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Weight Based Shipping is a simple yet flexible shipping method for WooCommerce focused mainly on order weight (but not limited to) to calculate shipping cost. Plugin allows you to add multiple rules based on various conditions.


  • Order weight, subtotal and destination
    Create as many shipping rules as you need for different order destinations, weight and subtotal ranges.

  • Flexible Price Calculation
    Each rule can be configured to expose a constant price (like Flat Rate) or a progressive price based on cart weight, or both.

  • Conditional Free Shipping
    In some cases you want to ship for free depending on subtotal, total weight or some other condition. That can be achieved in a moment with the plugin.

  • Shipping Classes Support
    For each shipping class you have you can override the way shipping price is calculated for it.

See screenshots for the list of all supported options.

Also, check out our advanced table rate shipping plugin for WooCommerce.

Releases (1 )

Version Release Date Change Log
4.2.3 2017-04-23
  • Fix links to premium plugins