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Version Release Date Change Log
1.4.6 2022-03-11

Fixes a sprintf modifier which was breaking WP Admin on sites running PHP8. Fixes alignment of the content of the "Taxanomy Terms" conditions tab in WP Admin.

1.4.5 2018-06-19

Fixes a fatal error, by removing the no longer relevant contextual help.

1.4.4 2018-06-18

Bug fix and maintenance release. Enables "pages and their children" as a widget area condition.

1.4.3 2016-10-27

Bug fix and maintenance release.

1.4.2 2015-04-22

Security Fix for XSS vulnerability

1.4.1 2015-02-17

Fixes an error notice on the homepage, caused by the tag check logic.

1.4.0 2015-02-17

WordPress 3.8 compatibility. Adds "posts tagged with" condition.

1.3.1 2013-08-13

Bug fix to ensure multiple conditions save correctly.

1.3.0 2013-08-12

Optimisation update.

1.2.2 2013-03-08

"Widget Areas" menu is now only visible to users who can add/modify widgets.

1.2.1 2013-01-09

Updated for WordPress 3.5+ compatibility. Adjusted "Advanced" tab logic. Fixed bug where "Template Hierarchy -> Pages" condition wasn't being applied correctly. Dequeue WordPress SEO admin stylesheets from the "Widget Areas" "Add" and "Edit" screens.

1.2.0 2012-12-04

Moved to WordPress.org. Woo! Added scope to methods and properties where missing.