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4.22.1 2022-11-23

(2022-11-23) = Added - Promotion for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 deals. - Notification for the 2022 feedback survey.

Fixed - The custom feed was missing the <published> date tag.

4.22 2022-11-02

(2022-08-06) = Changed - YouTube embeds in the lightbox now begin playing automatically, if the browser allows it.

4.21.1 2022-07-20

(2022-07-20) = Fixed - An out-of-memory PHP error when importing items.

4.21 2022-07-13

(2022-07-13) = Changed - Updated Twig to v1.42.2, to support PHP 8 or later. - Optimized feed item date processing when an item is being imported. - Permalink and GUID checks are now done across all feed sources when an item is being imported.

Fixed - Various PHP 8 errors and deprecations compatibility. - The classic editor button was generating incorrect shortcodes.

4.20 2022-01-18

(2022-01-18) = Added - New option to use feed item GUIDs instead of permalinks to detect duplicate items.

Changed - Small performance improvement when importing feed items.

Fixed - A warning about get_headers() only working with URLs. - A warning about iteration over a non-array value. - An AJAX XSS vulnerability on the Feed Sources page. Thanks WPScan!

4.19.3 2021-11-24

(2021-11-24) Fixed - An error during cron schedule filtering. - Not all image URLs in enclosure tags were being detected.

4.19.2 2021-10-28

(2021-10-28) Changed - Cleaned up the code significantly. - Consistent permalink normalization between the preview and importing. - Some plugin strings were not internationalized. - Source information is extracted from feed items more reliably. - Audio links in feed items are detected more reliably. - Enclosure images in feed items are detected more reliably.

Fixed - HTML entities caused unique title checks to always fail. - Some request data was not filtered and/or sanitized properly. - Some plugin-generated content was not properly escaped for use in HTML. - URLs added manually to the blacklist are now properly validated. - Feed sources and feed items restored from the trash become "draft" since WordPress 5.6.

4.19.1 2021-09-14

(2021-09-14) Changed - More details are now logged when a fatal error occurs during an import. - Using local versions of images and stylesheets.

Fixed - Importing would sometimes fail when trying to fetch the media:thumbnail image. - Some request data was not filtered and/or sanitized properly. - Some plugin-generated content was not properly escaped for use in HTML.

4.19 2021-07-06

(2019-07-06) Added - Support for importing images from <image> tags.

Changed - Exceptions thrown during an import and caught and logged.

4.18.2 2021-04-26

(2021-04-26) = Changed - Audio players no longer preload the audio file. Audio is now loaded only the play button is clicked.

Fixed - Pagination would sometimes cause the page to scroll upwards. - Images were wrongly determined to be from Facebook and were being renamed incorrectly. - Invalid cron schedules no longer cause a fatal error. - The shortcode icon in the classic editor would sometimes not be shown.

4.18.1 2021-03-15
4.18 2021-03-08

(2021-03-08) = Added - The total import time is now recorded in the debug log.

Changed - Omitting dev files from the plugin, reducing its size. - Redesigned the "More Features" page. - Feed items link to the original article when shown without a template and in RSS feeds. - Allocating more PHP execution time for image downloads.

Fixed - Images with HTML entities in the URL resulted in broken images and missing featured images. - The code that checks when a feed is saved no longer runs unnecessarily. - Fixed styling issues with the "Save" button in the Templates edit page. - The max title length option in the "Default" template was being applied in the "Feed Items" page.

4.17.10 2020-12-01

(2020-12-01) = Fixed - After updating the Templates add-on from v0.2, the add-on would be deactivated.

4.17.9 2020-11-25

(2020-11-25) = Changed - Auto image detection is now able to find the feed channel image. - SimplePie auto-discovery is turned off when the "Force feed" option is enabled. - The Feed Source post type is no longer public. - Meta box styling has been updated to match WordPress 5.3's updated styles.

Fixed - Removed referer header from feed requests, fixed importing for some feeds. - Feeds that contain items without titles no longer only import just the first item. - Cron jobs are properly added/removed when the plugin is activated/deactivated, respectively. - Problems with the default template no longer trigger a fatal error.

4.17.8 2020-10-06

(2020-10-06) = Changed - Disabled SimplePie's HTML sanitization. - Updated jQuery code to be compatible with the upcoming update in WordPress. - Images without an extension can now be imported. - The image importing function now allows the image URL and local path to be changed via filters. - Changed how item importing is logged in the debugging log. The log now shows what hooks can reject an item.

Fixed - WooCommerce Product type dropdown and accompanying options disappear while WP RSS Aggregator is active. - Addressed notices about register_rest_route being called incorrectly. - The "Validate feed" link did not work. - Sites on a multi-site network would see an error about a function not existing. - Errors would not be properly rendered for non-fatal notices and warnings.

4.17.7 2020-08-12
trunk 2020-08-12
4.17.6 2020-07-29

(2020-07-29) = Added - A link in the New/Edit Feed Source page on how to find an RSS feed.

Changed - The "Force feed" option turns off SSL verification. - Improved wording on the Help page. - Dates in templates can now be translated. - The link to the article on how to find an RSS feed now links to an article from the plugin's knowledge base. - The "Unique Titles" feed option can now be set to default to the global setting.

Fixed - Rewrite rules would always get flushed when plugins tamper with them, such as Polylang Pro. - The "Delete All Imported Items" reset option was deleting all posts on the site. - Image options would not show up when using Feed to Post to import Feed Items.

4.17.5 2020-04-23

(2020-04-22) = Changed - Now showing a case study of a site using the Pro Plan in the on-boarding wizard. - Licenses are now managed by the main site. Child sites do not have access to the licenses page.

Fixed - The custom feed did not include items imported as posts or other post types.

Removed - Temporarily disabled the "What's New" page. - Removed the integration with Lorem on the "Help & Support" page. - Removed the integration with Lorem on the "More Features" page.

4.17.4 2020-04-02

(2020-03-16) = Changed - The default template is now created based on type, not slug.

Fixed - Templates could not be saved if the request contained extra form data. - The default template would be copied multiple times if a post on the site had the "default" slug. - Feed item title did not escape HTML entities correctly. - Source name and link were sometimes incorrect in the custom feed. - Undefined index during error handling. - Better error messages when an error occurs.

4.17.3 2020-02-20

(2020-01-23) = Changed - Updated code to fix deprecation warnings on PHP version 7.4 and later. - Updated the Twig library to version 1.41.0 to fix deprecation warnings on PHP version 7.4 and later. - Updated the default translation files to contain up-to-date text.

Fixed - Removed a false-positive error from the log. - Localization in Twig templates did not work. - When revisions are enabled, an error would prevent feed sources from being saved. - Translations were being loaded from an invalid path. - The default featured image in the New/Edit Feed Source page did not preview after saving the feed source. - Missing space between the link a tag and the href attribute on PHP 7.4

4.17.2 2019-12-19

(2019-12-19) = Added - The error handler now includes the file and line where the error occurred.

Changed - The obsolete "Link Source" option is now only shown when the Excerpts & Thumbnails add-on is active.

Fixed - The new "feeds" shortcode parameter only showed feed items for the first 10 feed sources.

4.17.1 2019-12-12

(2019-12-12) =

Fixed - The new slug option was appearing on the edit pages for posts of all types.

4.17 2019-12-11

(2019-12-11) =

Added - New "Tools" that replaces the "Blacklist", "Import/Export" and "Debugging" pages. - New option to control whether items with future dates are scheduled or published with truncated dates. - New "feeds" shortcode parameter to select feed sources by their slug names. - New "1 week" update interval option to update feeds once every week. - The "Edit Feed Source" page now allows the slug to be edited. - The "Edit Feed Source" page now shows shortcode snippets.

Changed - RSS feeds that are invalid due to leading whitespace are now trimmed and may now be imported. - Images that have the same URL are now downloaded to the media library only once. - Updated some styles to match the new WordPress 5.3 aesthetic. - Optimized template saving to be more performant and less error prone. - Improved error messages in REST API responses. - Removed some log messages. - Fatal errors are now always logged. - Optimized cron-related functionality. - The plugin will no longer register cron schedules that already exist. - License-related notices are now only shown to users who have access to the Licenses settings page.

Fixed - The "Import Source" option did not work. - Templates now link imported posts to the local post instead of to the original article. - Images with HTML entities in the URL could not be downloaded. - Feed items without a PolyLang translation did not show up in templates. - PHP notices were triggered when trying to download invalid images. - The feed item count in the "Feed Sources" page would show zero when certain add-ons are installed. - Removed a warning shown in templates about reset() expecting an array. - Thumbnails imported by Excerpts & Thumbnails were not shown in templates. - Some databases would report the following error during logging: "Column 'date' cannot be null". - Unserializing the options for the system info triggered PHP notices.

4.16 2019-10-31

(2019-10-31) =

Changed - Overhauled the data set system with a more robust entity system. - Various database optimizations for better performance.

Fixed - Incompatibility with other plugins that use similar import/export mechanisms. - Incompatibility with PolyLang, causing the block and shortcode to show no feed items. - Timeout and infinite loop when saving a feed source.

4.15.2 2019-10-03

(2019-10-03) =

Added - Links and integrations with Lorem for custom developer work.

Changed - The default logging type is now "debug". - Feeds are now sorted alphabetically by default.

Fixed - Multisite installations only allowed the main site to have activated licenses. - License notices now only appear on the main site if the site is a multisite network. - Blacklist items would occassionally be saved without a permalink. - Older versions of add-ons triggered errors when trying to log messages with the default log type. - Fixed checkbox legacy display options not saving correctly. - A saved empty useragent string in the settings caused the internal default to not be used. - The certificate path option was not defaulting correctly. - Media thumbnail images were not being detected properly. - An invalid feed would trigger false positive errors on fetch.

4.15.1 2019-08-14

(2019-08-14) =

Added - New link to the custom feed in the "Custom Feed" settings page.

Changed - Updated the logging system to no longer cause VaultPress to trigger false positive warnings. - The date format in the custom feed now uses the "RFC3339 Extended" format.

Fixed - Items with the same title were not being imported even when "Unique titles only" was turned off. - Items with future dates where marked as "scheduled" by WordPress. - The custom feed's "Content-Type" header was set for RSS 2.0 instead of Atom. - Imported images were not being deleted from the media library when the imported item is deleted. - PHP notice for "undefined index enclosure" when a feed cannot be fetched. - Deprecation notice on PHP 7.2 or later for "each" function. - Warnings when the wprss_log function is used incorrectly. - PHP notice for "property of non-object" when using YoastSEO. - After using the Templates add-on, images would continue to be imported after the add-on was deactivated.

4.15 2019-07-16

(2019-07-16) =

Added - New error handling for catchable PHP7 Throwable errors. - New option to enable feed caching for better performance. - New option to import source name and URL for each item individually. - The custom feed now includes source info for every item.

Changed - Improved some exception messages to better indicate the cause of certain problems. - Re-organized settings into multiple tabs. - Added the current site URL to the custom feed URL option's label.

Fixed - Feed sources had image importing wrongly enabled by default. - Downloading the debug log triggered an error. - The custom feed self URL ignored the settings and was incorrect. - Items in the custom feed had a missing rel attribute for their <link> element. - Fixed placement of WordPress notices on the Templates List and Edit page. - Fixed WordPress notices disappearing after moving between Templates list and edit page.

4.14 2019-07-09

(2019-07-09) = Added * YouTube channel URLs are now supported. * Items imported from YouTube are detected and their embed links are saved. * Embedded YouTube videos can now be shown in a lightbox. * New option to enable or disable the plugin's logging. * New option to set the log age, in days, for daily truncation. * Image URLs are detected and saved in feed item meta, to be used by templates that can show images. * Feed item excerpts are now imported, to be used by templates that can show excerpts. * Activating or pausing feed sources from the Feed Sources page is now asynchronous. * Deleting feed items from the Feed Sources page is now asynchronous. * New plugin-wide error handling to prevent site locks, with the option to deactivate the plugin and its addons. * Feed sources that are missing their respective cron are detected and fixed while on the Feed Sources page. * Added tooltips to various links and controls in the feed source list page. * Import errors are now asynchronously added to the error icon in the feed sources list page.

Changed * Previewing a template no longer requires saving the template. * Redesigned the feed sources page to be more compact and informative at a glance. * The imported item count in the feed sources page is now a link to that feed's imported items. * Improved the responsive styling of the feed sources list table. * The custom feed now uses the Atom 1.0 standard. * Improved the detection of cron scheduling failures, prevent feeds from appearing to be stuck. * Converted log section in the debugging page to use the new module system. * Some options were renamed to be consistent across various plugin pages. * Improved the wording, description and tooltip of the "Import order" option. * Added better error handling during image file creation when using the GD extension. * Rewrote the unique item title checking logic to be faster and more accurate. * Now suppressing "non-numeric value encountered" warnings from SimplePie. * Increased the time by which the plugin detects stuck feeds to 2 minutes. * The addon licensing registration system has been partially converted to the new module system.

Fixed * The default template could not be saved with a particular combination of settings. * The age limit setting was incorrectly being copied to feed sources. * Fixed links in templates not opening in new tabs under certain conditions. * Non image files are no longer wrongly downloaded, cached and treated as images. * The unique titles option caused a PHP warning when enabled. * Fixed use of previously cached version scripts and styles for the Templates page. * Fixed pagination not working correctly when no item limit is set. * Fixed the "Set links as no follow" option not having any effect. * An empty limit for the number of items in a template silently defaults to 5 items. * The name of the user was being shown as the author for feed items that had no author. * Fixed the "property on non-object" error on the Licensing settings page for new addons. * On some sites, multiple default templates are constantly being created. * The default template is auto-created is corrupted data. An update procedure will now fix this data.

Removed * Removed old secure reset code. * The "View items" row action link in the Feed Sources page has been removed. * Removed the "Edit" bulk action from the feed sources list page.

4.13.2 2019-05-16

(2018-05-14) = * Added: A custom Twig extension for WordPress-based i18n. * Changed: Now correctly requiring WordPress version 4.8 or later. * Changed: Improved the JS architecture to allow addons to extend the UI. * Changed: The deactivation poll will now be shown only 50% of the time, randomly. * Fixed: The time ago format for the list template was not respecting the WordPress timezone setting. * Fixed: HTML in log messages were breaking the Debugging page. * Fixed: The feed items were not being explicitly sorted, which could lead to unsorted items. * Removed: The polyfill for the gettext() function.

4.13.1 2019-05-01

(2018-04-30) = Changed: Disabled Twig cache due to tmp permission issues and false-positive suspicious file reporting by hosts. Changed: The list template's pagination option is now set to disabled by default, matching previous versions. Fixed: Re-added missing HTML classes in the list template that had broken user custom CSS styles. Fixed: Added a polyfill for the gettext() function for sites that don't have the PHP gettext extension enabled. Fixed: Re-added a function that was removed in v4.13, and marked it as deprecated. Fixed: Feed item dates were not using the site's timezone. Fixed: The styles for the legacy rendering system used by the Excerpts & Thumbnails addon were outdated.

4.13 2019-04-24

(2019-04-24) = Added: Introduced feed templates. Added: Introduced a WP RSS Aggregator Gutenberg block. Added: Brand new debug log and logging system that stores logs in the database. Added: Items can now be added to the Blacklist manually. Changed: Refactored a lot of legacy code over to the new modular system. Changed: General display settings have been moved to the "Default" template type. Changed: Reorganized the general plugin settings. Advanced options are now under an advanced settings section. Changed: Removed the "Add New" menu item from the RSS Aggregator menu. Changed: The feed sources page now updates every 1 second. Changed: Updated the TinyMCE dialog options for inserting a shortcode on a page or post (Classic Editor). Changed: Updated administrator and editor role capabilities, fixing various permission bugs. Changed: Updated a lot of setting descriptions and tooltips. Changed: The help support beacon is now enabled by default. Fixed: Import errors no longer "freeze" feed sources in an infinite importing state. Fixed: Some import errors would not be logged due to script timeout or execution errors. Fixed: Feed to Post was not able to show feed items in the shortcode. Fixed: Deprecation notices on PHP 7.3. Fixed: The "Force feed" option was not properly being applied to feed sources. Fixed: A bug that caused perfectly good RSS feeds to trigger gzip errors. Fixed: The "Delete permanently & blacklist" row action was appearing for non-feed-item post types. Removed: The notice that asks users to leave a review was removed due to various bugs.

Browse the full changelog history.

4.12.3 2019-04-01

(2019-04-01) = * Fixed an issue with Feed to Post not being able to show feed items in the shortcode. * Fixed deprecation notices on PHP 7.3.

4.12.2 2019-03-26

(2019-03-26) = * Fixed an admin capability bug that disallowed admin users from fetching feed items.

4.12.1 2019-02-27

(2019-02-27) = * Added a modal with an optional poll when the plugin is deactivated. * Improved the core plugin's on-boarding process for brand new users. * Fixed the "Sorted" error appearing constantly in the debug log. * The timeout for the truncating posts hook has been extended. * Fixed PHP warnings appearing on WordPress multisite. * Fixed PHP notice appearing on Feed Items page. * Fixed strict standards notice appearing on settings import.

4.12 2019-01-29

(2019-01-29) = * The plugin now checks if its running on PHP 5.3.9, and deactivates itself when not. * Added message informing users that v4.13 will drop support for PHP 5.3. * Added an introduction page for new plugin users. * Disabled the welcome page on activation and updates. * Changed protocol for all links to HTTPS wherever necessary or applicable.

4.11.4 2018-12-11

(2018-12-11) = * Added handling of lifetime licenses. * License renewal link and expiry are not shown if they are not applicable.

4.11.3 2018-05-23

(2018-05-23) = * Updated Help & Support page.

4.11.2 2018-02-19

(2017-09-18) = * Added 2 new general settings for item import order and per-import limit. * Cosmetic and documentation improvements.

4.11.1 2017-03-07

(2017-03-07) = * Fixed bug that caused minor publishing controls to be hidden on unrelated Edit screens.

4.11 2017-03-06

(2017-02-06) = * Fixed bug with lifetime licenses showing expiry notices. * Fixed bug with being able to submit form on Licenses page. * Fixed bug with empty saved license key causing PHP notice, and not triggering reminder notification. * Fixed bug with saved but inactive licenses not triggering reminder notification. * Fixed bug with minified assets not being served by default. * Fixed bug with cached admin assets being served even after update. * Fixed bug with admin notifications displayed on unrelated pages not being dismissable. * Enhanced Licenses page so as to make the [Enter] key toggle license activation. * Enhanced architecture by using a DI container. * Enhanced admin notifications by refactoring them to use the same mechanism. * Enhanced admin notifications by making all of them dismissable.

4.10 2016-12-29

(2016-12-29) = * Fixed bug with feed error output breaking tooltips on "Feed Sources" page. * Fixed bug with nonces on the "Feed Sources" page that broke some source actions. * Fixed problem with image cache filenames being too long. * Fixed problem with permalink URLs sometimes being URL-encoded. * Fixed problem with large logs causing OOM errors and breaking Debugging page. * Fixed conflict with function unparse_url(). * Fixed bug with _getDataOrConst() not retrieving single value. * Fixed future incompatibility with class-feed.php for WP 4.7+. * Fixed conflicts with many JS scripts by only adding JS on our admin pages. * Fixed conflicts with some classes by loading only valid root namespace components. * Fixed PHP warning related to retrieving unique titles. * Added a per-feed-source "Link Source" option. * Added a per-feed-source "Feed Request User Agent" option. * The "Add New" button no longer appears for feed items. * Added "Leave a Review" notification. * Now using Composer! * Now using Phing! * Added RegEx HTML Encodifier. * Added integration with Diagnostics plugin, and tests. * Logs are now created in wp-content/log/wprss, and are named more descriptively.

4.9.1 2016-08-01

(2016-08-01) = * Changed copyright and other info in plugin header.

4.9 2016-06-18

(2016-06-14) = * Fixed bug: Potential security vulnerability related to triggering feed update. * Fixed bug: Error output on Feed Sources list is trimmed and cannot break the page layout. * Fixed bug: Certain notices could not be dismissed. * Fixed bug: Word trimming didn't always trim correctly with HTML. * Enhanced: Visual improvements.

4.8.2 2016-02-24

(2016-02-22) = * Fixed bug: Interface methods used to conflict, causing fatal error on activation. * Fixed bug: Empty feed response used to cause misleading error message in log. * Enhanced: Users can now override useragent sent with feed requests. * Enhanced: Improvements to plugin updating system. * Enhanced: Readme updated. * Enhanced: "Open link behaviour" option's internal handling has been improved.

4.8.1 2016-02-04

(2016-02-02) = * Fixed bug: Some exceptions used to cause fatal errors. * Fixed bug: Requests made by image caching used to always have an infinite timeout. * Fixed bug: Licensing algorithm used to use constants of inactive plugins, causing fatal error. * Enhanced: Visual improvements. * Enhanced: Included new Object Oriented code.

4.8 2015-12-31

(2015-12-30) = * Fixed bug: Licensing notices will now be displayed again. * Enhanced: Major licensing system improvements.

4.7.8 2015-11-18

(2015-11-18) = * Fixed bug: Sticky posts no longer get deleted when truncating, unless imported from a feed source. * Enhanced: Added autoloading and refactored licensing. * Enhanced: Added button to download error log. * Enhanced: Cosmetic changes and fixes.

4.7.7 2015-10-19

(2015-10-19) = * Enhanced: Optimized checking for plugin updates.

4.7.6 2015-10-07

(2015-10-07) = * Enhanced: Feeds that fail to validate due to whitespace at the beginning are now supported by the plugin. * Fixed bug: Undefined variables in the System Info section in the Debugging page. * Fixed bug: Add-on license expiration notices could not be dismissed.

4.7.5 2015-09-02

(2015-09-02) = * Usage tracking now disabled. * Fixed bug: error related to undefined ajaxurl JS variable gone from frontend. * Enhanced: Licensing errors will be output to debug log. * Enhanced: Improved compatibility with plugins that allow AJAX searching in the backend.

4.7.4 2015-08-20

(2015-08-19) * Requirement: WordPress 4.0 or greater now required. * Fixed bug in image caching * Fixed bug in admin interface due to incorrectly translated IDs

4.7.3 2015-08-04

(2015-08-04) = * Enhanced: Core now implements an image cache logic. * Enhanced: Add-ons on the "Add-ons" page now have an installed-but-inactive status. * Enhanced: Google Alerts permalinks will now be normalized. * Enhanced: Russian translation added. * Fixed bug: Inline help (tooltips) translations now work. * Fixed bug: Link to the Feed to Post add-on on the welcome page is no longer broken.

4.7.2 2015-07-02

(2015-06-30) = * Enhanced: Copyright updated. * Fixed bug: Word trimming no longer adds extra closing tags at the end. * Fixed bug: Presence of idna_convert class no longer causes infinite redirects on some servers. * Fixed bug: Warning of unterminated comment no longer thrown in PHP 5.5. * Fixed bug: Added default value for "Unique Titles" option. * Fixed bug: Having a the port number specified with the database host no longer causes issues with the mysqli adapter in System Info on some servers. * Fixed bug: Nested options of inline help controller no longer cause a fatal error. * Fixed bug: Notices will no longer be displayed during rendering of feed items due to absence of required default values.

4.7.1 2015-04-23

(2015-04-23) = * Fixed bug: No warning will be thrown when fetching feeds.

4.7 2015-04-21

(2015-04-21) = * New: Optionally import only items with titles that don't already exist. * Enhanced: Accessing feeds over HTTPS is now possible. * Enhanced: Added support for multibyte strings in some places. * Enhanced: Increased JS compatibility with other plugins. * Enhanced: Increased UI support for mobile devices. * Fixed bug: Having no mysqli extension no longer causes an error to appear in the debug info. * Fixed bug: Saving an empty license key no longer results in a warning.

4.6.13 2015-03-24

(2015-03-20) = * Fixed bug: The "Force feed" option wasn't being correctly used.

4.6.12 2015-03-09

(2015-03-09) = * Fixed bug: The "Force feed" option was being removed by the Feed to Post add-on.

4.6.11 2015-03-04

(2015-03-04) = * Enhanced: The Help page now includes a support form if a premium add-on is detected. * Enhanced: Updated some translations for admin options. * Fixed bug: Help tooltips are now optimized for iPad screens. * Fixed bug: Errors on the licensing page when a license code has not yet been entered.

4.6.10 2015-02-16

(2015-02-10) = * Enhanced: AJAX license activation. * Enhanced: License form more reliable. * Enhanced: license-related UI improvements * New: Markdown library added. Changelog now read from readme. * Fixed bug: Saving license keys not longer triggers error in some cases.

4.6.9 2015-01-21

(2015-01-21) = * Enhanced: Admin user will now be warned about invalid or expiring licenses. * Enhanced: Admin notices logic centralized in this plugin. * Fixed: Multiple small-scale security vulnerabilities. * Fixed: Ampersand in feed URL no longer causes the product of generated feeds to be invalidated by W3C Validator.

4.6.8 2015-01-21

(2014-01-07) = * Enhanced: Added more logging during feed importing. * Enhanced: Irrelevent metaboxes added by other plugins are now removed from the Add/Edit Feed Source page. * Fixed bug: Valid feed URLS were being invalidated. * Fixed bug: The Blacklist feature was being hidden when the Feed to Post add-on was enabled. * Fixed bug: Patched a vulnerability where any user on the site can issue a feed fetch. * Fixed bug: The "Activate" and "Pause" actions are not shown in the bulk actions dropdown in WordPress v4.1.

4.6.7 2014-12-17

(2014-12-17) = * Enhanced: Some minor interface updates. * Enhanced: Added filters for use by the premium add-ons.

4.6.6 2014-12-06

(2014-12-06) = * Enhanced: Added output layouts for feed sources and feed items. * Enhanced: Updated EDD updater class to version 1.5. * Enhanced: Added time limit extending to prevent script from exhausting its execution time limit while importing. * Fixed bug: The "Delete and Re-import" button was deleting items but not re-importing. * Fixed bug: Non-object errors when a feed source is deleted while importing.

4.6.5 2014-11-17

(2014-11-17) = * Enhanced: Improved the logging. * Enhanced: Improved the licensing fields. * Enhanced: Updated the EDD updater class to the latest version. * Fixed bug: Small random error when viewing the licenses page.

4.6.4 2014-11-10

(2014-11-10) = * Enhanced: Added filters to the custom feed. * Enhanced: Updated some styles to improve the user interface. * Fixed bug: The "Remove selected from Blacklist" button had no nonce associated with it. * Fixed bug: The Blacklist menu entry was not always being shown.

4.6.3 2014-11-03

(2014-11-3) = Enhanced: Re-added the "Add New" link in the plugin's menu. Enhanced: Improved error logging. Enhanced: Bulk actions in the Feed Sources page are now also included in the bottom dropdown menu. Fixed bug: Add-on updater was prone to conflicts. Now enclosed in an action. Fixed bug: The Full Text RSS Feeds add-on was not showing as active in the "Add-ons" page. Fixed bug: Broken links in the "Add-ons" page, to add-on pages on our site.

4.6.2 2014-10-15

(2014-10-15) = * Enhanced: Improved plugin responsiveness. * Enhanced: Updated some help text in tooltips with better explainations and added clarity. * Enhanced: Optimized some old SQL queries. * Enhanced: Added better debug logging. * Enhanced: Added a new filter to modify the text shown before author names. * Fixed bug: Licenses were not showing as active, even though they were activated.

4.6.1 2014-10-06

(2014-10-06) = * Enhanced: Improved internationalization in the plugin, for better translations. * Fixed bug: If the feed source age limit was left empty, the global setting was used instead of ignoring the limit.

4.6 2014-09-23

(2014-09-22) = * Enhanced: Improved the user interface, with better responsiveness and tooltips. * Enhanced: Removes the ID column. The ID is now shown fixed in row actions. * Enhanced: Feed Preview indicates if feed items have no dates. * Fixed bug: If a feed item has no date, the date and time it was imported is used.

4.5.3 2014-09-15

(2014-09-15) = * New Featured: Added filter to allow adding RSS feeds to the head of your site's pages for CPTs. * Enhanced: Columns in the feed sources table are now sortable. * Enhanced: Removed the ID column in the feed sources table. The ID has been moved as a row action. * Enhanced: Improved various interface elements. * Enhanced: Better responsiveness for smaller screen. * Fixed bug: The importing spinning icon would get stuck and spin for a very long time. * Fixed bug: Removed an old description meta field. * Fixed bug: Plugin was not removing all scheduled cron jobs when deactivated.

4.5.2 2014-09-11

(2014-09-09) = * Enhanced: Optimized plugin for WordPress 4.0. * Enhanced: Improved template and added filters for add-on hooking. * Fixed bug: Editor toolbar visible over the WP RSS shortcode dialog.

4.5.1 2014-09-05

(2014-08-26) = * Fixed bug: Last import feed item count stays at zero. * Fixed bug: Datetime::setTimestamp error when using PHP 5.2 or earlier. * Fixed bug: The display limit was not working. * Fixed bug: Minor bug in licensing.

4.5 2014-08-25

(2014-08-25) = * New Feature: Bulk importer allows you to create multiple feed sources at once. * Enhanced: Improved OPML importer with added hooks. * Enhanced: Centralized add-on licensing, fixing multiple bugs. * Fixed bug: Undefined feed_limit errors when using the shortcode.

4.4.4 2014-08-19

(2014-08-19) = * Fixed bug: More fatal errors when using PHP version 5.3 or lower.

4.4.3 2014-08-19

(2014-08-19) = * Fixed bug: Fatal error when using PHP version 5.3 or lower.

4.4.2 2014-08-19

(2014-08-19) = * Fixed bug: Fatal error when using PHP version 5.3 or lower.

4.4.1 2014-08-18

(2014-08-18) = * Enhanced: Various improvements to the plugin interface and texts. * Enhanced: Moved the restore default settings button farther down the Debugging page, to avoid confusion with the delete button. * Fixed bug: Feed item dates were not being adjusted to the timezone when using a GMT offset. * Fixed bug: Feed item dates are now adjusted according to daylight savings time.

4.4 2014-08-11

(2014-08-11) = * New Feature: Blacklist - delete items and blacklist them to never import them again. * Enhanced: Added a button in the Debugging page to reset the plugin settings to default. * Enhanced: WordPress Yoast SEO metaboxes and custom columns will no longer appear.

4.3.1 2014-08-08

(2014-08-08) = * Enhanced: Better wording on settings page. * Fixed bug: The Links Behaviour option in the settings was not working. * Fixed bug: The wrong feed items were being shown for some sources when using the "View Items" row action.

4.3 2014-08-04

(2014-08-04) = * New Feature: Feed items now also import authors. * Enhanced: Custom feed is now in RSS 2.0 format. * Enhanced: Improved the display template for feed items. * Fixed bug: Custom feed was not working in Firefox. * Fixed bug: Some feed items were showing items from another feed source. * Fixed bug: The feed limit in the global settings was not working.

4.2.3 2014-07-29

(2014-07-29) = * Enhanced: Added an option to choose between the current pagination type, and numbered pagination. * Enhanced: The Feed Preview now also shows the total number of items in the feed. * Fixed bug: A PHP warning error was being shown in the System Info. * Fixed bug: Language files were not always being referenced correctly. * Fixed bug: Manually fetching a feed fails if the feed is scheduled to update in the next 10 minutes. * Fixed bug: Bing RSS feeds were importing duplicates on every update.

4.2.2 2014-07-23

(2014-07-23) = * Enhanced: Facebook page feeds are now changed into RSS 2.0 feeds, rather than Atom 1.0 feeds. * Enhanced: Improved live updating performace on the Feed Sources page.

4.2.1 2014-07-17

(2014-07-17) = * Enhanced: Feed Sources page is now more responsive.

4.2 2014-07-17

(2014-07-17) = * New Feature: Can now view each feed source's imported feed items separate from other feed sources' feed items. * Enhanced: Major visual update to the Feed Sources page with new live updates. * Enhanced: The custom feed now includes the feed source. * Fixed bug: Google News feeds were importing duplicate items on every update. * Fixed bug: Multiple minor bug fixes with old filters.

4.1.6 2014-06-27


4.1.5 2014-06-20

(2014-05-19) = * Enhanced: The Feed Sources table now indicates which feed sources encountered errors during the last import. * Fixed bug: Feed titles were not being decoded for HTML entities.

4.1.4 2014-05-16

(2014-05-16) = * Enhanced: Minor improvements to feed importing and handling. * Fixed bug: HTML entities were not being decoded in feed item titles.

4.1.3 2014-04-28

(2014-04-28) = * Enhanced: Added a force feed option, for valid RSS feeds with incorrect header content types. * Fixed bug: HTML entities in feed item titles are now being decoded.

4.1.2 2014-04-22

(2014-04-22) = * Enhanced: Improved the custom feed, by allowing a custom title. * Enhanced: Improved shortcode, by adding the "pagination" parameter. * Enhanced: Modified a filter to fix some bugs in the add-ons.

4.1.1 2014-04-11

(2014-04-09) = * Enhanced: Tracking notices only appear for admin users. * Fixed bug: Auto Feed Discovery was not working.

4.1 2014-04-03

(2014-04-03) = * New Feature: Feed items can now link to enclosure links in the feed. * Enhanced: Added a filter to allow add-ons to modify feed item queries.

4.0.9 2014-03-27

(2014-03-27) = * Enhanced: Added a filter to modify the feeds template. * Fixed bug: Nested lists in feeds template.

4.0.8 2014-03-20

(2014-03-20) = * Fixed bug: Using the shortcode makes the comments section always open.

4.0.7 2014-03-10

(2014-03-08) = * Fixed bug: The plugin prevented uploading of header images.

4.0.6 2014-03-05

(2014-03-05) = * Fixed bug: Hook change in last version suspected reason for some installations having non-updated feed items.

4.0.5 2014-03-03

(2014-03-03) = * New Feature: Time ago added as an option. * Enhanced: The plugin now allows the use of RSS and Atom feeds that do not specify the correct MIME type. * Enhanced: Better performance due to better hook usage. * Fixed bug: Facebook page feed URL conversion was not being triggered for new feed sources. * Fixed bug: Styles fix for pagination. * Fixed bug: Removed empty spaces in logging.

4.0.4 2014-02-22

(2014-02-17) = * Enhanced: Added Activate/Pause bulk actions in the Feed Sources page. * Enhanced: Feed Sources page table has been re-designed. * Enhanced: Logging is now site dependant on multisite. * Fixed bug: Undefined display settings where appearing on the front end.

4.0.3 2014-02-13

(2014-02-12) = * Fixed bug: The general setting for deleting feed items by age was not working.

4.0.2 2014-02-11

(2014-02-10) = * Enhanced: Added a filter to change the html tags allowed in feed item content.

4.0.1 2014-02-11

(2014-02-08) = * Fixed bug: Empty array of feed items bug caused importing problems.

4.0 2014-02-04

(2014-02-04) = * Enhanced: Improved some internal queries, for better performance. * Fixed bug: Feed limits were not working properly.

3.9.9 2014-02-03

(2014-02-03) = * Enhanced: The custom feed can now be extended by add-ons.

3.9.8 2014-01-20

(2014-01-20) = * Fixed bug: Removed excessive logging from Debugging Error Log.

3.9.7 2014-01-17

(2014-01-17) = * Fixed bug: Bug in admin-debugging.php causing trouble with admin login

3.9.6 2014-01-17

(2014-01-17) = * Enhanced: Added error logging.

3.9.5 2014-01-02

(2014-01-02) = * Enhanced: Added a feed validator link in the New/Edit Feed Sources page. * Enhanced: The Next Update column also shows the time remaining for next update, for feed source on the global update interval. * Enhanced: The custom feed has been improved, and is now identical to the feeds displayed with the shortcode. * Enhanced: License notifications only appear on the main site when using WordPress multisite. * Enhanced: Updated Colorbox script to 1.4.33 * Fixed bug: The Imported Items column was always showing zero. * Fixed bug: Feed items not being imported with limit set to zero. Should be unlimited. * Fixed bug: Fat header in Feed Sources page

1.1 2013-12-24
2.0 2013-12-24
2.1 2013-12-24
2.2 2013-12-24
2.2.1 2013-12-24
2.2.2 2013-12-24
2.2.3 2013-12-24
3.0 2013-12-24
3.1 2013-12-24
3.1.1 2013-12-24
3.2 2013-12-24
3.3 2013-12-24
3.3.1 2013-12-24
3.3.3 2013-12-24
3.4 2013-12-24

(2013-9-15) = * New Feature: Saving/Updating a feed source triggers an update for that source's feed items. * New Feature: Option to change Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion feed item URLs to embedded video players URLs * New Feature: Facebook Pages URLs are automatically detected and changed into Atom Feed URLs using FB's Graph * Enhanced: Updated jQuery Colorbox library to 1.4.29 * Fixed Bug: Some settings did not have a default value set, and were throwing an 'Undefined Index' error * Fixed Bug: Admin notices do not disappear immediately when dismissed.

3.4.1 2013-12-24


3.4.2 2013-12-24

(2013-9-19) * Enhanced: Added some hooks for Feed to Post compatibility * Enhanced: Moved date settings to a more appropriate location

3.4.3 2013-12-24

(2013-10-20) = * Fixed bug: Removed anonymous functions for backwards PHP compatibility * Bug fix: Added suppress_filters in feed-display.php to prevent a user reported error * Bug fix: Missing

  • in certain feed displays
  • 3.4.4 2013-12-24

    (2013-10-26) = * New feature: Pagination * New feature: First implementation of editor button for easy shortcode creation * Enhanced: Feed items and sources don't show up in link manager * Enhanced: Included Presstrends code for plugin usage monitoring

    3.4.5 2013-12-24

    (2013-10-30) = * Bug Fix: Feed items were not being imported while the WPML plugin was active.

    3.4.6 2013-12-24

    (2013-11-1) = * Enhanced: Added more hooks to debugging page for the Feed to Post add-on. * Fixed bug: Uninitialized loop index

    3.5 2013-12-24

    (2013-11-6) = * New Feature: Can delete feed items for a particular source * Enhanced: the 'Fetch feed items' row action for feed sources resets itself after 3.5 seconds. * Enhanced: The feed image is saved for each url. * Fixed bug: Link to source now links to correct url. Previously linked to site's feed.

    3.5.1 2013-12-24

    (2013-11-09) = * Enhanced: Increased compatibility with RSS sources. * Fixed bug: Pagination not working on home page

    3.5.2 2013-12-24

    (2013-11-11) = * Fixed bug: Invalid feed source url was producing an Undefined method notice. * Fixed bug: Custom feed was producing a 404 page. * Fixed bug: Presstrends code firing on admin_init, opt-in implementation coming soon

    3.6 2013-12-24

    (2013-11-16) = * New Feature: Can set the maximum length for titles. Long titles get trimmed. * Fixed bug: Fixed errors with undefined indexes for unchecked checkboxes in the settings page. * Fixed bug: Pagination on front static page was not working.

    3.6.1 2013-12-24

    (2013-11-17) = * Fixed bug: Missing 2nd argument for wprss_shorten_title()

    3.7 2013-12-24

    (2013-11-28) = * New Feature: State system - Feed sources can be activated/paused. * New Feature: State system - Feed sources can be set to activate or pause themselves at a specific date and time. * Enhanced: Added compatibility with nested outline elements in OPML files. * Enhanced: Admin menu icon image will change into a Dashicon, when WordPress is updated to 3.8 (Decemeber 2013). * Fixed bug: Custom Post types were breaking when the plugin is activated.

    3.8 2013-12-24

    (2013-12-05) = * New Feature: Feed items can be limited and deleted by their age. * Enhanced: Added utility functions for shorter filters. * Fixed bug: License codes were being erased when add-ons were deactivated. * Fixed bug: Some feed sources could not be set to active from the table controls. * Fixed bug: str_pos errors appear when custom feed url is left empty. * Fixed bug: Some options were producing undefined index errors.

    3.9 2013-12-24

    (2013-12-12) = * New Feature: Feed sources can have their own update interval. * New Feature: The time remaining until the next update has been added to the Feed Source table.

    3.9.1 2013-12-24

    (2013-12-12) = * Enhanced: Improved date and time handling for imported feed items. * Fixed bug: Incorrect values being shown in the Feed Processing metabox. * Fixed bug: Feed limits set to zero were causing feeds to not be imported.

    3.9.2 2013-12-24


    3.9.3 2013-12-24

    (2013-12-23) = * Fixed bug: Fixed tracking pointer appearing on saving settings.

    3.9.4 2013-12-24

    (2013-12-24) = * Enhanced: Added a column in the Feed Sources page that shows the number of feed items imported for each feed source. * Fixed bug: Leaving the delete old feed items empty did not ignore the delete.

    1.0 2013-12-24