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Version Release Date Change Log 2020-05-21
  • 19. May 2020. =
  • Fix: Horizontal bar is not showing 2020-05-19
  • 19. May 2020. =
  • Warning: 3.4 version is not backwards compatible! After installing this version, you won't be able to go back to 3.3.x.
  • Smart Slider 3.4 no longer supports [Internet Explorer browser at all](!
  • Feature: Content mode was renamed to Default and Canvas mode is now called Absolute.
  • Feature: Completely redesigned UI
  • Feature: Breakpoint system
  • Feature: Nesting
  • Feature: Layer list
  • Feature: Focus selector for background images
  • Feature: New Preview
  • Feature: Contextual menu
  • Feature: Orion theme updated for Slide Library
  • Feature: More Slide Library templates are available for free users
  • Feature: Block type available in Free version
  • Feature: Slider trash
  • Feature: Stop autoplay on added to the free version
  • Feature: Hide controls on devices added to the free version
  • Feature: Loading type options
  • Feature: Sliders now render in Nimble Builder's editor when their shortcode is used in the builder's shortcode or rich text editor module
  • Fix: WordPress Gutenberg editor language won't change to English on non-English sites
  • Fix: PHP 7.4 fixes
  • Fix: Sliders will no longer run on pages which are optimized by AMP on WordPress weeblrAMP CE
  • Fix: Alias is removed from duplicated slider
  • Fix: Compatibility with BuddyBoss theme
  • Fix: Slider's inline JavaScript - Into the slider
  • Fix: Scroll on older iPad devices
  • Fix: SG Optimizer compatibility (?ver
3.3.28 2020-03-27
  • 25. March 2020. =
  • Feature: Slide background image Focus X and Y accept variables
  • Feature: Google Font list updated
  • Fix: Alias slide switching
  • Fix: Google Cloud Storage plugin compatibility
  • Fix: YouTube layer uses the hqdefault as the cover image
  • Fix: Jetpack Photon compatibility
  • Fix: Slide manager thumbnail fix
3.3.27 2020-02-12
  • 12. February 2020. =
  • Feature: Edge selector at Scroll to slider on user interaction
  • Feature: Vimeo privacy enhanced mode
  • Fix: Youtube video adding
  • Fix: Wordfence array to string errors
  • Fix: Twenty twenty theme video compatibility
  • Fix: WP Rocket compatibility
  • Fix: WordPress Post generator author URL and avatar image
  • Fix: Exclude from OceanWPlightbox
  • Fix: PHP 7.4.1 PHP notices fixed
3.3.26 2020-01-08
  • 8. January 2020. =
  • Feature: Keyboard navigation detection improvement
  • Feature: Control hover delay increased
  • Feature: WordPress disable pointer events in iframe in page builders
  • Fix: Multiselect CSS issue at generator settings
  • Fix: MobileDetect issues in rare cases
  • Fix: Slider loading in Elementor Popup
  • Fix: wp_delete_site action is used on WordPress 5.1 or newer sites instead of the deprecated delete_blog
  • Fix: YouTube video conflict with Revolution Slider
  • Fix: Shape divider height
  • Fix: imagesloaded library
  • Fix: iPhone ligthbox scroll
  • Fix: Rubenz theme AJAX compatibility
  • Fix: WordPress Posts by filter generator - wrong date in url variable
  • Fix: Hide slider with CSS media query in the admin area
  • Fix: Quix builder fix
  • Fix: EasySocial user url fix
  • Fix: Pointer Events Polyfill - Slide switching in browsers that doesn't support pointer events
  • Fix: WordPress shortcode parameters
  • Fix: Vimeo and Youtube layers
  • Deprecated: Help beacon
3.3.25 2019-11-29
  • 28. November 2019. =
  • Feature: Keyboard navigation detection improvement
  • Fix: MobileDetect issues in rare cases
  • Fix: Slider loading in Elementor Popup
  • Fix: wp_delete_site action is used on WordPress 5.1 or newer sites instead of the deprecated delete_blog
  • Fix: MouseWheel timing adjusted for Apple Touchpad
  • Fix: YouTube video conflict with Revolution Slider
3.3.24 2019-11-14
  • 14. November 2019. =
  • Fix: WordPress 5.3 backend compatibility
3.3.23 2019-11-12
  • 12. November 2019. =
  • Fix: RTL fix on admin area
3.3.22 2019-09-12
  • 12. September 2019. =
  • Feature: Accessibility; the arrow's aria label is now the same as their alt tag
  • Feature: New Google fonts added
  • Fix: Layer defaults
  • Fix: YouTube video play on IOS in rare cases
  • Fix: Padding issue in Thumbnails control
  • Fix: Alias notice
  • Fix: Toolset multiple embedding
  • Fix: 4 byte characters removed from Add Post
  • Fix: inline CSS parsing of :FOCUS selector
  • Fix: hold touch action while main animation playing
  • Fix: remove WordPress actions when multisite created
  • Fix: WP Smush image optimization won't mess up the slider anymore
  • Translation: Spanish translation, thanks to Rodrigo!
  • Deprecated: Smart Slider 3 will no longer run on PHP 5.4 or 5.5 version. The new minimum PHP version the slider requires is PHP 5.6.20!
3.3.21 2019-07-16
  • 05. July 2019. =
  • Feature: Slider default font size now uses rem instead of px
  • Fix: Col border
  • Fix: Fix for autoplay click
  • Fix: Divi full width section's module
  • Fix: Safari col/content/row background hover
  • Fix: Vertical bullets on RTL websites
  • Other: French translation updated
  • Other: Spanish translation updated
  • Deprecated: Modernizr removed from the slider
3.3.20 2019-05-27
  • 23. May 2019. =
  • Feature: WordPress Fusion builder element for Avada theme
  • Fix: Fix for Beaver builder
  • Fix: Disable auto loading JS files on frontend when Server side mobile detect is on.
  • Fix: doPixelSnapping (to overcome Chrome's browser bug.)
  • Fix: Hiding controls' top position space, when control is hidden
  • Fix: Don't load any codes on Divi when a slider is not published
  • Fix: Bullets didn't worked on mobile and tablet devices
  • Fix: image layers no longer load if they don't have selected image
  • Other: Translation update Brazil Portugese, Russian, Polish, Italian, French, Finnish.
  • Other: better error message for Free users about MP4 videos
  • Other: Scroll to slider moved to Developer tab.
3.3.18 2019-05-09
  • 08. April 2019. =
  • Feature: Image arrows - Base64 encoding on/off to let you avoid lazy loading or other optimization plugins/extensions caused errors
  • Feature: Hide slider with CSS media queryoption
  • Feature: Slide background color overlay
  • Feature: Compatibility with EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Fix: Parent picker history for deleted parent
  • Fix: Elementor + Yoast Seo meta description
  • Fix: YouTube layer start time fix (Loop + Reset when slide changes)
  • Fix: Compatibility with Swift Performance lazyload-background-images option
  • Fix: Slider align - Center
  • Fix: Arrow control (slide type)
  • Improvement: Better footprint management at the nextend2_section_storage table
3.3.15 2019-02-18
  • 20. February 2019. =
  • NEW DEMO: Brand new demo slider is available to download!
  • Feature: Vimeo layer private video on/off to hide error notification on admin area
  • Fix: Repair WordPress installation
  • Fix: WordPress Gantry theme compatibility
  • Fix: Delayed sliders are now rendered in template tag to make it compatible with W3 Total Cache's Minify feature
3.3.13 2019-01-28
3.3.11 2018-11-22
  • 22. November 2018. =
  • Feature: SVG and WEBP image format support
  • Fix: Links will be able to contain || characters
  • Fix: Android Samsung internet browser fix for full page
  • Fix: Include additional CSS files in prerender iframes (fix for page builder frontend view)
  • Fix: If Load this slider after option is used, but the parent slider doesn't exists (like it is turned off for certain devices), your slider will still load.
3.3.10 2018-11-08
  • 12. November 2018. =
  • Feature: Filters for WordPress post generators
  • Feature: WP admin area will use the user's language, not the website's language
  • Feature: New target options for links
  • Fix: YouTube layer updated to match the latest YouTube embedded API. The Related parameter is renamed to Show related videos from the same channel
  • Fix: Private Vimeo videos
  • Fix: Visual Composer
  • Fix: WPBakery Page Builder
  • Fix: WordPress post generator possible warning
  • Fix: Font manager weight
  • Deprecated: YouTube has deprecated the showinfo parameter. The Show video title option has removed.
3.3.9 2018-10-17
  • 17. October 2018. =
  • Fix: Thumbnail alignment and group
  • Fix: Text layer bold and italic text font colors are now harder to override by theme's codes
  • Fix: NextGen Gallery and Divi live editor bug
3.3.8 2018-10-10
  • 10. October 2018. =
  • Fix: IE Edge layer display fix
  • Fix: Smart Slider 3 inside TablePress on AMP pages
  • Fix: PHP 7.3 compatibility fix
  • Fix: YouTube iPad control fix with undocumented use_native_controls param
  • Fix: Post generator compatibility with some plugins using filters on post titles
  • Fix: Elementor compatibility
  • Feature: In WordPress the dynamic slide generator caches will be automatically cleared on post saves
  • Feature: Better slider resizing on tabs and other custom codes where the slider container is changing
  • Feature: More possible post data received in post generators
  • Feature: Remove shortcodes option improvement in post generators
  • Feature: Alias anchor slide switching option
  • Feature: Play when visible improvements
3.3.7 2018-09-04
  • 29. August 2018. =
  • NEW TEMPLATE: Brand new slider template
  • Feature: The slider's code is automatically skipped by some AMP plugins (AMP for WordPress and AMP for WP Accelerated Mobile Pages).
  • Feature: Lazy loader compatibility
  • Feature: Gutenberg support
  • Feature: Smooth scroll speed
  • Feature: Hide controls if only single slide shows
  • Feature: Clear Divi admin localstorage cache for slider selector
  • Fix: WordPress post generator when the origin post contains Smart Slider 3 ACF field
  • Fix: Compatibility with Narratium theme
  • Fix: KeyCDN cache enabler
  • Fix: Admin ajax fix for YOAST SEO when related post ids are used
  • Fix: Borlabs cache plugin conflict
  • Fix: Tablepress compatibility
  • Fix: Borlabs cache fix
3.3.6 2018-07-18
  • 18. July 2018. =
  • Fix: Autoptimize compatibility
  • Fix: Divi compatibility
  • Fix: Ajax compatibility
  • Fix: Windows upload path
3.3.4 2018-07-17
  • 12. July 2018. =
  • Compatibility: Smart Slider 3 requires minimum PHP 5.4 and WordPress 4.6. From now on the slider won't activate if these minimum requirements are not available.
  • Improvement: WordPress admin area icon replaced with Dashicon
  • Feature: generator variables are now supported in layer CSS class
  • Feature: slide background blur is enabled in Edge
  • Feature: YouTube privacy enchanted mode
  • Feature: Vimeo and YouTube layer cover image improvement
  • Feature: Google fonts can be disabled at the backend as well
  • Feature: Make sliders load into iframes on AJAX websites
  • Feature: Use alias to create an element in front of the slider with that ID
  • Feature: dynamic slide generators now check whether the dynamic source is available
  • Feature: Clear both after slider became an option
  • Feature: Pause video on scroll (available at all video layers)
  • Feature: Jetpack Photon compatibility
  • Feature: WordPress posts generator customizable date variables option
  • Feature: New help page with selected articles, documentation search and better support form
  • Feature: Slide level autoplay duration is not restricted from now on
  • Feature: MySQL 8 compatibility
  • Feature: Smart Slider 3 is removed from WordPress RSS
  • Feature: Secondary server
  • Fix: Button text decoration
  • Fix: Controls in below/above positions are correctly centered now
  • Fix: Font family: inherit is correctly applied now
  • Fix: Removed webfontloader dependency to avoid HTML export issues
  • Fix: wayback machine fix for slide background images
  • Fix: Beaver Builder compatilibity
  • Fix: ACF compatibility on PHP 7.2.x
3.3.3 2018-06-07
  • 07. June 2018. =
  • Fix for plugins_loaded action bug
3.3.2 2018-06-07
  • 07. June 2018. =
  • Fix for upgrade error message
3.3.1 2018-06-07
  • 05. June 2018. =
  • Feature: SEO title is now available in the free version
  • Feature: the autoplay control is now hidden when the autoplay is disabled
  • Feature: better Add Slide UI
  • Feature: better compatibility with caching plugins
  • Feature: better slide background management
  • Feature: Content and Canvas layers now have different color in the slide editor
  • Feature: Divi 3.1 support
  • Feature: dynamic slide templates now use Content mode
  • Feature: hover effects (row, col and content)
  • Feature: new caching engine
  • Feature: new fill mode: Blur fit
  • Feature: no more xml files. Wider server compatibility and more flexible interface
  • Feature: PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Feature: remove linebreak generator function
  • Feature: row link
  • Feature: slide background and thumbnail sync
  • Feature: Static slide renamed to Static Overlay
  • Feature: Thumbnail control: draggable slides
  • Feature: Global setting changes are clearing slider cache
  • Fix: Row stretch and wrap after fix
  • Fix: Chrome video handling improvements
  • Fix: Font family loading fixes
3.2.14 2018-04-05
  • 05. April 2018. =
  • Feature: Visual Composer support added
  • Feature: Remove line breaks for generator dynamic variables
  • Feature: Removed Fade on load memory limit
  • Fix: ACF version 1 and 2 compatibility
  • Fix: WooCommerce product page
  • Fix: Check if slider visible bug
3.2.13 2018-02-21
  • 14. February 2018. =
  • Feature: Widget areas in WordPress
  • Feature: Enhanced Media Library compatibility WordPress
  • Feature: Arrow alt tags
  • Feature: User related advanced shortcode options
  • Feature: Control hover displaying improved
  • Feature: Background color can get dynamic slide variable
  • Fix: ProPhoto theme compatibility
  • Fix: Layer position when a chained layer was moved to Content mode
  • Fix: Hidden video layers are not autoplaying anymore on iPhone
  • Fix: Elementor issue
  • Fix: Google font droid fix to Noto
  • Fix: CDNForJoomla fix
  • Fix: Scroll fix for mac
  • Fix: Safari font smoothing
  • Fix: Compatibility fix for JCH Optimize
  • Fix: Publishing on WooCommerce product pages
  • Deprecated: Remove spaces from parents
  • Deprecated: Hide siblings
3.2.12 2017-12-20
  • 14. December 2017. =
  • Feature: Smart Slider 3 in-app rating. Every feedback helps us to measure how we are doing :)
  • Feature: Custom Smart Slider field for Advanced Custom Fields plugin
  • Feature: Option to disable Slider shortcode when YOAST SEO generates XML sitemap
  • Feature: Images from subfolders date ordering
  • Feature: Web-Dorado Photo Gallery variables for non-images
  • Feature: Generator variables for Content, Row and Column backgrounds and URLs.
  • Feature: Simple type main animation now use transform for the animation
  • Fix: Background video and YouTube autoplays for supported mobiles (playsinline and muted)
  • Fix: Image from folder generator's ordering by file name
  • Fix: Proper loading of slider when fade on load setting disabled
  • Fix: Server side mobile detect fix in rare cases
  • Fix: Thumbnail border fix
  • Fix: Disable WordPress emoji in page builders preview
3.2.10 2017-11-27
  • 23. November 2017. =
  • Feature: The Youtube and Vimeo layers will stop if you scroll away from them and they will continue when you scroll back
  • Feature: The free version's Image layer will have width and height settings too
  • Feature: Joomla article generator image variables
  • Feature: Base64 removed from async
  • Feature: Elementor will auto open the slider selector
  • Feature: Beaver Builder 2.0 compatibility
  • Fix: Youtube certain configuration settings weren't used
  • Fix: Slide's link wasn't clickable over the text bar
  • Fix: Search in link
  • Fix: PHP7.2 deprecated create_function notice
  • Fix: Wordfence compatility
3.2.9 2017-11-16
  • 12. October 2017. =
  • Feature: Drag and drop upload removes the image extension
  • Feature: Play when visible is available in the free version
  • Feature: Server side mobile detection
  • Feature: Single bullet will be hidden
  • Feature: Thumbnail updates on background change if the background image and thumbnail are the same
  • Feature: Fallback for image handling if the mime_content_type function isn't enabled on the server
  • Feature: Force full width overflow hidden element setting
  • Feature: Control normal flow (below and above slider positions) improvements
  • Feature: Affiliate hoplink improvements
  • Feature: Updated Google Font family list
  • Feature: Frontend accessibility parameter. Accessibility: :HOVER styles applies to :FOCUS. Not: :FOCUS state looks like the normal state
  • Feature: WordPress Unyson framework improved implementation
  • Fix: Hoplink fix
  • Fix: Base64_decode fallback when it's disabled on the server
  • Fix: Fallback when mime_content_type is disabled on the server
  • Fix: Click on one slide where touch is enabled
  • Fix: Font and style hover/normal improvements while blank links are used
  • Fix: Layer item scroll fix for IOS
  • Fix: Image URL on new layer & slide when the Protocol Relative URL is used.
  • Fix: Preserve 3D in Firefox
  • Fix: RTL behavior improvements
  • Fix: Send as file on Safari
  • Fix: Slider importing on certain servers
  • Fix: Thumbnail control arrows in Firefox
  • Fix: Links not working in certain cases
  • Fix: Down/right gradient orientation
  • Fix: Hidden col allowed to drop layers when drag on canvas
  • Fix: Layer window auto positioning removed
  • Fix: Hidden slider control was clickable
3.2.8 2017-09-20
  • 20. September 2017. =
  • Fix: Possible cache related PHP error
  • Fix: Can't save on slide settings at certain cases
  • Fix: Template slider import on some servers
  • Fix: Slide editor possible bug
3.2.6 2017-09-08
  • 08. August 2017. =
  • Fix: Debug code removed
3.2.5 2017-09-07
  • 07. August 2017. =
  • Feature: Column count is not limited anymore
  • Feature: Post generator post meta variables
  • Feature: WordPress text widget's shortcode will be replaced, even if your theme doesn't replace it
  • Feature: WordPress twenty-seventeen theme better compatibility on specific positions
  • Feature: AJAX can load the slider in most cases
  • Feature: Lots of optimization to make the editing smoother and the loading faster
  • Feature: Elementor 1.6.x compatibility
  • Feature: Stability and speed improvements
  • Feature: Visual Composer Ultimate Layouts compatibility
  • Feature: Disable Font Awesome icons if you load your own library.
  • Fix: jQuery 3.x fixes
  • Fix: Dynamic slide Static save
  • Fix: Delayed (for lightbox/tabs) compatibility fix with new tab plugins
3.2.4 2017-08-23
  • 27. June 2017. =
  • Feature: Content builder mode in slide editor
  • Feature: Slide library with tons of new premade slides
  • Feature: Structure - build slides with rows and columns
  • Feature: Blur effect for slide backgrounds
  • Feature: Blur layer animation
  • Feature: Copy and paste slides
  • Feature: Move slide between sliders
  • Feature: Slider displays itself in the live editor of different page builders. (Beaver Builder, Elementor, Visual Composer)
  • Feature: Google font family list updated
  • Feature: Adjust slider width to parent selector option for the Fullwidth and Fullpage responsive mode
  • Feature: Column count is not limited anymore
  • Feature: Italian translation
  • Feature: Clear: both option before the slider
  • Feature: font-weight: 100 now selectable
  • Feature: Slide bulk select improved
  • Feature: Grab cursor will only appear if slide count is greater than 1
  • Feature: Other minor CSS and speed improvements
  • Feature: Admin label for Smart Slider 3 Divi module
  • Feature: WordPress generator featured image alt tag
  • Feature: Divi/Extra Layout Injector compatibility
  • Feature: Beaver Builder 2.0 alpha patch compatibility
  • Feature: Visual composer backend fix
  • Feature: Elementor 1.5 compatibility changes
  • Feature: Tailor Page Builder compatibility
  • Feature: Unyson framework - builder compatibility
  • Feature: MotoPress CE compatibility
  • Fix: YouTube layer Play button
  • Fix: Content mode fixes in Internet Explorer
  • Fix: GSAP conflict prevented
  • Fix: Static slide and content mode
  • Fix: Invalid item data fix
  • Fix: Pre load slider id
  • Fix: IOS static slide fix
  • Fix: Tooltip
  • Fix: Column show/hide on different devices
  • Fix: Text layer
  • Fix: Elementor Pro template does not show sliders in certain settings
  • Fix: Show editor icon fix
  • Fix: Forcing MotoPress Content Editor to save down our shortcode and not just the html code
  • Fix: Lightbox fix
  • Fix: EasySocial album generator
  • Fix: Revolution slider compatibility fix
  • Removed: Weaker CSS selectors feature (not needed anymore)
  • Removed: Slide layouts are not available, use copy slides between sliders.
3.1.10 2017-05-20
  • 20. May 2017. =
  • Feature: Google font families updated
  • Fix: Sliders not load in are cases
  • Fix: Transition layer when there is no second image selected
  • Fix: YouTube layer in Internet Explorer
  • Fix: Arrow size in Internet Explorer
3.1.6 2017-01-30
  • 30. January 2017. = Feature: if /tmp folder is not writable, we will use the cache folder for slider imports Fix: Backend top menu fix for Chrome Fix: Loading spinner position Fix: Slide editor's layer reseting for groups Fix: Advanced generator setting - remove links fix
3.0.37 2016-10-06
  • 05. October 2016.