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Version Release Date Change Log
2.1.1 2022-12-14
  • WEDNESDAY, 14th DECEMBER 2022 =
  • Improvement: Call To Action - Added a width option for the CTA buttons.
  • Improvement: Forms - Added a gradient background option for the submit button.
  • Improvement: Table Of Contents - Added unique IDs for headings that have the same text.
  • Improvement: Typography Control - Allowed negative values for letter spacing.
  • Fix: Container - Resolved an issue where the boxed container width would break when inside other blocks.
  • Fix: Container - Resolved an issue in which the background image position control goes missing when the viewport is changed.
  • Fix: Forms - Resolved an issue wherein settings a checkbox with a required condition would enforce the user to check all the checkboxes before submitting the form.
  • Fix: Marketing Button - Implemented support to make the background and hover colors persist for older users (V1.25.6).
  • Fix: Post Carousel/Masonry - Resolved an issue wherein the featured images for posts were not visible.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Resolved an issue in which the static CSS was not loaded on the front end.
  • Fix: Separator Control - Removed the unwanted space that was added when the separator is used.
2.1.0 2022-12-07
  • WEDNESDAY, 07th DECEMBER 2022 =
  • New: Introducing the Counter block with layouts that will help you flaunt your stats in a cool way!
  • New: Introducing the Image Gallery block with extensive customizability, as well as the all-new perfectly-tiled layout!
  • New: Introducing the ability to add custom CSS directly at the page level!
  • Improvement: Heading - Added sub-heading and separator position settings.
  • Improvement: FAQ - Added background size, background color and border stylings for the toggle icon.
  • Improvement: Post Grid - Added a setting to show buttons on equal height.
  • Improvement: Post Grid - Added a setting to toggle image aspect ratio.
  • Improvement: Post Grid - Added an equal height option for featured images.
  • Improvement: Matrix Alignment Control - Added the new Matrix Alignment Control to match the Spectra UI.
  • Improvement: Number Control - Added the new Number Control to match the Spectra UI.
  • Improvement: Global - Updated Block Previews for All Spectra Blocks in the Editor.
  • Improvement: Code - Added Automatic Block Prioritization and Organization.
  • Fix: Forms - Added email address labels.
  • Fix: Icon List - Resolved an issue in which the links were getting disabled for icon list children.
  • Fix: Marketing Button - Resolved an issue where setting the background type as transparent or gradient results in the block encountering an issue.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Resolved an issue where the block breaks on the front end when a background image is set.
  • Fix: Post Grid - Resolved an issue where enabling the show taxonomy toggle did not show taxonomy on the posts in the editor.
  • Fix: Responsive Border Control - Resolved an issue where buttons from multiple blocks were not inheriting the theme's style.
  • Fix: Responsive Border Control - Repositioned the misaligned reset control button in all border settings.
  • Fix: Responsive Border Control - Resolved an issue where the border stylings do not work as expected for responsive devices.
  • Fix: Select Control - Adjusted this control to properly align with other setting controls.
  • Fix: Text Control - Changed the default label.
  • Fix: Global - Resolved an issue where the hover stylings of buttons in multiple blocks were not working in the editor.
2.0.16 2022-11-22
  • TUESDAY, 22th NOVEMBER 2022 =
  • Improvement: Admin Dashboard - Updated Spectra Core Blocks to prevent them from being disabled.
  • Fix: Buttons - Eliminated validation errors when we add a "nofollow" to the link.
  • Fix: Info Box - Resolved an issue where the title gets disabled in the editor when setting the title tag as a paragraph tag.
  • Fix: Post Blocks - Resolved an issue in which the "spectra/v1/all_taxonomy" Rest API gets called multiple times in the editor.
  • Fix: Tabs - Updated the second preset to behave as shown in the preset preview.
  • Fix: Team - Prevented social icon styling options from being shown when the social icons are disabled.
  • Fix: Global - Resolved an issue where the editor layout shifts towards the right when clicking on any block settings.
  • Fix: Global - Resolved an issue where Spectra component stylings get overridden in the customizer block editor.
  • Fix: Code - Resolved an issue in which the "uagb_spectra_font_awesome_polyfiller" AJAX gets called multiple times.
2.0.15 2022-11-16
  • WEDNESDAY, 16th NOVEMBER 2022 =
  • Improvement: Info Box - Added Responsive feature to the Info Box icon width setting.
  • Improvement: Info Box - Added a background type selector for the call-to-action.
  • Improvement: Info Box - Added a toggle to show/hide the call-to-action icons.
  • Improvement: Call To Action - Added support to edit the button labels directly in the editor.
  • Improvement: Call To Action - Added a toggle to show/hide the button icon.
  • Improvement: FAQ - Added a background type selector for the question-answer container.
  • Improvement: Forms - Added a background type selector for the submit button.
  • Improvement: Post Carousel/Grid/Masonry - Added support to edit the button labels directly in the editor.
  • Improvement: Post Carousel/Grid/Masonry - Added a background type selector for the call-to-action.
  • Improvement: Post Carousel - Added a background type selector.
  • Improvement: Post Timeline - Added support to edit the button labels directly in the editor.
  • Improvement: Responsive Conditions - Added slanted lines to identify hidden blocks for each device type in the editor.
  • Improvement: Text Control - Updated and Implemented a new and improved Text Control across Spectra settings for a more consistent user interface.
  • Improvement: Global - Implemented CLS for all the blocks which have an image tag.
  • Improvement: Global - Updated the highlighter color for Spectra blocks.
  • Improvement: Global - Updated How To and Table Of Content block labels in the editor and the admin dashboard.
  • Improvement: Responsive Conditions - Added uag_reponsive_conditions_compatible_blocks js filter to add the responsive conditions compatibility for third-party blocks.
  • Fix: Image - Resolved the issue where the negative margins are ineffective inside a Container.
  • Fix: Info Box - Resolved an issue with the title being disabled in the editor when the paragraph tag is used.
  • Fix: Call To Action - Resolved the second button CSS style issue on the front end.
  • Fix: Marketing Button - Resolved the issue with the Blocksy Theme where the block does not remain in the stacked order.
  • Fix: Post Carousel/Grid/Masonry - Resolved the article tag class conflict with the TranslatePress plugin.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents - Resolved an issue regarding the marker alignments.
  • Fix: Tabs - Resolved the aria mismatch issue with Lighthouse.
  • Fix: Presets - Updated presets to remove the override for background color, box-shadow color, text content and even selected icons.
  • Fix: Responsive Conditions - Resolved an issue where the responsive conditions do not save when using a Legacy Block.
  • Fix: Global - Removed the deprecated "__experimentalGetSettings" and used "getSettings" for date controls.
  • Fix: Global - Resolved the scroll-to-specific-block feature not working when switching between desktop/tablet/mobile.
  • Fix: Global - Prevented most blocks from encountering an issue with the react hook "withSelect".
  • Fix: Admin Dashboard - Prevented the font selection dropdown from getting cut off when expanded.
  • Fix: Image - Dimension for desktop, tablet and mobile was removed after refresh.
2.0.14 2022-11-08
  • TUESDAY, 08th NOVEMBER 2022 =
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress 6.1.
  • Improvement: Container - Equal height setting in the Parent container.
  • Improvement: Post Block - Woo Commerce Products (CPT) not getting in Post Type.
  • Improvement: Block Transform - Transform from core Paragraph/List to Spectra Heading/Blockquotes.
  • Improvement: Post Blocks - Optimize the loading of Post Terms.
  • Improvement: Table of content - Added overall block alignment option.
  • Improvement: Info Box - Option to disable step links.
  • Fix: Image - Throws validation issue when toolbar link feature is used.
  • Fix: Button - Box shadow stylings are not working as expected on frontend.
  • Fix: Tabs - Plus button height was not the same as other tab buttons on the editor.
  • Fix: Tabs - Tabs border is inconsistent inside the editor and on the frontend.
  • Fix: Marketing Button - Backward Compatibility title color and hover issue on the frontend.
  • Fix: Post Carousel/Masonry- Taxonomy stylings are not working as expected in different layouts.
  • Fix: Post Masonry - Row gap and column gap label changed.
  • Fix: Post Masonry - Column Gap was impacting another post masonry, post grid, post carousel blocks.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Column gap was not identical on the frontend after upgrading from v1.25.6 when an image is set as background.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - On reducing or increasing Post per page all items sticks to each other in editor.
  • Fix: Post grid - In the editor, the Read more button border-radius is not working on hover.
  • Fix: Forms - Phone country code text overlapping for mobile view in frontend.
  • Fix: Forms - Phone height and size enlarged issue on the editor.
  • Fix: Forms - Fixed phone dropdown icon position on the frontend.
  • Fix: Forms - Translation of select field text on the frontend.
  • Fix: Forms - Removed the required string and toggle button from the form block.
  • Fix: Forms - Toggle field size not working on responsive devices.
  • Fix: Forms - Settings uneven spacing issue and Hide border colors when style set to default.
  • Fix: Forms - Checkbox throws an issue in the console when the required toggle is ON.
  • Fix: Copy Paste Styles - Removed hover color for disabling paste style text.
  • Fix: Twenty Twenty-One Theme Issues - Button styling is not working correctly on both sides.
  • Fix: Resolved undefined PHP issue for block attribute.
  • Fix: Info Box - After drag and drop, block SVG looks bigger for a second.
  • Fix: Icon List - Disable link not working properly on frontend for old users.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents - Empty heading list, throwing a console error on the front end.
  • Fix: Review Schema - Added an aggregate rating in Type Software Application type.
  • Fix: Call To Action - Button was not the same as frontend when it is selected as text.
  • Fix: Call To Action - Selected preset looks different after refreshing in page on the editor.
  • Fix: Testimonial - Slider does not slide the content when returning from last slide to first slide.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents - Reusable headings are not listed in TOC on the frontend.
  • Fix: Timeline - Connector does not show color without an icon when scrolling.
  • Fix: Resolved Buttons should consider button text as a string instead of HTML in multiple blocks.
  • Fix: Container - Does not work properly when it is used inside the cover block.
  • Fix: Image - Hover on the border for normal image layout is not working.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents - Page was not scrolling to the headings on the frontend for some edge cases.
  • Fix: Translation for default text was missing for some blocks.
  • Fix: Z-Index extension is not working for the dynamic blocks.
  • Fix: Content flickering in the editor when hovering over it.
  • Fix: Container - Page freezes when we select and move multiple blocks at once to the container.
  • Fix: Advanced Column - Core image block caption alignment issue.
  • Fix: Admin Dashboard - Toggle not working properly in RTL mode.
  • Fix: Mobile CSS overrides desktop CSS inside the customizer.
  • Fix: Spectra block editor CSS conflict with other plugins
  • Fix: Desktop icon for responsive control move to the left from their position.
  • Fix: Container - Child container gets unwanted margin applied when boxed and content boxed layout is selected in the editor when Astra theme is activated.
  • Fix: Spectra CSS conflict due to which date picker of post scheduler does not show the navigation.
  • Fix: Icon list - Icon Alignment top and middle not working as expected if we increase font size.
  • Fix: Container - Breaks when the background is a video and classic overlay is selected.
2.0.13 2022-09-29
  • THURSDAY, 29th SEPTEMBER 2022 =
  • Fix: Icon List - Bold/Italic style tag visible in aria-label attribute.
  • Fix: Icon List - Text Alignment not working properly on front-end.
  • Fix: Form - Backward Compatibility Stylings Issue on the editor.
  • Fix: Advanced Column - Paragraph block wrapping with image when image size and position is changed.
  • Fix: Advanced Column: Image was not getting aligned center on the frontend and the editor.
  • Fix: Call To Action - Button css conflict with Newspaper theme.
  • Fix: Customizer was frozen when theme blog settings were changed.
  • Fix: Review Schema - Star ratings do not reflect on the frontend like the editor when multiple review blocks are used.
  • Fix: Review Schema - Stars appear left in the editor and right on the frontend when clicked.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Adding uagb-toc-hide-heading class to exclude heading from TOC list not working on front-end.
  • Fix: Container - Z-index were not applied on the frontend.
  • Fix: FAQ - Throwing an undefined style issue in console when html anchor is used.
  • Fix: Info Box - Removed default image width for new users while maintaining a default width of 120px for old users only.
2.0.12 2022-09-16
  • FRIDAY, 16th SEPTEMBER 2022 =
  • Improvement: How to block - Option to disable step links.
  • Improvement: Forms - Added 'Required' toggle for Accept field/sub-block.
  • Improvement: Content Timeline - Changed default description.
  • Improvement: Media Picker - Updated Video Icon.
  • Improvement: Post Carousel - Gap between Content & Dots functionality.
  • Fix: Price list - Heading are causing overlap on mobile on front-end.
  • Fix: Forms Toggle - Changed default label from 'Name' to 'Toggle'.
  • Fix: Forms - Fixed alignment for required toggle button in Phone block and added spacing between toggle and the 'Required' label.
  • Fix: Content Timeline - Removed extra margin added to title and description by theme and core WordPress in editor and frontend.
  • Fix: Info Box - Images looked enlarged after upgrading to Spectra.
  • Fix: Form - Form is sending empty data after adding keys for ReCaptcha V3 .
  • Fix: Forms - Required Toggle for Checkbox field was not clickable in editor.
  • Fix: Advanced Row - Border not visible for backward user.
  • Fix: Price List - Changed default padding for images so that the image aligns with the title.
  • Fix: Responsive Border - Border width occasionally misbehaves when set to zero.
  • Fix: Price List - Columns settings are not working in mobile editor.
  • Fix: Container - Shape divider background color issue on editor.
  • Fix: Responsive condition - Setting does not save when hide on multiple devices is selected.
  • Fix: How-To - Alignment for time and cost not working in editor as well as on frontend.
  • Fix: Post Carousel and Masonry - Background Image overlay color is not same as frontend.
  • Fix: Advanced Row - Border hover color not working on front end.
2.0.11 2022-09-08
  • THURSDAY, 8th SEPTEMBER 2022 =
  • Improvement: Media Picker - Added Optional Label Display and Improved UI.
  • Improvement: Updated copy-paste functionality logic for parent-child blocks.
  • Fix: Container - Child block's margin & padding gets removed in editor.
  • Fix: Info Box - Description margin considers values for desktop, even for tablet and mobile devices (on frontend).
  • Fix: Table of content - When disable marker is enabled List style tab not visible.
  • Fix: Star Rating - Padding/Margin were not working when the star position is set to Before.
  • Fix: Image: Image Size not working as expected for images when drag and drop.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Collapse table icon/button not working in the editor.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Border radius does not apply properly to the column and inner-column elements.
  • Fix: Forms - Phone field label is null on the email template.
2.0.10 2022-09-02
  • FRIDAY, 2nd SEPTEMBER 2022 =
  • Fix: Responsive condition - Conflicting with plugin using REST API block preview.
2.0.9 2022-09-01
  • THURSDAY, 1st SEPTEMBER 2022 =
  • Fix: Post Blocks - PHP notice if the number of columns are not set.
2.0.8 2022-09-01
  • THURSDAY, 1st SEPTEMBER 2022 =
  • Improvement: Added Responsive and Display conditions settings to core blocks.
  • Improvement: Updated admin dashboard UI.
  • Fix: Price List - Inside container price list not aligned properly on editor.
  • Fix: Image - Box shadow not applying to a valid element.
  • Fix: Section - Inner section block border not working properly on front-end.
  • Fix: Post Carousel/Grid/Masonry - Inaccurate font size for 'Read More' link was displayed in the editor for tablet preview (when mobile and tablet font sizes were set).
  • Fix: PHP notice for new users when they activate Astra theme.
  • Fix: Table of Content - Fixed collapsible icon alignment for frontend.
  • Fix: Heading - Set sub heading as enabled by default for old users.
  • Fix: Heading - Set default alignment of heading & sub heading as center for old users.
  • Fix: Footer Widgets - CSS was not loading for empty archive/category and 404 pages.
  • Fix: Media Picker - Updated Lottie and Video Icon Colors.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Column reverse functionality not working as expected on frontend for old user.
  • Fix: Post Blocks - Max Number of columns should not be dependent on number of posts.
  • Fix: Post Grid - Post overflows its proper column size.
2.0.7 2022-08-26
  • FRIDAY, 26th AUGUST 2022 =
  • Improvement: Added Legacy Labels in the Editor Block Inserter.
  • Improvement: Updated the design of inactive block/extension tabs in the admin dashboard.
  • Improvement: Social Share Child, Icon List Child, How to, Review Blocks - Added missing alt attributes for img tags.
  • Fix: Table of Content - Updated Font Awesome 6 migration on front-end refresh.
  • Fix: Borders - Borders styling not saving for multiple blocks for new block case.
  • Fix: CTA - Disabled CTA links in editor.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Slider dots overlapping on below blocks.
  • Fix: Container - Flex properties do not work when Container Width & Content Width both are set as full width.
  • Fix: Legacy block not visible on Blocks/Extension page after enabling setting.
  • Fix: Review - Enabling schema support does not give valid schema JSON on frontend.
  • Fix: InfoBox - Default btn padding issue on front-end for old users.
  • Fix: Container - Inner Container overflow if the custom widths is set in pixels.
  • Fix: Post carousel - Broken and throwing console issue on shop page.
2.0.6 2022-08-24
  • WEDNESDAY, 24th AUGUST 2022 =
  • Fix: Testimonial - Bottom padding and gradient color not working on frontend.
  • Fix: Responsive preview in editor - Editor preview for mobile and tablets was not working across different languages.
  • Fix: Post Grid/Masonry/Carousel - Fixed hover color background leaking out of border radius.
  • Fix: Review - Fixed star size changing in editor, when text labels were long; Also reduced excess spacing between stars and delete icon for responsive preview.
  • Fix: Icon List - Font size and line height was not inherited from site/customizer settings.
  • Fix: Column-child - Migrate Border stylings on editor
  • Fix: Button - Default padding is not retained for old users on frontend.
  • Fix: Disabled Lazy Loading of Blocks Components in Editor to fix the chunkLoading error.
  • Fix: Copy Paste Styles - Updated logic to work using site's local storage.
2.0.5 2022-08-23
  • TUESDAY, 23rd AUGUST 2022 =
  • Fix: Inherit Heading Block Link Color from theme.
  • Fix: Post Grid - Pagination alignment not working on frontend.
  • Fix: Post Layout - Title content not visible after title HTML tag set to P.
  • Fix: Heading - Set default alignment for heading as center for old users.
  • Fix: Call to Action - Buttons Text not wrapping on smaller devices.
  • Fix: Updated Border styling on front-end in multiple blocks for old users.
  • Fix: Advanced Row (Section) & Advanced Columns - Background color and Video opacity issue for old users.
2.0.4 2022-08-21
  • SUNDAY, 21st AUGUST 2022 =
  • Feature: Added Enable Legacy Blocks option in Admin Dashboard.
  • Fix: Buttons - Text inside button not wrapping on small devices.
  • Fix: Automatic Block Recovery not working and block displays blank in editor when reusable block is present on the page.
  • Fix: FAQ - Enabling schema support does not give valid schema JSON on frontend.
  • Fix: Container - Fixed anchor bug (anchor wasn't working and the anchor value wasn't saved)
  • Fix: Advanced Row (Section) & Advanced Columns - Opacity not working for background image when image overlay type was set as gradient for old user.
  • Fix: Post Masonry & Post Carousel - When image position is set to background then content bottom padding is not applicable.
  • Fix: Tabs Child - Border not visible in editor for old users.
  • Fix: Tabs - Layout styles not displaying as they should for responsive devices.
  • Fix: Border backward compatibility issues on frontend in multiple blocks.
2.0.3 2022-08-19
  • FRIDAY, 19TH AUGUST 2022 =
  • Decision: Instead of deprecating some blocks, we decided to call them "legacy" blocks. Legacy blocks work fine and will get support/bug fixes.
  • Improvement: Removed deprecation notices from the settings of the blocks.
  • Improvement: Added a setting to set default values for "column gap" & "row gap" in the container.
  • Fix: Advance Columns - Full-width layout not getting full width on the frontend.
  • Fix: Padding in some blocks were not visible in the editor for old user.
  • Fix: Post Grid - Content padding getting applied to post image.
  • Fix: Icon List - Fixed word wrapping and breaking behavior.
  • Fix: Info Box, Heading, Call to Action - overridden text color on frontend when used in the Cover Block.
  • Fix: Post Carousel, Grid, and Masonry - Disabled 'Read More' links in the editor and ensured pointer is shown on button hover.
  • Fix: Post layout - Title color turns white when background image position is set.
  • Fix: Table of contents - Headings not scroll when Cyrillic and English combination is used.
  • Fix: Backward Compatibility border issues on front-end in multiple blocks
2.0.2 2022-08-17
  • Fix: Compatibility issues with PHP version 7.2 and older.
  • Fix: Forms - Throws an error on drag and drop.
  • Fix: Icon List - Throws an undefined innerBlocks when drag and drop from block inserter.
  • Fix: Icon List - Throws an PHP Notice for old users.
2.0.1 2022-08-17
  • Improvement: Updated the link to the intro video in Spectra's admin dashboard.
  • Fix: Updated disabled block icon colors in the Spectra dashboard.
  • Fix: Deprecated blocks were not working for old users.
2.0.0 2022-08-17
  • New: Redesigned UI/UX controls of Spectra blocks.
  • New: Introduced new, beautiful & fast Spectra admin dashboard powered by React.
  • New: Introducing Coming Soon mode feature.
  • New: Introducing Allow only Selected fonts, Load fonts locally & Preload fonts feature.
  • New: Introducing new border control which allow user to set border to Top/Bottom/Left/Right in all direction.
  • New: Introducing Automatic Block Recovery.
  • New: Introducing Font Awesome 6 Support.
  • New: Introducing Collapse Panels.
  • New: Introducing Blocks Editor Spacing.
  • New: Block Presets - Introducing Preset for most used block.
  • New: Control Presets - Added Preset for Box-Shadow, Button and Inner container.
  • New: Copy Paste Styles - Added Copy/Paste styling feature for Core Gutenberg blocks & Spectra blocks.
  • New: Added global Container Padding option on admin dashboard.
  • New: Added global default Content Width for container on admin dashboard.
  • New: Added support for block based widget editor.
  • New: Container - Introducing container block with advanced flex property feature.
  • New: How-To - Separate child "Step" for how-to instead of info-box.
  • New: Image - Introducing image block with advanced feature.
  • New: Z-index extension for Spectra block.
  • Global Improvement: Responsive setting wherever needed.
  • Global Improvement: Refactored the Spectra blocks code & improved editor performance drastically.
  • Global Improvement: Typography control - Added text-transform, text-decoration, letter-spacing and font-style options.
  • Global Improvement: 4 way border control.
  • Global Improvement: 4 way spacing control for padding/margin.
  • Improvement: Buttons - Multiple Typography option for Text in parent.
  • Improvement: Buttons-child - Enable/disable Icon option.
  • Improvement: Buttons-child - Add "nofollow" to link option.
  • Improvement: Buttons-child - Remove Text option.
  • Improvement: Buttons-child - Separate Typography option for child.
  • Improvement: Buttons-child - Background transparent/color/gradient option.
  • Improvement: Buttons-child - Box-Shadow option.
  • Improvement: Blockquote - Moved Twitter Username field inside Tweeter Icon Tab.
  • Improvement: Call To Action - Enable Additional Button option.
  • Improvement: Display Condition & Responsive Visibility Enable/Disable option for Spectra extensions on admin dashboard.
  • Improvement: Forms - Global reCAPTCHA setting option on admin dashboard.
  • Improvement: Heading - Hide option for heading text and description.
  • Improvement: Heading - Text shadow, gradient color option for Title
  • Improvement: Heading - Color option when link added to heading text.
  • Improvement: Heading - Highlight heading text feature.
  • Improvement: Heading - Background color option classic and gradient.
  • Improvement: Info-box - Enable/disable Icon/Image option.
  • Improvement: Info-box - Allow P tag in Title.
  • Improvement: Info-box - Icon option View( Stacked/Framed ), Shape( Circle/Square ).
  • Improvement: Icon List - Icon Position before/after.
  • Improvement: Lottie - Moved File Source option in block setting.
  • Improvement: Marketing Button - Show Description toggle option.
  • Improvement: Post Layout - Offset Starting Post option.
  • Improvement: Post Layout - Show Meta Icon option.
  • Improvement: Post Layout - Overall Border option.
  • Improvement: Post Layout - Overall Box shadow option.
  • Improvement: Post Layout - Added Taxonomy Styling option, show taxonomy above title option and layout normal/highlighted.
  • Improvement: Removed jQuery dependency from Spectra blocks.
  • Improvement: Social Share Parent block Color and background color option.
  • Improvement: Star Rating - Enable Title option.
  • Improvement: Star Rating - Star Position option.
  • Improvement: Team - Title Span/Div tag support.
  • Improvement: Table of content - Added Marker View Bullet/Number.
  • Improvement: Table of content - Added Title below Separator Style.
  • Improvement: Template - Enable Templates Button on admin dashboard.
  • Fix: Multiple issues in multiple blocks.
  • Deprecated: Advanced Columns, Section, WP-Search, Post Masonry, Contact Form 7 Designer and Gravity Form Designer block.
  • Deprecated: Removed Spectra extention i.e responsive condition,display condition from core block.
  • Deprecated: Table of content - Removed Scroll Animation Delay.
1.25.6 2022-05-31
  • TUESDAY, 31ST MAY 2022 =
  • Improvement: Updated Gutenberg Templates Library.
  • Improvement: Escaped URLs wherever required.
1.25.5 2022-05-27
  • FRIDAY, 27TH MAY 2022 =
  • Improvement: Updated the notice library.
1.25.4 2022-02-07
  • Fix: CSS was not applying on responsive devices.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons - Child settings were not visible in the editor.
1.25.3 2022-01-27
  • Improvement: Added compatibility with WordPress v5.9.
  • Fix: Masonry option - Not visible for core/gallery.
1.25.2 2021-11-30
  • Fix: Block condition - Conflicting with plugin using REST API block preview.
1.25.1 2021-11-24

WEDNESDAY, 24TH NOVEMBER 2021 = * Fix: Block condition - Conflicting with WP Recipe Maker and Gravity Forms plugins. * Fix: Call to undefined function twentyseventeen_panel_count() when previewing another theme from the customizer. * Fix: Marketing Button - Validation issue when Title Tag set to p. * Fix: Table of contents - Removed empty li tags from Table of contents markup.

1.25.0 2021-10-04

MONDAY, 4TH OCTOBER 2021 = * New: Introduced Wireframe Blocks.

1.24.2 2021-08-04

WEDNESDAY, 4TH AUGUST 2021 = * Fix: Blockquote - Multiple blockquote post the same content after clicking on a tweet button. * Fix: Table of contents - Hyperlink was not working on Safari and Firefox browsers. * Fix: Styling was not applying on the preview page. * Fix: Conflict with Astra theme customizer.

1.24.1 2021-07-27

TUESDAY, 27TH JULY 2021 = * Fix: Table of contents - Uncaught TypeError with the load function. * Fix: Tabs - Responsive icons were not clickable in the editor. * Fix: Updated the CSS priority, to resolve the UAG blocks style issue with custom layout.

1.24.0 2021-07-20
  • New: Introduced Star Rating block.
  • New: Added Masonry option to core Gallery block.
  • Improvement: Table of Contents - Added scroll to specific anchor tag feature.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Headings were not displaying correctly when multiple blocks were used on the same page.
  • Fix: Asset generation conflicts with WooCommerce pages.
1.23.5 2021-07-15
  • Improvement: Added compatibility with WordPress v5.8.
  • Fix: Assets generation issue on frontend when Twenty Twenty-one theme was active.
  • Fix: Assets were not regenerated on the frontend when the post containing reusable blocks is updated.
  • Fix: Post Grid: The block shifts to the left on the frontend when the Twenty Twenty-One theme was active.
  • Fix: WooCommerce shop page styling was not working on the frontend when a page is saved from the editor.
1.23.4 2021-06-22
  • Fix: Advanced column - Shape Divider issue when using with the Astra Custom Layout.
  • Fix: Assets Generation on Archive Pages not working for all Posts on frontend.
  • Fix: Core button Block alignment is not working in advanced column block.
  • Fix: Twenty Seventeen Compatibility - Uncaught Error on pages.
1.23.3 2021-06-11
  • Fix: Table of Contents - UTF-8 encoding on frontend.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Fatal error when $doc->documentElement is null in some cases on frontend.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Scroll to Top icon not visible on frontend.
  • Fix: Posts - "B7" displayed in place of " . " icon on frontend when file generation is disabled.
1.23.2 2021-06-10
  • Fix: Table of Contents: Headings with HTML tags are not visible on the frontend.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Question marks are rendered in place of UTF-8 characters for few languages in Heading.
  • Fix: Section - Full-Width option not being applied on the front-end according to theme content width.
  • Fix: Post Layouts - Showing post content instead of post except on the front-end.
1.23.1 2021-06-09
  • Fix: Broken path while generating assets (CSS/JS).
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Heading convert to question marks on the frontend.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Unexpected characters in links. Restricted to alphanumeric characters.
1.23.0 2021-06-08
  • New: Added an option to rollback to a previous version.
  • New: Added an option to get update notifications for beta versions.
  • New: Lottie - Added alignment Option.
  • Improvement: Frontend optimization by reducing one request of CSS.
  • Improvement: Improved the Dynamic Assets loading functionality for better performance.
  • Improvement: Static CSS Optimized by loading only used blocks' CSS on a Page.
  • Improvement: Table of content - Optimized headings rendering to remove CLS impact.
  • Fix: Advanced Column - Column Gap Setting overlapping issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Column - Column Gap Setting not working in the Editor issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Column - Stack on tablet and mobile in preview mode.
  • Fix: Blockquote - Tweet link showing an empty page link and username.
  • Fix: Block condition - Conflicting with Real Media Library plugin.
  • Fix: Blocks throwing an error when deactivate all the UAG blocks except the Multi Buttons, Forms & How To.
  • Fix: Inline Notice and Review Schema block UI broken if Gutenberg plugin is activated.
  • Fix: Lottie - Settings conflict issue.
  • Fix: Lottie - Alignment issue in the editor.
  • Fix: Post Grid - Link to complete box redirect to the last post when image background set to Top.
  • Fix: Post Layout - Conflicting with the Envira Gallery plugin.
  • Fix: Post Layout - Invalid HTML markup of a post meta link.
  • Fix: Section - Margin Left/Right not working issue.
  • Fix: Social Share - Query string variables were omitted after the first ampersand. Encoded the Page/Post URL.
  • Fix: Table of content - HTML validation issue.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Default heading was displaying instead of previously set heading.
1.22.5 2021-05-20
  • Improvement: Updated Gutenberg Template Library.
1.22.4 2021-05-10
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Margin option missing in spacing setting for inner column.
  • Fix: Blockquote - Javascript console error when Twitter Icon is disabled.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Not allowed HTML tags in title and JS minification issue.
1.22.3 2021-04-26
  • Improvement: Advanced Column - Added two more shapes dividers for top and bottom.
  • Improvement: Added filter to disable block conditions from the editor. Read More
  • Improvement: Block preview on responsive devices in the editor.
  • Improvement: First letter Capitalize instead of all Meta in post layout.
  • Improvement: Forms - Resolved after adding v3 ReCaptcha in forms block needs to click twice on button to submit the form.
  • Improvement: Tabs - Added alignment option to the tab headers.
  • Improvement: Tabs - Added option to update the tabs order by moving it left or right.
  • Improvement: Taxonomy List - Added Html Tag Selector to set Tag of list title.
  • Fix: Block Conditions - Resolved some conflicts with the LifterLMS and Formidable forms.
  • Fix: Block Conditions - Resolved Invalid block issue of core widget blocks.
  • Fix: Content Timeline - Fixed Connector layout on mobile devices issue.
  • Fix: Display Condition - Added body tag instead of "entry-content" class in CSS to hide the block.
  • Fix: Forms - Resolved subject is not attached in the mail issue.
  • Fix: Google Map - Added some padding for the editor to improve a Google Map selection experience.
  • Fix: Social Share - Fixed the jQuery undefined error.
  • Fix: Tabs - Nested tab layout breaking all the tab functionality.
  • Fix: Tabs - Tabs body generating multiple times.
  • Fix: Tabs - Tab Anchors in the page link Are Ignored.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Conflict with Mediavine Ad Script.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Scrolling to the heading issue when smooth scroll was disabled.
  • Fix: Marketing Button - Fix Icon size setting issue.
  • Fix: Marketing button - Text color and hover color overriding the block-library style.
  • Fix: Post Masonry - Fixed the JS UAGBPostMasonry is not defined error.
  • Fix: Post Timeline - Fixed Heading and Sub-heading color issue on front-end.
  • Fix: Post Layout - Conflicting with NextGen Gallery plugin.
  • Fix: Posts Layout - On disabling the "Show Excerpt" option "Read More" setting was hidden.
  • Fix: Resolved RangeControl Slider issue in responsive modes.
  • Fix: Fix taxonomy special character issue in all post layouts.
1.22.2 2021-04-07
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Column not stacking on tablet & mobile devices.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Showing default title instead of saved one.
1.22.1 2021-03-25
  • Fix: Table of Contents: Content not being generated in few themes due to missing entry-content class.
1.22.0 2021-03-24
  • New: Forms Block. Read More.
  • Improvement: Block Templates - Added filter to disable the Block Templates. Read More
  • Improvement: Post Layouts - Now all the selected categories can be displayed in each post layout.
  • Improvement: Table of Contents - Now Table of Contents stores minimal data in databases and calculates the contents dynamically on page load.
  • Fix: Advanced Column - Reverse column and stack issue on tablet/mobile.
  • Fix: BuddyBoss Platform plugin conflicting with Content Timeline and Post Timeline.
  • Fix: Block Conditions - Resolved some conflicts with the WPForms.
  • Fix: Block Conditions - Deactivating all the blocks resulting to few console errors on admin page.
1.21.1 2021-03-15
  • Improvement: Added compatibility with WordPress v5.7.
  • Fix: Post Layouts - Fixed the JS undefined error with post_type in block editor while using Post Masonry.
  • Fix: Post Layouts - Fixed the Post Layout keeps loading when clicking on categories All.
1.21.0 2021-03-01
  • New: Tabs Block. Read More
  • New: Added ability to import pre-made pages, patterns for block editor.
  • Improvement: Block Conditions - Now user can add conditions of visibility to blocks with respect to User State, Responsive Visibility, User Role, Browser, and Operating System.
  • Improvement: Added Transform Compatibility in Advanced Heading and Blockquote Block.
  • Improvement: Added hooks for automatic Toolset Dynamic Sources.
  • Fix: RTL issues in a few of the blocks.
  • Fix: Content Timeline - Connector issue on Tablet and mobile.
  • Fix: Content Timeline - Font size not applying for date on left/right layout.
  • Fix: Price List - Block encountered an error when used as a reusable block.
  • Fix: Heading Color issue in some blocks when used with Cover block.
  • Deprecated: Removed Transform Compatibility from Icon List Block.
1.20.1 2021-01-22
  • Fix: Content Timeline - Content not being saved issue.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Posts layout breaks when equal height option is enabled.
  • Fix: Table of Content - Hyperlink not being scrolled to respective heading issue.
  • Fix: Price List - Block Editor Validation issue when image alignment set to middle.
1.20.0 2021-01-19
  • New: Lottie Block.
  • Improvement: Post Layout: Added EditMode to shuffle the Post elements i.e Post Title, Post Meta, Post Content, Featured Image, CTA Button etc.
  • Improvement: Better options for delete/edit/duplicate action of each content in Content timeline blocks.
  • Fix: FAQ Schema - Fixed Accessibility issue.
  • Fix: FAQ Schema - Fixed child block not inheriting question tag from the parent block when adding a new question.
  • Fix: FAQ-Schema - FAQ console error when accessing child by link hash value.
  • Fix: Gravity Form Styler - Multistep form styling issue.
  • Fix: Price List - CSS issue on mobile.
  • Fix: Price List - Fixed missing image padding option and columns not updating issue.
  • Fix: Post Layout - Child Posts not visible when parent category is selected in editor mode.
  • Fix: Testimonial - Fixed the JS console warning with Slick library.
  • Fix: Taxonomy List - Fixed the JS console warning in editor mode.
  • Fix: Table of content - Fixed the pipe symbol issue in heading.
  • Fix: Taxonomy List - Fixed issue with broken links.
  • Fix: Table of Content - IE11 compatibility issues.
  • Fix: Testimonial - Fixed carousel not being displayed on RTL websites.
1.19.0 2020-12-15
  • New: Review Schema Block.
  • Improvement: Better options for delete/edit/duplicate action of each item in Price list block.
  • Improvement: Ability to modify breakpoints for Dynamic CSS.
  • Improvement: Table of Content - Exclude specific headings from Table of Contents block.
  • Improvement: Table of Content - Fixed issue with scroll to heading when the heading has ellipsis dots in them.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Fixed carousel not being displayed on RTL websites.
  • Fix: Info Box - Link to complete box target issue with "Open In Same Tab" fixed.
  • Fix: Info box - Title color not applying when title is as link.
1.18.2 2020-11-24
  • Fix: Post Timeline - Fixed the Icon issue and removed the unwanted filter for Post Timeline SVG connector.
1.18.1 2020-11-09
  • Improvement: FAQ Schema - Skipped loading of dependent JS file for Grid layout.
  • Improvement: FAQ Schema - Added keyboard accessibility of spacebar, enter and left-click.
  • Improvement: Inline Notice - New layout added for inline notice.
  • Improvement: Post Timeline - Added filter for post timeline connector SVG.
  • Improvement: Social Share - Added support to some more social platforms like Pocket, VK, Odnoklassniki, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Xing, and Buffer.
  • Improvement: Twenty Seventeen Theme: Added compatibility to Twenty Seventeen Sections.
  • Improvement: Testimonial - Added class to Image for lazy load compatibility.
  • Improvement: Info Box - Added class to Image for lazy load compatibility.
  • Improvement: Table of Content - Alignment option added for table heading.
  • Fix: FAQ Schema - Toggle issue when we add multiple FAQ Blocks on the same page.
  • Fix: Social Share - Resolved the missing image issue in the Pinterest social platform.
  • Fix: Gravity Form Styler - Submit button text colour issue.
1.18.0 2020-10-19
  • New: Taxonomy List.
  • Improvement: FAQ Schema - Added responsive columns options for mobile and tablet.
  • Improvement: Google Map - Now user can show language-specific Google Map.
  • Improvement: How to Schema - More options to add total time.
  • Fix: Multiple file generation issue in some cases fixed.
  • Fix: Inline Notice - Dismissal of Notice issue.
  • Fix: How To Schema - Step gap issue.
  • Fix: How To Schema - Image deletion issue for steps.
  • Fix: FAQ Schema - Multiple FAQSchema on the same page not allowed issue.
  • Fix: Post Block - Infinite scroll is broken for anonymous user.
  • Fix: Unicode error in some cases issue fixed.
1.17.0 2020-08-17
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress 5.5.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons - Alignment Full Width for buttons not working in editor mode.
  • Fix: Icon List - Icon List Font Size rendered as PX when configured as EM.
  • Fix: Icon List - Icon List Border turns to the oval issue.
  • Fix: Info Box - Fixed a Typography issue with CTA-Button.
  • Fix: Call To Action - Rectified the issue with Anchor that does not save.
1.16.1 2020-07-29
  • Improvement: Post Masonry - Added Pagination option.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns - New Gradient Palette is introduced to set background.
  • Improvement: Sections - New Gradient Palette is introduced to set background.
  • Improvement: FAQ Schema - Added heading options for question.
  • Improvement: Post Layouts - Added an option to exclude current post.
  • Improvement: Post Layouts - Option to Display Post Content Type as Excerpt/Full-Post.
  • Improvement: Inline Notice - Added heading options for Notice title.
  • Fix: Post Grid - Page Limit issue with less number of Posts.
  • Fix: FAQ Schema - Clicking on answer collapsed the FAQ.
  • Fix: Social Share - Fixed an issue with reusable block.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons - Full Width layout for buttons not working in editor mode.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons - Inherit from theme skipping the Font Family in few case scenarios.
  • Fix: Info Box - Fixed an issue with CSS selector.
  • Fix: Icon List - Icon Top Alignment issue.
1.16.0 2020-06-22
  • New: WP - Search Block.
  • New: Inline Notice Block.
  • New: Users can now share non-personal usage data to help us test and develop better products.
  • Improvement: FAQ Schema - Added new padding options for Question.
  • Improvement: Multi Buttons - Added new option to add icon.
  • Improvement: Multi Buttons - Added new option to inherit styling from the theme.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns - Added ability to choose from given variations of columns.
  • Improvement: Post Layout - Added an option to show an empty post result message.
  • Improvement: Post Layout - Added new option to inherit styling from the theme.
  • Improvement: Post Layout - Added post_class() compatibility to Post Grid, Post Masonry, and Post Carousel using a custom filter.
  • Improvement: Call to Action - Added new option to inherit styling from the theme for Button.
  • Improvement: Info Box - Added new option to inherit styling from the theme for Button.
  • Improvement: Added missing accessibility to all blocks.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Incorrect Border Radius issue with respect to the theme.
  • Fix: Info Box - Fixed a minor issue with z-index and theme heading.
  • Fix: Gravity Form Styler: Show/Hide Not working in front-end.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents - Removed the dependency on data attributes for the header.
  • Fix: Better UX compatibility with Gutenberg plugin.
1.15.2 2020-06-03
  • Fix: Fixed compatibility to CartFlows Templates.
1.15.1 2020-06-02
  • Fix: Contact Form 7 Styler - Fixed an issue when custom class is used.
  • Fix: Gravity Form Styler - Fixed an issue when custom class is used.
1.5.1 2020-06-02
1.15.0 2020-06-02
  • New: FAQ - Schema
  • New: How-To Schema
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns : UI Improvements (Column Gap option).
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Active state of Vertical alignment option not visible in editor.
  • Fix: Icon List - Accessibility issue when link is enabled.
  • Fix: Post Grid - Multiple AJAX requests generated if Pagination Markup is returned empty.
  • Fix: Post Grid - Pagination not calculating properly in few cases.
  • Fix: 404 error for Google Fonts in some cases issue fixed.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Bullets not showing issue fixed.
1.14.11 2020-05-19
  • Fix: File Generation issue on WooCommerce Pages.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Handled background image attachment type on smaller devices.
  • Fix: Section - Handled background image attachment type on smaller devices.
  • Fix: Icon List - Links overlapping on the Label text.
  • Fix: Icon List - Label length mismatch issue when Image is used for the Icon List.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons - Spacing not working in the editor.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons - Full-Width feature glitch fixed.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons - Alignment option shifted to the side panel.
  • Fix: Table of Content - Extra space at the bottom in the Safari Browser when the Column count is more than 1.
1.14.10 2020-04-30
  • Fix: Icon List - Typography not working on front-end.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons - Changed default alignment to center.
  • Fix: Social Share - Changed default alignment to center.
  • Fix: Team - Fixed the Margin issue in Social Share icons.
1.14.9 2020-04-28
  • Improvement: Better options for delete/edit/duplicate action of each item in Icon List, Multi Buttons and Social Share blocks.
  • Improvement: Post Grid - Added Pagination support.
  • Improvement: Added WPML compatibility.
  • Improvement: Added Box Shadow option to Advanced Columns and Section.
  • Improvement: UI improvement for editor.
  • Improvement: Table of Contents - Color options for Bullet Points.
  • Improvement: Improved CSS File Generation functionality.
  • Improvement: Improved file system functions.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns : Percentage button not clickable in editor mode.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns : Column width not applying in the editor.
  • Fix: Astra Theme activation issue.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Handle UTF-8 Character for URL.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Handled HTML and other special characters in Heading.
  • Fix: Post Timeline - Timeline Layout for Left/Right messed up issue fixed.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Border radius not working.
  • Fix: UI improvement on UAG Admin Setting page.
1.14.8 2020-04-02
  • Improvement: Inline CSS generation markup as per w3c standards.
  • Improvement: Hardened the security of the plugin.
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Toolset Views.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Scroll to Top issue in some scenarios.
  • Fix: Font Families not applying if it's name contains a space.
  • Fix: Undefined constant FS_CHMOD_FILE issue.
  • Fix: WP Rocket - "javascript defered without safe mode jQuery" compatibility.
1.14.7 2020-03-02
  • Improvement: Post - Post Title tag can be span/p.
  • Improvement: Post - Column count increased to 8.
  • Improvement: Post - Excerpt length maximum value increased.
  • Fix: Gutenberg 7.6 compatibility fixes.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Column width issue for responsive devices.
  • Fix: Contact Form 7 Styler - Styling not applied in editor mode.
  • Fix: Gravity Form Styler - Styling not applied in editor mode.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Advanced Heading getting skipped in some case scenario.
1.14.6 2019-12-30
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Column width issue.
1.14.5 2019-12-27
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Fixed console error in some case scenario.
1.14.4 2019-12-26
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns - Introduced New Shape Dividers.
  • Improvement: Now blocks use class to generate dynamic CSS instead of ID.
  • Improvement: Dynamic File Generation - Improved filesystem classes.
  • Improvement: Content Timeline - Date Format option added.
  • Improvement: Post Timeline - Date Format option added.
  • Improvement: Table of Contents - Dynamic anchor links are created at front end instead of modifying Heading Anchor attribute.
  • Fix: Icon List - Disabled Link icon list item no more uses anchor tag.
  • Fix: Safari Browser - JS console error for sourceMap URL.
  • Fix: Social Share - JS console error in some cases.
  • Fix: Social Share - Sharing issue with Reusable Block.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Conflict with Section.
  • Fix: Testimonial - JS console error when Reusable Testimonial used with normal Testimonial.
1.14.3 2019-12-13
  • Fix: Icon List - Block validation issue for WordPress 5.3.1.
  • Fix: Blockquote - Block validation issue for WordPress 5.3.1.
  • Fix: IE11 - Console error on New Post page issue fixed.
1.14.2 2019-11-25
  • Fix: Post - Custom post taxonomy creating errors in some scenario.
1.14.1 2019-11-20
  • Fix: Table of Contents - Stripped HTML tags in Headings for Table of Contents.
  • Fix: Typography Control - Responsive Font Sizes not editable.
  • Fix: Responsive Control - Responsive options not editable.
1.14.0 2019-11-05
  • Improvement: A dynamic CSS file will be generated, earlier inline CSS was loading on the page.
  • Improvement: WordPress 5.3 compatibility changes.
  • Improvement: Content Timeline - P and Span tag options added for Price List Title.
  • Improvement - EditorsKit navigator toolbar support.
  • Improvement - Filter added to disable redirect on activation
  • Improvement: Post - Show/Hide Category option added.
  • Improvement: Post - Show/Hide Title option added.
  • Improvement: Post - Filter for attributes.
  • Improvement: Price List - P and Span tag options added for Price List Title.
  • Improvement: Post Timeline - P and Span tag options added for Price List Title.
  • Improvement: Rank Math SEO compatibility.
  • Improvement: Social Share - Removed jQuery dependency for Social Share script.
  • Improvement: Table of Contents - Margin option added.
  • Improvement: Testimonial - Enabled to add more than 10 testimonials.
  • Fix: Correctly added nonce to allow notice to be dismissed.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Nested Columns causing an issue for stacking options.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons - Font Size not replicating on front end issue in few themes.
  • Fix: Post - Added {$attributes} parameter to the Query filter.
  • Fix: Post - Border Color not being applied on hover.
  • Fix: Post - Invalid Font Family being applied issue.
  • Fix: Post - Seo analysis tool scan timed out issue.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Console error fixed in editor.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Carousel arrows issue with OceanWP theme.
  • Fix: Post Masonry - Masonry not working in Safari browser issue.
  • Fix: Table of Contents - JS issue with Social Share.
  • Fix: Typography - Decimal values allowed for the Font Sizes.
  • Deprecated: Advanced Columns - Deprecated Content Alignment option.
1.13.6 2019-07-08
  • Fix: Reusable Block - Dynamic CSS not generated for Reusable Blocks in Advanced Columns.
  • Fix: WooCommerce Compatibility - Shop Page Common CSS not been enqueued issue.
  • Fix: Contact Form 7 Styler - Unregistered console error for certain case scenario issue.
  • Fix: Gravity Forms Styler - Unregistered console error for certain case scenario issue.
1.13.5 2019-07-03
  • Fix: Section - Missing Theme Width issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Missing Theme Width issue.
1.13.4 2019-07-03
  • Improvement: Better methods to handle the assets that enhance the speed of the website.
  • Improvement: WooCommerce Compatibility - Now WooCommerce Pages could also be designed using Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg.
  • Improvement: Restaurant Menu - Increased Limit to menu list count.
  • Improvement: Marketing Button - Responsive option for Button Padding.
  • Improvement: Section - Added px/% option for Inner Width.
  • Improvement: Table Of Contents - Added Collapsible feature.
  • Improvement: Info Box - Added option to retain the natural width of the Image.
  • Fix: Admin notice causing issue.
  • Fix: Broken CSS getting generated for Advanced Column and Section issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Background Video not visible in iOS.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Testimonial inside Advanced Columns in Firefox browser issue.
  • Fix: Marketing Button - Background Color and Background Hover Color opacity issue.
  • Fix: Marketing Button - Incorrect Font Family for Edge browser issue.
  • Fix: Blockquote - Preview for the quote and author styling options not working issue.
  • Fix: Post - Image Width issue for smaller images.
  • Fix: Section - Background Video not visible in iOS.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents - Scroll Offset and Scroll Delay not working issue.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents - Supports Advanced Heading.
  • Fix: Testimonial - Inline Editing for Testimonials in safari issue.
1.13.3 2019-05-10
  • Fix: CSS not applying on the front-end if the range control field value was 0.
  • Fix: Line height field didn't accept decimal values.
1.13.2 2019-05-09
  • Fix: PHP notices in some cases fixed.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Spacing limits increased.
  • Fix: Icon List - Text decoration issue with few themes.
  • Fix: Post - CSS conflicts with few themes.
  • Fix: Section - Spacing limits increased.
1.13.1 2019-04-25
  • Improvement: Table Of Contents - Changed the bullet styles for sub lists.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents - Scroll to Top option not working on frontend.
1.13.0 2019-04-23
  • New: Table Of Contents.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns - Added px/% option for margin and padding spacing.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns - Introduced Gradient Overlay for background type of Image.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns - Added % option for Custom Inner Width.
  • Improvement: Section - Added px/% option for margin and padding spacing.
  • Improvement: Section - Introduced Gradient overlay option for Image background.
  • Improvement: Testimonials - Added filter uagb_testimonials_slick_options to change the slick options.
  • Fix: Button - Text align justified option not working.
  • Fix: Icon list Underline issue with 2017/2019 theme.
  • Fix: Post timeline- Disable image option not working.
1.12.5 2019-04-11
  • Fix: Testimonial - Border options not working in editor.
  • Fix: List Icon - Border options not working on frontend.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Removed Extra padding from the editor.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Block settings not visible in the editor.
1.12.4 2019-03-23
  • Fix: CSS not applying to inner blocks on front end in some cases.
1.12.3 2019-03-22
  • Improvement: Performance - CSS optimization upto 50%.
  • Improvement: Post Carousel - Added equal height option.
  • Improvement: Info Box - Added separator position option.
  • Improvement: Advanced Heading - Anchor compatibility to heading tag.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns - Introduced Bring to Front option for Shape Divider.
  • Fix: Team - Default font-size issue for title tag.
  • Fix: Post - Background color not visible if image applied as background.
1.12.2 2019-03-16
  • Fix: Language directory issue on IIS server.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Carousel not working.
1.12.1 2019-03-15
  • Improvement: Added version number to script.
  • Fix: Post - Conflicts with FacetWP.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Columns option for responsive devices not working on front end.
  • Fix: Section - Spacing issue in editor for Full Width layout.
1.12.0 2019-03-14
  • New: Gravity Forms Styler
  • Improvement: Performance - JS related to disabled blocks are not loaded.
  • Improvement: Post - Added more Order By options to the Query Builder.
  • Improvement: Post - Conflicts with Toolset Layouts, WPCasa, FacetWP fixed.
  • Improvement: Icon List - Border options added.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Column spacing issue on editor.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Shape Divider height responsive compatibility.
  • Fix: Contact Form 7 Styler - Select box alignment & height issue.
  • Fix: Info Box - CTA type of Complete Box structure change.
  • Fix: Post Carousel - Arrows not visible in front end issue.
  • Fix: Social Share - Email option opens a new browser tab issue.
  • Fix: Testimonial - CSS conflict fixed
  • Fix: Testimonial - Arrows not visible in front end issue.
1.11.1 2019-03-08
  • Fix: PHP Error - Conflict with Astra v1.7.0
1.11.0 2019-03-07
  • New: Marketing Button
  • Improvement: Post - Added Compatibility to Custom Post Types and Taxonomies.
  • Fix: Info Box - Call To Action links disabled in back-end editor.
  • Fix: Call To Action - Links disabled in back-end editor for Link to Complete Box.
  • Fix: Content Timeline - Timeline count not updating the content.
  • Fix: Post - CSS issue with Twenty Nineteen theme.
1.10.0 2019-02-28
  • New: Contact Form 7 Styler
  • Fix: Multi Buttons - Fixed PHP notices.
  • Fix: Icon List - Disable Link CSS issue.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns - Introduced Opacity option for Shape Divider.
1.9.1 2019-02-21
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Column wrapping issue due to v1.9.0
  • Fix: Icon List - Disable Link not working issue.
  • Fix: Post - Rest API fields conflict removed.
  • Fix: Post - Extra HTML removed when Featured Image is absent.
  • Fix: Post Timeline - Arrow position bottom issue.
  • Fix: Price List - Layout issue at first drag-drop.
  • Fix: Content Timeline - Viewport visibility issue.
  • Fix: Content Timeline - Date validation error.
  • Fix: Post Timeline - Bottom Layout CSS issue.
  • Improvement: Typography Support - Font Family, Font Size, Line Height etc.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns - Columns Reverse option added for Tablet and Mobile.
  • Improvement: Icon List - Added icon position option.
  • Improvement: Post Timeline - Added Action/Filter hooks.
1.9.0 2019-02-15
  • New: Blockquote
  • Fix: Advanced Columns: Move block handler button issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Fixed Background Image property disabled for Mobile devices.
  • Fix: Icon List - Extra p tag case handled in Icon List.
  • Fix: Info Box - Prefix responsive font size not working issue.
  • Fix: Post - Responsive font size not working for desktop issue.
  • Fix: Section - Fixed Background Image property disabled for Mobile devices.
  • Fix: Testimonial - Background Image not visible while editing.
  • Improvement: Padding, Margin options redefined for better user understanding.
  • Improvement: Post - All registered Image Sizes are fetched.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns- Responsive compatibility to Column Width.
1.8.2 2019-02-07
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Bulk Deactivate caused missing Column block.
  • Fix: Call to Action - Width issue when elements stack.
  • Fix: Icon List - Label not editable in Firefox browser.
  • Fix: Reusable Blocks CSS issue in Section/Advanced Columns blocks.
  • Fix: Social Share - Extra height and space issue.
  • Improvement: Responsive Support with Mobile Editing Block Controls
1.8.1 2019-01-28
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Editor end, width issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns - Editor end, move pointer overflow issue.
  • Fix: Info Box - Separator width issue.
  • Fix: Testimonial - Border radius independent of Border Size issue.
  • Fix: Social Share - Links not updated in reusable block issue.
  • Fix: Conflict with GeneratePress theme.
  • Improvement: Restaurant Menu is now Price List.
  • Improvement: Replaced all Font Awesome Icon with SVG.
  • Improvement: Dynamic image sizes for the Team and Info Box block.
  • Improvement: Better UX in editor.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns - Added border option for inner column.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns - Added alignment option for inner column.
  • Improvement: Changed Block Category name to Ultimate Addons Block.
1.8.0 2019-01-15
  • New: Columns
  • Fix: Post Masonry - Messed view on first load issue fixed.
  • Improvement: Post - Added Action/Filter hooks.
1.7.0 2019-01-07
  • New: Call to Action
  • Fix: Section - Background Opacity issue fix.
  • Improvement: Post - Added an option for Complete Box Link.
1.6.2 2018-12-31
  • Fix: Info Box - Editable RichText issue with Prefix.
  • Fix: Icon List - Editable RichText issue with List Label.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons- Editable RichText issue with Button Text.
  • Improvement: Content Timeline - Date value can be both Dates and Arbitrary Text values.
1.6.1 2018-12-28
  • Improvement: Post - Added an option for Content Padding on Mobile devices.
  • Improvement: Post - Added an option for padding to Read More link button.
1.6.0 2018-12-28
  • New: Post Masonry
  • Fix: Icon List - Gap between items not being applied on editor issue fixed.
  • Fix: Post Grid - Twenty Nineteen theme related issues fixed.
  • Fix: Post Grid - Alignment issue fixed.
  • Fix: Restaurant Menu - Duplicate block content error.
  • Fix: Testimonial - Arrow and Dots design options added for Carousel.
  • Fix: Testimonial - Duplicate block content error.
  • Improvement: InfoBox - Added option to Enable/Disable Prefix, Heading and Description.
1.5.0 2018-12-20
  • New: Post Carousel
  • Fix: Icon List - Image height issue fixed.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons - Border not applying in few cases in editor issue fixed.
  • Fix: Post Grid - Background Overlay Options added when Image is set to background.
  • Fix: Social Share - Icon with background CSS issue fixed.
  • Fix: Testimonial - Image alignment issue for the top position fixed.
  • Improvement: Post Grid - Added Border options for CTA button.
  • Improvement: Section - Added option to inherit Content Width from Theme.
1.4.0 2018-12-14
  • New: Post Timeline
  • Fix: Section - Spacing values update issue.
  • Fix: Restaurant Menu - Seperator alignement issue.
  • Fix: Restaurant Menu - Content padding issue.
  • Fix: Testimonial - Set slick dots color same as arrow color.
  • Fix: Info Box - Spacing issue below Info Box Description.
  • Improvement: Updated Font Awesome CSS to v5.6.0.
  • Improvement: Advanced Heading - Added seperator style option.
  • Improvement: Post Grid - Added hover color options for CTA button.
  • Improvement: Info Box - Added hover color options for CTA button.
  • Improvement: Info Box - Added before/after icon CTA button.
  • Deprecated: Content Timeline - Connector Hover properties removed.
1.3.0 2018-12-04
  • New: Icon List
  • New: Restaurant Menu
  • New: Testimonial
  • Improvement: Compatibility to latest Gutenberg
1.2.0 2018-11-19
  • New: Content Timeline
  • New: Team
  • New: Social Share
  • Improvement: Compatibility to WordPress 5.0
1.1.0 2018-11-14
  • New: Google Map
  • Improvement: Compatibility to Gutenberg v.4.3.0
1.0.0 2018-10-29
  • New: Info Box
  • New: Section
  • New: Multi Buttons
  • New: Post Grid
  • Improvement: Advanced Heading - Compatibility to Gutenberg v.4.1.1
0.0.1 2018-06-13
  • Initial release