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0.14.22 2019-08-13

(released: 4 aug 2019)

  • Fixed bug in Nginx rules in the FAQ (they did not take into account that the webp images outside upload folder are never stored "mingled")
  • Fixed bug: The extension setting was not respected - it was always appending ".webp", never setting. Thanks to Florian from Germany and Derrick Hammer from USA for reporting.
  • Fixed bug: It turns out that Imagick gives up quality detection for some images and returns 0. This resulted in very poor quality webps when the quality was set to same as jpeg. The 0 is now treated as a failure and the max-quality will be used for such images. Thanks to @sanjayojha303 from India for reporting that there were quality problems on some images.
  • Fixed bug-like behavior: The conversion scripts no longer requires that the respective setting is on for Nginx. Thanks to Mike from Russia for reporting this.
  • Fixed bug: The error handler in webp-convert for handling warnings could in some cases result in endless recursion. For some the result was that they could no longer upload images. Thanks to Tobias Keller from Germany for reporting this bug.
  • Fixed minor bug: Attempt to call private method in a rare scenario (when accessing one of the php scripts in the "wod" folder directly - which is not allowed). Thanks to Giacomo Lawrance from the U.K. for providing input that led to this discovery.
  • Fixed minor bug: It was not tested whether a corresponding webp existed before trying to deleting it when an image was deleted. This produced warnings in debug.log.
  • Security related: Added sanitizing of paths to avoid false positives on coderisk.com (there where no risk because already test the paths for sanity - but this is not detected by coderisk, as the variable is not modified). This was simply done in order get rid of the warnings at coderisk.
  • Security fix: Paths were not sanitized on Windows.
0.14.21 2019-07-30

(released: 30 jun 2019)

  • Hopefully fixed WebP Express Error: "png" option is Object
0.14.20 2019-06-29

(released: 29 jun 2019)

  • Fixed bug: Ewww api-key was forgot upon saving options (fixed by pcfreak30, USA, reported by viajandocomamalarosa. Thanks!)
  • Cleaned away unneeded files in vendor folders (primarily docs and tests)
0.14.19 2019-06-28

(released: 28 jun 2019)

  • Removed a line that might course Sanity Check to fail ("path not within document root")
0.14.18 2019-06-28

(released: 28 jun 2019)

  • Fixed Sanity Error: Path is outside allowed path on systems using symlinked folders
  • Updated cache breaking token for javascript in order for the last fix for changing password with Remote WebP Express to take effect
  • Fixed undefined variable error in image_make_intermediate_size hook, which prevented webps thumbnails to be generated upon upload
  • Minor bug fix in cwebp converter (updated to webp-convert v.2.1.4)
0.14.17 2019-06-28

(released: 28 jun 2019)

  • Relaxed abspath sanity check on Windows
  • Fixed updating password for Remote WebP Express
0.14.16 2019-06-27

(released: 26 jun 2019)

  • Fixed conversion errors using Bulk convert or Test convert on systems with symlinked folders
0.14.15 2019-06-27

(released: 26 jun 2019)

  • Fixed errors with "redirect to conversion script" on systems with symlinked folders
  • Fixed errors with "redirect to conversion script" on systems where the filename cannot be passed through an environment variable
0.14.14 2019-06-26

(released: 26 jun 2019)

  • Fixed errors on systems with symlinked folders
0.14.13 2019-06-26

(released: 26 jun 2019)

  • Fixed errors in conversion scripts
0.14.12 2019-06-26

(released: 26 jun 2019)

  • Fixed critical bug
0.14.11 2019-06-24

(released: 24 jun 2019)

  • Tidied up code
0.14.10 2019-06-24

(released: 24 jun 2019)

  • Tidied up code
0.14.9 2019-06-22

(released: 22 jun 2019)

  • Tidied up code
0.14.8 2019-06-21

(released: 21 jun 2019)

  • Tidied up code
0.14.7 2019-06-21

(released: 20 jun 2019)

  • Removed unneccesary files from webp-convert library
0.14.6 2019-06-20

(released: 20 jun 2019)

  • Various fixes
0.14.5 2019-06-20

(released: 20 jun 2019)

  • Various fixes
0.14.4 2019-06-19

(released: 18 jun 2019)

  • Now bundles with multiple cwebp binaries for linux for systems where 1.0.2 fails.
0.14.3 2019-06-18

(released: 17 jun 2019)

  • Fixed filename of supplied cwebp for linux (bug was introduced in 0.14.2)
0.14.2 2019-06-17

(released: 17 jun 2019)

  • Fixed problem with older versions of cwebp
  • Fixed that images was not deleted
  • Fixed cache problem on options page on systems that disables cache busting (it resulted in "SyntaxError: JSON.parse")
0.14.1 2019-06-15

(released: 15 jun 2019)

  • Strengthened security
0.14.0 2019-06-15

New awesome conversion options that gets you even smaller webp files without compromising quality.

0.13.2 2019-05-16

(released: 16 may 2019)

  • Fixed Fatal error on image upload in combination with the Enable Media Replace plugin. Thanks to Alexander Graef from Germany for reporting.
  • It seems we finally nailed the blank settings page bug. Thanks to all involved, especially Richard Spenceley from the UK
0.13.1 2019-05-10

(released: 10 may 2019) * Fixed critical bug which could result in update failures in the Gutenberg editor. Thanks to Andrei Glingeanu from Moldova for his part in solving this. * Fixed bug that caused the Bulk convert to start over. Thanks to Bas van Dijk, presumably from the Netherlands, for finding the root cause. * On Nginx (in some configurations), the script that triggered conversion were exiting prematurely. Thanks to Sam Benson from the UK for fixing this. * Improved Bulk conversion client, which was slowing down when many images where converted. * A class had existential problems on HHVM. Thanks to @jaumerrr for posting the PHP error message. * When selecting "custom" in the Cache-Control dropdown, the default text was invalid syntax. Thanks to Kevin Batdorf from Thailand for discovering this. * When an image was deleted, the corresponding webp image was not automatically deleted. Thanks to Tobias Keller from Germany for pointing out that this could potentially lead to old webp images being shown.

For more info, see the closed issues on the 0.13.1 milestone on the github repository: https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-express/milestone/17?closed=1

0.13.0 2019-03-21

(released: 21 mar 2019) * Bulk Conversion * Fixed problems with Gd converter and PNG * Optinally auto convert upon media upload * Windows fix (thanks, lwxbr!)

For more info, see the closed issues on the 0.13.0 milestone on the github repository: https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-express/milestone/16?closed=1

0.12.2 2019-03-08

(released 8 mar 2019) * Fixed bug: On some nginx configurations, the newly added protection against directly calling the converter scripts were triggering also when it should not.

0.12.1 2019-03-07

(released 7 mar 2019) * Fixed bug: Alter HTML crashed when HTML was larger than 600kb and "image urls" where selected

0.12.0 2019-03-05

(released 5 mar 2019) * Multisite support (!) * A new operation mode: "No conversion", if you do not want to use WebP Express for converting. Replaces the old "Just redirect" mode * Added capability testing of .htaccess. The .htaccess rules are now tailored to the capabilities on the system. For example, on some platforms the filename of a requested image is passed to the converter script through the query string, but on platforms that supports passing it through an environment variable, that method is used instead * Picturefill.js is now optional (alter html, picture tag) * A great bunch more!

For more info, see the closed issues on the 0.12.0 milestone on the github repository: https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-express/milestone/12?closed=1

0.11.3 2019-02-18
  • Fixed bug: Alter HTML caused media library not to display images on some systems. Alter HTML is now disabled in admin mode.
  • Alter HTML (picture tags) could produce the source tags with "src" attribute. But source tags inside picture tags must use "srcset" attribute. Fixed.
  • Alter HTML (image urls): srcsets containing "x" descriptors wasn't handled (ie, srcset="image.jpg 1x")
  • Fixed rewrite rules when placed in root so they are confined to wp-content and uploads. In particular, they no longer apply in wp-admin area, which might have caused problems, ie with media library.
  • Added warning when rules are placed in root and "Convert non-existing webp-files upon request" feature is enabled and WebP Express rules are to be placed below Wordpress rules
  • Fixed bug: The code that determined if WebP Express had placed rules in a .htaccess failed in "CDN friendly" mode. The effect was that these rules was not cleaned up upon plugin deactivation
0.11.2 2019-02-14
  • Fixed bug which caused Alter HTML to fail miserably on some setups
  • AlterHTML now also looks for lazy load attributes in DIV and LI tags.
0.11.1 2019-02-13
  • Fixed bug which caused the new "Convert non-existing webp-files upon request" not to work on all setups
0.11.0 2019-02-06
  • Alter HTML to point to webp files (choose between picture tags or simply altering all image urls)
  • Convert non-existing webp-files upon request (means you can reference the converted webp files before they are actually converted!)

For more info, see the closed issues on the 0.11.0 milestone on the github repository: https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-express/milestone/14?closed=1

0.10.0 2019-01-14
  • Introduced "Operation modes" in order to keep setting screens simple but still allow tweaking
  • WebP Express can now be used in conjunction with Cache Enabler and ShortPixel
  • Cache-Control header is now added in .htaccess, when redirecting directly to existing webp

For more info, see the closed issues on the 0.10.0 milestone on the github repository: https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-express/milestone/7?closed=1

0.9.1 2018-12-28

Fixed critical bug causing options page to go blank

0.9.0 2018-12-28
  • (released 27 dec 2018) *
  • Optionally make .htaccess redirect directly to existing webp (improves performance)
  • Optionally do not send filename from .htaccess to the PHP in Querystring, but use other means (improves security and reduces risks of problems due to firewall rules)
  • Fixed some bugs

For more info, see the closed issues on the 0.9.0 milestone on the github repository: https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-express/issues?q=is%3Aclosed+milestone%3A0.9.0

0.8.1 2018-12-15
  • Fixed javascript bug
0.8.0 2018-12-11
  • New conversion method, which calls imagick binary directly. This will make WebP express work out of the box on more systems
  • Made sure not to trigger LFI warning i Wordfence (to activate, click the force .htaccess button)
  • Imagick can now be configured to set quality to auto on systems where the auto option isn't generally available
  • Added Last-Modified header to images. This makes image caching work better
  • On some systems, converted files where stored in ie ..doc-rootwp-content.. rather than ..doc-root/wp-content... This is fixed, a clean-up script corrects the file structure upon upgrade.
  • Added condition in .htaccess that checks that source file exists before handing over to converter

For more info, see the closed issues on the 0.8.0 milestone on the github repository: https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-express/issues?q=is%3Aclosed+milestone%3A0.8.0

0.7.2 2018-12-05

Fixed a critical bug which generated an error message which caused corrupt images. It was not the bug itself, but the error message it generated, that caused the images to be corrupted. It only happened when debugging was enabled in php.ini

0.7.1 2018-11-21

Fixed minor "bug". The Api version combobox in Remote WebP Express converter was showing on new sites, but I only want it to show when old api is being used.

0.7.0 2018-11-09

This version added option to provide conversion service to other sites!

For more info, see the closed issues on the 0.7.0 milestone on the github repository: https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-express/issues?q=is%3Aclosed+milestone%3A0.7.0


0.6.2 2018-10-04

= 0.6.0 = Adding caching option, fixed imagick converter, added gmagick converter and more!

0.6.1 2018-10-04

= 0.6.0 = Adding caching option, fixed imagick converter, added gmagick converter and more!

0.6.0 2018-10-04

This version added option for setting caching header, fixed a serious issue with Imagick, added a new converter, Gmagick, added a great deal of options to Cwebp and generally improved the interface.

  • Added option for caching
  • Fixed long standing and serious issue with Imagick converter. It no longer generates webp images in poor quality
  • Added gmagick as a new conversion method
  • WebPExpress now runs on newly released WebP-Convert 1.2.0
  • Added many new options for cwebp
  • You can now quickly see converter status by hovering over a converter
  • You can now choose between having quality auto-detected or not (if the server supports detecting quality).
  • If the server does not support detecting quality, the WPC converter will display a quality "auto" option
  • Added special intro message for those who has no working conversion methods
  • Added help texts for options
  • Settings are now saved, when changing converter options. Too many times, I found myself forgetting to save...

For more info, see the closed issues on the 0.6.0 milestone on our github repository: https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-express/issues?q=is%3Aclosed+milestone%3A0.6.0


0.5.0 2018-09-14

This version works on many more setups than the previous. Also uses less resources and handles when images are changed.

  • Configuration is now stored in a separate configuration file instead of storing directly in the .htaccess file and passing it on via query string. When updating, these settings are migrated automatically.
  • Handles setups where Wordpress has been given its own directory (both methods mentioned here)
  • Handles setups where wp-content has been moved, even out of Wordpress root.
  • Handles setups where Uploads folder has been moved, even out of wp-content.
  • Handles setups where Plugins folder has been moved, even out of wp-content or out of Wordpress root
  • Is not as likely to be subject to firewalls blocking requests (in 0.4.0, we passed all options in a querystring, and that could trigger firewalls under some circumstances)
  • Is not as likely to be subject to rewrite rules from other plugins interfering. WebP Express now stores the .htaccess in the wp-content folder (if you allow it). As this is deeper than the root folder, the rules in here takes precedence over rules in the main .htaccess
  • The .htaccess now passes the complete absulute path to the source file instead of a relative path. This is a less error-prone method.
  • Reconverts the webp, if source image has changed
  • Now runs on version 1.0.0 of WebP On Demand. Previously ran on 0.3.0
  • Now takes care of only loading the PHP classes when needed in order not to slow down your Wordpress. The frontend will only need to process four lines of code. The backend footprint is also quite small now (80 lines of code of hooks)
  • Now works in Wordpress 4.0 - 4.6.
  • Added cache-breaking tokens to image test links
  • Denies deactivation if rewrite rules could not be removed
  • Refactored thoroughly
  • More helpful texts.
  • Extensive testing. Tested on Wordpress 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8 and 4.9. Tested with PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1. Tested on Apache and LiteSpeed. Tested when missing various write permissions. Tested migration. Tested when installed in root, in subfolder, when Wordpress has its own directory (both methods), when wp-content is moved out of Wordpress directory, when plugins is moved out of Wordpress directory, when both of them are moved and when uploads have been moved.

For more info, see the closed issues on the 0.5.0 milestone on our github repository: https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-express/milestone/2?closed=1


0.4.0 2018-08-21
  • Fixed bug: .htaccess was not updated every time the settings was saved.
  • Fixed bug: The plugin generated error upon activation.
  • Now produces X-WebP-Convert-And-Serve headers with info about the conversion - useful for validating that converter receives the expected arguments and executes correctly.
  • WebPExpress options are now removed when plugin is uninstalled.
  • No longer generates .htaccess rules on install. The user now has to actively go to Web Express setting and save first
  • Added a "first time" message on options page and a reactivation message

For more info, see the closed issues on the github repository: https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-express/milestone/1?closed=1


0.3.0 2018-08-17
0.3.1 2018-08-14
  • The "Only jpeg" setting wasn't respected in 0.3.0. It now works again 2018-08-01
0.2.0 2018-08-01