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Version Release Date Change Log
2.12.3 2016-08-27
  • Fixed HTML bug
2.12.2 2016-08-08
  • Added support for new Facebook embed code
  • Documentation prep for release of version 3.0
2.12.1 2015-04-10
  • Support for TED when using foreign languages
2.12 2015-01-27
  • Added support for Yahoo Screen
2.11 2015-01-20
  • Added support for Livestream
  • Support for latest TED embed code
2.10.3 2015-01-18
  • Various updates to providers
  • Removed "sslverify" => false in wp_remote_get() (may cause errors on WordPress versions before 3.7)
  • Better error messages for Google Drive
2.10.2 2014-08-24
  • Added actions hooks before and after generating attachment metadata
2.10.1 2014-08-16
  • Removed due to their shutdown
2.10 2014-07-17
  • Improved debugging page
2.9.1 2014-06-12
  • Improved provider class extensibility
2.9 2014-06-04
  • Added Tudou support
  • Added SAPO support
  • Updated to support the live player now that archives are being removed
2.8 2014-05-28
  • Added support for TED Talks
  • Improved error handling for AJAX on settings page
2.7.9 2014-05-19
  • Better compatibility with image plugins
  • Better Rutube support
  • Fixed bug that prevented API retrieval error messages
2.7.8 2014-05-09
  • Improved Facebook detection
  • Higher resolution Facebook thumbnails (when available)
2.7.7 2014-04-29
  • Improved error handling
  • Fixed bugs
  • Updated German translation
2.7.6 2014-04-22
  • Added Dailymotion support for protocol-relative embeds
2.7.5 2014-04-17
  • Better support for WP Robot
  • Fixed bug related to Automatic YouTube Video Posts
  • Reorganized video thumbnail extensions
2.7.4 2014-04-11
  • Improved VK detection
  • Added German translation (thanks applewerbung)
  • Improved provider and markup tests by applying "the_content" filter
  • Improved permissions checks for debugging
2.7.3 2014-04-09
  • Improved image download test
  • Updated Vimeo and VK tests
2.7.2 2014-04-07
  • Added support for Youku iFrame embed code
  • Fixed Vimeo channel URL test
2.7.1 2014-03-18
  • Fixed load_plugin_textdomain() path
2.7 2014-03-11
  • Video Thumbnails is now translation ready and looking for volunteers
2.6.3 2014-03-04
  • Better Google Drive detection (added support for underscores or dashes in the ID)
2.6.2 2014-02-21
  • Added feature to settings page that automatically detects the custom field
  • Switched to JSON for Vimeo's oEmbed endpoint
  • Added support for the "image/gif" MIME type
2.6.1 2014-02-18
  • Fixed VK bug caused by IDs with a negative int
2.6 2014-02-17
  • Added support for VK iFrame embeds
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements
2.5.3 2014-02-04
  • Fixed bug with Automatic YouTube Video Posts when automatic publishing is disabled or when rescanning existing posts
  • Fixed bug with bulk scanner when 0 posts are queued
  • Improved markup test by checking if server can reach the resulting thumbnail URL
2.5.2 2014-02-02
  • Better support for Automatic YouTube Video Posts
  • Added support tab to settings page
2.5.1 2014-01-31
  • Fixed improper error handling
2.5 2014-01-28
  • Added support for Video Thumbnails Pro, our new solution for power users and professional bloggers
  • Various bugfixes and improvements
2.4.2 2014-01-20
  • Fixed bug with image download test
2.4.1 2014-01-17
  • Added support for YouTube videos using LazyYT.js
  • Better Google Drive support
  • Filenames now have non-latin characters removed and use the post ID as a fallback
  • Fixed bug caused by internal server error during bulk scans
  • Improved performance of provider tests
2.4 2014-01-13
  • Added support for Vine
  • Added support for Google Drive videos
  • Rewritten bulk video thumbnail scanner
  • Added troubleshooting link in meta box when no video thumbnail is found
  • Changed provider test to compare file hashes in case thumbnail URLs change
2.3 2014-01-09
  • Added support for archived Twitch videos
  • Fixed issue with Funny or Die thumbnails
2.2 2014-01-06
  • Added support for Rutube
2.1 2013-10-26
  • Changes under the hood to ensure the first video is found
  • Improved YouTube regex
2.0.10 2013-10-23
  • Reduced overhead on settings pages
2.0.9 2013-10-21
  • Fixed Vimeo protocol-relative embeds
  • Fixed bug with PNG image types
2.0.8 2013-08-19
  • Better fix for AYVP featured image bug
2.0.7 2013-08-19
  • Fix for bug that prevented featured images from being set for posts imported by AYVP
2.0.6 2013-08-15
  • Fix for "Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array" bug
2.0.5 2013-07-25
  • Added support for Blip URLs
2.0.4 2013-07-21
  • Fixed bug with file names when the post title uses non-latin characters
2.0.3 2013-06-28
  • Fixed problem caused by YouTube removing http: or https: from their default embed code
2.0.2 2013-05-13
  • Added descriptive messages for errors during provider tests
  • Fix possible fatal error on activation when VimeoAPIException is already declared
  • Fix possible undefined index warnings for provider settings
2.0.1 2013-05-10
  • Added support for Facebook's iFrame player
2.0 2013-05-08
  • Completely rewritten for better performance, more organized code, and easier maintenance
  • Added support for Funny or Die
  • Added support for MPORA
  • Added support for Wistia
  • Added support for Facebook videos
  • Added support for CollegeHumor
  • Added support for Youku
  • Added support for HD YouTube thumbnails
  • Added support for higher resolution Vimeo thumbnails
  • Added support for private Vimeo videos (API credentials required)
  • Added support for Vimeo channel URLs
  • Added support for Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin
  • Added filters to make plugin extensible
  • Removed cURL requirement (still requires ability to make external requests)
  • Better checks for blank thumbnails before added to media library
  • Adds 'video_thumbnail' field to video thumbnails saved in the media library
  • Option to clear all video thumbnails (clears custom field from posts and deletes video thumbnails added after 2.0 from library)
  • Better file names
  • Added provider tests on debugging page to help troubleshoot
  • Added a markup detection on debugging page
  • Added "Installation Information" section to debugging page with helpful troubleshooting info
  • Settings improvements
  • Bug fixes
1.8.2 2012-09-17
  • Fixes issue where some servers were unable to download thumbnails from YouTube
  • Fixes possible issue setting new thumbnail as featured image
1.8.1 2012-04-15
  • Plugin now scans posts added using XML-RPC which makes posting videos from iOS or other apps work smoothly
1.8 2012-02-07
  • Added support for custom fields via a new setting
  • Added support for YouTube's privacy-enhanced domain (
  • Fixed image duplication bug
  • Now more consistent with WordPress Coding Standards (thanks Daedalon)
1.7.7 2012-01-02
  • Better cURL error handling
  • Better regex matching
  • Bug fixes
  • Thanks to Daedalon for many of these changes
1.7.6 2011-10-10
  • Fixed plugin link
  • Added donate button
1.7.5 2011-07-31
  • Bugfix for array error on line 408
1.7.4 2011-05-18
  • Fixed Dailymotion bug (thanks Gee)
  • Added detection for Dailymotion URLs (thanks Gee)
  • Added support for WP YouTube Lyte
1.7.3 2011-02-28
  • More comprehensive search for embedded YouTube videos
1.7.2 2011-02-24
  • Added support for Dailymotion and Metacafe
1.7 2011-02-23
  • Added new option to scan past posts for video thumbnails
1.6 2011-02-14
  • Added support for custom post types
1.5 2011-02-11
  • Video thumbnails are now only saved when a post's status changes to published.
  • Removed URL field from the Video Thumbnail meta box on the Edit Post Page
  • Added a "Reset Video Thumbnail" button to the meta box
  • Accidental duplicate images should no longer be problem
1.1.1 2011-01-27
  • Fixed a bug related to scheduled posts sometimes not saving thumbnail URL to the meta field
1.1 2011-01-25
  • Fixed bug created by a change in YouTube's embed codes
1.0.9 2011-01-25
  • More work on fixing the duplicate image bug
1.0.8 2011-01-25
  • Addressed another bug that could create duplicate images when updating a post
1.0.7 2011-01-24
  • Fixed a bug that could create duplicate images on auto-save
1.0.6 2011-01-22
  • Improved support
1.0.5 2011-01-21
  • Now using cURL to help save thumbnails locally instead of file_get_contents()
1.0.4 2011-01-21
  • Added compatibility with YouTube's new iframe embedding
  • Now supports most embedding plugins
1.0.3 2011-01-19
  • Fixed an issue where existing thumbnails (such as ones manually set by the user) would be replaced by Video Thumbnails
  • Added a checks to see if cURL is running
1.0 2011-01-16
  • Video Thumbnails can now be stored in the local WordPress media library
  • Video Thumbnails stored locally can automatically be set as the featured image, making it support many themes automatically
  • Added an options page to enable/disable local storage and enable/disable automatically setting that thumbnail as the featured image
  • Settings page also includes a button to scan all posts for video thumbnails
0.6 2011-01-14
  • Added support for
  • Fixed bug that could cause a conflict with other plugins
0.5.5 2010-12-23
  • Video thumbnails are now found at the time the post is saved
0.5.4 2010-12-23
  • Video thumbnails can be retrieved for a specific post ID by passing a parameter to the video_thumbnail() or get_video_thumbnail() function. For example: `<?php $id
0.5.3 2010-12-08
  • Better support for Vimeo Shortcode (thanks to Darren for the tip)
0.5.2 2010-12-04
  • Added support for Simple Video Embedder
0.5.1 2010-12-03
  • Added a test to make sure the YouTube thumbnail actually exists. This prevents you from getting that ugly default thumbnail from YouTube.
0.2 2010-12-02
  • Added get_video_thumbnail() to return the URL without echoing or return null if no thumbnail is found, making it possible to only display a thumbnail if one is found.
0.2.1 2010-12-02
  • Added support for Vimeo players embedded using an iframe
0.2.2 2010-12-02
  • Added support for Vimeo Shortcode
0.2.3 2010-12-02
  • Added support for any Vimeo URL
0.5 2010-12-02
  • Thumbnail URLs are now stored in a custom field with each post, meaning the plugin only has to interact with outside APIs once per post.
  • Added a "Video Thumbnail" meta box to the edit screen for each post, which can be manually set or will be set automatically once video_thumbnail() or get_video_thumbnail() is called in a loop for that post.
0.1.3 2010-12-02
  • Fixed an issue where no URL was returned when Vimeo's rate limit had been exceeded. The default image URL is now returned, but a future version of the plugin will store thumbnails locally for a better fix.
0.3 2010-12-02
  • Added basic support for auto embedded using URLs in this format: