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Releases (14 )

Version Release Date Change Log
4.9.8 2022-05-13
  • Fixed the stable tag version number.
  • Removed the use of HEREDOC or NOWDOC syntax.
4.9.1 2016-06-30
  • Added sanitization and escaping.
4.8 2016-03-27
  • Added a new shortcode parameter (other_amount_label) to allow customization of the "Other Amount" text/label in the payment form.
  • Added a new class name (buy_now_button_image) to the custom button image (so users can target that button image for customization via CSS).
  • WordPress 4.4 compatibility.
4.5 2015-06-30
  • The "Other Amount" input field type is now set to "number". This will work better on mobile devices.
4.4 2015-06-04
3.6 2014-03-06
  • Added the ability to specify a cancel URL using the "cancel_url" parameter in the shortcode
  • Added a new shortcode that allows you to create a payment widget for any amount.
3.4 2013-12-03
  • Added an option to specify a custom button image for the payment button. You can use the "button_image" parameter in the shortcode to use a customized image for the buy button.
3.3 2013-11-14
  • Added an option in the shortcode to specify a payment subject. This can be handy if you have multiple payment widgets on your site.
  • WordPress 3.7 compatibility
  • Fixed some deprecated calls
3.2 2013-10-16

Added an option in the shortcode to set the country code to be used for the PayPal checkout page language.

3.1 2013-09-28

Added an option to specify a different amount (any amount your user whish to pay) via the shortcode.

3.0 2013-09-05
2.8 2012-10-20
2.2.1 2009-01-06
2.2 2009-01-05