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Generate WooCommerce product feeds for all your marketing channels, such as Google Shopping (merchant center), Facebook, Remarketing, Bing Ads,, Pricerunner, Skroutz and many more. Next to custom feeds there are over 100 pre-defined templates included for marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and search engines. This plugin provides high-quality product feed for Google Shopping and many many more.

Why choose this plugin?

Simply because this is the most complete plugin offering support for an unlimited number of products and feeds, including features such as category- & field-mapping and advanced, rule-based, filtering and product variables support. Next to creating product feeds this plugin also add's pixels and conversion API (CAPI) and Google Dynamic Remarketing pixel to your website and makes sure they are aligned with your feeds.

Our mission

Offer free and advanced, intuitive, tooling and plugins for website owners and marketers to easily set-up and manage their online marketing campaigns.

Releases (489 )

Version Release Date Change Log
12.0.3 2022-11-23

Solved a PHP Fatal error when trying to retrieve the woosea_condition string

12.0.2 2022-11-21

Added the sale_price_effective_date field to the Google DRM feed template

12.0.1 2022-11-20

Fixed an issue with the sale_price_effective_date which was empty

12.0.0 2022-11-15
  • Added a created timestamp to Skroutz XML feeds
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a fatal error, added is array check
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in PHP warnings when browsers do not set a HTTP USER AGENT
11.9.9 2022-11-09

Checked for compatibility with WooCommerce 7.1 jQuery CSS no longer enqueued on the WP-admin dashboard

11.9.8 2022-11-09

Added support for PHP 8.1 Checked for compatibility with Wordpress 6.1

11.9.7 2022-11-02

Changed function string to is_string

11.9.6 2022-10-28

Solved an issue where a string was used in a multiply formula and caused a fatal error

11.9.5 2022-10-20

Solved a PHP warning for yoast attributes

11.9.4 2022-10-19

Solved a PHP warning for an undefined variable

11.9.3 2022-10-15

Solved a fatal array merge error

11.9.2 2022-10-14

Removed some autoloading on wp_options Checked for compatibility with WooCommerce 7.0

11.9.1 2022-10-14

Fixed an issue with shipping costs formula calculations

11.9.0 2022-10-10

Fixed an issue with review names not getting retrieved and showing warnings in the logs Fixed an issue where a data variable was not an integer and showed warnings in the logs

11.8.9 2022-10-07

Firstname and first character of an users lastname are now being used in Google review feeds

11.8.8 2022-10-01

Added a htmlspecialchars call on review names

11.8.7 2022-09-07

Added the rich product content field to the Google Shopping template

11.8.4 2022-09-02

Added an option to enable/disable returning of only basic attributes in the field mapping and rules and filters drop-downs

11.8.5 2022-09-02

Changed the update_option for cron_projects to non autoload

11.8.3 2022-08-15

Fixed an issue where not all (externally created) attributes or metafields where showing in the field mapping drop-downs

11.8.2 2022-08-13

When the availability date field mapping has been added it will only be added to products that are on backorder. Not to any other products.

11.8.1 2022-08-11

Added 5 attributes to create availability dates in the future for products that are on backorder

11.8.0 2022-08-10

Checked for compatibility with WooCommerce 6.8.0

11.7.9 2022-08-08

Fixed an issue where shipping class costs where not calculated properly

11.7.8 2022-08-05

Added additional field for the Pinterest template

11.7.7 2022-08-01

Removed currency from Zbozi shipping costs

11.7.6 2022-07-31

Added the link_template field for Google Shopping feeds

11.7.5 2022-07-23

Fixed an issue with VAT that was not being added for bundled products

11.7.4 2022-07-22

Checked for compatibility with WooCommerce 6.7.0

11.7.3 2022-07-15

Solved an issue with Uncaught TypeError: array_intersect()

11.7.2 2022-07-14

Replaced substr with mb_substr for the product descriptions

11.7.1 2022-07-05

Solved an Call to a member function addChild() on null for Skroutz feeds

11.7.0 2022-07-04

Removed the htaccess file for the TXT feed directory

11.6.9 2022-06-30

Added the product title slug attribute

11.6.8 2022-06-30

Fixed an issues with the XML version of the Google Local Product Inventory feed where the g: was missing for the field names

11.6.7 2022-06-21

Fixed an issue when a non-string was added as a key to the product data array

11.6.6 2022-06-20

Removed some debugging code

11.6.5 2022-06-20

Added XML support for Google's Local Product Inventory feeds

6.6.0 2022-06-16

Fixed a multi-currency bug for WPML where only the first product of a product feed was not converted to the correct currency.

11.6.2 2022-06-07

Solved a Undefined array key HTTP_HOST PHP warning

11.6.1 2022-06-01

Added some more sanitisation and escaping

11.6.0 2022-05-31

Added support for the new Skroutz additional_image requirements

11.5.9 2022-05-31

Fixed an issue where the thousand separator for discounted prices by Flycart was causing malformed prices

11.5.8 2022-05-31

Fixed issues with regards to missing sanitazion and validation

11.5.7 2022-05-29

Solved an issue with an undefined variable

11.5.6 2022-05-10

Fixed an issue with the Skroutz template, adding comma's inbetween size values

11.5.5 2022-05-05

Fixed a PHP notice introduced in the previous release

11.5.4 2022-04-29

Added the alt text attribute for Pinterest feeds Added price attributes with thousand and decimal separators in it (mainly for TikTok)

11.5.3 2022-04-22

Removed all Facebook references in the plugin title and description

11.5.2 2022-04-15

Tested for compatibility with WooCommerce 6.4

11.5.1 2022-04-07

Fixed a multiply issue for price, regular price and sale price attributes that used a komma as decimal separator

11.5.0 2022-04-04

Added the Glami templates for Slovakia and the Czech Republic

11.4.9 2022-03-30

Changed the wpdb::prepare query string

11.4.8 2022-03-29

Implemented a rounding feature for WooCommerce bundled products

11.4.7 2022-03-28

Added two new fields to the Google Shopping template: Short title and Excluded countries for Shopping ads

11.4.6 2022-03-23

The WooCommerce Composite plugin returned sale prices of 0.00. When this happens our plugin removes that sale price from the feeds

11.4.5 2022-03-22

Reverting the rounding on two decimals for bundled products as WooCommerce is not always returning int|float values

11.4.4 2022-03-21

Added links to TranslatePress tutorial Fixed an issue with the WooCommerce bundled product plugin that returned prices with more than 2 decimals

11.4.3 2022-03-17

Fixed an issue for bundled products where VAT was added twice

11.4.2 2022-03-16

Simplified the SQL query that retrieved custom attribute names so it uses less memory

11.4.1 2022-03-15

Added 4 new Google Shopping fields in the template: product height, product length, product width and product weight

11.4.0 2022-03-14

Added encoding for percentage characters Fixed a rounding error which one does on strings instead of int|floats

11.3.9 2022-03-12

Checked for compatibility with WooCommerce 6.3 Fixed a rounding error which one does on strings instead of int|floats

11.3.8 2022-03-07

Added the new custom number fields to the Facebook / Instragram template

11.3.7 2022-03-06

Solved an issue with an undefined variable in the Google pixel feature

11.3.6 2022-02-24

Fixed a floatval issue that occured when calculating prices for bundled products

11.3.5 2022-02-23

Fixed an issue with the deduplication counters

11.3.4 2022-02-22

Fixed an error, the _my_conversions table is being queried but did not always exist Added an option to forcefully clean the dulication options

11.3.3 2022-02-21

Fixed a VAT issue for the Pinterest / Vivino / TikTok price attributes

11.3.2 2022-02-21

Fixed an issue that resulted in empty feeds when multiple feeds were configured and all at once were processing

11.3.1 2022-02-20

Added three Pinterest / Vivino / TikTok price attributes excluding VAT

11.2.9 2022-02-17

Solved a Call to a member function addChild() on null issue

11.2.8 2022-02-12

Solved an array_key_exists error

11.2.7 2022-02-10

Fixed some minor CSS issues for the category mapping autosuggest Changed plugin title in readme.txt file

11.2.6 2022-02-09

Tested for WooCommerce 6.2

11.2.5 2022-02-07

Solved an UTF8-encoding issue that broke XML feeds

11.2.3 2022-02-02

Fixed a XSS vulnerability issue

11.2.2 2022-01-31

Fixed a XSS vulnerability issue

11.2.1 2022-01-30

Fixed an issue for individually priced bundled products that had a discount configured, it was not adding the VAT to those prices.

11.2.0 2022-01-26

Fixed an issue where the plugin crached on Skroutz feeds when simple products were changed into variable products or the other way around

11.1.9 2022-01-26

Confirmed compatibility with Wordpress 5.9

11.1.7 2022-01-20

Bolder element changed the table rate shipping name method. This causes the integration to no longer work. This issue has been fixed now.

11.1.6 2022-01-20

Solved this error for Skroutz feed: Call to undefined method WC_Product_Simple::get_available_variations()

11.1.5 2022-01-20

Added support for the media (image) URL field

11.1.3 2022-01-09

Removed htaccess feature as it seems to be conflicting for some users

11.1.2 2022-01-07

Added support for the availability feed Added user cap filter

11.1.1 2022-01-03

Added quantity support for Skroutz feeds

11.1.0 2022-01-03

Update of post meta extra fields only when they are set and filled

11.0.9 2022-01-02

Added user security checks

11.0.8 2021-12-30

Added template for Slovakian marketplace

11.0.7 2021-12-23

Added missing capability checks on plugin settings that could influence product feeds. Only administrators are allowed to make these changes

11.0.6 2021-12-22

Added htaccess files to the feed directories so they no longer will be cached (thanks @Anders!) Fixed an issue where disabled product variations still made it into the size attribute Fixed an array merge warning that showed when a new feed was being created and no previous feed was present Added downloadable and virtual attribute data so those can be added to feeds and filtered on

11.0.5 2021-12-20

Fixed an issue where shipping formula's were not translated to shipping costs properly

11.0.4 2021-12-20

Solved a rounding issue for discount calculations on products that use a point as seperator

11.0.3 2021-12-16

Checked for compatibility with WooCommerce 6.0 Solved a PHP warning that was showing in the logs when creating a Skroutz feed

11.0.2 2021-12-15

Solved a PHP warning that was showing in the logs when creating a Skroutz feed Solved a mysqli::real_connect() error

11.0.1 2021-12-14

Reverted previous release as it lead to invalid header errors on new plugin installs

11.0.0 2021-12-12

Removed unused variables from some functions and did an extra array check

10.9.9 2021-12-10

Solved a PHP notice

9.5.2 2021-12-10

Fixed a minor issue in exclude rules for WooCommerce category names

9.5.3 2021-12-10

Added a feature to remove free shipping zones from Google and Facebook feeds

9.5.4 2021-12-10

When free shipping zones are removed do not remove the other shipping zones

9.5.6 2021-12-10

Changed attribute name primary category to Yoast primary category as it caused lots of confussion

9.5.7 2021-12-10

Dynamic attribute values are now also added to parent variable products for Skroutz feeds

9.5.8 2021-12-10

Added shipping class name attribute

9.5.9 2021-12-10
  • Added a fail-safe when users do not select a marketing channel which let to PHP notices in logs
9.6.0 2021-12-10

Changed g:itemid to g:id for the Google Local Product Feeds

9.6.1 2021-12-10

Added attribute that will allow you to uppercase every first character of a string in product names

9.6.2 2021-12-10

For Skroutz feed removing sizes from feeds when they are out-of-stock

9.6.3 2021-12-10

Fixed a bug, the Facebook pixel is now also measuing revenue for multiple items in Cart, InititiateCheckout and Purchase events Reverted back some changes in filters and rules

9.6.4 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue with rules and filters When a rule was set on an image link, no longer lowercase the image link

9.6.5 2021-12-10

Do not add Skroutz variable products to the feed when they do not have item_group_id's

9.6.6 2021-12-10

Added support for PHP 8.0

9.6.7 2021-12-10

When suffixes and prefixes are used for the Heureka URL fields spaces are removed

9.6.8 2021-12-10

Added Google category taxonomy mapping for Snapchat feeds

9.6.9 2021-12-10

Added product name parent hyphen attribute

9.7.0 2021-12-10

Fixed a bug where lowest priced variations where not making it to feeds

9.7.1 2021-12-10

Added another fix to take into account prices excluding VAT for filtering out all but the minimum priced variation

9.7.2 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue with the Facebook pixel. Product names that had an apostrophe in them were not measured.

9.7.3 2021-12-10

Added a new attribute "Stock Status WooCommerce" Fixed another quote issue with the Facebook pixel

9.7.4 2021-12-10

Added Bing Shopping Promotions template

9.7.5 2021-12-10

Another recode of the lowest price variation feature

9.7.6 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue with the Facebook Purchase event that did not track the order value correct

9.7.7 2021-12-10

Removed the woosea_add_cart.js from the source as it was an empty file

9.7.8 2021-12-10

Added a boolean check on the review feed creation

9.7.9 2021-12-10

Checked for compatibility with WordPress 5.7 Checked for compatibility with WooCommerce 5.1.0

9.8.0 2021-12-10

Only reviews that are approved make it to the review feeds, disapproved reviews are removed

9.8.1 2021-12-10

The plugin systems check showed a critical error for users that are on PHP 8. Issue is fixed now.

9.8.2 2021-12-10

Fixed a Facebook Purchase event where only the value of the last product was added to the Facebook pixel instead of the value of all products bought

9.8.3 2021-12-10

Solved a rounding issue for sale prices including VAT

9.8.4 2021-12-10

Added the Germany template, including their Direktkauf fields

9.8.5 2021-12-10

Affiliate / external product types got an item_group_id of 0 in the feed whereas it should be empty. Issue is fixed now.

9.8.6 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue where shipping tax was not added for WooCommerce table rate shipping costs

9.8.7 2021-12-10

Bundle and composite products should not get an item group ID in the feed, removed it from the feed.

9.8.8 2021-12-10

Fixed an UI issue with filters and rules, apostrofs were not showing. Issue is fixed now.

9.8.9 2021-12-10
9.9.0 2021-12-10

Added product type field mapping to the Facebook template Change the default field mapping for title to "product name parent product" so grouping on variable products works better in Facebook

9.9.1 2021-12-10

Added support for the official WooCommerce Table Rate plugin (by WooCommerce)

9.9.2 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue for the shipping table rate plugin, when multiple where configured only one price made it to the feed. Issue is fixed.

9.9.3 2021-12-10

Removed currency from shipping costs of Heureka feeds

9.9.4 2021-12-10

Added lowest shipping costs attribute

9.9.5 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue with the product_url field for Google review feeds. The & charcater was shown as AND. Issue fixed now.

9.9.6 2021-12-10

Added support for the Rankmath primary category

9.9.7 2021-12-10

Fixed helptexts and notifications

9.9.8 2021-12-10

Added support for non numeric characters in the AW Dynamic tracking ID

9.9.9 2021-12-10

Added a "force clean-up" feature that in one go removes all feed configurations and scheduled jobs

10.0.0 2021-12-10

Fixed a bug: when multiple standard tax rates for multiple countries where configured the plugin did not pick the correct tax rate when a feed was configured for a country other then the base country. This has been fixed now.

10.0.2 2021-12-10

Fixed a bug: rules that where set on attributes that were empty accidently added values to the product data. This has been fixed now.

10.0.3 2021-12-10

When variations are out of stock we remove them from the parent product for Skroutz feeds

10.0.4 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue where shipping costs where missing from feeds Lowest shipping costs did not return the lowest price when prices where not numeric. This has been fixed now.

10.0.5 2021-12-10

Added the "pickup today / merchant hosted local storefront" fields for Google Shopping

10.0.7 2021-12-10

Added support for ACF image fields (make sure to use image or bild in your field name)

10.0.8 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue with the image field for custom feeds, it was added as image_link. This has been fixed now.

10.0.9 2021-12-10

Added extra fields for Google's local storefront shopping feeds

10.1.0 2021-12-10

Tested for compatibility with WooCommerce 5.3 Changed UI when saving new plugin batch size so it shows the correct batch number immediatly

10.1.1 2021-12-10

Added support for Mix and Match minimum and maximum prices Removed the item_group_id for Mix and Match products

10.1.2 2021-12-10

Added the product type field mapping as default mapping for Google Shopping feeds

10.1.3 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue with taxes being added in the system sale prices

10.1.4 2021-12-10

Adding CDATA feature so CDATA can be added to the title, description and short description fields

10.1.5 2021-12-10

Fixed a bug: exclude filters on regular prices did not work

10.1.6 2021-12-10

Fixed a bug: The Facebook pixel viewContent event does not accept comma's in prices. Fixed.

10.1.7 2021-12-10

Fixed a bug: The Facebook pixel addToCart, initiateCheckout and Purchase event does not accept comma's in prices. Fixed.

10.1.8 2021-12-10

When the identifier exists field mapping is removed from the field mapping also remove it from the feed Some minor textual changes in the feed configuration forms

10.1.9 2021-12-10

Fixed a PHP notice that showed when users created an empty rule

10.2.0 2021-12-10

Removed a CSS z-index as it conflicted with Jetpack

10.2.1 2021-12-10

Added XSS vulnerability checks on both the Google Remarketing pixel and Facebook pixel feature.

10.2.2 2021-12-10

Removed an useless nonce

10.2.3 2021-12-10

Added seller name to Google & Bing shopping templates

10.2.4 2021-12-10

Fixed a CDATA issue

10.2.5 2021-12-10

When discount plugins are being used prices will be rounded on 2 decimals

10.2.6 2021-12-10

Added an array check on custom attributes

10.2.7 2021-12-10

Added Adwords grouping, Adwords labels and Adwords redirect fields to the Bing Shopping template

10.2.9 2021-12-10

Added support for the Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) - still in beta! Stripped whitespaces from values in CSV feeds

10.3.0 2021-12-10

Cleaning-up some debug code for the Facebook CAPI implementation

10.3.1 2021-12-10

Removed from the list of supported channels

10.3.2 2021-12-10

Added some product data attributes to the Google Shopping template: capacity, count, disclosure date, feature description, flavor, format, product line, product pag e url, release date, scent, size system, size type, suggested retail price, theme and video link

10.3.3 2021-12-10

Added a 'Link without parameters' attribute (which holds no attribute or UTM parameters in the URL)

10.3.4 2021-12-10

Added the quantity_to_sell_on_facebook field to the Facebook template

10.3.5 2021-12-10

Fixed a bug: using a rounding price attribute did not work properly when in WooCommerce currency options the decimal or thousand separator was left blank, it always rounded down. This has been fixed.

10.3.6 2021-12-10

Added eventID's to the Facebook pixel and Facebook Conversion API in order to prevent duplicate events being measured

10.3.7 2021-12-10

Added Facebook Auto / Vehicle fields to the Facebook templating

10.3.8 2021-12-10

Fixed a bug: When a find and replace rule was created it converted strings to lowercases, this has been fixed.

10.3.9 2021-12-10

A PHP warning was thrown when a review feed was created while there were no reviews in WooCommerce

10.4.0 2021-12-10

Fixed a PHP notice on a foreach loop when a non-array was used for it

10.4.1 2021-12-10

Implemented Google's new Dynamic Remarketing event pixelcode and added the Purchase and Add To Cart events for it

10.4.2 2021-12-10

Fixed a shipping issue where table rates where put on 0 when pickup was available too.

10.4.3 2021-12-10

Added the non tax price attribute for WCML

10.4.4 2021-12-10

Fixed a product review feed bug where review names with a : in it broke the feed.

10.4.5 2021-12-10

Google changed its availability requirements (underscores in the availability values), we have adjusted the plugin on this.

10.4.7 2021-12-10

Checked for compatibility with WP 5.8

10.4.8 2021-12-10

Added support for the Yoast SEO WooCommerce unique identifiers GTIN's, ISBN, MPN so they can be used for feeds.

10.4.9 2021-12-10

Added support for Prisjakt (Sweden, Norway, Finland) feeds. The Google Shopping feed requirements are being used for it as of this release.

10.5.0 2021-12-10

Added the Vivino template to the plugin

10.5.1 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue where the visibility attribute did not return anything

10.5.2 2021-12-10

Tested for compatibility with WooCommerce 5.6

10.5.3 2021-12-10

Solved a bug: when the XML variable was not an object is returned a fatal error. Issue is solved now.

10.5.4 2021-12-10

Fixed a shipping cost issue where shipping classes that had no shipping costs set where empty Fixed a Google Remarketing pixel, added apostrophe on the AW-XXXXXX parameter

10.5.5 2021-12-10

Fixed a Google Remarketing Pixel issue on the cart page

10.5.6 2021-12-10

(2021-09-03) = * Fixed an undefined variable issue for the facebook pixel id

10.5.7 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue where Rankmath plugin is installed but no primary category has been set. This resulted in a PHP notice in the logs. This has been solved now.

10.5.8 2021-12-10

Added a feature to be able to remove products from feeds when only few variations are in stock

10.5.9 2021-12-10

Somehow simple products got an item_group_id for some users causing a critical error. Added a check on this to fix the error.

10.6.0 2021-12-10

Solved an issue with wrong sale prices when WCML was enabled and manual prices were entered

10.6.1 2021-12-10

Solved an undefined array issue when creating a new feed

10.6.2 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue where simple products with variations (which in theory is not possible) caused the feed processing to get stuck

10.6.3 2021-12-10

Added display ads attributes to the Google Shopping template

10.6.4 2021-12-10

Added capacity attribute to the Google Shopping template

10.6.5 2021-12-10

Build in an extra check to see if the cron events are active to update feeds. When not this cron event is being created.

10.6.6 2021-12-10

Solved an issue where the plugin got stuck when variable products get deleted in WooCommerce during processing of the feed

10.6.7 2021-12-10

Made a change to the code so it uses less memory when processing a feed

10.6.8 2021-12-10

Solved a Call to undefined method WC_Product_Simple::get_available_variations error

10.6.9 2021-12-10
10.7.0 2021-12-10

Made changes to the code to calculate the number of product variations that are on stock as it did not work for some users

10.7.1 2021-12-10

Added purchase note attribute

10.7.2 2021-12-10

Added support for the WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce plugin

10.7.3 2021-12-10

Fixed filters on purchase note array's

10.7.4 2021-12-10

Fixed a division by zero error

10.7.5 2021-12-10

Added the template

10.7.6 2021-12-10

Added the Region Id attribute for Google Shopping feeds

10.7.7 2021-12-10

Added the Region Id attribute for Google Shopping feeds

10.7.8 2021-12-10

Reviews that have no rating or have deeplinks in the review text are now being removed fromn review feeds automatically as they are not allowed by Google

10.7.9 2021-12-10

Tested for compatibility with WooCommerce 5.8

10.8.0 2021-12-10

When the product variable is not an object the retrieval of the stock status broke processing of the feed. Build in a check to prevent this from happening.

10.8.1 2021-12-10

Added the "is not empty" operator for filters and rules

10.8.2 2021-12-10

Solved a PHP notice upon activation of plugin

10.8.3 2021-12-10

Solved a PHP notice upon activation of plugin

10.8.4 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue with Skroutz feeds where product sizes that are out of stock are now removed from the size field

10.8.5 2021-12-10

Fixed the JSON-lD for the brand details

10.8.6 2021-12-10

Tested for compatibility with WooCommerce 5.9

10.8.7 2021-12-10

Added extra image attribute 4 to 9 for feeds

10.8.8 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue with the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin from FlyCart that returned no decimals in round discount prices. The .00 are now also added.

10.8.9 2021-12-10

Added template for German

10.9.0 2021-12-10

Added template for TikTok

10.9.1 2021-12-10

Added extra authorisation and checks to prevent cross-site scripting abuse Added Guadeloupe (GP), Martinique (MQ), French Guiana (GF) and Reunion (RE) to the list of supported countries Removed CDATA feature as it was not properly functioning

10.9.2 2021-12-10

Updated the out of date Chart.js libraries Removed eval for shipping cost formula's Replaced usage of CURL with Wordpress HTTP API Solved some translation permalink issues Added missing sanitizing to POST and GET requests Added escaping to some variables that are being echo'd

10.9.4 2021-12-10

Removed the graphs from the manage feeds page, will soon be replaced by new ones Replaced a filter_var_array function with a proper Wordpress sanitize function

10.9.5 2021-12-10

Solved an issue where product variations could not be updated

10.9.6 2021-12-10

Fixed some PHP notices that showed when the Google Dynamic Remarketing feature was enabled but parent variable products returned no price

10.9.7 2021-12-10

Added template for Miinto Germany

10.9.8 2021-12-10

Replaced usage of site_url with home_url for feed headings

9.3.8 2021-12-10

Tested for compatibility with WooCommerce 4.9

9.3.9 2021-12-10 apparel products are now grouped by color

9.4.0 2021-12-10

Added a WP-cron check and notifications

9.4.1 2021-12-10

Fixed a bug: exclude filters on empty product tags were broken. This is fixed now.

9.4.2 2021-12-10

Added the Dutch template

9.4.3 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue with an undefined ecomm_price variable on product variable pages

9.4.5 2021-12-10

Added a Google Shopping field to their template: g:ship_from_country Stripping & characters from review names as it breaks the review feeds

9.4.6 2021-12-10

Added a new attribute: product description parent product

9.4.7 2021-12-10

Solved an issue that shipping costs to the first product in a custom feed where empty

9.4.8 2021-12-10

Fixed an issue with the ecomm_prodid on the cart page

9.4.9 2021-12-10

Added a seperate sale price attribute for bundled products Reviews for parent variable products are removed, the reviews are attached to its variations

9.5.0 2021-12-10

Discount rules created with the FlyCart plugin did not make it to Skroutz feeds. This has been solved now

9.5.1 2021-12-10

Dynamic attributes without values that are used for product details should be skipped which not always happened. This is fixed now.

9.3.7 2021-01-12

Added the template

9.3.6 2021-01-11

Added a product name lowercase attribute

9.3.5 2021-01-08

Fixed a rounding issue for WooCommerce bundled products

9.3.4 2021-01-04

Fixed an issue with the Google Remarketing Pixel / ecomm_totalvalue parameter

9.3.3 2021-01-02

Fixed an exclude filter issue (Thanks @Fabrice for reporting and solving!)

9.3.2 2020-12-29

Added support for the Yandex group_id attribute

9.3.1 2020-12-29

When the FlyCart table rate shipping plugin is active do not calculate shipping costs for product ID's that are smaller than 0

9.3.0 2020-12-23

Fixed an issue with anonymous reviews for the Google product review feed

9.2.9 2020-12-21

Added support for the "fee percentage" shipping cost formula

9.2.8 2020-12-21

Added a discount percentage attribute calculating the percentage discount between the sale and regular price

9.2.7 2020-12-21

Fixed an issue for Skroutz feeds where the lowest priced variation feature was not working

9.2.6 2020-12-18

Fixed all the deprecated jQuery

9.2.5 2020-12-10

Added support for Facebook Enhanced Catalog feeds Added the APP ID to Facebook feeds Renamed the Facebook channel name in drop-downs Tested for compatibility with Wordpress 5.6 Tested for compatibility with WooCommerce 4.8

9.2.4 2020-12-10

Removed Google Shopping shipping regions for Canada and France as those are no longer supported by Google

9.2.3 2020-12-05

Skroutz variation products that are out of stock are no longer added as an attribute value to the parent product (such as size / colour)

9.2.2 2020-12-02

Solved a PHP warning notification that showed on the manage feeds page when a user did not create any WooCommerce custom attributes Solved a Facebook pixel price localization issue for the AddToCart and Purchase event

9.2.1 2020-12-02

Fixed an issue where when no tax rates where defined the plugin showed a PHP warning when processing bundled products

9.2.0 2020-11-30

Option cron_projects set to autoload no as there is no need to have it autoloaded

9.1.9 2020-11-26

Added a performance feature. Users can now select to only refresh their product feeds when products have been changed or new products have been added to WooCommerce.

9.1.8 2020-11-25

Fixed an issue where table rate shipping costs did not make it to custom feeds.

9.1.7 2020-11-19

Fixed an issue where SimpleXML did not return an object and caused the plugin to get stuck

9.1.6 2020-11-19

Fixed an issue, all of a sudden "Object of class WP_Errors" showed on a str_replace. Issue is fixed now.

9.1.5 2020-11-19

Fixed an issue where free shipping costs did not make it correctly to Prisjakt feeds

9.1.4 2020-11-18

Fixed an issue with the Woo Discount plugin by FlyCart that in some cases returned a sale price of 10.

9.1.3 2020-11-17

Solved some minor PHP warnings that showed in the UI The category path skroutz attribute was throwing a fatal error on a str_replace. This is fixed.

9.1.2 2020-11-15

When simple products are switched to variable products WooCommerce leaves some "simple" traces in the database causing issues for our plugin. This has been solved now.

9.1.1 2020-11-15

When simple products are switched to variable products WooCommerce leaves some "simple" traces in the database causing issues for our plugin. This has been solved now.

9.1.0 2020-11-15

Fixed an issue where the "Exclude from feeds" product feature did not fully work for CSV feeds

9.0.9 2020-11-13

Added support for the official WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin

9.0.8 2020-11-12

Fixed an issue where VAT was not added to the sale price for WooCommerce FlyCart discount rules

9.0.7 2020-11-12

Fixed an issue where sale prices configured with the WooCommerce FlyCart plugin did not work

9.0.6 2020-11-11

Added EAN as one of the fields that can be selected for the custom feed template

9.0.5 2020-11-10

Added support for usage of multiple product highlights

9.0.4 2020-11-08

Removed some absolete queued JS scripts

9.0.3 2020-11-05

Added support for adding multiple images to Australian Kogan feeds

9.0.2 2020-11-04

Fixed an issue where when adding "?aelia_cs_currency=" to the suffix field for links resulted in two quesionsmarks in deeplinks. This has been fixed now.

9.0.1 2020-11-04

Added support for Heureka delivery

9.0.0 2020-11-03

Added support for Skroutz Apparel product requirements Saving of the Facebook pixel ID in the interface did not give any feedback if it saved. Improved this slightly.

8.9.9 2020-10-27

Added support for the Discount Rules for WooCommerce by FlyCart plugin

8.9.7 2020-10-23

Switched rules and data manipulation feature

8.9.6 2020-10-22

Bundle and composite products now also working with WPML and WCML Escaping & characters in deeplinks

8.9.5 2020-10-22

Tested for compatibility with WooCommerce 4.6

8.9.3 2020-10-16

Fixed an issue for prices of bundled products that always added the VAT to the price

8.9.2 2020-10-13

Next to CSV feeds for Bing Shopping the plugin now also strips the g: from the header for TXT feeds

8.9.1 2020-10-12

Fixed an issue with Aelia sale prices generating PHP warnings

8.9.0 2020-10-12

Fixed an issue with the is_plugin_active function that did not work Fixed a shipping costs issue where sometimes the country was left empty

8.8.9 2020-10-06

Added support for the WooCommerce Mix & Match plugin

8.8.8 2020-10-04

Added fields to Trovaprezzi template Performance enhancements

8.8.7 2020-10-03

Fixed a bug where attribute values no longer were added to the product name

8.8.6 2020-10-03

Fixed an issue that caused performance of the plugin to slow down

8.8.5 2020-10-01

Fixed a shipping cost bug that happened when multiple flat rates where configured for a country

8.8.4 2020-10-01

Changed the default price mappings for the Pinterest template

8.8.3 2020-09-30
8.8.2 2020-09-29

Fixed issues with sale price start and sale end date

8.8.1 2020-09-29

Sale prices now respect the sale price start and end date when set

8.8.0 2020-09-28

Added feature to only add the cheapest priced variation(s) to product feeds instead of all variations or the default variation.

8.7.9 2020-09-27

Added 5 default fields to the Facebook template

8.7.8 2020-09-26

Rounding divide calculations rules to two decimals

8.7.7 2020-09-25

(2020-09-25) = * Facebook purchase event did not always had the correct pricing. Issue solved.

8.7.6 2020-09-24

Facebook pixel basket issue solved Using official composite function to retrieve composite product prices

8.7.5 2020-09-23

Price field for bundled and composite products now always contain VAT

8.7.4 2020-09-21

The template is now also working for PARAM fields

8.7.3 2020-09-21

Allowing apostrophes in static values

8.7.2 2020-09-16

Fixed minor issues with undeclared PHP variables throwing warnings Added Polylang links

8.7.1 2020-09-11

Changed product ids order in the Google product review XML feeds. Tested for WooCommerce 4.5

8.7.0 2020-09-09

Product variations for Yandex feed where missing the categoryID values in the feed. This bug has been fixed.

8.6.8 2020-09-03

Google changed the field order of their Google Local Products Inventory feed requirements. We changed the template to reflect this change.

8.6.7 2020-09-03

Google doesn't allow identical reviews for product variations. When disabling adding the variations to the feed it therefor now adds the parent variable product review.

8.6.6 2020-08-30

When the description and short description are over 5000 characters they will be truncated so they do not exceed the 5000 charachters as this is a Google Shopping limitation.

8.6.5 2020-08-30

Minor change to how CSV feeds are being generated, also partly rollback of changes made in version 8.5.6

8.6.4 2020-08-30

Some update_option functions took four arguments whereas it takes only three. This has been fixed now (Thanks @Sudhir)

8.6.3 2020-08-28

Product ID's for WCML are being returned as null, take this into account for functions.

8.6.2 2020-08-21

Added some fields to the Trovaprezzi template

8.6.1 2020-08-20

jQuery ready event is deprecated so changes the JS files that still used it.

8.6.0 2020-08-13

Usage of shortcodes in the unfiltered description attributes is now allowed

8.5.9 2020-08-13

Compatibility check for Wordpress 5.5.

8.5.8 2020-08-12

Added the Heureka Slovakia template

8.5.7 2020-08-04

Fixed a minor issue with apostrophes showing at the beginning and end of a CSV row

8.5.6 2020-08-04

Apostrophes are no longer stripped from CSV files

8.5.5 2020-08-04

Added Snapchat product catalog template

8.5.4 2020-08-03

Preventing WooCommerce geo service to ignore WCML currency settings

8.5.3 2020-07-30

Fixed a bug that was introduced in version 8.5.0 where category mappings for variations no longer worked. This has been fixed now.

8.5.2 2020-07-28

Applied the wpautop function to respect paragraphs in the unfiltered (short)description attribute

8.5.1 2020-07-28

Added support for the official WooCommerce Brands plugin:

8.5.0 2020-07-27

Fixed a category mapping issue for Google Shopping feeds where duplicate caregory namings caused wrong category mappings

8.4.9 2020-07-26

Removed the parent variable product for Facebook catalogue feeds again. It turns out not to be needed

8.4.8 2020-07-25

Added the parent variable product to Facebook catalogue feeds

8.4.7 2020-07-14

Solved an Aelia price caching issue

8.4.6 2020-07-10

Changed Google Review XML Schema to 2.3 Re-arranged the product_ids in Google product review feeds Replaced & characters in product names with 'and' for Google product review feeds

8.4.5 2020-07-09

Fixed support for Bing Shopping feeds

8.4.4 2020-07-09

Added the Facebook Pixel feature

8.4.3 2020-07-09

Flat rate shipping methods that had no classes set resulted in empty shipping costs in feeds. This has been solved now.

8.4.2 2020-07-08
  • Fixed an issue with German free shipping zones not showing in Google Shopping feeds
8.4.1 2020-07-07

Added two new Google Shopping fields to the template: productdetail and producthighlight

8.4.0 2020-07-07

Added attributes for unfiltered descriptions and short descriptions meaning all short codes and HTML will stay in.

8.3.9 2020-06-28

Attributes that have multiple values that are not set for variations can now be used in the data manipulation feature

8.3.8 2020-06-25

Changed the XML node order for Google Product Review feeds as it was not (always) validating by Google

8.3.7 2020-06-21

Added a product title hyphen attribute showing a hyphen between the parent variable product name and the attribute values

8.3.6 2020-06-14

Added priceValidUntil structured data for variable and variation products

8.3.5 2020-06-13

Changed the Google Product Review feed node order

8.3.4 2020-06-12

Removed line-breaks from the description and short description attribute

8.3.3 2020-06-10

Added a feature to add the parent product ID to the Facebook pixel ID instead of the variation product ID's for variable products

8.3.2 2020-06-09

Solved a PHP notification on the settings page for users running an older PHP version

8.3.1 2020-06-09

(2020-06-09) = * The Facebook DOM solution resulted in duplicate products in feeds. This issue has been solved now.

8.3.0 2020-06-07

When our plugin is enabled and the structured data snippet feature is disabled then use the normal default WooCommerce structured data

8.2.9 2020-06-04

Reverted to DOM for Facebook / Instagram feeds as Facebook, all of a sudden, requires preservation of line-breaks

8.2.8 2020-05-30

Added webitemid attribute to the Google Local Product Feed template

8.2.7 2020-05-30

Solved a plugin conflict with GLS France plugin for WooCommerce

8.2.6 2020-05-23

Fixed an issue with the gender attribute not saving for variations

8.2.4 2020-05-21

Fixed an issue with the table rate shipping compatibility for postcodes

8.2.5 2020-05-21
8.2.3 2020-05-20

Fixed another issue where structured data aggregateRatings were removed for simple products

8.2.2 2020-05-15

Fixed a namespace error for Google product review feeds

8.2.0 2020-05-10

Improved check if the WooCommerce Table Rate plugin is active Fixed PHP warnings that showed during creation of feeds for products that had no attributes at all Set autoloading on no for the product batch option

8.1.8 2020-05-07

Fixed a shipping table rate bug

8.1.7 2020-05-06

Fixed a PHP error, expected a string got an array

8.1.6 2020-05-04

Added support for Vivino prices

8.1.5 2020-05-03

Removed autoloading of channel_statics upon activation of the plugin

8.1.4 2020-05-02

Removed the item_group_id field for auction product types

8.1.3 2020-05-02

Added support for the auction product type (UWA Ultimate WooCommerce Auctions)

8.1.2 2020-04-30

Fixed an issue with the WooCommerce Shipping Table Rate plugin

8.1.1 2020-04-27

Fixed several bugs in the templating

8.1.0 2020-04-27

Added support for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) that return array values such as checkboxes

8.0.9 2020-04-26

Added the sysyem sale price attribute

8.0.8 2020-04-26

Added a more strict check on "is equal to" filters for category filters

8.0.7 2020-04-26

Fixed a bug when user did not configure a shipping country in its WooCommerce shipping zones and methods

8.0.6 2020-04-25

Facebook pixel change for Purchase, SearchResult and ViewCategory events

8.0.5 2020-04-24

Facebook pixel change for AddToCart event

8.0.4 2020-04-23

Facebook pixel code change for variable products

8.0.3 2020-04-23

Cleaned-up some un-used code

8.0.2 2020-04-22

Solved a PHP warning issue that showed on the settings page

8.0.1 2020-04-21
  • Removed some more obsolote license JS code
8.0.0 2020-04-21

Removed the phone home license check feature Made all remaining features free and fully functional Solved an issue where the function wc_review_ratings_enabled was not supported by any WC version older than 3.6 Users with a license: please reach out to to receive a download link with the Elite version of the plugin

7.9.9 2020-04-20

Solved an issue where the function wc_review_ratings_enabled was not supported by any WC version older than 3.6

7.9.8 2020-04-19
  • Solved an issue with multiple filters including empty filters that resulted in too many products in the feed
7.9.7 2020-04-19

Removed double Facebook Pixel Purchase event for the eWay Gateway

7.9.6 2020-04-18

Build in a check that prevents the plugin from crashing in ghost variation products

7.9.5 2020-04-16

Added a feature to exclude local pickup shipping zones from Google Shopping and Facebook feeds Renamed a template field from NormalPriceWithVat to NormalPriceWithVAT Removed ATOM header from Pinterest RSS Board templating

7.9.4 2020-04-16

Added a feature where user can indicate if the plugin needs to respect free shipping criteria or not when adding shipping classes and methods to Google and Facebook feeds.

7.9.3 2020-04-15

Changed the XML header for the template

7.9.2 2020-04-15

(2020-04-15) = * Solved a PHP warning that showed in the structured data fix when products did not have any categories attacted to it

7.9.1 2020-04-14

Added the canonical_link attribute Solved a PHP warning that happened for products that did not have any category attached to it

7.9.0 2020-04-14

When the Yoast primary category is set the category path attribute uses the primary category path as of now.

7.8.9 2020-04-10

Added the InitiateCheckout Facebook pixel event

7.8.8 2020-04-09

Added channel support and country: Hong Kong

7.8.7 2020-04-09

Solved a Trovaprezzi shipping cost bug

7.8.6 2020-04-07

Solved WPML PHP noticed for products without a product ID

7.8.5 2020-04-02

Tested and approved compatibility with Wordpress 5.4

7.8.4 2020-04-02

Minor tweaks and tunes to the Facebook pixelcode

7.8.3 2020-03-31

Added some Facebook pixel debug logging

7.8.2 2020-03-29

Fixed an issue with adding free shipping costs to feeds.

7.8.1 2020-03-26

Fixed an issue with category filters which occured after switching the filters and ruling order.

7.8.0 2020-03-25

Added a feature where one can decide to only add the country feed shipping costs or all countries

7.7.9 2020-03-25

Only shipping costs are added to the feed for the country the feed was configured

7.7.8 2020-03-23

Changed the order in which filters and rules are executed. Rules are executed first, filters last.

7.7.7 2020-03-22

Changed how values are added to the content_ids parameter of the Facebook pixel for variable parent products

7.7.6 2020-03-20

Fixed a bug where shipping costs for bundled products did not end up in the feeds. This has been fixed now.

7.7.5 2020-03-18

Added an attribute named "Main image simple and variations" which will always use the simple and variable main image

7.7.4 2020-03-15

Fixed a bug where rules on empty numeric product values did not work. This has been fixed now.

7.7.3 2020-03-15

Fixed a bug where static values are added to feeds for products that are filtered out

7.7.2 2020-03-11

Checked for compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0 Fixed a shipping issue for shipping zones with postcodes

7.7.1 2020-03-10

Added support for filters and rules on product review title's

7.7.0 2020-03-10

Preventing errors to show for Polylang users

7.6.9 2020-03-09

WPML feature also available when no multi-currencies have been configured

7.6.8 2020-03-07

Function check on cl_object_id changed to check if sitepress-multilingual-cms is active

7.6.7 2020-03-06

Added a new attribute named "All gallery images (comma separated)" which adds all product gallery images on one line, comma separated

7.6.6 2020-03-06

Added a new attribute named "All images (comma separated)" which adds all product images on one line, comma separated The total product orders attribute is pretty heavy on MySql so we are now only requesting this data when it has been added to the field mapping and/or filters and rules

7.6.5 2020-03-04

SQL query to retrieve number of sales for variations was too slow causing the feed processing to slow down. Improved query.

7.6.4 2020-03-04

Added GTIN's to the structured data when the woosea GTIN input field contains values Solved a bug where the product days back created attribute contained wrong values

7.6.3 2020-03-02

Fixed a conflict between the Yoast SEO WooCommerce plugin and our plugin with regards to the AggregateRating JSON-LD

7.6.2 2020-03-02
  • Fixed a minor WPML currency switcher issue
7.6.1 2020-03-01

Added product days back created attribute. You can now create filters which enable you to only have the latest products in your feed.

7.6.0 2020-03-01

Added product creation date attribute

7.5.9 2020-03-01

Added priceSpecification type to the JSON-LD structured data Fixed a bug where reviews were removed from the structured data

7.5.8 2020-02-28

Adding Brand and MPN to product JSON-LD when woosea values are set for products; When a variation SKU has been filled in that will show in the structured data SKU instead of the parent variable SKU; The Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin was removing our structured data price fix for variations. This has been solved;

7.5.7 2020-02-26

Changed the Skroutz template to reflect all changes of last week

7.5.6 2020-02-25

Fixed a bug with regards to Yoast's primary category. Renamed the "One Category" attribute to "Primary Category" Now also supporting category mappings for WooCommerce categories containing a > character

7.5.5 2020-02-25

(2020-02-25) = * Change in Google category taxonomy mapping: when a product belongs to multiple categories the plugin will use the lowest level category hierarchy mapping (instead of the last one it encounters) * Removed the double pipes in front of the raw category attribute values * Made sure that checks on number of product orders is only done on numeric values

7.5.4 2020-02-24

Fixed a category path skroutz hierarchy bug

7.5.3 2020-02-23

Added logic to ensure that category hierarchy is respected in the category path / short / Skroutz feeds Removed obsolete category code for variations

7.5.2 2020-02-22

Solved a bug where the lowest level category of a product was not being added to the category path attribute. This issue has been solved now.

7.5.0 2020-02-21

Added support for dynamic attributes for parent variable products (Skroutz and Google DSA only) Added a new attribute named category path Skroutz which puts in the category path values according to Skroutz's requirements

7.4.9 2020-02-21

Added support for custom attributes for parent variable products (Skroutz and Google DSA only)

7.4.8 2020-02-20

For Google DSA and Skroutz feeds the parent variable products are added to the feed too.

7.4.7 2020-02-20

Fixed a bug where the suffix currency configuration for shipping costs was ignored. This issue has been fixed now.

7.4.6 2020-02-19

Solved a PHP warning that showed for variable products that had no attributes set Solved an IE 11 Javascript error Solved two illegal string offsets

7.4.4 2020-02-11

Solved a PHP warning that showed when products had no custom attributes configured

7.4.3 2020-02-10

Added logic to bypass the rightpress discount plugin caching of prices

7.4.2 2020-02-09

Changed logic of system price and sale system price attributes

7.4.1 2020-02-09

Solved a PHP notice undefined variable

7.4.0 2020-02-08

Solved a PHP is_type error

7.3.9 2020-02-06

Added extra template fields

7.3.8 2020-02-05

Fixed a Facebook pixel issue for the search page where for some theme's the search broke when no search results were returned.

7.3.7 2020-02-04

Added JSON priceSpecification Fixed a fatal error where users added a flat rate shipping zone but forgot to set a shipping country. This issue has been fixed now.

7.3.6 2020-01-30

Fixed a bug where an admin notice could be closed but the state was not being saved.

7.3.5 2020-01-29

Fixed a bug where "empty" rules on sale prices did not work as expected. This issue has been fixed.

7.3.4 2020-01-28

Added new fields to the template.

7.3.3 2020-01-28

New feature: you can now decide to only allow products to your feed that have been sold before (and amounts) and indicate a time period that should be taken into account for this. When a shipping method and zone was configured but no shipping cost was set an empty prices shipping node was added to feeds which caused warnings in Google's merchant center. This has been solved now.

7.3.2 2020-01-26

Added a new attribute to the plugin: "Total product orders" which holds the amount of times the specific product is sold. This enables you to create filters and rules on it.

7.3.1 2020-01-26

Fixed a shipping cost bug where the costs where multiplied with 100 for non-tax shipping cost calculations

7.3.0 2020-01-25

Filters on primary (Yoast) categories now also work on the non primary categories

7.2.9 2020-01-23

Tested for compatibility WooCommerce 3.9

7.2.8 2020-01-22

Added some delete option calls when plugin gets disabled or removed (cleaning up) Added is dismissible state save for notice that showed after activation of plugin

7.2.7 2020-01-22

We forgot to apply the fix from version 7.2.6 to all plugin pages. Should be fixed now.

7.2.6 2020-01-21

The Get Elite notice is dismissable logic did not work, this has been fixed now.

7.2.5 2020-01-17

It is now possible to remove the item_group_id field mappings again

7.2.4 2020-01-17

Added the InitiateCheckout event for the Facebook pixel Fixed a structured data pricing bug. When prices were inserted in WooCommerce excluding tax but shown on the website including tax the structured data price was wrong. This has been fixed now.

7.2.3 2020-01-17

Added the variation product ID's to the Facebook pixel events on category and search pages

7.2.2 2020-01-16

Added the Facebook pixel AddToCart event. This event was already triggered when users hit the Add To Cart button but is now also added when users are in the cart itself Made sure that when product variations are added to the cart it add's the product ID of the variation itself to the Facebook pixel event instead of its parent variable product ID

7.2.1 2020-01-16

Fixed a bug: The Facebook pixel ID on the cart page showed a PHP error. Issue has been solved now.

7.2.0 2020-01-15

Improved front-end performance for structured data feature

7.1.9 2020-01-15

Added the Facebook pixel purchase event Added the Facebook pixel search event Added the Facebook pixel category event

7.1.8 2020-01-14
  • Solved a PHP notice in the error logs for feed configurations that missed the cron setting
7.1.7 2020-01-12

Added some code to also remove the VC shortcodes for raw HTML in the description and short description attributes

7.1.6 2020-01-12

Fixed a bug: regaular and sale gross price attributes sometimes did add VAT to the prices. This has been fixed now.

7.1.5 2020-01-10

Fixed a bug: when WooCommerce categories have the exact same name the Google category taxonomy mapping showed only one mapping in the UI. This hasbeen fixed.

7.1.4 2020-01-07

Fixed a bug: when a minimum shipping fee was set and one used the Germanized for WooCommerce plugin product prices higher than 100 never got free shipping. This has been fixed.

7.1.3 2020-01-06

Changed encoding for UTM terms in the deeplinks for Google's DRM feeds as it broke the CSV file.

7.1.2 2020-01-05

Minor fix for PHP notice when users added custom attributes without values. Notice in the logs is gone now.

7.1.1 2020-01-02

Another fix for the Dokan Multi-vendor plugin

7.1.0 2020-01-02

Fixed support for the Dokan Multi-vendor plugin Fixed some PHP warnings that showed in the error logs when a parent variable product had no attributes configured

7.0.9 2019-12-30

Added support for creation of find & replace rules Removed XML support for feeds

7.0.8 2019-12-28

Added support for the Perfect Woocommerce Brands plugin

7.0.7 2019-12-27

Some Germanized for WooCommerce fields didn't work anymore because of a change in attribute naming. This has been fixed.

7.0.6 2019-12-24

Increased performance and speed of processing product feeds Increased performance of field mapping page

7.0.5 2019-12-17

Added support for the official WooCommerce Composite Products (

7.0.4 2019-12-17

Added support for Czech characters in custom field names

7.0.3 2019-12-10

Added query logging as some users reported duplicate products in their feed

7.0.2 2019-12-05

Solved a bug: when all product feed had a stopped status the manual refresh of product feeds did not start. This has been fixed. Latest update of WPML / WCML caused manually entered currencies not to show in feeds anymore. Made our plugin compatible again.

7.0.1 2019-12-04

Removed space between prefix and link attribute so users can add trackingcode before the landingpage URL

7.0.0 2019-12-02

Added the category path short (without Home) attribute

6.0.0 2019-07-09

Added advanced WooCommerce logging

5.0.0 2019-03-08

Fixed a PHP undefined variable warning

4.0.0 2018-12-17

Fixed another issue with cached prices ending up in product feeds.

3.0.0 2018-05-16

Bug fix for include_only filters

2.0.0 2018-01-18

Added the category path field which can be used to show the category path or so called breadcrumn in your product feeds