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5.7.2 2020-06-03

(10.02.2020) = * Update compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0.0. * Tweak - Add a filter to modify the product name for variable products in reminder emails.

5.7.1 2020-02-11

(10.02.2020) =

  • Tweak - Bots and Crawlers used to log lot of Abandoned Carts. We have now prevented logging such carts and now only genuine carts will be tracked.
5.7 2020-01-29

(29.01.2020) =

  • Enhancement - Updated the plugin to use the Action Scheduler Library instead of WP Cron to send reminders.
  • Tweak - Updated the plugin to ensure the merge tags in the reminders are case-insensitive.
  • Fix - Some warnings displayed in debug.log.
  • Fix - Abandoned cart is not marked as recovered when the user registers for a new account at Checkout.
  • Fix - Fixed some warnings displayed with PHP 7.4.
5.6.2 2019-11-26


5.6.1 2019-10-25

(25.10.2019) =

  • Tweak - Only those abandoned carts with email addresses entered on the checkout page will be considered and tracked.
5.6 2019-10-16

(16.10.2019) =

  • Enhancement - Added a dashboard for the plugin to display statistics.
  • Enhancement - Made the plugin compatible with WPCS.
  • Enhancement - Made the plugin compatible with Multisite installations.
  • Enhancement - The Abandoned Order details will now be displayed in a popup view.
  • Tweak - Modified the WooCommerce tested upto tag to 3.7.1
  • Tweak - Added a loader to be displayed while the plugin sends the test email in the Add/Edit Email template page.
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where product price is logged as 0.
  • Bug - Optimized the code to ensure the plugin doesn't attempt to send reminder emails to guests whose email addressed are not tracked.
  • Bug - Fixed some errors displayed in the console by the plugin.
5.5.1 2019-08-22

(21.08.2019) =

  • Tweak - Modified the WooCommerce tested upto tag to 3.7.
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where guest email was not getting captured when GDPR message was not set.
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where the cart price was recorded as 0 with WooCommerce 3.7.0.
5.5 2019-08-12

(12.08.2019) =

  • Enhancement - Added a setting to allow the admin the ability to enable/disable the sending of reminder emails.
  • Tweak - Added a setting to allow the admin to add text for GDPR messages which will be displayed as links and allows the end user to opt out of cart tracking.
  • Bug - Fixed some warnings displayed from the plugin.
  • Bug - Carts were not accessible for guest users from links in the reminder emails.
5.4 2019-07-10

(10.07.2019) =

  • Bug - Fixed an issue where carts were being marked as abandoned even after they have been successfully recovered.
  • Bug - Unsubscribe link in the test reminder email displayed some HTML content in Outlook.
  • Bug - The data tracking notice in the plugin when dismissed affected other dismissible notices as well.
  • Tweak - Made the plugin compatible with AeroCheckout plugin.
  • Tweak - The settings for the Pro version will now be displayed in the Lite version of the plugin.
5.3.4 2019-04-18

(18.04.2019) =

  • This is a minor update to the plugin to remove the unwanted abandoned carts created for some customers after updating to the 5.3.2 release.
5.3.2 2019-04-16

(16.04.2019) =

  • Tweak - Optimizing SQL queries by escaping the parameters passed.
5.3.0 2019-04-04

(26.03.2019) =

  • Enhancement - Corrected the way recovered orders were tracked. Replaced the hooks tracking orders.

  • Bug - Newly created Email Templates will be inactive by default.

  • Bug - When an email template is activated, the emails will not be sent to older abandoned carts.

  • Bug - Fixed an issue where Recovered Order note was getting added to all the Orders.

  • Bug - Fixed an issue where notices were getting displayed in abandoned details page if the product was deleted.

  • Tweak - Updated the pot file with some new strings added. Also corrected the display of a few strings.

5.3.1 2019-04-04

(04.04.2019) =

  • Bug - Fixed a bug where the login was conflicting with sites hosted on WP Engine.
5.2.1 2019-02-25

(18.02.2019) =

  • Bug - Fixed an issue where ajax url was missing for some sites preventing emails to be captured.
5.2.0 2019-02-18

(18.02.2019) =

This is a security release with the following fixes:

  • Added sanitization checks for checkout field capture for guest users.

  • Fixed an issue where the emails were getting sent to customers even after purchasing the products.

  • Removed inline Javascript from checkout page and added to a minified file.

5.1.1 2018-11-29

(01.11.2018) =

  • Bug Fixed - Changed the file name in the plugin.
5.0.2 2018-11-01
5.0 2018-10-13
5.0.1 2018-10-13
4.9 2018-07-30
4.8 2018-05-24
4.7 2018-03-20
4.6 2018-02-16
4.5 2018-01-31
4.4 2017-12-28

(13.10-2017) =

  • This version has 3 bugs fixes along with 1 Enhancement.

  • Bug Fixed - If the guest user's id is wrong then the abandoned cart email will not be sent to the customers.

  • Bug Fixed - If the variable products have a special character was not displaying the correct attributes. This has been fixed.

  • Bug Fixed - Some error notices of debug log file are fixed.

  • Enhancement - Now, admin can activate the email templates using toggle button from the Email Templates page.

4.3 2017-10-13

(29.08.2017) =

  • This version has 1 bug fix along with 3 Enhancements.

  • Bug Fixed - When abandoned cart will have a variable product which has 3 attributes or more than that. Then the slug name of selected variations were showing in the abandoned cart reminder emails and on the abandoned cart details page. This has been fixed.

  • Enhancement - If the abandoned cart total is zero then abandoned cart reminder emails will not be sent to the customers.

  • Enhancement - When the email sending script is executed on the server, it was running a large number of MySQL queries for guest users. That was causing an increase in the server load. In this version, we have optimised the queries. Initially, it used to query even those guest user records for which emails were already sent. Now, it will only query those records where email is yet to be sent.

  • Enhancement - Removed the Active field from the add / edit email template page. Admin can activate or deactivate the templates from the Email templates page.

4.2 2017-08-29

(25.07.2017) =

  • This version has 1 bug fix.

  • Bug Fixed - When WooCommerce is deactivated and "Allow" button is clicked from the user tracking data notice. It was redirecting to a blank page. Now, if WooCommerce is deactivated then Abandoned cart lite plugin will be automatically deactivated & display the notice.

4.1 2017-07-25

(11.07.2017) =

  • This version has 1 bug fix.

  • Bug Fixed - Some warning was displayed in the Debug log file. This has been fixed.

4.0 2017-07-11

(04.07.2017) =

  • This version has 1 bug fix.

  • Bug Fixed - Logged-in user's carts were not captured with the WooCommerce version 3.1. This issue has been fixed.

3.9.3 2017-07-04

(09.06.2017) =

  • This version has 3 bugs fixes.

  • Bug Fixed - When store admin clicks on the dismissible notice, the notice was not getting dismissed. This issue has been fixed.

  • Bug Fixed - The dismissible notice was not displaying the 'Allow' & 'No Thanks' button properly. This issue has been fixed.

  • Bug Fixed - The total Recovered amount was not tracked. This issue has been fixed.

3.8 2017-06-07

(29.05.2017) =

  • This version has 1 bug fix and 2 enhancements.

  • Bug Fixed - Earlier Abandoned Cart date and time format were not translated into the WordPress selected language in the plugin. This issue has been fixed.

  • Enhancement - From this version, the admin can insert the WordPress supported emoji's in the abandoned cart email templates as well as in the subject.

  • Enhancement - Earlier we had hardcoded date and time format in our plugin. Now, the plugin will use selected WordPress date and time format.

3.7 2017-05-29


3.6 2017-04-10


2.5.2 2017-04-07
2.5 2017-04-07
  • The Settings page for the plugin has been redone. We are now using the WordPress Settings API for all the options on that page.
  • When the plugin is installed & activated for the first time, 1 default email template will also be created. The template will be inactive when the plugin is activated.
  • A new setting is added on the Add/Edit Template page named as "Active". If this setting is checked, only then the abandoned cart reminder email will be sent to the customers. If this setting is unchecked, then the email template won't be sent to the customers, but still you can keep it in the plugin. By default, this is unchecked.
  • A new setting is added on the Add/Edit Template page named as "Use WooCommerce Template Style". If this setting is checked then abandoned cart reminder email will use the WooCommerce style (header, footer, background, etc.) for the notifications. If it is not checked then the regular email will be sent to the customer as per the formatting that is set in the template editor. For existing users, this setting will remain unchecked. For new users of the plugin, the setting will be enabled for the existing default email template that is provided with the plugin.
  • Abandoned cart email notification will be sent to the client's billing address entered on checkout instead of on the email address added by the user while registering to the website. This applies only for logged in users.
  • New shortcode "{{cart.abandoned_date}}" has been introduced in this version. It will display the date and time when the cart was abandoned in the abandoned cart email notification.
  • When a customer places an order within the abandoned cart cut off time, then the order received page was displaying a warning. This has been fixed.
  • Abandoned Orders tab was not sorting according to the "Date" column. Same way, Recovered Orders tab was not sorting according to "Created On" & "Recovered Date" column. This has been fixed.
  • Some warnings were displayed on the Abandoned Orders, Recovered Orders and Product Report tab. These have been fixed.
  • The 'mailto' link was not working on the Abandoned Order details page. This has been fixed.
  • Tweak - Removed the background white color for the add / edit template page.
  • Tweak - Abandoned Orders tab will display the user's billing address using which the cart was abandoned. This applies only for logged in users.
2.5.1 2017-04-07
  • Some warnings were displayed on Email Templates tab. These have been fixed.
2.4 2017-04-07
  • Abandon Cart record was not being deleted for users, when they do not reach the order received page but the payment for the order is already done. Also user was receiving the abandoned cart notification for such orders. This has been fixed.
2.3 2017-04-07
2.2 2017-04-07
  • The plugin now captures abandoned guest carts. A guest user's cart will be captured on the Checkout page, if it is abandoned after entering the email address.
  • A new shortcode "{{cart.link}}" is added, which will include the cart URL of your shop.
  • Fixed some warnings being displayed in the Settings tab.
2.1 2017-04-07
  • From this version, you can view the abandoned order details, which includes product details, billing & shipping address, under the Abandoned Orders tab.
3.1 2017-04-07
  • New Feature - The email sending logic has been changed. Due to some reason, the abandoned cart remainder emails are not sent to the customers at the time they are intended to be sent, and if after some time, the emails start sending, then multiple email templates whose interval has been reached were all sent together. Now, the plugin will also consider the last abandoned cart reminder email sent time and will keep a time gap between the last email template that was sent & the current email template's time, thereby ensuring emails are not sent together.

  • Bug Fixed - The "Alter" table queries have been changed in the plugin. Instead of using get_results(), it now uses the query().

  • Bug Fixed - We have used the encryption libraries mcrypt_encrypt, MCRYPT_MODE_CBC, MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_256 to generate the cart links sent in the abandoned cart reminder emails. Due to this on some servers where these libraries were not enabled, the abandoned cart email notification were not sent to the recipients. This has been fixed.

  • Bug Fixed - Earlier the "InnoDB" table engine type was hardcoded in plugin queries. As a result, the plugins tables were not created where the engine type was other than "InnoDB". This has been fixed.

  • Bug Fixed - Some warnings were displayed in the Debug log file. This has been fixed.

3.2 2017-04-07
3.3 2017-04-07
3.4 2017-04-07
3.5 2017-04-07
  • This version has 1 new feature and 3 enhancements.

  • New Feature - New setting named as "Enable tracking carts when customer doesn't enter details" on the settings page. When this setting is enabled it will enable tracking of abandoned products & carts even if the customer does not visit the checkout page or does not enter any details on the checkout page like Name or Email. Tracking will begin as soon as a visitor adds a product to their cart and visits the cart page.

  • Enhancement - The default settings value for "Cart abandoned cut-off time" for logged-in users has been modified to 10 minutes.

  • Enhancement - The Settings tab of the plugin has been redesigned. Now, the plugin will display 2 sub-tabs for different settings. The sub-tabs are named as "General Settings" & "Email Sending Settings". The settings of add/edit email template "Send From This Name", "Send From This Email Address" & "Send Reply Emails to" has been moved to the Settings -> Email Sending Setting tab.

  • Enhancement - In this version we have introduced three new views of abandoned orders in the Abandoned Orders tab. The views named are "All", "Registered Users", "Guest Users" & "Carts without Customer Details". The "Registered Users" view will display only the logged-in user's abandoned carts. The "Guest Users" view will display the guest user's carts & "Carts without Customer Details" view will display all the abandoned carts of the guest users who have not entered an email address or any information on the checkout page.

2.6 2017-04-07
  • The plugin is now using the TinyMCE editor available in WordPress core for the email body content. The external TinyMCE library is removed from the plugin.

  • The plugin is made compatible with Huge IT Image Gallery plugin. The test email was not sent to the user when Huge IT Image Gallery plugin was activated.

  • The Product Report tab has been redesigned to look consistent with the WordPress style.

2.7 2017-04-07
  • New setting named as "Email Template Header Text" is added in Add / Edit template page. It will allow to change the header text of the email which have WooCommerce template style setting enabled for the template.

  • From this version, the email sending process will run every 15 minutes instead of every 5 minutes. This will result in improved overall performance of the website.

  • When Lite version of the plugin is activated on the site then it was not allowing to activate the PRO version of the plugin. This has been fixed.

  • When templates are created / updated and if it has the same duration as one of the existing templates, then new template was not saved. This has been fixed.

2.8 2017-04-07
  • We have changed the encryption for the links that are sent in the Abandoned cart email notifications. Earlier we were using the mcrypt library for encoding the data. If mcrypt library was not installed on the server, then abandoned cart email notifications were not sent. Now we have used different functions for encoding the string. We have used microtime function & a security key. Using this security key, and after applying an algorithm on it, we generate the encoded string.

  • The session now starts only on required pages of the store. Earlier it was started globally. This will help to improve the site performance.

  • If billing email address of the logged-in user is not set then it was showing blank space on the abandoned orders list. This has been fixed. Now it will show the email address which was used while registering to the store.

  • Earlier if email body was blank and we send the test email then blank email was sent. This has been fixed. Now if email body is blank then test email will not be sent.

  • Tweak - Earlier we were populating the guest cart information by looping into the global WooCommerce cart. Now we are not looping & instead using the WooCommerce session object itself.

  • Tweak - Earlier if the 'wp-content' directory has been renamed, then wp-load.php file was not included and abandoned cart reminder email was not sent. Now, we have changed the way of including the wp-load.php file for sending the abandoned cart reminder notifications.

  • Tweak - Earlier when {{products.cart}} merge tag is used in abandoned cart email template, then on click of the product name and product image, it was redirecting to the product page. Now it will redirect the user to the cart page.

  • Tweak - We are now rounding off the prices with the 'round' function.

2.9 2017-04-07
  • Bugs Fixed - Earlier if any user came from abandoned cart reminder email and place the order using PayPal payment gateway and do not reach the order received page. Then plugin was not considering that order as a recovered order. From now onwards if the user came from the abandoned cart reminder email and place the order using PayPal and does not reach the order received the page. Then plugin will consider that cart as a recovered order.

  • Bugs Fixed - When the cart is abandoned as a guest & product have the special character in the attributes name, then it was displaying a blank row with only a checkbox on the Abandoned Orders tab. This has been fixed.

  • Tweak - If the order is recovered from the abandoned cart reminder email then it will add a note "This order was abandoned & subsequently recovered." for the order.

3.0 2017-04-07
  • Enhancements - In this version, the code has been refined throughout the plugin & the folder structure has also been modified.

  • Enhancements - Earlier rounding off of the decimal values was hardcoded in the plugin. Now, it will round the decimal values based on the WooCommerce setting named "Number of Decimals" which is located at WooCommerce -> Settings menu.

  • Bugs Fixed - When setting "Email admin On Order Recovery" is enabled & order is recovered from the abandoned cart reminder notifications using "Cash On Delivery" payment gateway. Then the order is not considered as recovered & the order was not displayed in the "Recovered Orders" tab. This has been fixed.

  • Bugs Fixed - Earlier the abandoned cart reminder emails & abandoned orders details page was not displaying the selected attributes for the variable products. This has been fixed.

  • Bugs Fixed - The "Abandoned Date" column of the abandoned orders tab was not considering the time for sorting. This has been fixed.

2.0.1 2017-04-07
  • Applied fix for warning displayed on the abandoned orders page.
1.8 2017-04-07
1.9 2017-04-07
  • Fixed security issues pointed out by Wordpress.org review team.
2.0 2017-04-07
1.6 2017-04-07
  • We have included .po, .pot and .mo files in the plugin. The plugin strings can now be translated to any language using these files.
1.7 2017-04-07
  • Merge fields like {{products.cart}}, {{customer.firstname}}, etc. will be replaced with dummy data in the test emails that are sent from the template add / edit page. This ensures that you get a very close approximation of the actual email that will be delivered to your customers.
  • Product image size in the abandon cart notification emails is set to a fixed height & width now.
  • On WordPress Multisite, incorrect table prefix was used due to which the plugin was not functioning correctly on multisite installs. This is fixed now.
1.4 2017-04-07
1.1 2017-04-07
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.x versions
  • Fixed 404 errors with images & other files
1.2 2017-04-06
1.3 2017-04-06
  • The abandoned cart email notifications are now sent out automatically without the necessity of having to set up a cron job manually.