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SEO Plugin For WordPress

SEO is the most consistent source of traffic for any website. We created Rank Math, a WordPress SEO plugin, to help every website owner get access to the SEO tools they need to improve their SEO and attract more traffic to their website.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgeaqIy2OB0]

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SEO might be the best and most consistent source of traffic for one's website, but it's not without its quirks. The constant process of optimizing your posts can sometimes take more time than actually writing the content. If you always feel that you can do more on the SEO front for your website but don't have the time, *then Rank Math is what you're looking for.

Its host of intelligent features brings top SEO capabilities in your hands that were previously out of reach. The smart automation features give you the power of an entire SEO team with just a few clicks. A well thought out design, powerful features, and years of development by the MyThemeShop squad make Rank Math a game-changing SEO plugin that will level the SEO playing field in your favor.

Rank Math beats the competition with hands tied behind its back.

See the features which are exclusive to Rank Math SEO plugin and to understand why Rank Math is possibly the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress.

  • Setup Wizard (Easy to follow) Rank Math practically configures itself. Rank Math features a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that sets up SEO for WordPress perfectly.

  • Google Schema Markup aka Rich Snippets Integrated Configuring Google Schema Markup, aka Rich Snippets, is now easy, thanks to Rank Math. With support for 13+ types of Schema Markups, aka Rich Snippets, including the Rating Schema, you'll be able to optimize your posts in just a few clicks. It also includes the FAQ Schema aka FAQPage Schema Block in the plugin.

  • Optimize Unlimited Keywords Unlike other plugins, Rank Math lets you optimize your posts for unlimited focus keywords per post. (5 by default. Increase by adding this filter)

  • Google Search Console Integration Rank Math saves you a ton of time by integrating with Google Search Console and displaying important information about your website right inside WordPress.

  • Google Keyword Ranking With Rank Math SEO Plugin, you can track your keyword rankings in Google.

  • Optimal Settings Pre-Selected Configuring an SEO plugin takes time, and can be confusing. Rank Math saves you the trouble with its optimal default settings, which are ideal for most websites, and if needed, can be changed.

  • LSI Keyword Tool Integrated Rank Math's integrated LSI keyword tool gives you multiple keyword variations of your focus keyword, which helps you attract more traffic to your posts.

  • Add Overlay Icons On Social Images Rank Math makes social thumbnails click magnets by giving you the option of overlaying a GIF or a video icon on the thumbnail.

  • Advanced SEO Analysis Tool With just a single click, Rank Math can perform an SEO audit of your website.

  • 34 Detailed SEO Tests Rank Math is designed to completely supercharge your website's SEO with its 34 detailed SEO tests.

  • Module Based System Rank Math has been designed with a module-based system, each of which can be enabled or disabled as per your needs, giving you extra speed and control.

  • Smart Redirection Manager Rank Math's built-in smart redirection manager will help you create, manage, delete, enable, or disable redirects at scale.

  • Local Business SEO Rank Math is designed to be used by Global websites and local websites alike. With its local SEO features, local sites can stand out in the SERPs and attract more traffic.

  • SEO Optimized Breadcrumbs Rank Math can display SEO optimized Breadcrumbs on all websites, even if the theme doesn't support Schema.org coding.

  • 404 Monitor Rank Math has a built-in 404 error monitor that helps you find and resolve 404 errors for better user experience.

  • Deep Content Analysis Tests On-Page SEO is no longer a mystery with Rank Math's deep content analysis and precise SEO recommendations.

  • Internal Linking Suggestions Rank Math intelligently suggests other posts from your website for internal linking from your current posts, improving the chances of ranking higher in the SERPs.

  • Role Manager Even if you have multiple employees manage your website, you can precisely control what each of them has to access to in Rank Math with its role manager.

  • Multisite Ready Whether you run a single WordPress website or an entire network of sites - we are ready for you. Rank Math fully supports the WordPress Multiuser project (WPMU).

  • and only 30k Lines of Code compared to over 50k in other plugins. Even with significantly more features than other plugins, Rank Math still consists of just 30 thousand lines of code.

Why is Rank Math such a game-changer?

  • Auto Configuration All you have to do is set a few options, and Rank Math will configure itself perfectly for your website.

  • Super Fast SEO Plugin Even after packing so many features, Rank Math has a negligible load on your server.

  • New SEO Analyzer Rank Math's built-in SEO analysis will give you SEO recommendations that you'd normally spend hundreds of dollars to get.

  • Elementor SEO - Deep integration with the Elementor Page builder. Now, you dont need to go back and forth between tabs to configure your pages SEO. Everything related to SEO for Elementor can be configured in the visual editor.

  • Optimize UNLIMITED Keywords At Once You can optimize your post for up to 5 different keywords by default with the Rank Math plugin and can use a filter to optimize for unlimited keywords.

  • 1-Click Import From Yoast With a single click of your mouse, Rank Math can import all your settings from Yoast SEO to itself. The transfer is instant, and you don't lose any SERP rankings as a result.

  • 1-Click Import From AIO SEO Rank Math can also import all your settings from AIO SEO in a single click. The transfer is instant, and you don't lose any SERP rankings as a result.

  • 1-Click Import From All In One Schema Rich Snippets Rank Math can also import all of AIO's Rich Snippet settings in a few clicks, which help preserve your rich rankings when moving to Rank Math.

  • 1-Click Import From SEOPress SEO With a single click of your mouse, Rank Math can import all your settings from SEOPress & SEOPress Pro SEO plugin to itself. The transfer is instant, and you don't lose any SERP rankings as a result.

  • 1-Click Import From Redirection Moving all your redirects shouldnt be a hassle. Thats why we have made importing redirections from the popular Redirection plugin as simple as clicking a button.

  • Google Keyword Suggestion When deciding on focus keywords, Rank Math can help you discover more keywords by pulling in keyword suggestions from Google.

Who Can Benefit From Rank Math?

Rank Math SEO Plugin is perfect for:

Bloggers eCommerce Store Owners Niche Sites Businesses Local Businesses Startups The Real Estate Artists & Photographers The Solution Offerer Directories Or any WordPress Website

Take a sneak peek into Rank Maths features

Detailed Setup Tutorial

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTvZuMRzW4w]

List of Best Rank Math SEO Features

  • Clean, & Simple User Interface
  • Optimal Settings Pre-Selected
  • Simple Setup Wizard
    • Compatibility Check
  • Auto Canonical URLs
  • LSI Keyword Tool Integrated
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Google Keyword Ranking
  • Import Other Plugin Settings
    • 1 Click Import From Yoast SEO Plugin
    • 1 Click Import From AIO SEO
    • 1 Click Import From All In One Schema Rich Snippets
    • 1 Click Import From SEOPress
    • 1 Click Import From Redirection Plugin
  • Role Manager
  • ACF Support
  • AMP Ready
  • bbPress & BuddyPress Modules
  • Google Schema Markup Integrated
    • Article Rich Snippet
    • Review Rich Snippet
    • Book Rich Snippet
    • Course Rich Snippet
    • Event Rich Snippet
    • Job Posting Rich Snippet
    • Local Business Rich Snippet
    • 193 Local Business Types
    • Music Rich Snippet
    • Person Rich Snippet
    • Product Rich Snippet
    • Recipe Rich Snippet
    • Restaurant Rich Snippet
    • Service Rich Snippet
    • Software Application Rich Snippet
    • Video Rich Snippet
  • Social Media Optimization
    • Add Overlay Icons On Social Images
    • Default OpenGraph Thumbnail
    • Auto Facebook Open Graph
    • Facebook Authorship
    • Facebook Open Graph for Homepage
    • Automatic Twitter Meta Cards
    • Twitter Card for Homepage
    • Default Twitter Card Type
    • Social Previews
  • More Website Verification Options
    • Google+ Page URL for SERPs
    • LinkedIn Page URL for SERPs
    • Instagram Page URL for SERPs
    • YouTube Page URL for SERPs
    • Pinterest Page URL for SERPs
    • SoundCloud Page URL for SERPs
    • Tumblr Page URL for SERPs
    • Myspace Page URL for SERPs
  • Add Knowledge Graph
    • Represent site as a Person
    • Represent site as a Company
    • Set a Site Logo
  • Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
    • 34 Detailed SEO Tests
    • SEO Analysis Score
  • Automated Image SEO
  • Powerful Post Optimization
    • Add SEO Meta Box to all post types
    • Bulk Edit Titles & Descriptions
    • Post Preview on Google
    • Content Analysis
    • Control SEO For Single Pages
    • Control The Title
    • Control Meta Description
    • Auto Add Additional Meta Data
    • Control ROBOTS Meta
    • Choose a Primary Category
  • Single Post/page Optimization
    • Focus Keyword
    • Google Keyword Suggestion
    • Optimize UNLIMITED Keywords (5 by default)
    • Choose Pillar Posts & Pages
    • Internal Linking Suggestions
    • Capitalize Titles
    • SEO Failed Tests
    • SEO Warnings
  • XML Sitemap (New!)
  • Module Based System
  • Choose Any Separator Character
  • Modify Global Meta
  • Search Engine Verification Tools
    • Bing Site Verification
    • Baidu Site Verification
    • Alexa Site Verification
    • Yandex Site Verification
    • Google Site Verification
    • Pinterest Site Verification
    • Norton Safe Web Site Verification
  • Advanced Redirection Manager
    • Smart & Automatic Post Redirects
    • 301 Redirection Type
    • 302 Redirection Type
    • 307 Redirection Type
    • 410 Redirection Type
    • 451 Redirection Type
    • Support for REGEX
    • Debug Redirections
  • Simple 404 Monitor
    • Advanced 404 Monitor
  • Advanced SEO Breadcrumbs
    • Auto Show SEO Breadcrumbs
  • Advanced Link Options
    • Nofollow All External Image Links
    • Nofollow All External Links
    • Open External Links in New Tab/Window
    • Redirect Attachments to Parent
    • Strip Category Base
  • Remove Stopwords from Permalinks
  • Ping Search Engines
  • Local SEO Optimization
    • Contact Info Shortcode
  • Deep Support For WooCommerce SEO
  • Compatible for EDD SEO
  • Only 30k Lines of Code
    • PSR-4 Coding Standards (wherever possible)
  • Optimize Different Archives
    • Optimize Author Archive Pages
    • Optimize Date Archive Pages
    • Optimize Archive Pages
  • .htaccess Editor
  • Robots.txt Editor
  • Import/Export Settings
  • Import/Export Redirections
  • Add Content Before the RSS Feed
  • Add Content After the RSS Feed
  • Detailed Documentation
    • Contextual Help

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JOIN FACEBOOK GROUP COMMUNITY: The purpose of this Facebook group is to have a collective place where the community can help each other, and we can get some feedback to improve Rank Math as well. Joining the group is also a great way to connect with like-minded people and share your SEO experience.

Branding Guideline

Rank Math is a registered trademark. Please use the following format when mentioning the Rank Math SEO plugin anywhere. * Rank Math [correct] * rank math [incorrect] * Rank math [incorrect] * rank Math [incorrect] * RankMath [incorrect] * Rankmath [incorrect] * rankmath [incorrect] * rankMath [incorrect]

Getting Started:

1. How to Setup Rank Math: Once you install Rank Math for the first time, you will be greeted with the Setup Wizard, which is discussed in detail here.

2. Facebook Group: In this group, you will find the team of Rank Math SEO plugin fairly active and ready to answer your SEO related queries.

3. User Documentation: Although Rank Math is already easy to set up, we've put together tutorials, guides, and some knowledge bases to help you set up and get started with Rank Math.

4. Fixing Common Errors: Sometimes, avoidable or common issues can get you stuck. Weve created a common guide where we discuss all the common issues and how to fix them.

5. Support Ticket Forum: Our dedicated forum is where you can get support for any issues that you face with Rank Math. In the forum, we'll also try to answer some SEO queries. User experience is important to us, and our aim is to answer all the queries on the forum in a timely manner.

6. Frequently Asked Questions: Here, weve answered the most commonly asked questions about Rank Math. The questions are related to features, pricing, and others.

Releases (48 )

Version Release Date Change Log 2020-06-04

[Jun 05, 2020] = * Added: Some missing strings in the translation file * Fixed: Options to set custom data in the Twitter tab was not working in the Classic Editor * Fixed: Gutenberg Editor showing 'Icon Overlay' option is ON even if the option was not enabled, this was not affecting the frontend output * Fixed: Strip Category Base option was not getting imported from Yoast * Fixed: New UI's checkbox style was getting applied in the Classic Editor's sidebar * Fixed: "Open External Links in New Tab/Window" Option was not working if the Image module is not enabled, this was not affecting any old installations as by default in all those installations Image Module is on * Fixed: Incorrect URL Preview in the Classic Editor for Arabic Characters * Fixed: Redirectionoption not working in the Category's advanced tab * Removed: Unused JS files

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2020-05-29

[May 29, 2020] = * Added: Check for the MBstring PHP extension in the Setup Wizard * Improved: Right to Left(RTL) language support with the new design * Fixed: Synced the SEO Score's color in the posts' list view with the single post editor view * Fixed: A PHP warning showing up on some installations related to WP_Screen * Fixed: A fatal error occurring on some sites where translation plugins like TranslatePress, Polylang, WPML, etc. were used * Fixed: openssl_decrypt error showing on some websites. You might need to reconnect the Search Console account if you still see the error

1.0.43 2020-05-27

[May 27, 2020] = * Added: [NEW & HUGE!] A completely new design with best in class user experience. Setting and using the plugin can never be more comfortable. Check the preview here * Added: Easy & Advanced modes for better option handling. One can choose between the two to make the interface simpler or advanced. Easy mode is what we would recommend to 99% of the users * Added: A brand new Image SEO module by moving all the image SEO-related options into it * Added: An On/Off toggle for the Role Manager in the setup wizard * Added: If error logging is turned on a site, the error log's data shows up inside the System Status page of Rank Math. Will come in handy when debugging issues * Added: A new filter is added to show NoIndexed posts/pages in the Sitemap. It is only for advanced users having an edge-case. For normal users, it is not recommended to use * Improved: Strengthened the plugin's SECURITY further * Improved: The performance by removing the FontAwesome library from the backend and from the posts where ratings were shown on the frontend. Use any of the Schema types from here to show star ratings on the search results * Improved: The working of the focus keyword field. Now, as soon as you paste the keyword or click outside the focus keyword area, the keyword gets registered. No more requirement to press the enter key * Improved: The styling of the focus keyword area with long keywords not fitting perfectly in the Gutenberg sidebar * Improved: The confusing layout of the Search Console related options to make it easier to follow by showing just a single button on the first instance * Improved: Added a tutorial link in the Search Console step of setup wizard to let users use their Google App. It is highly recommended to the Agency owners. Read here * Improved: Updated the text inside the options panel to make them easier to understand * Improved: Schema Markup output now limits the title characters to 110. Props to Saijo George * Improved: Query performance related to the Rank Math Variables by running it on only required pages * Improved: Allow only one Focus keyword in the Taxonomy pages(Category/Tag etc.), as there are no tests for the secondary keywords * Improved: Internal linking SEO test now considers relative URLs as well when assigning a score to the page * Improved: Compatibility with the WPML plugin * Improved: Score calculating formula in the SEO Analyzer, you will see the slight score difference on the next run * Improved: Breadcrumbs code by adding better support for accessibility * Improved: SEO Meta can be changed even if a post is set to noindex * Improved: By default, the Elementor page builder's templates are now set to noindex, this will not affect the posts/pages created using Elementor * Improved: As soon as someone deactivates the plugin, the site connected to the Rank Math's account also gets removed * Improved: Recipe Schema to include contentURL as a required field in the Recipe Video * Improved: The options panel search is much more meaningful now and shows the options from all the Rank Math related settings * Improved: The Schema type for pages like Home, Contact Us, About Us, etc. will now have None selected by default * Improved: For the page set as the Blog page from the WordPress 'Reading' settings, there won't be any content related tests. They made no sense on that page and users were finding it impossible to get a good score on that page * Removed: Stopwords functionality completely, as it is not relevant anymore due to the updates like BERT * Removed: Multiple Social meta options, as they are not required anymore for the Knowledge Graph by Google & Bing. You should only see the needed options in the Global Social Meta settings page * Removed: Social tests from the SEO Analyzer as those are not needed anymore * Removed: isSimilarTo Schema code from the single WooCommerce products to comply with Google's demands * Fixed: Score was not updating immediately after adding new Focus Keyword in some cases * Fixed: Keyword density test not working when diacritics were used in the focus keyword * Fixed: URL count was not updating immediately and correctly. It should be displaying the count as expected * Fixed: Text in the contact info Shortcode was not translation-ready * Fixed: Filter to disable Gutenberg Sidebar works fine again. Sorry about this and we would recommend to try and get used to the sidebar version as that is more productive * Fixed: An issue with the lazy loading image scripts, where the automatic ALT & Titles tags were adding gibberish characters instead of the proper values * Fixed: Bulk image ALT edit was not working properly in the Media page[List View] * Fixed: Missing timezone error in onlineEvent Schema Markup * Fixed: The preview section was showing In Stock status for WooCommerce products even though products were out of stock. Frontend Schema Markup was printing correctly. They should be in sync now * Fixed: For WooCommerce, when the Remove Product Category Base option was enabled, double slashes were incorrectly getting added to the URLs * Fixed: Wrong homepage URL was showing in the Elementor Editor's preview if the static page was set as the homepage * Fixed: Phone Number label in the Contact Info shortcode was not localized * Fixed: Score and color of the secondary keyword in the Classic Editor was not matching with the Gutenberg Score * Fixed: Yoast's HowTo Block importer not working from the Status & Tools page. it was working fine from the setup wizard * Fixed: OG & Twitter description tags were missing on the archive pages * Fixed: Conflict with the WPML plugin and Remove Product Category Base option * Fixed: Rank Math was not detecting videos added using the Divi Builder because the builder adds video tag instead of embed tag * Fixed: The output of the %excerpt% variable in the SEO Description field will use custom post excerpt before creating an auto-generated description * Fixed: Some strings were not translating in the Gutenberg(block Editor) * Fixed: Importing the settings via a TXT file was throwing an illegal string error * Fixed: The filter to change the Sitemap's base URL was not working * Fixed: The Classic Editor was not responding when special characters were used in the Permalink field * Fixed: Missing forward slash in the preview area if WPML plugin was active * Fixed: An issue where diacritics were not getting detected in the Power Words test * Fixed: Missing twitter:site tag in single posts added from the Twitter Profile URL was not working * Fixed: Ignore Case option in the Redirection module where it was getting selected automatically for the last source when two or more sources were added * Fixed: Elementor's preview wasn't displaying the category slug even though the URL after publishing an article was generating correctly * Fixed: Added some missing strings in the translation file. Please help in translating the plugin by contributing here

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2020-04-20

[Apr 20th, 2020] = * Improved: Styling of the focus keyword field in the Classic Editor if keywords expanded to 2 rows * Improved: Strengthened security further * Improved: New posts where custom titles are not used, will now be generating the titles on the fly using the global variable template * Improved: Auto-update emails won't contain the site name anymore * Improved: Removed Rollbar's library from the plugin to make the plugin much smaller and faster * Fixed: Single posts' Schema type was not honoring the global settings and needed a manual selection. That should not be the case now

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.33 2019-09-18

[Sep 18, 2019] = * Added complete ACF support. Simply activate the ACF plugin, and Rank Math will detect the custom fields for Content Analysis. No more tinkering with code * Added status and Tools pages for better debugging * Added range value for the price field in Service Schema * Added some performance fixes to get the plugin ready for an upcoming major update * Improved the working of power words, sentiment words and the focus keywords * Improved module manager and optimized for speed * Changed the default priority to show description text before the excerpts in the Schema data * Updated WordPress Helper library to 1.0.8 * Updated auto keyword suggestion API to the latest version from Google * Removed BreadcrumbList Schema from the frontpage to adhere with Google's guidelines * Fixed a few tests not running if secondary focus keyword is selected * Fixed an Open Graph error on single product pages of WooCommerce * Fixed few tests in the SEO Analyzer, so it does not fail on some installations * Fixed a warning when filtering the content for missing focus keyword in the title of the post * Fixed an issue where WooCommerce variables were not working in the previous version properly * Fixed a compatibility issue with the Ultra Seven Theme * Fixed the "WordPress Database Error Column 'term_id' in field list is ambiguous" error * Fixed an issue where %currentmonth% variable was not showing a translated month in the preview

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2019-08-29

[Aug 29, 2019] = * Fixed fatal error happening on some WooCommerce installations * Fixed WooCommerce redirection issue on some installations

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.32 2019-08-28

[Aug 28, 2019] = * Improved WooCommerce's module for speed and readability * Added complete compatibility for the BuddyPress plugin * Added Rank Math's options in the Screen options for users with onpage_general capability (like Editors etc.) * Added redirection to old product links, to the new ones, when Remove Product Base option was turned on. Previously the plugin was only adding a Canonical URL * Added changes in the Setup wizard to make it more GDPR-friendly * Added a filter to hide SEO scores * Updated all date() to date_i18n() functions * Removed default Schema from About & Contact pages * Fixed an issue where the plugin was not obeying the DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT rule * Fixed Dashboard widget showing an empty box instead of hiding itself when the permissions were not correct * Fixed Redirection issues when + or ? were used in the source URLs. They should be working fine now * Fixed an issue with the redirection to the document file showing a 404 page. Document files should normally open now as expected * Fixed a CSS overflow in SEO Analysis when long URLs were displayed * Fixed Robots.txt editor not working when the site was set to NoIndex * Fixed an issue where the auto-generated description was removing diacritics from the preview area * Fixed an issue where About Us and Contact pages were not showing in the Organization data of Schema Markup

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.31 2019-08-02

[Aug 02, 2019] = * Added diacritics into consideration while running the content analysis. Finally, all other language words can be analyzed! * Improved the logic of honoring the Global Meta so, there are no mismatches between the settings of a single post vs general settings and also for the importers. Please review your Rank Math's settings properly if you happen to import. Here's a detailed guide * Improved the searching in the redirections & 404 errors * Improved SEO Analysis text further to make things clearer * Updated the analysis's API URL to Rank Math's * Fixed a bug with WordPress 4.x (to everyone still using WP 4.x, please update to the latest WP and use Classic Editor plugin alongside) * Fixed an issue with the importing of the Redirections. Disabled redirections were getting imported as active. That should not be happening anymore. * Fixed a bug where CSS & JS files were loading on the frontend even if the admin bar was disabled * Fixed a compatibility issue with WooCommerce's category permalink flushing * Fixed an issue with the Snippet Shortcode occurring with a Non-numeric value * Fixed an issue with the redirections where QueryString with trailing slash / was not working fine * Fixed few typos in the description of the helping text * Fixed an issue with the auto-update. It should be working fine now. * Fixed a compatibility bug with WPML

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2019-07-23

[Jul 23, 2019] = * Improved the compatibility with the AMPforWP plugin further by making it performant with MariaDB as well * Improved the styling of the feedback form upon deactivation * Improved Focus Keyword filter further to perform better * Fixed an issue with the importing of the Redirections from other plugins * Fixed a PHP 7.3 deprecation notice (hopefully!)

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2019-07-23

[Jul 23, 2019] = * Fixed a compatibility issue with AMPforWP plugin

1.0.30 2019-07-22

[Jul 22, 2019] = * Added localization of weekdays in the Contact Shortcode * Added a filter for GET_query params so they could be redirected as well * Improved the behavior of Rank Math's icon to match the score's color, instead of showing red all the time * Improved the redirection behavior when site domain was present in between the URL, it is not getting stripped anymore * Improved compatibility with PHP 7.3 * Changed the behavior of 'Remove category base' option. The new URLs are now using a 301 instead of Canonical URLs * Removed Redirection option from 410 and 451 types as it's not needed there * Fixed a PHP notice showing up about a Breadcrumb property not being set * Fixed the variable of %focuskw%, showing all the Focus Keywords instead of just the primary keyword * Fixed the image ALT test for the featured images. Plugin wasn't detecting the ALT text in the featured images * Fixed Yandex's Schema Markup error for the Collection page * Fixed the redirection of the URLs with diatrics in them aka accents * Fixed the auto redirection option. It stopped working after the last update * Fixed the 404 redirection option to work properly * Synced the ALT test with the auto-ALT feature. Now the content analysis won't throw a false warning if %focuskw% is used * Added small fixes and performance improvements

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.29 2019-07-16

[Jul 16, 2019] = * Added new Google Rich Results testing tool's link in the External tools list menu * Added text/HTML tab on the category pages * Fixed the noindex option not working in the Custom Post Types, due to this CPTs were appearing in the Sitemap * Fixed Rank Math metabox not showing up on WP v4.8.x & 4.9.x * Fixed WP Rocket minification not working when the Rewrite title option was enabled * Fixed RTL styling issue of Review Snippet on the frontend * Improved styling of Recipe ingredients section on the frontend * Replaced Graph dashicon with the Rank Math's icon in a couple of places * Added some small performance improvements

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2019-07-12

[Jul 12, 2019] = * Fixed an issue happening on some installations where the content analysis API was conflicting with the MetaBox

1.0.28 2019-07-12

[Jul 12, 2019] = * Added Content Analysis API, now developers can make their custom fields compatible with Rank Math, more details about the API and implementation * Added an option to auto-update the plugin [Rank Math >> General Settings >> Other] * Added few extra code checks in the SEO analyzer Page to avoid 503 Error on some websites * Improved CSS files by removing vendor prefixing (-webkit) * Fixed Sitemap not showing indexable posts in some cases * Fixed incorrect hasPart type in CollectionPage and BlogPost Schema * Fixed recipe ingredients printing in the same line even if a line break or a comma separator was present * Fixed range value not working in the salary field of JobListing Schema * Fixed a JS bug in the editor screen for non-admin users * Fixed custom term variables missing in the Global Settings * Fixed missing Image in the Physician schema * Fixed Paper class showing 404 data * Fixed 404 Monitor not detecting the user-agent correctly

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2019-06-25

[Jun 25, 2019] = * Fixed redirections not working on some installations * Fixed 500 error appearing on some installations after updating the plugin settings

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2019-06-24

[Jun 24, 2019] = * Fixed '500 error' appearing on some installations after updating the plugin settings

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2019-06-23

[Jun 23, 2019] = * Added offload images and third-party libraries in the plugin * Improved sanitization throughout the plugin * Fixed error in the contact shortcode when time is added in a string format

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2019-06-21

[Jun 21, 2019] = * Fixed Product page showing 'Page not found error' when Remove base option is enabled * Fixed security issue related to Rank Math Settings for logged in users * Fixed exclude posts option not working in the Sitemap

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.27 2019-06-18

[Jun 18, 2019] = * Added a filter to show Meta Keywords tag to the Search Engines like Yandex * Added some important security fixes * Added more improvements to how the SEO Analyzer works inside the plugin * Enhanced the output of the Rich Snippet's Shortcode showing the formatted date * Improved the comments to make them more meaningful * Fixed an issue with the Breadcrumbs not showing the primary category on the product pages * Fixed a compatibility issue with the Indexing API plugin and Rank Math * Fixed an issue where product categories were showing 404 when Remove Category Base option was enabled * Fixed the problem with the categories date variables not working correctly in the settings fields * Fixed a conflict with Woocommerce One Page checkout plugin * Fixed an issue where the feeds were not updating when the WooCommerce module was activated * Fixed a compatibility issue with the Ultra theme, not showing the text editor * Fixed an issue where the Search Console Box was appearing for all the users in the dashboard * Fixed a problem in the SEO Analysis where missing 'Focus Keyword in Title' test wasn't working as intended * Prepared the plugin for upcoming updates related to Gutenberg's compatibility

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.26 2019-06-06

[Jun 6, 2019] = * Added new variables to display custom taxonomies term in the post title & description fields * Improved the Review Schema options to honor decimals in the score * Improved SEO Analysis to detect external Sitemaps * Improved detection of title & description tags on the backend by adding proper sanitization * Improved the cron job related to the Search Console's data not updating regularly. It should be working fine now * Fixed a compatibility issue with ESSB plugin * Fixed an issue with the SEO Analyzer throwing errors on old installations * Fixed bulk edit options not working since the last version * Fixed insecure warning appearing due to one HTTP call in the plugin * Fixed bulk delete option not working in the 404 Monitor * Fixed an issue with the AMP plugin printing the Schema Markup twice * Fixed a problem with emojis not displaying in the Meta description settings in the plugin's settings page

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2019-05-30

[May 30, 2019] = * Improved the code related to post edit screen freezing issue on some hosting environments * Updated the queries running on the posts list page to improve the speed * Updated the URL pointing out to Pinterest's verification page * Fixed an error with the AMP plugin, appearing in their setup wizard with Rank Math active * Fixed an incompatibility with the bbPress plugin and the module in the Rank Math plugin * Fixed an error showing up in the browser's console related to the parsing of SourceMap

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.25 2019-05-28

[May 28, 2019] = * Fixed unresponsiveness of single post editor for non-English websites * Fixed incorrect OG type for WooCommerce's products * Fixed PHP notices in the SEO Analyzer tool

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2019-05-25

[May 26, 2019] = * Fixed Router class not found error.

1.0.24 2019-05-25

[May 25, 2019] = * Added a brand new bbPress Module * Added SEOPress & SEOPress Pro plugin importer * Added automated Article & blogPosting Schema Markup for older articles. Should help improve the overall rankings of all the articles without updating them manually now * Added KML file reference in the Sitemap for the Local SEO * Added an option to select Brand & Manufacturer value in the WooCommerce module * Added some Schema Markup data validation * Added missing words into the translation file so everything could be translated now * Added a way to help users easily leave a review, without hijacking their dashboard, with a dismissible notice * Added instant form field errors for the Schema Markup fields * Added Schema Markup types to the sanitization function * Added custom Meta values for Author & Date based archives for more control * Added a way to show the SEO score on the frontend * Added a filter to define a TOC plugins compatibility with the Rank Math plugin * Improved Breadcrumbs & Contact form working with the Elementor page builder * Improved the working of the Google Search Console data in the plugin * Improved the logic used for the noindexing of the empty categories. Parent category, even if empty, won't be marked as noindexed anymore * Improved compatibility with WP Bakery Page Builder plugin * Improved the plugin importers by optimizing their code a lot * Improved Alt text detection recommendation to be in sync everywhere * Improved Focus Keyword's Title Case, it will now be maintained * Made the experience smoother when using the preview tool of the post editor * SEO Analysis Results now reset on a plugin update * Fixed an issue of duplicate Meta Tags getting printed when using AMP for WP plugin * Fixed a long-awaited issue of using Shortcodes in Meta Description field causing the page layout to break. It should not happen with most of the plugins now * Fixed an issue with the Social Tab's preview area where the text was not reflecting as entered by the user * Fixed an issue where incorrect Meta description was showing in the preview area of the archive pages * Fixed an issue when the Meta tags were not getting picked from the global settings of the plugin * Fixed an issue with the focus keyword not getting detected when HTML tags were used * Fixed an issue with the focus keyword field not working when special characters were used (like + etc.) * Fixed a fatal error on the product post type when WooCommerce plugin was inactive * Fixed wrong value getting passed to %title% placeholder on the Shop page * Fixed a bug with the ProfessionalService Schema Markup. Image & Telephone fields were missing which was resulting in an error. Added those fields now * Fixed an issue where the parent category option was not showing up in the category edit settings * Fixed Archive page error related to author & Meta values * Fixed an issue with the Breadcrumb filter not working correctly in some situations * Fixed the URL length recommendation value to be in sync with the overall tests * Fixed a conflict with the JS Jobs plugin * Fixed Robots.txt file's encoding error with special characters like & * Fixed the non-detection of the Alt text in the text editor * Improving WPCS code in the plugin

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog 2019-05-04

[May 4th, 2019] = * Fixed Unparsable structured data error. Know more.

1.0.23 2019-04-05

[Apr 4th, 2019] = * Fixed a bug where the indexing of the posts was getting affected if someone previously selected any value in the custom tab of the general settings of the plugin but saved the settings using the default tab. Yep, it's confusing, and thus it skipped through our nose. The good thing is, it's caught and fixed. Hurray!

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.22 2019-04-01

[Apr 1st, 2019] = * Added some critical fixes to enhance the Redirection module * Made Robot Meta tags in sync with global settings. Do check them out * Added support for custom permalink in Strip Category base option * Added compatibility for Advanced Access Manager Plugin * Fixed link suggestion showing HTML data * Improved the notice for the conflicting plugins. It should not show up again once dismissed * Fixed a fatal error with the Review and Contact Shortcode * Fixed an error where Focus Keyword was not getting detected if it had ellipsis in it * Fixed a bug where SERP Preview was disabled even after changing the option back to indexed * Fixed Sitemaps not showing in Google Search Console on some sites * Fixed Redirection options not getting removed from the single post editor * Removed Google Plus (Google+ is buried) * Removed Crawl Errors from Search Console (Google disables the Crawl Errors API) * Removed unneeded validations on multisite * Enhanced the overall code further and added more unit tests

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.21 2019-03-19

[Mar 19, 2019] = * Added Google Search Console Domain Properties support. It replaces sc-domain: with Domain Property: in the sites' dropdown, disables the Sitemaps feature in the GSC module for domain properties (as Google does not have an API for it yet), and adds a note to inform the user about the same * Added search form in the GSC dropdown * Added a filter to change the number of pasted URLs in the Redirections source (http://i.mythemeshop.com/f4sWd1) * Setup Wizard refactored for the speed and efficiency * Integrated 404 Monitor Plugin & Rank Math plugin tightly * Added missing text in the translation(.pot) file * Updated help text for the WooCommerce Tab in the plugin * Updated Focus Keyword input placeholder text to Rank Math * Fixed WooCommerce product Schema errors * Fixed text domain issue for WordPress.org translations * Fixed bbPress Sitemaps not working bug * Fixed Sorry, you are not authorized to perform this action for the multi-site websites * Fixed an issue with the redirections where the folder name was automatically added in the Destination URL when someone changed the permalinks * Fixed a fatal error occurring on eCommerce websites where WooCommerce was not installed * Fixed Robots.txt editor not picking up the values. It was checking the robots_txt option in the wrong section * Fixed a bug where the title for the links was getting automatically prefilled as the title for all the other links when edited * Fixed a compatibility issue with the AMP plugin * Fixed primary keyword detection in the SEO analysis tests. It works as it should have been. * Fixed an issue in the Sitemaps where private taxonomies were accessible through direct URLs * Fixed the OG/image filter. It works perfectly now * Fixed Video Snippet error caused by entering incorrect values * Fixed an error with WooCommerce's preview URLs where complete URLs were showing even after enabling the Strip Product Category option * Fixed small styling issues in the plugin so it looks better * Removed unneeded code * Improved backup 'Restore/delete' button style for the Russian language * Improved the speed and space usage by removing the custom image sizes code * Improved the overall code quality for the upcoming additions coming to the plugin

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.20 2019-03-06

[Mar 06, 2019] = * Enhanced the Role Manager to disallow any permissions by default to lesser used roles like contributor etc. * Fixed a fatal error happening when users were upgrading from a version lower than 1.0.18 to the latest version

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.19 2019-03-05

[Mar 05, 2019] = * Added new Business Types for Google's Knowledge Base * Added a filter to allow users to add any business type * Improved sitemap performance by reducing query load * Changed few wrong URLs of RM's Knowledge Base articles * Enabled Author Archive page by default * Fixed Secondary Keyword(s) tests to run completely * Fixed Author Sitemap last modification Meta issue, which helps to show the authors in a chronicle order * Fixed registration tab not opening for some users * Fixed a Redirection issue if WordPress was installed in the sub-directory * Fixed an error in the Local SEO Data * Fixed Rating Error in WooCommerce Product Schema where the content was getting picked from the comments instead of the actual reviews * Fixed incorrect Rank Math connect URL in the multisite installation * Fixed the slug change process from the posts list page. The changes show correctly now * Fixed one RollBar related issue which was throwing a fatal error on some installations * Improved the overall test coverage and the API related code in the plugin

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.18 2019-02-27

[Feb 27, 2019] = * IMPORTANT!! -> You will have to CONNECT your account again as we have changed all the instances of MyThemeShop to Rank Math * Added a new Filter to add/remove noopener attribute based on a domain * Improved Redirection Regex tests * Improved the handling of 410 & 451 redirection types and their logging in the 404 Monitor * Improved the Redirection module by removing the extra & duplicate code from it * Improved the working of the Category Content Analysis for secondary keywords * Fixed an issue with the Gutenberg editor reloading over and again * Fixed the link of Focus keyword already used to start showing the results again * Fixed an error in the image Alt attribute causing a fatal error * Fixed an issue with the feed generation resulting in an undefined variable error * Fixed a problem where an archive page was not recognized as a parent page * Fixed SEO Analysis API error on some instances * Fixed a Redirection issue when the sub-directory structure was used for creating automatic redirections * Fixed an Invalid Argument error * Fixed all the broken links to the KB articles * Fixed an issue which was breaking the layout on the category edit pages when the secondary keyword was selected * Fixed WooCommerce Permalinks Plugin issue which was removing the parent category base from the permalinks when the primary term was set

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.17 2019-02-22

[Feb 19, 2019] = * Added new Sanitization tests * Added an option to add a social image for CPT archive * Added Schema Type in the SEO Details * Added Query Strings to be honored by the Redirection module * Changed the dependency of the Cron job on WordPress only * Fixed Flesch Readability issue * Fixed the SEO Analysis by not considering the Info tests in the total count * Fixed the option of Add icon overlay to thumbnail not working * Fixed the validation of the URLs before considering them as external link attributes * Fixed Elementor adding link attributes conflicting with the Rank Math plugin * Fixed Redirection notice not showing a dismiss link * Improved the code further

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.16 2019-02-12

[Feb 12, 2019] = * Added different Facebook profile IDs/per post option * Added code to move title inside the Rank Math's meta * Improved Redirection module for better performance * Improved the external links function by not including links like mailto, tel etc. * Removed AMP for WP's code from RM as they added the support * Changed admin menu icon of Rank Math * Fixed SEO Analysis API error * Fix few Redirection issues * Fixed an issue related to Emojis in the meta tags * Fixed an error when shop page was used as the homepage * Fixed an issue when the Flesch score was touching 80 * Fixed SEO score not working when Sitemap was disabled * Fixed an issue with the importer from other plugins, where it showed the progress bar 100 immediately * Fixed some typos * Improved the code overall to remove some duplicated code

Full changelog can be found here - Rank Math SEO changelog

1.0.15 2019-02-10

[Feb 06, 2019] = * Added an option to force Rewriting titles * Added AJAX saving behaviour to the module buttons * Added an option to change the homepage's link in the Breadcrumb * Added nonce check when resetting options * Added a filter to change the priority of Rank Math's meta box * Added new Rank Math's logo in the plugin * Improved the link counter module to check only for the published or scheduled posts * Improved the SEO score module to show the scores even if the Sitemap module is disabled * Improved the import/export process to use a TXT format file * Changed the number of posts in the Sitemap to 200 instead of 1,000 for a performance boost * Fixed Keyword density showing incorrect count in some cases * Fixed Sitemap showing wrong modified date * Fixed some styling issues * Fixed an error showing up in the Modules screen on new installations * Fixed Rank Math's logo messing the layout in the Edge browser * Fixed automatic permalink inconsistency with the Polski language * Fixed a styling issue in the Breadcrumb's separator option * Fixed class not found error on some installations * Fixed one typo error * Fixed an error when shop page was used as the homepage * Removed some unwanted code

1.0.14 2019-01-22

[Jan 22, 2019] = * Added a new filter to change Editor's choice text in the review Shortcode * Added noopener tag to all the external links * Improved the Snippet code and separated it to make it load much faster and work efficiently on large sites * Improved the Syntax for Array * Improved the AMP link in the plugin's module page * Fixed an issue with the Local SEO dropdown that made it to not work effectively * Fixed an issue with the Editor script where the Editor screen was freezing when more than 4 words were used as a focus keyword * Fixed a compatibility issue with WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace plugin * Fixed Duplicate Redirection creation issue where successive clicks on the 'Add Redirection button' was causing redirections to be created twice * Continued moving the things to the API

1.0.12 2019-01-14

[Jan 14, 2019] = * Made PHP 7.2 as the recommended version of the plugin. We will continue supporting PHP 5.6 till March and will then move the support to at least PHP 7 * Added a Shortcode for the Review Schema to show the output on the frontend according to Google's guidelines. All older posts where Review Schema is used, the output will display below the content * Added easier integration with the WPML plugin to help translate the strings easily * Added CodeCanyon's TOC plugin to the list of compatible plugins * Added an option in Export Settings to Export the Redirections * Improved JS files and it's now 55KB smaller * Fixed the compatibility with the bbPress plugin. Now you can enjoy the same functions on your forums as well * Fixed CMB2 issues with the other plugin using the same class names * Fixed the redirection option not working in the post settings section * Fixed the nagging of the SEO Notice. It will go away once dismissed * Some massive improvements under the hood. You can expect a faster plugin with this version * Continued moving the things to the API

1.0.11 2019-01-08

[Jan 08, 2019] = * Fixed PHP 5.6 compatibility issues and related notices

1.0.10 2019-01-07

[Jan 07, 2019] = * Added a new filter to change the Breadcrumb items * Improved the working of Google Search Console. It will now only display the website currently being used, not all other sites linked to your account * Improved the bootloader API * Improved the Focus Keyword content test when more than four words are used in the Focus Keyword. * Improved the generation and working of default robots.txt file * Improved the Sitemap commands * Fixed a compatibility issue with the Elementor plugin where one couldn't scroll past the initial screen in the post editor when both the plugins were active * Fixed a problem with the WPML plugin. It should work fine now * Fixed an issue with the excerpt_only tag when used to generate automatic SEO meta descriptions * Fixed an issue with the sentiment analysis as it wasn't working correctly in some rare cases * Fixed Rollbar warnings so they won't bother anyone again. It will work behind the scene just like it is supposed to * Fixed an issue with the Product Snippet getting mixed up with the Breadcrumb Schema * Fixed a problem with the registration form * Fixed setup wizard errors and warnings * Fixed an error with the Breadcrumb & Contact shortcode * Fixed a Social share error * Fixed some unexpected glitches with the WooCommerce plugin * Fixed an issue with the Focus Keyword test where the test wasn't working when a word was repeated in the Focus Keyword * Fixed a major problem with the Thrive Architect plugin * Fixed an issue with the image size notification when adding OG Image * Fixed a test in the SEO Analysis module * Fixed an issue with the import of redirections from the Redirection plugin * Removed the setup notice on the registration page * Important performance-related additions

1.0.9 2018-12-26

[Dec 26, 2018] = * Removed debug functions from the plugin to make the Redirections work properly

1.0.8 2018-12-26

[Dec 26, 2018] = * In accordance to latest product schema changes recommended by Google, we have added new fields in Rank Math for Product Schema * We have improved the Breadcrumbs and are now adding page numbers when a user enters a paginated series * Fixed an issue with WooCommerce notices where an error message wasn't being displayed when Rank Math's active * Fixed the Undefined index: access_token error on some installations * Fixed an issue with JS Console on new Rank Math installations * Single Post Editor was not working 100% with the Sensei LMS plugin. We have fixed it * Fixed and improved OG image and Twitter tags on taxonomy pages * When a user enters an underscore in between a focus keyword, Rank Math was unable to determine if it is a proper use of FK. It has been sorted now * OpenGraph fields on author archives were behaving in a weird way. We have fixed the issue and everything is back to normal * Speaking of author archives, some minor CSS tweaks were added to author pages on the frontend * Removing your Google Search Console account now kills the cron job for importing GSC data * Added a Pinterest validator to External Tools in SEO Analysis * We have improved the Readability Score algorithm to take into consideration the usage of codes inside your text * Improved the display of automated titles inside the Rank Math single post editor meta box * Excluded Rank Math's CSS file from loading on the frontend when the admin bar is disabled

1.0.7 2018-12-17

[Dec 18, 2018] = * Fixed an issue with the color coding of focus keywords when you moved their position to the first place * Fixed a bug with the Google Search Console * Fixed a redirection issue happening with Regex patterns * Fixed an issue with PHP 7.3 where users were getting an error related to switch case * Fixed an issue with the admin bar, top menu options were not working * Fixed an issue with comparing url_encoded string with Focus Keyword so that they can work with other languages * Fixed noindex was not being appropriately added to the Paginated Pages on the Homepage * Fixed author custom URL option was not working * Added full compatibility with the WP Rocket cache plugin * Changed the text inside the sitemaps to make it clearer * Optimized the detection of internal and external links in Gutenberg blocks * Improved Redirection notices so that the errors and messages are more clear

1.0.6 2018-12-10

[Dec 11, 2018] = * Added compatibility for the Classic Editor plugin * Fixed a typo in the tests

1.0.5 2018-12-10

[Dec 10, 2018] = * Improved: deeper code changes to make the plugin lightweight and faster * Enhanced: the Redirection Module to handle 410 and 451 redirections as they should be * Enhanced Sitemap's functions * Changed Pillar content icon * Changed few critical things in the Search Console Module to fix an incompatibility with WP v5.0 * Added XML version declaration header in SVG files to remove any false warnings * Added conditions for conflicting plugins, no more nag notices if a particular module is disabled * Added filters to disable the auto OG image using the fallback conditions * Added connect to MyThemeShop's link back in the registration step * Fixed already used focus keywords link wasn't working when multiple focus keywords were used in an article * Fixed translated posts not showing in the Sitemap * Fixed some vital Breadcrumb related issues * Fixed WooCommerce product categories showing two description boxes and hiding the product's thumbnail * Fixed a bug with the quick edit page options * Fixed auto post redirect not working with the WordPress v5.0 * Fixed focus keyword not used in title test issue in the SEO Analysis * Fixed the word count test to reflect the correct count * Fixed auto description length issue in the WP Real Estate free plugin's listing * Continued adding support for extending the plugin's API

1.0.4 2018-12-04

[Dec 04, 2018] = * Added new internal tests and increased their coverage * Added code to log API error shown in SEO Analysis for better error handling and reporting * Added code to detect gallery shortcode inside the posts for better content analysis * Added a new filter to disable each test and modify the score accordingly * Fixed an error in word-count when content was 2000+ words long * Fixed 'Add SEO Metabox' was enabled by default for Attachment page, it is disabled now * Fixed an error on posts where the author didn't exist * Improved SEO Details column. It is now more detailed and easy to understand * Improved internal link counter further * Improved the Asset Manager * Improved Featured image is now counted as an image asset * Improved handling of the Search Console module * Improved importing from the Redirection plugin * Improved and optimized the code in several core files.

1.0.3 2018-11-27

[Nov 26, 2018] = * Added a condition to check if terms are updated or not * Added support for WooCommerce's reviews in Search Preview * Added breadcrumb shortcode in the description of 'Breadcrumbs' tab * Added links to the posts where focus keyword is missing in the SEO Analysis section * Added an option to change the meta of Data/Author archive easily * Added validation for Schema data fields * Fixed the fatal error on the multisite activation * Fixed the bug which was not detecting 'Strong Testimonials' plugin's CPT * Fixed small RTL issue in the focus keywords section * Fixed Unicode error in SEO title and description * Fixed a rare issue in which Media attachment settings weren't getting saved * Fixed import issue of some redirections from the latest version of Yoast * Fixed an issue in the Redirection module where the imported links were not working properly * Various other small fixes and optimizations

1.0.2 2018-11-23

[Nov 24, 2018] = * Added relative URL support for importing from the Redirection plugin * Fixed Importing from Yoast's Premium version * Showing Not Set words when we do not find any focus keyword set for an article * Improved some files with a better code

1.0.1 2018-11-21

[Nov 22, 2018] = * Fixed a minor JS Console error caused by using images as the first thing inside a paragraph * For Editor role that didn't have full access to Rank Math features, there was a weird fatal error that we have now fixed * There was a minor issue that caused the error message NOT to show up when the wrong credentials were entered. It has been fixed now * Nofollow External Link option in Settings was not in Sync with JS Tests. They are singing in tune now * Having the Auto Post Redirection option enabled caused the manual redirections not to work resulting in a "too many redirects" error. We have sorted it now * Sorted multiple other incorrect error messages

1.0.0 2018-11-19