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Version Release Date Change Log
0.8 2022-09-29
  • Update minimum WordPress requirement to 5.2.
  • Update minimum PHP requirement to 5.6.
  • Update compatibility tested-up-to to WordPress 6.1.
  • PHP 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2 compatibility fixes.
  • Fix a bug causing blank lines in content to be ignored when using the Regex Parser.
  • Fix a bug resulting in a PHP fatal error when IMPORT_DEBUG is enabled and a category creation error occurs.
  • Improved Unit testing & automated testing.
0.7 2020-04-04
  • Update minimum WordPress requirement to 3.7 and ensure compatibility with PHP 7.4.
  • Fix bug that caused not importing term meta.
  • Fix bug that caused slashes to be stripped from imported meta data.
  • Fix bug that prevented import of serialized meta data.
  • Fix file size check after download of remote files with HTTP compression enabled.
  • Improve accessibility of form fields by adding missing labels.
  • Improve imports for remote file URLs without name and/or extension.
  • Add support for wp:base_blog_url field to allow importing multiple files with WP-CLI.
  • Add support for term meta parsing when using the regular expressions or XML parser.
  • Developers: All PHP classes have been moved into their own files.
  • Developers: Allow to change IMPORT_DEBUG via wp-config.php and change default value to the value of WP_DEBUG.
0.6.4 2018-03-02
  • Improve PHP7 compatibility.
  • Fix bug that caused slashes to be stripped from imported comments.
  • Fix for various deprecation notices including wp_get_http() and screen_icon().
  • Fix for importing export files with multiline term meta data.
0.6.3 2016-08-19
  • Add support for import term metadata.
  • Fix bug that caused slashes to be stripped from imported content.
  • Fix bug that caused characters to be stripped inside of CDATA in some cases.
  • Fix PHP notices.
0.6.2 2016-05-03
  • Add wp_import_existing_post filter. See: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/33721
0.6.1 2015-06-01

= 0.6 = Support for exports from WordPress 3.4.

= 0.5.2 = Fix incorrect error message when the export file could not be uploaded.

= 0.5 = Import comment meta and other minor bugfixes and enhancements.

= 0.4 = Bug fixes for attachment importing and other small enhancements.

= 0.3 = Upgrade for a more robust and reliable experience when importing WordPress export files, and for compatibility with WordPress 3.1.

0.6 2012-03-27
  • Support for WXR 1.2 and multiple CDATA sections
  • Post aren't duplicates if their post_type's are different
0.5.2 2012-02-13
  • Double check that the uploaded export file exists before processing it. This prevents incorrect error messages when an export file is uploaded to a server with bad permissions and WordPress 3.3 or 3.3.1 is being used.
0.5 2011-07-16
  • Import comment meta (requires export from WordPress 3.2)
  • Minor bugfixes and enhancements
0.4 2011-03-29
  • Map comment user_id where possible
  • Import attachments from wp:attachment_url
  • Upload attachments to correct directory
  • Remap resized image URLs correctly
0.3 2011-02-21
  • Use an XML Parser if possible
  • Proper import support for nav menus
  • ... and more, see Trac ticket #15197
0.2 2010-10-25