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WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart allows you to add an 'Add to Cart' button for your product on any posts or pages. This simple shopping cart plugin lets you sell products and services directly from your own wordpress site and turns your WP blog into an ecommerce site.

It also allows you to add/display the shopping cart on any post or page or sidebar easily. The shopping cart shows the user what they currently have in the cart and allows them to change quantity or remove the items.


You will be able to create products by using shortcodes dynamically.

The shopping cart output will be responsive if you are using it with a responsive theme.

You can sell digital products via this plugin easily too. The following video shows how you can sell your digital media files using the simple cart plugin:


This plugin is a lightweight solution (with minimal number of lines of code and minimal options) so it doesn't slow down your site.

The plugin also has an option to use the smart PayPal payment buttons. You can enable the PayPal smart button option in the settings menu of the plugin. The following video shows a checkout demo using PayPal smart button.


It can be integrated with the NextGen Photo Gallery plugin to accommodate the selling of photographs from your gallery.

WP simple PayPal Cart Plugin, interfaces with the PayPal sandbox to allow for testing.

For video tutorial, screenshots, detailed documentation, support and updates, please visit: WP Simple Cart Details Page or WP Simple Cart Documentation


  • Easily create "add to cart" button with options if needed (price, shipping, options variations). The cart's shortcode can be displayed on posts or pages.
  • Use a function to add dynamic "add to cart" button directly in your theme.
  • Minimal number of configuration items to keep the plugin lightweight.
  • Sell any kind of tangible products from your site.
  • Ability to sell services from your your site.
  • Sell any type of media file that you upload to your WordPress site. For example: you can sell ebooks (PDF), music files (MP3), audio files, videos, photos, images etc.
  • Your customers will automatically get an email with the media file that they paid for.
  • Show a nicely formatted product display box on the fly using a simple shortcode.
  • You can use PayPal sandbox to do testing if needed (before you go live).
  • Option to use the smart payment buttons of PayPal. Allows the customers to checkout in a popup window (using a credit card, paypal or paypal credit).
  • Collect special instructions from your customers on the PayPal checkout page.
  • The orders menu will show you all the orders that you have received from your site.
  • Ability to configure an email that will get sent to your buyers after they purchase your product.
  • Ability to configure a sale notification email that gets sent to the site admin when a customer purchase your item(s).
  • Ability to configure discount coupons. Offer special discounts on your store/shop.
  • You can create coupons and give to your customers. When they use coupons during the checkout they will receive a discount.
  • Create discount coupons with an expiry date. The coupon code automatically expires after the date you set.
  • Compatible with WordPress Multi-site Installation.
  • Ability to specify SKU (item number) for each of your products in the shortcode.
  • Ability to customize the add to cart button image and use a custom image for your purchase buttons.
  • Ability to customize the add to cart button text via shortcode parameter on a per product basis.
  • Track coupons with the order to see which customer used which coupon code.
  • Ability to add a compact shopping cart to your site using a shortcode.
  • Ability to show shopping cart with product image thumbnails.
  • Ability to use a custom checkout page style.
  • Ability to open checkout page in a new browser tab/window.
  • Ability to use TinyMCE shortcode inserter to add shortcodes to your posts/pages.
  • Works nicely with responsive WordPress themes.
  • Can be translated into any language.
  • and more...

Shopping Cart Setup Video Tutorials

There is a series of video tutorials to show you how to setup the shopping cart on your site.

Check the video tutorials here.

Language Translations

The following language translations are already available:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Breton
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Hebrew
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Turkish
  • Dutch
  • Brazilian Portuguese

You can translate the plugin using this documentation.


  • If you are a developer and you need some extra hooks or filters for this plugin please let us know.
  • Github repository - https://github.com/Arsenal21/simple-wp-shopping-cart


There are a few exact duplicate copies of this plugin that other people made. We have a few users who are getting confused as to which one is the original simple shopping cart plugin. This is the original simple PayPal shopping cart and you can verify it with the following information:

  • Check the stats tab of the plugin and you will be able to see a history of when this plugin was first added to WordPress.
  • Check the number of downloads on the sidebar. The original plugin always gets more downloads than the copycats.
  • Check the number of ratings. The original plugin should have more votes.
  • Check the developer's site.

Releases (40 )

Version Release Date Change Log
4.5.4 2022-01-22
  • Fixed an issue with the paypal smart checkout option sometimes giving an error "Order ID does not exist".
4.5.0 2020-10-18
  • Added a new action hook to allow affiliate plugin integration with the PayPal smart checkout option.
  • The compact cart shortcode output can be translated fully.
  • Completed testing on WP 5.5
4.4.0 2018-08-26
  • The order date is now included in the exported CSV file.
  • Updated the German language file. Thanks to Oliver Juwig.
  • Updated some CSS code to not show border in the cart.
  • Updated the checkout button image.
4.3.7 2017-11-12
  • Added Russian Ruble currency to the currency dropdown option.
  • Added CSS class to the quantity input field in the cart.
  • Copied the nextgen gallery template to the root folder.
  • The email merge tags can now be used in the sale notification email subject.
  • Added a new parameter (button_text) for the add to cart button shortcode. This parameter can be used to specify a custom button text for the add to cart button. Usage instructions at the following page: https://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/ecommerce/simple-shopping-cart-customize-the-add-to-cart-button-text-via-shortcode-4383
4.3.5 2017-07-16
  • The deprecated page styles field has been replaced with an image URL field in the settings.
  • The Image URL field can be used to specify an image/logo URL that will be displayed in the paypal checkout page.
4.3.3 2017-05-27
  • Fix for paypal adding "+" character between words in the item name parameter.
4.3.0 2017-03-25
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese Language translation to the plugin. The translation file was submitted by Fabio Goncalves.
  • If the total shipping cost in the cart is 0 then the plugin will send a flag to paypal to not prompt for shipping address during checkout.
4.2.8 2016-12-04
  • Fixed an issue with the {payer_email} tag not working in the buyer notification email.
4.2.4 2016-05-01
  • Added a new filter for the checkout button image (wspsc_cart_checkout_button_image_src). It can used to specify a custom button image for the checkout button. Example code: https://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/ecommerce/customize-the-paypal-checkout-button-image-4026
  • Incomplete old cart orders will now be automatically cleaned by the plugin.
  • Made some improvements to the PayPal IPN validation code.
4.1.3 2015-09-29
  • Updated the WP_Widget initialization to use PHP5 style constructor.
  • There is a bug in WordPress 4.3 for the widgets which prevents the sidebar widget from working. WordPress 4.3.1 will fix this. In the meantime you can use the following to show the shopping cart widget to the sidebar: https://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/ecommerce/adding-shopping-cart-to-the-sidebar-of-wordpress-site-3073
4.1.0 2015-08-12
  • Removed "v" from the version number.
  • Added robust price validation checks.
4.0.8 2015-06-04
  • Added Turkish Language translation to the plugin. The Turkish translation file was submitted by Vural Pamir.
  • WordPress 4.2 compatibility
4.0.1 2014-10-06
  • Added a new filter to format the price in the shopping cart. Example usage: https://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/ecommerce/customizing-price-amount-display-currency-formatting-3247
  • WordPress 4.0 compatibility.
3.9.8 2014-07-13
  • Added Hebrew Language translation to the plugin. The Hebrew translation file was submitted by Sagi Cooper.
  • Added extra condition to address the "Invalid argument supplied" error that a few users were getting.
3.9.6 2014-06-10
  • Added Czech Language translation to the plugin. The Czech translation file was submitted by Tomas Sykora.
  • Added a new option/feature to specify a custom paypal checkout page style name. The plugin will use the custom checkout page style if you specify one.
  • Each order now also shows the shipping amount in the order managment interface.
3.9.4 2014-04-09
  • Fixed a minor bug in the new compact cart shortcode [wp_compact_cart]
3.9.2 2014-03-03
  • Added an option to specify a custom button image for the add to cart buttons. You can use the "button_image" parameter in the shortcode to customize the add to cart button image.
  • Coupon code that is used in a transaciton will be saved with the order so you can see it in the back end.
3.8.9 2013-12-10

uncommitted =

  • WP Super Cache workaround - http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/ecommerce/wp-shopping-cart-and-wp-super-cache-workaround-334
  • Added a new shortcode argument to specify a SKU number for your product.
  • Fixed a few debug warnings/notices
3.8.8 2013-10-28
  • Added a discount coupon feature to the shopping cart. You can now configure discount coupon via the Simple cart settings -> Coupon/Discount menu
  • View link now shows the order details
  • fixed a bug where the shipping price wasn't properly showing for more than $1000
  • WordPress 3.7 compatibility
3.8.7 2013-09-24
  • Changed a few function names and made them unique to reduce the chance of a function name conflict with another plugin.
  • Added a new option in the plugin so the purchased items of a transaction will be shown under orders menu
  • Payment notification will only be processed when the status is completed.
3.8.6 2013-09-12
  • Updated the broken settings menu link
  • Updated the NextGen gallery integration to return $arg1 rather than $arg2
3.8.5 2013-09-10
  • Added an email settings menu where the site admin can customize the buyer email that gets sent after a transaction
  • Also, added the following dynamic email tags for the email body field:

{first_name} First name of the buyer {last_name} Last name of the buyer {product_details} The item details of the purchased product (this will include the download link for digital items).

3.8.4 2013-09-08
  • Fixing an issue that resulted from doing a commit when wordpress.org plugin repository was undergoing maintenance
3.8.3 2013-09-07


3.8.2 2013-09-05


3.8.1 2013-08-30


3.8 2013-08-26


3.7 2013-06-17


3.6 2013-05-26


3.5 2013-03-04
3.3.1 2012-09-02
3.3.0 2012-07-01
3.2.7 2012-07-01
3.2.3 2011-12-21
3.1 2011-06-05
2.8.4 2011-06-05
2.8.1 2010-05-13
2.6 2009-12-17
1.7 2009-03-31
1.6 2009-03-31