6.4

2.1.30 2022-01-26

Additional billing setting check

2.1.29 2022-01-20

WordPress compatibility raised to 5.8. Size guide bugfix

2.1.28 2022-01-11

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 6.1

2.1.27 2021-12-14

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 6.0. Size guide bug fix

2.1.26 2021-11-23

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 5.9

2.1.25 2021-07-06

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 5.5.

2.1.24 2021-06-17

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 5.4. Minor bug fixes

2.1.23 2021-05-26

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 5.3. Minor bug fixes

2.1.22 2021-04-15

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 5.2

2.1.21 2021-03-08

Advanced size guide translations fix

2.1.20 2021-02-11

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 5.0

2.1.19 2021-01-11

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 4.9

2.1.18 2020-12-10

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 4.8

2.1.17 2020-11-10

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 4.7

2.1.16 2020-10-15

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 4.6

2.1.15 2020-09-08

Fix translations

2.1.14 2020-08-19

Advanced size guide feature

2.1.13 2020-07-06

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 4.3

2.1.12 2020-06-10

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 4.2

2.1.11 2020-05-13

Woocommerce compatibility raised to 4.1

2.1.10 2020-03-30

Improved shipping settings and status page, Woocommerce compatibility raised to 4.0

2.1.9 2020-01-30

Improved support for WooCommerce 3.9 and other minor bug fixes

2.1.8 2020-01-30

Improved support for WooCommerce 3.8 and other minor bug fixes

2.1.7 2019-09-25

Updated labels in plugin settings

2.1.6 2019-08-15

Added the ability to change personalization popup title

2.1.5 2019-08-01

Fixed issues with personalization tool and other minor improvements

2.1.4 2019-07-19

Fixed an issue with personalized order submit

2.1.3 2019-07-09

Fixed minor issue with site URL verification in plugin status page

2.1.2 2019-06-04

Improved theme support for personalized products and other minor bug fixes

2.1.1 2019-04-09

Improved support for WooCommerce 3.6 and other minor bug fixes

2.1 2019-03-25

Personalization feature

2.0.8 2019-02-26

Shipping & Tax information improvements

2.0.7 2019-02-01

Bug fixes, security improvements and improved i18n support

2.0.6 2019-01-07

Improvement support for WordPress 5.0 and fixed various minor issues

2.0.5 2018-09-25

Improvements to Printful shipping carrier settings

2.0.4 2018-07-11

Improvements and fixed various minor issues

2.0.3 2018-07-02

Fixed various minor issues, enabled localization, Improved compatibility with WC 3.4.3

2.0.2 2018-01-31

Improved compatibility with WC 3.3.0

2.0.1 2017-11-01

Fixed various minor issues

2.0 2017-10-05

New major plugin version * All new Printful dashboard * Connect to Printful with a single click * View your Printful profits and latest Printful product orders in WordPress admin * Edit your shipping carriers from Printful dashboard * Improved sales tax compatibility with existing tax rates * New status page - see if your integration is running smoothly * New support page - all info about finding help in one place * Size chart tab - when pushing products from Printful, the size chart will be placed in a separate tab * Improved logging of API requests coming to and from Printful

1.2.8 2017-06-09

Fixed bug that caused tax rates to become invisible on checkout since WC 3.0

1.2.7 2017-01-12

Do not calculate shipping rates for US addresses while ZIP or state is not entered

1.2.6 2016-12-08

Include shipping rates in tax calculation for states that require that

1.2.5 2016-06-20

Added option to allow Woocommerce default rates together with Printful rates for Printful products

1.2.4 2016-06-17

Prevent virtual products from requiring shipping rate when bought together with Printful products

1.2.3 2016-06-15

Fixed issue introduced in 1.2.2

1.2.2 2016-06-15

Fixed PHP warning on Woocommerce 2.6

1.2.1 2016-05-11

Fixed bug

1.2 2016-05-11

Support calculating shipping rates for both Printful and non-Printful products at the same time

1.1.2 2015-09-04

Removed check for Curl extension

1.1.1 2015-02-06

Ignore virtual and downloadable products when calculating shipping rates

1.1 2015-01-14

Added tax rate calculation

1.0.2 2014-10-09

Added option to disable SSL

1.0.1 2014-10-08

Minor improvements


1.0 2014-10-02
  • First release