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Last Week 36,761
All Time 4,120,115
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Track returning customers and registered users, monitor Javascript events, detect intrusions, analyze email campaigns. Thousands of WordPress sites are already using it.

Main features

  • Real-Time Access Log: measure server latency, track page events, keep an eye on your bounce rate and much more.
  • Shortcodes: display reports in widgets or directly in posts and pages.
  • GDPR: fully compliant with the GDPR European law. You can test your website at
  • Filters: exclude users from statistics collection based on various criteria, including user roles, common robots, IP subnets, admin pages, country, etc.
  • Export to Excel: download your reports as CSV files, generate user heatmaps or get daily emails right in your mailbox (via premium add-ons).
  • Cache: compatible with W3 Total Cache, WP SuperCache, CloudFlare and most caching plugins.
  • Privacy: hash IP addresses to protect your users' privacy.
  • Geolocation: identify your visitors by city and country, browser type and operating system (courtesy of MaxMind and Browscap).
  • World Map: see where your visitors are coming from, even on your mobile device (courtesy of amMap).


  • WordPress 5.0+
  • PHP 7.4+
  • MySQL 5.0.3+
  • At least 5 MB of free web space (240 MB if you plan on using the external libraries for geolocation and browser detection)
  • At least 10 MB of free DB space
  • At least 32 Mb of free PHP memory for the tracker (peak memory usage)

Releases (155 )

Version Release Date Change Log
4.9.3 2022-12-12
  • [Update] New logo and icon for the plugin!
  • [Fix] Hardened plugin security and sanitization of user input and escaped output
4.9.2 2022-11-16
  • [Fix] Fixed tweak notice errors while activating the plugin in fresh installation
  • [Update] Tested up to WordPress v6.1 2022-11-08
4.9.1 2022-09-26 2022-03-16
  • [Fix] Entries in the Top Referring Domains report were pointing to broken links (thank you, s7ech).
  • [Fix] The new Browscap Library requires at least PHP 7.4, up from 7.1. (thank you, Daniel Jaraud).
4.9 2022-03-15
  • [New] Browscap Library is now bundled with the main plugin, only definition files are downloaded dynamically.
  • [New] Support MaxMind License Key for GeoLite2 database downloads.
  • [New] Speedup Browscap version check when repository site is down.
  • [New] Delete plugin settings and stats only if explicitly enabled in settings
  • [Fix] Addressed a PHP warning of undefined variable when parsing a query string looking for search term keywords (thank you, inndesign).
  • [Fix] Fixed SQL error when Events Manager plugin is installed, 'Posts and Pages' is enabled, and no events are existing (thank you, lwangamaman.
  • [Fix] Starting with 4.9, PHP 7.4+ is required (thank you, stephanie-mitchell.
  • [Fix] Opt-Out cookie does not delete slimstat cookie. 2019-10-15
  • [Update] The Privacy Mode option under Slimstat > Settings > Tracker now controls the fingerprint collection mechanism as well. If you have this option enabled to comply with European privacy laws, your visitors' IP addresses will be masked and they won't be fingerprinted (thank you, Peter).
  • [Update] Improved handling of our local DNS cache to store hostnames when the option to convert IP addresses is enabled in the settings.
  • [Fix] Redirects from the canonical URL to its corresponding nice permalink were being affected by a new feature introduce in version 4.8.7 (thank you, Brookjnk).
  • [Fix] The new tracker was throwing a Javascript error when handling events attached to DOM elements without a proper hierarchy (thank , you pollensteyn).
  • [Fix] Tracking downloads using third-party solutions like Download Attachments was not working as expected (thank you, damianomalorzo).
  • [Fix] Inverted stacking order of dots on the map so that the most recent pageviews are always on top, when dots are really close to each other.
  • [Fix] A warning message was being returned by the function looking for search keywords in the URL (thank you, Ryan).
4.8.8 2019-10-01
  • [New] Implemented new FingerPrintJs2 library in the tracker. Your visitors are now associated with a unique identifier that does not rely on cookies, IP address or other unreliable information. This will allow Slimstat to produce more accurate results in terms of session lenghts, user patterns and much more.
  • [New] Added event handler for 'beforeunload', which will allow the tracker to better meausure the time spent by your visitors on each page. This will make our upcoming new charts even more accurate.
  • [Update] Improved algorithm that scans referrer URLs for search terms, and introduced a new list of search engines. Please help us improve this list by submitting your missing search engine entries.
  • [Update] Added title field to Slimstat widgets (thank you, jaroslawistok).
  • [Update] Reverted a change to the Top Web Pages report that was now combining URLs with a trailing slash and ones without one into one result. As James pointed out, this is a less accurate measure and hides the fact that people might be accessing the website in different ways.
  • [Update] The event tracker now annotates each event with information about the mouse button that was clicked and other useful data.
  • [Fix] The Country shortcode was not working as expected because of a change in how we handle localization files.
  • [Fix] Renamed slim_i18n class to avoid conflict with external libraries. 2019-09-18
  • [New] Implemented a simple query cache to minimize the number of requests needed to crunch and display the data in the reports.
  • [Update] Extended tracker to also record the 'fragment' portion of the URL, if available (this feature is only available in Client Mode).
  • [Update] Do not show the resource title in Network View mode.
  • [Fix] Some reports were not optimized for our Network Analytics add-on (thank you, Peter).
  • [Fix] The notice displayed to share the latest news with our users would not disappear even after clicking the X button to close it (thank you, Anton).
  • [Fix] The 'Top Web Pages' reports was listing duplicate entries.
  • [Fix] A regression bug was affecting the Currently Online report, by showing incorrect information for the IP addresses.
  • [Fix] After resetting the Customizer view, all reports were being listed twice (thank you, Anton).
  • [Fix] A new feature introduced by our Javascript tracker was not working as expected in IE11 (thank you, 51nullacht). 2019-09-12
  • [Fix] The new tracker was having problems recording clicks on SVG elements within a link (thank you, pollensteyn).
  • [Fix] The event handler is now capable of tracking events on BUTTONs within FORM elements.
  • [Fix] Permalinks containing post query strings were not being recorded as expected. 2019-09-12
  • [Note] We are in the process of deprecating the two columns type and event_description in the events table, and consolidating that information in the notes field. Code will be added to Slimstat in a few released to actually drop these columns from the database. If you are using those two columns in your custom code, please feel free to contact our support team to discuss your options and how to update your code using the information collected by the new tracker.
  • [Fix] A warning message was being displayed when enabling the opt-out feature with certain versions of PHP.
  • [Fix] PHP warning being displayed when trying to update some of the add-ons' settings.
  • [Fix] The new tracker was recording the number of posts on an archive page even when the single article was being displayed.
  • [Fix] License keys for premium add-ons were not being saved as expected, due to a side effect of the new security features we implemented in the Settings.
4.8.7 2019-09-11
  • [New] With this update, we are introducing an updated tracker (both server and client-side): a new simplified codebase that gets rid of a few layers of convoluted functions and algorithms accumulated over the years. We have been working on this update for quite a while, and the recent conflict with another plugin discovered by some users convinced us to make this our top priority. Even though we have tested our new code using a variety of scenarios, you can understand how it would be impossible to cover all the possible environments available out there. Make sure to clear your caches (local, Cloudflare, WP plugins, etc), to allow Slimstat to append the new tracking script to your pages. Also, if you are using Slimstat to track external pages (outside of your WP install), please make sure to update the code you're using on those pages with the new one you can find in Slimstat > Settings > Tracker > External Pages.
  • [New] Increased minimum WordPress requirements to version 4.9, given that we are now using some more modern functions to enqueue the tracker and implement the customizer feature.
  • [Update] We tweaked the SQL query to retrieve 'recent' results, and added a GROUP BY clause to remove duplicates. This might affect some custom reports you might have created, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question or experience any issues.
  • [Update] The columns to store event type and description are being deprecated, and consolidated into the existing 'notes' column. Our function ss_track() will only accept the note parameter moving forward. Please update your custom code accordingly. In a few releases, we are going to drop those columns from the database.
  • [Update] Changed wording on Traffic Sources report to explain what kind of search engine result pages are being counted (thank you, Nina).
  • [Fix] The button to delete all the records from the database was not working as expected (thank you, Softfully).
  • [Fix] When the plugin was network activated on a group of existing blogs, the tables used to store all the records were not initialized as expected, under given circumstances.
  • [Fix] A bug was affecting certain shortcodes when PHP 7.2 was enabled (thank you, Peter).
  • [Fix] Emptying one of the settings and saving did not produce the desired effect. 2019-08-29
  • [Fix] A regression bug was introduced in 4.8.6, affecting some of the shortcodes and reports.
4.8.6 2019-08-28
  • [New] Slimstat can now track most WordPress redirects and mark them with the appropriate content type.
  • [Update] The GDPR compliance through third-party tools is now more flexible and allows admins to specify name/value pairs so that the cookie must CONTAIN the given string.
  • [Update] Simplified code that manages the sidebar menu.
  • [Update] Reorganized code that manages the plugin options.
  • [Update] Rewrote the portion of code that manages tracker errors, which are now saved in a separate field in the database.
  • [Update] Reintroduced feature to hide certain report pages when no reports are assigned to them.
  • [Update] Decrease the number of database requests needed to record a new pageview.
  • [Fix] Entries with a trailing slash and ones without were being listed as separate in Top Web Pages.
  • [Fix] Typo in one of the conditions definining the Top Bots report. 2019-08-12
  • [Fix] A bug was affecting the way shortcodes were being displayed on the website (thank you, inndesign).
  • [Fix] Some icons in the Access Log were broken and not displayed as expected.
  • [Fix] Added extra code to make sure a callback function is defined for any given report.
  • [Fix] Top reports where displaying an incorrect percentage value on the WordPress dashboard (thank you, scruffy1 and a305587).
4.8.5 2019-08-06
  • [New] Introduced option to not track pageviews based on the ACCEPT-LANGUAGE header sent by the browser.
  • [New] Introduced option to display a pageview count instead of the percentage in Top reports.
  • [New] Introduced two new reports under the Audience tab: Tob Bots and Top Human Browsers.
  • [Update] Removed the option to hide reports on tabs, as it was confusing users who couldn't find them. Now you can simply use the Customizer to arrange your reports, and place the ones you don't need in the Inactive box.
  • [Update] Rewritten the code that manages which reports are displayed on which screen (Customizer), streamlined data structures and optimized their use. Please update all the add-ons to the latest version available. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!
  • [Fix] The HTML markup in the opt-out message field was being stripped out (thank you, paulmcmanus).
  • [Fix] Reports could not be properly deleted in the Customizer, if the Slimstat menu was displayed in the Admin Bar.
  • [Fix] A fatal error thrown by the Maxmind library when the data file is corrupted has been addressed.
  • [Fix] The icon filename for Windows 8.1 was incorrect (thank you, Dimitri) 2019-07-22
  • [Note] As anticipated a few weeks ago, this update drops the information about your visitors' browser plugins, which had been deprecated as not useful and oftentimes unreliable. Please make sure to backup your Slimstat tables if you need to preserve this information for some reason.
  • [Update] We received quite a few messages complaining about our decision to change the default position of the Slimstat menu from the sidebar to the admin bar. We are rolling back this change, and we apologize for any confusion this might have caused.
  • [Update] Added visitor's language to the Activity Log report.
  • [Update] Introduced code optimizations to improve performance when localizing strings related to operating systems, languages, countries, etc.
  • [Fix] Page URLs were not being displayed correctly if the option to display page titles was turned off.
  • [Fix] Not storing empty values in the database: leave as NULL. This will squeeze a few more bytes out of each row stored in the database.
4.8.4 2019-07-08
  • [Note] If you're using any of our premium add-ons, please make sure to update them to the latest version available (see Slimstat > Add-ons) as we've updated some references in our code.
  • [Note] We recently received an email from one of our users suggesting that we replace the line charts currently used to display reports over a timeline with bar charts, because 'the number of pageviews and IPs are discrete numbers, hence they should also be presented as discrete numbers', according to him. What do you think? Please let us know by sending us a message on our support platform. Thank you.
  • [Update] Renamed a few files in the admin. If you're including Slimstat libraries in your custom code, please make sure to check that your references are up-to-date. Also, make sure to clear your cache if you page layout doesn't look right.
  • [Update] AmCharts, the library used to render all of our charts, has been updated to version 4.5.3.
  • [Update] When functioning in Client mode, the tracker will now not ignore bots, spiders and the like automatically. Please use the appropriate option under Settings > Exclusions if you would like to ignore bots. This solves an incompatibility issue with some caching plugins which "prefetch" the website, presenting themselves as bots.
  • [Update] Removed tracker notice field under Settings > Maintenance as it was confusing many people and generating extra work for our customer service team.
  • [Update] Removed option to not track "client properties" like screen resolution, etc. Also, removed option to not honor DNT headers, as we received complaints from privacy activists on this matter.
  • [Update] Removed option to change date/time formats and numeric separators: Slimstat will now use the WordPress settings to adjust its behavior.
  • [Update] Removed 'About Slimstat' report, given that some of the information in it has been moved to the Settings.
  • [Update] Removed unused strings, improved contextual descriptions and applied consistent naming conventions across our codebase (first pass).
  • [Update] The Slimstat admin menu is now added to the Admin Bar by default. Please go to Settings > Basic > WordPress Integration and change the corresponding option, if you prefer to use the side menu instead.
  • [Update] Enabled code editor in Settings.
  • [Update] Implemented a new optimized function to retrieve the post count on the Edit Posts/Pages/CPTs screens. Thank you, Lance.
  • [Update] Improved browser detection feature, which will now fallback to the heuristic function if the Browscap data file doesn't contain an exact match for a given browser. This usually happens whenever a new browser version is released, which is not yet included in the data file.
  • [Update] Option to track same-domain referrers is now deactivated by default on new installations.
  • [Update] Enabled wildcards on the exclusion rule by capability.
  • [Update] Improved the overall source code readability score. Now you don't have any other excuses to not contribute to this project!
  • [Update] Table indexes are now enabled by default in the database.
  • [Update] Added new WordPress filter to the Browscap Library, so that third-party tools can manipulate the data before it's returned to the tracker.
  • [Update] Added nonce to Settings page for improved security.
4.8.3 2019-06-14

= * [Note] Thank you for all the great feedback you provided to our unofficial survey about retiring the 'browser plugins' feature. The vast majority of those who replied confirmed what we already thought. Please consider backing up your database if you would like to preserve this information for future analysis. With this update, we removed the portion of code that tracks that information, but kept the existing data untouched. In a couple of releases, code will be added to actually drop this column from the database. * [New] If English is not your primary languge, Slimstat will now display a notice asking for your help to translate our plugin in your language. Please consider volunteering for this great opportunity to help our community! * [Update] We are working with the GlotPress community to improve the way Slimstat speaks your language. We had to change the way certain strings are defined in our source code. Please let us know if you notice any unexpected behavior when analyzing languages, countries and operating systems. * [Update] Removed Facebook rankings metrics, as the API has been deprecated and the new one is not accessible without a private token. * [Update] MozRank has been deprecated, we have replaced it with the Domain Authority metric. * [Update] Spring cleaning in the 'admin notices' department: removed some obsolete CSS code, replaced by built-in WP classes and definitions. * [Fix] Changed the default minimum capability to access the reports from 'activate_plugins' to 'manage_options', so that regular administrators (a.k.a. non-super admins) in a multisite environment can still see their own reports (thank you, homepageware). This update does not affect existing installations: if you want regular admins to see their own stats, please go to Slimstat > Settings > Access Control and change the values in the corresponding fields. * [Fix] The autorefresh feature for the Activity Log was not working as expected. Thank you to all the users who patiently worked with us to identify the issue. * [Fix] A conflict between the Async loader and AmCharts 4 was causing the Screen Options tab to not work as expected (thank you, softfully). * [Fix] Removed unused setting 'Expand Reports'

4.8.2 2019-06-03
  • [Note] Our team has been contemplating the idea of deprecating the information collected about your visitors' browser plugins (Java, PDF reader, RealView player, Silverlight, etc). In this day and age, where browsers use either built-in functionality to provide those features, or extensions that cannot be tracked for privacy purposes, it feels anachronistic to continue collecting this outdated information. By getting rid of this specific feature, we can streamline our code, improve performance, and reduce the database size. However, we wanted to hear from our users before anything is actually implemented. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you are using the 'browser plugins' field for your reporting needs.
  • [New] Many CRM integration plugins rely mostly on the user emails, not usernames. For this reason, a new email field has been added to the database (thank you, sandrodz).
  • [Update] Changed the preset intervals in the date filter dropdown so that you can get a day over day comparison (Monday over Monday, etc) for improved accuracy.
  • [Update] AmCharts, the library used to render all of our charts, has been updated to version 4.4.9.
  • [Fix] The countdown timer on the Activity Log was not working as expected (thank you, anniest).
  • [Fix] A conflict between the Async loader and AmCharts 4 was causing the Screen Options tab to not work as expected (thank you, softfully).
  • [Fix] The countdown timer was causing an warning message to appear on other screens.
  • [Fix] Minor aesthetic improvements.
4.8.1 2019-05-20
  • [Update] Async mode will now serialize concurrent requests to the backend to optimize performance and reduce server load.
  • [Fix] Addressed a remote XSS vulnerability disclosed by Sucuri/GoDaddy.
  • [Fix] Charts were displaying the wrong label for certain values (thank you, Alex).
4.8 2019-05-06
  • [Note] Now that we have a cleaner foundation to build on, it's time to start introducing new reports and new ways to segment your audience and the traffic they generate. While our users test the latest changes and updates (to confirm that the foundation is indeed solid and bug-free), we are hard at work implementing the first batch of new reports. Some of them will be made available in the free version, while others will be added to our premium add-on, User Overview. And we need your help! If you think that a specific report should be added to Slimstat, please do not hesitate to let us know!
  • [Note] Worried about the recent news regarding jQuery vulnerabilities? Slimstat doesn't use jQuery as a dependency, so you can sleep tight knowing that your website will not be affected.
  • [Update] AmCharts, the library used to render all of our charts, has been updated to version 4. This new release is not backward compatible, so the code to integrate it with Slimstat had to be completely rewritten. Please let us know if you notice any issues.
  • [Update] Plugin Update Checker, the library we use to check if a new version of our premium add-ons is available for download, has been update to version 4.6.
  • [Update] If you're using our partner's CDN functionality (JsDelivr) to load the tracker, their link is now always loaded over HTTPS for added security.
  • [Update] Switched the Add-on Update checker URL to HTTPS, for added security (thank you, Peter).
  • [Update] Changed the protocol of all the URLs used within Slimstat, including references to our documentation, to HTTPS.
  • [Update] Added icon to geolocate Originating IP addresses, when detected.
  • [Fix] The optout cookie path was not being set correctly (thank you, ralfkerkhoff).
  • [Fix] Google seems to be using a new User Agent string for its "mobile" crawler, which was causing Slimstat from incorrectly identifying visits as coming from mobile devices, instead of bots (thank you, Ron).
  • [Fix] An error was being returned if SVG elements were using the A tag on a page (thank you, snaphappyme).
  • [Fix] A bug was causing Slimstat to incorrectly geolocate visits to websites behind a Cloudflare load balancer. Please update the IP Address Fix add-on as well.
  • [Fix] Tweaked the formula to determine your website bounce rate, and updated the associated description to better reflect the underlying calculations. 2019-04-23
  • [Fix] It turns out the new Browscap Library we introduced requires PHP 7.x, not 5.6 as stated in their documentation. Added some code to prevent fatal errors for those still using an older version of PHP.
4.7.9 2019-04-22
  • [Note] Jason is back! Apologies for the radio silence in the last few months, due to personal reasons. Please know that this plugin is still very much alive and kicking. I'm working on cleaning up my development environment, updating the Git repository and streamlining coding workflows. I'm catching up on past and new feature requests and pending bugfixes. As always, thank you for your continued support.
  • [Update] Our optimized fork of the Browscap Library is now available as a public Github repository. Slimstat will now check for updates on Github directly, which streamlines our deployment workflow. Feel free to contact us if you experience any issues with the new data file. 2018-06-13
  • [Fix] The opt-out message was being displayed even if the corresponding setting was turned off. Apologies for the inconvenience. 2018-06-13
  • [New] The IP to hostname conversion feature now stores in the database the information it calculates, to avoid querying the DNS server over and over again.
  • [Update] The opt-out banner is now loaded dynamically, to address HTML caching issues. Thank you, fuchsws. 2018-05-11
  • [New] The Customizer now has its own access control settings. This allows admins to control in a more granular way who can do what.
  • [Update] If you have an existing opt-in mechanism, asking your users if they want to be tracked, you can now configure Slimstat to use that cookie to determine if a given pageview should be recorded or not.
4.7.8 2018-04-15
  • [Note] A few users have reached out to us to ask if Slimstat would be compliant with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines and regulations that are about to be activated all across Europe. Based on our understanding of this new law, as long as the hosting provider where you are storing the information collected by Slimstat is GDPR compliant, then you won't have to worry about any extra layers of compliance offered by software like ours. One of our primary goals is to make sure that you and only you are the sole owner of the data collected by our plugin. This has always been what makes Slimstat stand out from the crowd: while Jetpack, Google Analytics and many other services have full unrestricted access to the data they collect on your website, we at Slimstat don't treat our users as the product that we sell to other companies.
  • [New] Our plugin now honors the Do Not Track header. Please note that this feature can be turned off in the settings, and will be enabled by default.
  • [New] We introduced an experimental option to allow your users to opt out of tracking via a text box displayed at the bottom of your website. Please go to Settings > Filters to customize the behavior and the message to suit your needs and website layout. You can also use third-party solutions to let your visitors opt out, and then configure Slimstat to read the corresponding cookie they set.
  • [New] You can now add reports to the Access Log screen, and customize it just like any other screen in Slimstat.
  • [Update] Reintroduced the interval_minutes filter, which had been temporarily removed from our code as a side effect of our code clean-up process. Thank you, mth75.
  • [Update] Moved the button to reset the report layouts to the Customizer screen.
  • [Update] Deprecated the Geolocation screen. The World Map report has been moved to the Audience tab. If for some reason you cannot find the World Map, please go to Slimstat > Customize and click the Reset All button.
  • [Fix] Filters were not being set when opening the corresponding links in a new window. Thank you, forumaad
  • [Fix] Bug affecting the report "Currently Online".
  • [Fix] Bug affecting all the filter links after the Export to Excel add-on had been enabled.
  • [Fix] Bug affecting the resource filter when "nice permalinks" are not enabled.
4.7.7 2018-04-03
  • [New] We've completely rewritten the portion of code that handles the date ranges in the Filter Bar. In order to simplify things, we have deprecated the interval_direction filter, which is now expressed by the sign in front of the interval value (positive for going forward from a given start date, and negative for going back in time). Please note that this change affect your existing shortcodes, if they use the aforementioned filter. We will update our documentation in the next few days to remove any reference to this filter, and to avoid any confusion. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to report any issues.
  • [New] The comparison chart is now always displayed, using new criteria to determine the range to use. You may want to update your settings (Settings > Reports > Default Time Span > Days, and Reports > Comparison Chart) to mimic the old behavior or hide the comparison chart altogether, if you like.
  • [Update] We've reintroduced the various levels of granularity for our charts: hourly (when a single day is selected), daily (for ranges up to 120 days) and monthly. Also, the comparison chart is now always available, regardless of the selected time range. Thank you, WebsiteOpzetten.
  • [Update] Tooltips across the interface have a more uniform behavior. 2018-03-09
  • [Fix] The new Javascript library was interfering with the dropdown menus on the WordPress Dashboard. Thanks to all of those who helped us troubleshoot the issue.
4.7.6 2018-03-05
  • [Note] As we mentioned earlier, we've been working on streamlining and cleaning up our source code. It's incredible how layers of code can deposit on top of each other, until they form a thick layer that prevents developers from seeing clearly what's happening. It was time to apply some virtual citric acid to descale our code. If you're using any kind of server caching functionality, please make sure to clear your cache before opening a support request. Also, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you notice any strange or unusual behaviors.
  • [New] You can now download the geolocation map as a PDF file or PNG image. Thank you, Steve, for suggesting this feature!
  • [New] You can now exclude pageviews by content type, like 404, taxonomy, search, etc. Thank you, victor50g.
  • [Update] Deprecated the 'direction' filter, which was a leftover from over 5 years ago, when we used our old interface.
  • [Fix] The cron job to archive old records was not firing as expected under certain circumstances.
  • [Fix] Charts did not render correctly, if no data was available for that specific view. 2018-02-08
  • [New] For those who can't manage to automatically update their local copy of our premium add-ons, we've added a link to manually download the zip file. You'll find it under the Plugins screen, once you've entered and saved the corresponding license key under Slimstat > Add-ons.
  • [Update] The Update Checker library has been updated to version 4.4.
  • [Fix] The world map was not being displayed correctly if no data points were available for the selected time range (thank you, Michel). 2018-01-25
  • [Update] You can now customize the amount of dots displayed on the World Map, under Slimstat > Settings > Reports > Access Log and World Map. Thank you, service4.
  • [Fix] A dependency error was being highlighted for one of our premium add-ons under certain circumstances. Thank you, Peter.
  • [Fix] The option to not set the session cookie was not working as expected. Thank you, Bjarne. 2018-01-13
  • [Update] Implemented a workaround to try and fix the "Forbidden" error that a few users are experiencing when trying to download the MaxMind Geolite2 data file.
  • [Fix] Updated the link to manually download the MaxMind data file from their servers, and added a new page to our knowledge base to explain how to manually install it.
4.7.5 2018-01-05
  • [New] Now that Slimstat is capable of geolocating visitors at the city level, wouldn't it make sense to display those visitors on the map? Well, of course! Go check out this new feature by accessing the Geolocation tab in Slimstat.
  • [New] Updated the tracking script to handle events triggered by external libraries, like the Vimeo API. Thank you, Max.
  • [New] Added new operator "included_in_set", which allows you to list multiple values to match against, when composing a shortcode.
  • [New] Added new option to avoid that Slimstat assigns a COOKIE to your visitors. Thank you, dragon013.
  • [Fix] A bug was preventing the feature to "restrict users" to only see their reports from working as expected. 2017-12-21
  • [Update] The Browscap data file is now loaded only when needed, thus removing its inherent overhead when unnecessary.
  • [Update] The Browscap data file has been updated to the latest version available on their repository (ver 6026).
  • [Fix] Addressed a remote XSS Vulnerability responsibly disclosed by one of our customers. Thank you, riscybusiness.
  • [Fix] Reintroduced the WHOIS pin, which has been removed by mistake because of a regression bug. Thank you, brachialis.
4.7.4 2017-12-02
  • [Update] New fields added to the Email Report and Export to Excel add-ons, by extending how certain reports are defined in core.
  • [Fix] The false positive alert related to a virus in our code was fixed by updating AmChart to the latest version available (thank you, Sasa).
  • [Fix] Removed a PHP warning of undefined index (thank you, slewis1000 and Sasa)
  • [Fix] The MozScape report was causing connectivity issues for some users, and it is now set as "hidden" by default.
  • [Fix] Regression bug related to our Export to Excel add-on. 2017-11-07
  • [Fix] Apparently more people than we initially thought have issues with the MaxMind data file not being saved as expected. We are introducing a temporary fix while we try to investigate this issue further.
4.7.3 2017-11-06
  • [Fix] A few users pointed out a weird behavior when installing the MaxMind Geolocation data file, where an empty folder would be created instead of the actual file. If you still experience issues related to this problem, please make sure to delete the empty folder "maxmind.mmdb" under wp-content/uploads/wp-slimstat/.
  • [Fix] Apparently Microsoft Security Essentials was not pleased with our code, and was returning a false positive alert that a virus was included with the source code (thank you, Sasa).
  • [Fix] The "content_id" filter could not be used in a shortcode to reference other pages (i.e. [slimstat f='count-all' w='id']content_id equals 2012[/slimstat]). Thank you, Felipe.
  • [Fix] Country flags were not being displayed properly under certain circumstances (thank you, Catmaniax).
  • [Fix] Bug preventing the new Heatmap Add-on from working as expected. 2017-09-26
  • [New] Added support for SCRIPT_DEBUG: by defining this constant in your wp-config.php will make Slimstat load the unminified version of the javascript tracker (thank you, Sasa)
  • [Update] Added new parameter to make the admin-ajax.php URL relative, to solve issues like this one.
  • [Fix] The Network Settings premium add-on was not working because of a bug in the main plugin. Thank you, Steve, for pointing us into the right direction.
  • [Fix] Updated the schema (columns) for the archive table. 2017-09-13
  • [Fix] The new table columns "location" and "city" were not being created on a fresh install (thank you, nielsgoossens)
  • [Fix] Async mode was not working as expected (thank you, keithgbcc)
4.7.2 2017-09-11
  • [New] As those who have been using Slimstat for a while know, we never stop doing our good share of research and development to improve our plugin. One feature on our wishlist was to make the geolocation functionality more accurate. Specifically, users have been asking us to track not just the Country of origin, but possibly the state and city. In order to geolocate visitors, our code has been leveraging a third-party data file provided by A while ago, they launched a new data format, which improves performance and offers a way to quickly determine the city of origin. However, the new library required a higher version of PHP, and up until now we had been hesitant to adopt it, to allow more people to use our plugin, over the chance of offering this feature. Now, after spending some time combing through their code, we found a way to get the best of both worlds: by customizing their PHP library, we were able to make it work with PHP 5.3! Which means that now Slimstat is able to tell you your visitors' city of origin (and State, when applicable) right out of the box. This information is available in the Access Log report and in a new 'Top Cities' report under the Audience tab. Please note: the MaxMind data file to enable this feature is approximately 60 Mb, and for this reason this new functionality is not enabled by default. You must go to Slimstat > Settings > Tracker and turn on the corresponding option. Then go to Slimstat > Settings > Maintenance and uninstall/install the GeoLite file to download the one that contains the city data. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • [Update] Removed backward compatibility code for those updating from a version prior to 4.2. Hopefully most of our users are using a newer version that that. If you're not, please contact our support service for instructions on how to upgrade.
  • [Update] The format used to save your settings in the database has been changed. You MUST update your premium add-ons as soon as possible, and get the version compatible with this new format, or you might notice unexpected behaviors. Please contact us if you experience difficulties updating your add-ons.
  • [Update] Cleaned up some old CSS code affecting the reports.
4.7.1 2017-08-30
  • [Fix] The new feature introduced in version to allow our users to customize the default time range for the reports, had introduced a regression bug. Thank you to all our users who volunteered to test the bugfix.
  • [Fix] A vulnerability has been disclosed by an attacker with admin credentials could leverage the import/export mechanism for the plugin's settings to inject some malicious code. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Slimstat as soon as possible.
  • [Fix] The new version of the Add-on Update Checker library, bundled with the previous release, was returning a fatal error under certain circumstances (thank you, Pepe).
4.7 2017-08-22
  • [New] After receiving a few requests to implement a REST API within Slimstat, and given that WordPress now offers a mature and stable interface for extending its built-in REST API, we decided to finally move forward and implement this feature. Please refer to our online knowledge base to learn more about how to use it.
  • [Update] The Add-on Update Checker library has been updated to version 4.2, to solve an incompatibility issue with PHP 7.0 (thank you, Sasa and Per).
  • [Update] Bootstrap Switch (which we use on our Settings panels) has been updated to version 3.3.4.
  • [Fix] Apparently, there was an issue where our XMLHttpRequest didn't send the cookie for Cross-Origin URLs (thank you, Sasa).
  • [Fix] Solved issue with pagination, triggered when certain long time ranges were being selected.
  • [Fix] The autorefresh countdown timer was not working as expected if Async Mode was enabled (thank you, scruffy1 and service4). 2017-08-04
  • [New] You can now customize the "past days" interval to be used as the default time range to calculate your metrics, which was previously fixed to 30 days.
  • [Fix] The Overview chart was not working as expected for some users, because of a bug in one of the revised SQL queries.
  • [Fix] The pageview count on the Edit Posts/Pages screens was also affected by the same bug mentioned here above.
4.6.9 2017-08-04
  • [New] Added operating systems to the column you can use to blacklist certain pageviews. Please refer to this page to learn more about what codes Slimstat uses to represent operating systems internally.
  • [New] In the Customizer, you can now quickly move your reports to the Inactive bucket with just one simple click, instead of dragging and dropping them all the way to the top (thank you, ac1643).
  • [Update] We partially rewrote the code that handles our Filter Bar, specifically when it comes to handling date ranges. A few minor bugs were squashed in the process, but please don't report us to PETA! (thank you, Boris)
  • [Fix] The customizer was not working if the Slimstat menu was being displayed in the admin bar instead of as a separate menu. Please report any issues you experience in using the customizer.
  • [Fix] Our charts are calculating the sum of all the data points, day by day. However other reports show a cumulative sum (let's say of Unique IPs) for the whole month. If a given IP visits your website on two different days, it will be counted twice in the Unique IPs chart, but only once in Traffic at Glance. In order to avoid any confusion, we are changing the chart legend to display the AVERAGE value, instead of the sum.
4.6.8 2017-06-12
  • [Update] We should have known better: for every naysayer there is always a yaysayer that will ask for just the opposite feature, right? Fair enough: that's what the settings panels are for, after all. In order to make everybody happy, we introduced a new option (under Slimstat > Settings > Reports) that will allow you to decide what the default time span should be: current month or past 30 days, it's totally up to you.
  • [Update] We implemented Chris' idea to use a transient when recording the visit_id, to improve performance (thank you, Chris).
  • [Fix] If your website is using a caching plugin, the tracking code might still be appended to the page, even if the user turned off tracking. Slimstat now checks if Tracking is enabled in the settings, before processing any request it receives from the browser (thank you, Chris).
  • [Fix] A false positive alert of attempted XSS injection was being returned when the 'android-app' scheme was being used to access the website (thank you, Sasa).
4.6.7 2017-05-22
  • [Update] Same-domain referrers are now tracked by default, when Slimstat is activated for the first time. Pre-existing installations are not affected. This change will allow us to introduce new features as suggested by one of our users. Stay tuned.
  • [Update] Every first of the month we get at least one or two support requests from alarmed users who think their data has disappeared. Some of them end up leaving negative reviews because of this. The fundamental misunderstanding was related to the fact that Slimstat uses the CURRENT MONTH time span as the default range for calculating its reports and metrics. So every first of the month all the reports can look "empty" because there is not much data to be crunched. In order to address this problem, we've changed the default time range from the current month to the last 20 days. Hopefully this will avoid further negative reviews in the future!
  • [Fix] There was an incompatibility issue between our premium add-ons Custom DB and Network Settings, causing the network-wide configuration to be reset when a new blog was being created in the network.
  • [Fix] The tracker was not working as expected if the blacklist by usernames contained a @ character (thank you, Eugenio).
  • [Fix] A bug was affecting the way the geolocation function would calculate the country parameter from certain given IP addresses (thank you, Carsten).
  • [Fix] Links with "javascript:" value were being tracked as outbound clicks (thank you, Luna).
4.6.6 2017-05-08
  • [New] Super administrators can now decide what reports users will see, and their arrangement both on the dashboard and Slimstat screens (thank you, ac1643). You will need our premium add-on Network Analysis to unlock this feature.
  • [Fix] The post_link shortcode attribute was not working as expected when downloads were being listed (thank you, tophr).
  • [Fix] Updated Track Client Info option description to make it less confusing (thank you, Bjarne).
4.6.5 2017-04-18
  • [New] The new Browscap Library we introduced a few versions ago added some new interesting fields to the list of information available for each browser. One of them allows to distinguish between touch and non-touch devices, even when they are not mobile devices (think touchscreen all-in-one desktop computers). Inspired by one of our most active beta testers, we decided to expose this information in the admin (Activity Log). Now you will be able to segment your metrics based on this new value for the browser type dimension.
  • [New] Added Indonesian localization (thank you, ChameleonJohn).
  • [Update] You can now show display names instead of usernames when generating shortcodes. Check our documentation for more information (thank you, pepe).
  • [Update] You can now group resources in shortcodes while ignoring any query string attached to them (thank you, dragolcho).
  • [Fix] SQL error being returned for the Top/Recent Keywords report (thank you, pepe).
  • [Fix] A regression bug was affecting the blacklist by username functionality (thank you, Ursula).
4.6.4 2017-04-04
  • [Update] When the tracker was set to work in "Client mode", the Javascript code was being added to those pages that matched one of the blacklists, even though the subsequent request would have been ignored. By avoiding this, we were able to optimize our code and improve the overall performance.
  • [Fix] A conflict with a Google Maps Javascript API call was causing other scripts to not work as expected (thank you, Fulp2121).
  • [Fix] A bug was preventing the tracker from detecting certain mobile devices as expected in "Client Mode".
  • [Fix] Empty search terms were being counted in the Top/Recent Search Terms reports (thank you, Per).
4.6.3 2017-03-19
  • [Note] We would like to thank all the people who stepped forward to offer their help and test this new version before it was officially released. We worked with our users to identify the many different scenarios related to lightbox libraries, jQuery animations and so forth. It was a great team effort! You guys are terrific!
  • [Update] Say goodbye to incompatibility issues with lightbox libraries, jQuery drop down menus, fancy animations and the like. We worked on the tracking algorithm to make it less intrusive, and to FINALLY play nice with any other event handlers attached to your DOM elements. As an added bonus, the new tracker is performing from 10 to 30 percent faster in our tests. Not bad, huh?
  • [Update] If you are using the CDN service offered by our partners at jsDelivr, the tracker will now reference your current version of Slimstat, not the "trunk". This will avoid issues in the future to those who don't want to upgrade to the latest version right away (thank you, mth75).
  • [Update] The tracker is no longer looking for Shockwave Director or Real Player when detecting browser plugins (is anyone still using them?). On the other side, it is now detecting the Java Virtual Machine and any PDF viewer (either Adobe plugin or built into the browser).
  • [Update] One of our users thought that all the inline data-slimstat attributes appended by our tracker to all his links looked ugly and might affect performance (no, they do not). That struck a cord in our perfectionist developer, and he decided to rewrite that functionality to minimize the intrusiveness of our algorithm.
  • [Fix] Apparently the XSS vulnerability discovered by the Mitre Corporation had not been completely fixed in version 4.6, according to them. Now they confirmed that the issue has been resolved.
4.6.2 2017-03-09
  • [Update] Removed options to enable or disable tracking of "internal" and outbound links, as they were confusing many users, based on the feedback we received. Now all links are tracked, regardless of their type. This will increase the size of the "events" table, however it will also make your reports more accurate, and track data needed to generate heatmaps and other metrics.
  • [Fix] The Activity Log will now group page views not just by session, but also by other events: change of IP, user logged out, etc (thank you, catmaniax).
  • [Fix] The Browscap Library could not be installed if the FS_METHOD constant was not set to 'direct' in wp-config.php (thank you computershowtopro).
  • [Fix] A PHP notice was being displayed if the widget_id for the new Slimstat Widget element was not set.
  • [Fix] In order to calculate its internal timestamps without any conflicts with other plugins, Slimstat was supposed to temporarily deactivate any WordPress filters on the function date_i18n. It turns out something had changed in the way WordPress was structuring that information, with the side effect that Slimstat was not able to restore those filters (thank you, catmaniax).
4.6.1 2017-02-27
  • [New] You spoke, we listened. Many users have been asking us over time to add a feature to display metrics and reports on their front-facing website. Although Slimstat has been supporting shortcodes for many years, they felt like they needed more than that basic feature. We are now extending the shortcode syntax to allow users to place widgets on their websites in just a few steps. Please refer to our knowledge base to learn more about this new feature, or feel free to contact us if you need help implementing it on your website.
  • [New] Hovering a report's title will reveal its unique ID, which you can use in your shortcode to display it on your website.
  • [Update] The update notice displayed in the admin is now only shown to site administrators (single installation) and super administrators (WP MU / network), to avoid any confusion for MU site administrators.
  • [Update] Improved the accessibility of our Filter Bar, by introducing (hidden) labels for all the fields. Please make sure to flush your client/server caches to load the new stylesheet.
  • [Update] Removed the option to deactivate Slimscroll as it did not play nice with some other features we recently introduced, and also because the incompatibility issues between Firefox and Slimscroll have been addressed.
  • [Fix] The icon to export a report as Excel comma separated value was not being visualized correctly, when the premium add-on was enabled.
  • [Fix] Addressed some Javascript warning being displayed in the browser console, returned by the qTip library.
  • [Fix] The height of all the Dashboard widgets (including the ones not related to Slimstat) was being affected by a typo in our CSS.
  • [Fix] Cleaned up minor layout glitches and improved rendering of charts after initial round of feedback from users.
4.6 2017-02-20
  • [New] Our development team has had the task of revamping the charts available in Slimstat on their to-do list for quite a while now. Now that the compatibility issues related to our Browscap library have been addressed and resolved, it was time to tackle this new challenge and offer a beautiful new interface to analyze and interact with visual reports and charts. As an added bonus, we are also working on extending the list of supported shortcodes to allow administrators to also share these brand-new charts with their visitors, by quickly placing them on any page of their website. The same will apply to the world map, which currently displays the total number of page views by Country. Lots of exciting new features will soon be available to all our users. Stay tuned!
  • [Update] Email and Excel reports now honor the setting to convert IP addresses to hostnames.
  • [Update] Various cosmetic upgrades to make your reports easier to read. Please make sure to clear your browser and server caches to load the new stylesheet.
  • [Fix] We patched a quite unique XSS vulnerability, responsibly disclosed by the MITRE Corporation (thank you, guys).
  • [Fix] Some more buttons and links were added to the exclusion list of things to track on the admin, when this feature is enabled.
  • [Fix] Calling a function to decode an IPv6 address was failing if PHP did not support this protocol (thank you, catmainax)
4.5.2 2017-01-23
  • [Note] Would you like to spread the word and tell your friends how much you love Slimstat? Now you have one more reason to do that: win a $50 discount on our online store. Yes, you read that right: write a review highlighting some of the features you love in Slimstat, and we will send you a special code to take $50 off your add-on purchase on our website. The more reviews you write, the more coupons you can get. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our support team with the URL of where the review has been posted, and take advantage of this limited time offer today!
  • [Fix] A fatal error was being experienced by users whose Browscap Library installation was corrupted (missing cache).
  • [Fix] More checks have been added to the source code to prevent Fatal Error issues in case the filesystem permissions are too restrictive for Slimstat. Also, we are now storing the "last modified date" in the database, instead of relying on "touch"-ing files and accessing the mtime there.
  • [Fix] A bug was preventing referrers from being properly recorded when handling external web pages (static tracking code).
  • [Fix] The date widget in the Filter Bar was not working when tracking admin pages (thank you, Colin).
4.5.1 2017-01-14
  • [New] Slimstat is now looking for custom HTTP headers like CF-Connecting-IP to determine your visitors' originating IP address when your website is behind reverse proxies like CloudFlare.
  • [New] By default, when the domain of the referrer for a given page view is the same as the current site, that information is not tracked to save space in the database. However, if you are running a multisite network with subfolders, you might need to track same-domain referrers from one site to another, as they are technically "separate" websites. A new option under Settings > Tracker was added to handle this situation (thank you, chenryahts).
  • [Fix] A type in checking the PHP version was preventing some users from installing our new Browscap library.
  • [Fix] PHP warning of undefined offset in one of the reports when the database was empty.
  • [Fix] In some specific cases a function used to unzip the Browscap Library on the user's server was not defined (thank you, victor50g, gdevic and others)
  • [Fix] A few users pointed out that using file_get_contents might not be ideal, if allow_url_fopen is turned off in PHP. Per Per Dennis' suggestion that call was replaced with wp_remote_get. Thank you for your help!
4.5 2016-12-28
  • [Note] Can you believe it? It looks like it was yesterday that we were celebrating the new year with our loved ones, and here we are, getting ready to welcome 2017. For our team, 2016 was a very intense year: we celebrated Slimstat's 10th anniversary, released new add-ons, started community outreach initiatives on Facebook and on our website, implemented new features and much more. Now, with a smaller team, we need to find creative ways to keep providing the stellar support service which many of you appreciate so much in your reviews. For this reason, we need to slighly increase the price of our add-ons starting in early 2017. Don't worry, it will still be a very competitive and reasonable price point, affordable even for those of you who cannot spend hundreds of dollars on their website. However we encourage you to take advantage of these few remaining weeks and buy our add-ons today, before prices go up in January!
  • [New] You spoke up, we listened. The third-party Browscap data file has been increasing in size over time, forcing some users to uninstall it from their server because it was causing issues with the PHP memory limit set by the administrator. Although Slimstat provides a built-in heuristic function as a workaround for this issue, we wanted to find a better solution. Replacing the obsolete Browscap parser with the shiny new version 3.0, our tests show a big improvement in terms of performance and use of resources. The only caveat is that the new parser requires PHP 5.5 or newer, so please make sure your server environment is compatible before enabling this feature.
  • [Update] Minor touches to the look and feel to make our admin color scheme more consistent throughout the various screens.
  • [Fix] Uninstall procedure was not deleting the Browscap and MaxMind data files from the server.
  • [Fix] Our release highlights, which are usually shown after updating to the latest version, were not disappearing when clicking on the corresponding button.
  • [Fix] PHP warning being returned under certain circumstances (thank you, Sasa and computershowtopro).
4.4.5 2016-11-08
  • [New] We separated errors and notices in the log, to avoid confusion when users were trying to troubleshoot issues with the tracker.
  • [Update] Because of old settings stuck in the database, some people were not able to uninstall the Browscap data file as expected.
  • [Update] AmMap, the library used to render the world map, has been updated to version 3.20.17, released on October 24, 2016.
4.4.4 2016-10-28
  • [Fix] Certain fields in the settings were not accepting case sensitive values (thank you, undertheboardwalk).
  • [Fix] The heuristic browser detection functionality was failing to do its job under certain circumstances.
4.4.3 2016-10-10
  • [Fix] The new Browscap Data caused some Fatal Error issues for some users running PHP 5.6. We would like to thank all those who helped us narrow down the issue.
  • [Update] Moved the new Browscap Data file from the plugin's folder to wp-content/uploads/wp-slimstat to address concerns with permissions raised by some of our users.
4.4.2 2016-09-29
  • [Note] You may have noticed that our support service has become slightly less efficient in the last couple of months. Aside from having our (small) team use their summer vacation days, our support specialist Luigi found a full-time job and decided to start the next chapter of his career. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. At the same time, we are investigating our options to keep providing the excellent level of support that many people mention when leaving a 5-star review for Slimstat. In order to scale up and attract new talent, we might decide to switch to a paid support model, where our users will need to purchase packages to get help for nontrivial requests. Please stay tuned while we discuss this internally.
  • [New] Weve been working on optimizing the Browscap User Agent data file, and following the model we introduced a while ago, we implemented a feature that keeps the data file always up-to-date, by automatically downloading the latest version. So far, we were forced to release a Slimstat update in order to distribute a new version of the data file, which was not ideal. By switching to a dynamic workflow, you will not need to update Slimstat anymore in order to have the latest version of Browscap running on your server. Also, the plugin zip file is much smaller now. Cool, huh?
4.4.1 2016-08-28
  • [Fix] The option to restrict authors to see only reports for their posts was affecting other filters in some of our add-ons.
4.4 2016-08-17
  • [New] Number of matches for local search result pages will now be tracked in the notes as 'results:X' where X is the number of matches found. You can also use the Filter Bar to find, for example, "all the search queries that had NO results". Cool, huh? (thank you, revisionsolar).
  • [New] Browsers are starting to deprecate synchronous XHR requests, and they run the corresponding call asynchronously. This was causing our tracker to not record certain events as expected. We followed Google's lead and implemented the Beacon API in our code. Please make sure to clear your server caches to allow Slimstat to append the new tracker to your pages.
  • [Update] The time to drop 'WP' from our plugin's name has come. Easier to remember, easier to find, easier to use. And yes, it will still remind you of that dietary supplement from the 80s.
  • [Fix] Settings were not being saved correctly under certain specific circumstances, when add-ons were enabled.
  • [Fix] Calls to admin-ajax.php were being tracked under certain circumstances.
  • [Fix] The javascript code used to run various functions in the admin has been cleaned up and optimized.
4.3.7 2016-08-10
  • [New] A few users have experienced a conflict between AdBlock (and friends) and our stylesheet and javascript files. Apparently an overzealous ad blocker can prevent our assets from loading, thus showing a quite messy interface. A notice has been added to the plugin and it will be displayed if this behavior is detected. If you are getting the message but you're not using AdBlock, then make sure to refresh your browser cache (thank you, acekin).
  • [New] Top and Recent Downloads will now show a preview thumbnail when hovering each entry, if the downloaded file's extension ends in JPG, PNG or GIF (thank you, willfretwell).
  • [New] If you configured Slimstat to display its menu in your admin bar, and you browse your website while logged in, the links to the various report screens will now automatically activate a filter for the current page.
  • [Update] The Browscap database has been updated to version 6016, released on August 4th, 2016.
  • [Fix] The new Settings interface was saving more information than needed, specifically for backward compatibility with the Network Settings add-on, even if it was not installed.
  • [Fix] The Live Stream functionality (i.e. auto-refreshing the access log report every few seconds) could not be deactivated.
  • [Fix] Minor clean-up around the new Settings screens (thanks to all those who pointed out the glitches)
  • [Fix] Multiple data purges were being scheduled under certain circumstances (second attempt).
4.3.6 2016-08-04
  • [New] In the last few weeks we've been working on revamping the Settings screens, by turning those boring radio buttons and text areas into more polished and modern switches and sortable tag lists. No more separating values with commas, when creating blacklists or configuring access control lists. Now you can type values as tokens, drag and drop them to reorganize your lists, and easily delete values. Pleae note: we had to rename some class variables to streamline our codebase, so if you're referencing them in your code, make sure to use the new names to avoid errors. Please report any issues or concern to our support team.
  • [New] A few users have experienced a conflict between AdBlock (and friends) and our stylesheet and javascript files. Apparently an overzealous ad blocker can prevent our assets from loading, thus showing a quite messy interface. A notice has been added to the plugin and it will be displayed if this behavior is detected (thank you, acekin).
  • [Update] New versions of our premium add-ons will be released in the next few hours, to update the compatibility to the latest version of Slimstat. If you are not upgrading the main plugin, please DO NOT upgrade the add-ons.
  • [Update] Introduced some PHP code optimizations to the tracker. Readability has also been improved, by retrofitting our existing code and applying our style guide to it.
  • [Update] AmCharts Map, the library used to render our geolocation map, has been updated to version 3.20.9.
  • [Update] Language files now contain all the new strings introduced in the last few updates. Please consider contributing to the project by submitting a translation in your language.
  • [Fix] Multiple data purges were being scheduled under certain circumstances.
4.3.5 2016-07-12
  • [New] The slim_events table is now being archived along with the main slim_stats table.
  • [Update] qTip2 and SlimScroll jQuery libraries have been updated to version 3.0.3 and 1.3.8 respectively.
  • [Fix] The "out" timestamp was not being archived, when data was being copied over to the archive table.
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue with HTTPS and Cloudflare when enqueueing the javascript tracker (thank you, wuboys)
  • [Fix] Some more fields in the settings could not be reset to an empty value, if a non-empty value had been set (thank you, codx26).
4.3.4 2016-06-29
  • [Update] Browscap library updated to version 6015, released on June 20th, 2016.
  • [Fix] WordPress had changed a global variable we use in our code, and made it 'protected' (thank you, chrisl27)
  • [Fix] Some fields in the settings could not be reset to an empty value, if a non-empty value had been set (thank you, Christian)
  • [Fix] Switching the menu position in the settings from Sidebar to Admin Bar was returning a permission error (thank you, janiesc)
  • [Fix] Download links with query string appended at the end of their URL were not being tracked as expected (thank you, willfretwell).
4.3.3 2016-06-13
  • [New] The tracker can now record more than one outbound link per pageview. The corresponding reports have been updated to keep the new column structure into consideration when calculating the values. (thank you, john)
  • [Update] The default method for determining the browser from the user agent string will now be our proprietary heuristic function, not browscap anymore. If needed, you can change this under Settings > Tracker tab.
  • [Fix] A PHP warning was being returned after tracking a click event on an internal download (thank you, Stephen S).
  • [Fix] The new version of Browscap bundled with Slimstat 4.3.2 was causing quite a few 500 Server Error messages for our users. The nature of the issue remains unclear, however we decided to roll back to the previous version of the data file, which was working without any problems.
  • [Fix] Adding a trailing comma to some of the text settings could trigger unexpected behaviors in the tracker. (thank you, paronomasiaster) 2016-06-08
  • [Note] Thanks to our user Boris, we were able to clarify some license issues with our partner IP2Location. We look forward to extending the functionality implemented by our IP2Location add-on to offer a better user experience, especially when exporting the data.
  • [Fix] When checking for spammers, if our Custom DB add-on was enabled, the plugin was generating a SQL error (thank you, SGURYGF) 2016-05-06
  • [Note] Just a quick note to let you know that we will be focusing on a major project in the next few weeks, so both development and customer support might be less responsive than usual. Please be patient, and refrain from submitting the same request more than once. Thank you!
  • [New] Slimstat now speaks Belarusian thanks to Natasha from UStarCash.
  • [Fix] Bug in Javascript tracker with Async mode enabled was duplicating entries in the Access Log.
  • [Fix] Variable type mismatch was preventing scheduled posts from publishing (thank you, Salpertriere)
  • [Fix] Some Javascript strings (used to generate the charts) where not correctly encoded and were breaking the source code in certain localizations. 2016-04-29
  • [Fix] Some static text ( var_ ) sneaked into the source code. Apologies for the inconvenience.
4.3.2 2016-04-26
  • [Note] We are working on a new add-on, Slimstat Sentinel, which will alert you if suspicious activity is detected on your website. Stay tuned.
  • [New] Added support for "current post/page" to shortcodes. Now you won't need to write any PHP code to show, for example, the number of pageviews for a given page. Just use the following shortcode: [slimstat f='count' w='id']content_id equals current[/slimstat]. You can find more information on our knowledge base
  • [Update] Browscap library updated to version 6014, released on April 21th, 2016.
  • [Fix] When the Network Settings add-on was activated and subsequently deactivated, some of the original options would be lost.
  • [Fix] Text areas in the settings were not becoming read-only if the corresponding option was set "network wide" via the Network Settings add-on. 2016-04-03
  • [Update] Activity log entries are now grouped both by IP and by username (thank you )
  • [Fix] A PHP Warning was being returned by the new Rankings report. 2016-03-21
  • [Update] Browscap library updated to version 6013, released on March 15th, 2016.
  • [Fix] Values in textarea setting fields were not being saved.
4.3.1 2016-03-17
  • [Note] A few users have pointed out issues upgrading from versions prior to 4.0, which introduced a new table structure (see changelog). About eight months after we released version 4.0, we removed the upgrade script to streamline our codebase and improve performance. Given all these requests for help, we now decided to restore that code, and extend it to include extra checks and warnings, if something goes wrong. Check Settings > Maintenance > Database to see if you have a notice recommending to remove table leftovers from your database.
  • [New] A warning will alert administrators if a caching plugin has been detected, so that they remember to configure Slimstat Analytics accordingly.
  • [Fix] Some users were getting a 403 Forbidden when trying to access the list of add-ons from our servers.
  • [Fix] A PHP Error was being returned by the new Rankings report.
  • [Fix] The Top Referring Domains export was missing one column.
  • [Fix] A bug in the customizer was preventing the reports from being displayed correctly, under certain circumstances.
  • [Fix] PHP warning being displayed in textareas (settings) under certain circumstances (thank you, Chris)
4.3 2016-03-02
  • [Note] To celebrate Slimstat's 10th birthday, we decided to tweak its name, to better reflect what it does. A few users have pointed out over time that it hadn't been easy for them to find our plugin in the repository. With our limited resources, we have been working on giving our work more visibility, and we are convinced that adding the word "Analytics" to the plugin's name is a step in the right direction. In a few months, we hope to reap the benefits of our efforts.
  • [New] Please welcome our latest add-on Author Overview. Now you can see how popular your blog authors are: this add-on will install a new report that tells you the number of pageviews, unique IPs and unique visits generated by the posts authored by each user in your blog. (thank you, gh0stmichael)
  • [Update] Plugin Update Checker, the third-party library we use to distribute updates for our premium add-ons, has been updated to version 3.0. In the next few days, we will release a dummy update of our most popular add-ons to give you a chance to verify that everything works as expected. If this is not the case, feel free to contact us to troubleshoot the issue.
  • [Update] AmMap, the library used to render the world map, has been updated to version 3.19.3, released on February 23, 2016.
  • [Update] All language files are now current. Please consider contributing your localization.
  • [Update] It turns out our message regarding Keyword Swarm and other fraudulent clones of Slimstat was confusing users. We updated it to better explain what the situation is. (thank you, Multimastery)
  • [Fix] A bug in our heuristic browser detection functionality was triggering a PHP fatal error, in some cases. (thank you, mkilian)
  • [Fix] Updated Rankings API queries (Alexa, Facebook) and replaced Google API with Mozscape's. One of our users pointed out that the Google Backlink count returned by the Google API is not accurate. Please make sure to get your personal identification codes to access their API.
  • [Fix] Changed the language code for our Japanese localization files. Now Slimstat speaks Japanese! (thank you, Yasui3)
4.2.7 2016-02-23
  • [Note] Our previous request for help did not fall on deaf ears. Each donation we received in the past few weeks, reminded us just how important is our work for our community, and how much you all appreciate it. To show how grateful we are, we decided to give back to our community twice as much. Yes, you read that right. In the next few days, we will be sending our donors coupons that can be used on our store to get a discount equal to double the amount they donated. If you are a donor and don't get an email from us in a few days, feel free to contact us so that we can look into it. This promotion will only apply to donations received by midnight on February 15, 2016. Again, thank you for stepping up and being such a great community of supporters. It means a lot to us.
  • [New] Option to configure the tracker to work in asynchronous mode. (see this thread for more information)
  • [Update] Browscap library updated to version 6012, released on February 4th, 2016.
  • [Fix] The tracker was erroneously returning "invalid checksum" even when other errors were occurring, or filters being applied to a pageview.
  • [Fix] The javascript tracker was not compressed.
  • [Fix] Top Pages Not Found report had been removed by mistake. (thank you, Bperun)
4.2.6 2016-02-01
  • [New] Reintroduced our beloved Async Mode (Slimstat > Settings > Reports > Functionality). Activate this feature if your reports take a while to load. It breaks down the load on your server into multiple requests, thus avoiding memory issues and performance problems.
  • [New] Turkish localization added. (thank you, Seyit Mehmet oban)
  • [Update] To avoid confusion, we updated the option from 'Delete Records' to 'Archive Records'. Please go make sure it is set according to your needs. (thank you, Steve)
  • [Update] Our premium add-on Network View, now renamed Network Analysis, is now compatible with Slimstat 4.x. Go grab your copy today
  • [Fix] Some charts were not displaying accurate metrics under certain circumstances (filters).
  • [Fix] A PHP warning was being displayed if WP_DEBUG was set to true. (thank you, Salpetriere)
  • [Fix] A fatal error message was being displayed on the login screen if the data structure was not up-to-date or corrupted. (thank you, Chuck)
4.2.5 2016-01-19
  • [New] A filter to customize the list of report screens/pages: slimstat_screens_info. Please contact us for more information.
  • [Update] After we introduced the new Customizer function, one of our most active users noted that pages would not disappear from the side navigation if no reports were associated to them. We update the functionality to include this new feature.
  • [Update] Detecting search engines and searchterms has become a real challenge in the last few years (thank you, NSA!). We updated our algorithm to detect if a referer is a search engine or not. (thank you, HubieDoobieDoo)
  • [Update] Instead of creating a copy of the MaxMind database for each site in a network, now the plugin uses a shared one stored in the main "uploads" folder.
  • [Update] How many people read this changelog? We want to conduct a little experiment to find out: use code CHANGELOG to get $25 off any new order placed after January 18, 2016 on our store. One use per account, only available to the first 20 users who will place an order.
  • [Update] Unfortunately our partner has decided to terminate their partnership with us. The corresponding report has been removed from the admin.
  • [Fix] The tracker was not working as expected in Internet Explorer 7, returning the error message "Object doesn't support this property or method: trim" (thank you, Nick).
  • [Fix] Traffic Sources report was not grouping records as expected (thank you, HubieDoobieDoo)
4.2.4 2016-01-05
  • [New] You can now reset the tracker status in order to better troubleshoot issues with the plugin (thank you, Per).
  • [New] We rewrote the heuristic algorithm that decodes the user agent string. Also, we introduced a new option (under Settings > Tracker) to allow you to choose the detection logic to be used first: the heuristic function is much faster and requires very little memory, but it might be less accurate, and not produce the right match; browscap.ini, the third party database we use, is memory intensive and it uses a bruteforce approach to determine a visitor's browser, but it's very accurate and precise even with the most obscure user agent strings (almost all of them). You decide which one works best for you.
  • [Update] We now include the smaller version of the Browscap database, which covers the 50,000 most common user agent strings, instead of the full version which covers about 130,000 strings. Please contact us if your project requires the high level of accuracy offered by the latter.
  • [Update] Swedish localization updated and 100% complete (thank you, Per).
  • [Update] Some web accelerators (Cloudflare and others) use the custom header HTTP_X_REAL_IP to keep track of a visitor's originating IP. Our code is now inspecting this header (thank you, Saeid).
  • [Update] Added many new flavors of Linux to the feature in charge of detecting the user's operating system.
  • [Update] Moved plugin screenshots to 'assets' folder in the repository, so that they are not downloaded with the zip file anymore.
  • [Fix] Other plugins might affect the format of the value returned by date_i18n (by introducing, for example, Persian numbers). This was preventing Slimstat from being able to calculate dates and time frames (thank you, Saeid).
  • [Fix] The new Javascript tracker was not working as expected in Internet Explorer 10 and 11 (thank you, Arne).
4.2.3 2016-01-02
  • [Note] The Javascript Tracker has been partially rewritten to store each link's state as inline "data" attributes. This had already been implemented a while ago, however the tracker was not using those values to decide what to do; it was using instead Javascript variables. Now the code has been consolidated, also allowing third party tools to affect the behavior of the tracker at runtime, by modifying the values associated to the data attributes. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about this new feature.
  • [Note] As the tracker engine has been changed, please make sure to flush your server caches to take advantage of all the new features and optimizations.
  • [Update] The Activity Log report displays when users login and logout (this feature requires our premium add-on User Overview). You can also create filters on this event using the 'Annotations' filter in the dropdown. Contact our support team for more information.
  • [Update] Minor CSS improvements to adapt the layout to WordPress 4.4.
  • [Update] Tracker Error Codes are now called Tracker Statuses, to avoid confusion between when the plugin is not working and when it's actually doing its job.
  • [Update] Javascript tracker is now capable of tracking custom link types.
  • [Fix] Custom filters (used in some of our premium add-on) where affecting the way charts were being displayed.
  • [Fix] Resolved an encoding issue, introduced by our XSS patch in version 4.2.2 (thank you, Paper Bird)
  • [Fix] Shorcodes were not working as expected if the value passed to the filter was zero (thanky you, Sheriffonline).
  • [Fix] Shortcode for countries will now return Country names, not codes (thank you, Sheriffonline).
  • [Fix] Time ranges within the same day (i.e. visitors in the last 5 minutes) were not being calculated correctly.
4.2.2 2015-12-07
  • [Note] The WordPress Translation Team contacted us to let us know that Slimstat has been imported into We adapted the source code and moved the localization files within our folder structure, to comply with their new guidelines. It looks like it will now be much easier for our users to contribute, and help Slimstat speak many new languages.
  • [New] You can now filter existing users in groups, using wildcards.
  • [New] Our premium add-on User Overview now extends the tracker to record login/logout events. This feature can be useful if you have a membership site and want to know when users actually log in.
  • [Update] Time on page now displays hours, if the duration is long enough (thank you, Ralf)
  • [Fix] Patched a javascript vulnerability that might be exploited via the Activity Log report (thank you, Ivan)
  • [Fix] Session tracking cookie does not differentiate between logged in and anonymous users anymore.
  • [Fix] Tracker was not working as expected on the WordPress login screen and when admin-ajax.php was being called by other scripts.
  • [Fix] Blacklist by username was incorrectly considering substrings.
  • [Fix] When running reports on date intervals, start and end of calculated timeframe were skewed by one day under certain circumstances.
  • [Fix] Link on Edit Posts/Pages counter was not working as expected (thank you, SGURYGF).
  • [Fix] Miscellaneous code optimizations and clean-up.
4.2.1 2015-11-23
  • [Note] If you're upgrading from a version prior to 4.0, please upgrade to version 4.0 first. To simplify our codebase, we removed all the upgrade scripts to support versions prior to 4.0.
  • [New] Say hi to your new charts: search terms (total and unique per day or even hour), outbound links, users. If you can't see the new charts, don't forget to give the No Panic button a try.
  • [Update] We are dropping old unused columns from the main table: ip_temp, other_ip_temp, ip_num, other_ip_num. Please make sure you have a backup, in case you need those columns for other custom purposes.
  • [Fix] Some users were seeing "ghost reports" in their admin screens. A residue from Halloween, we assume.
  • [Fix] Our "loading" animated icon was not being displayed correctly on refresh.
  • [Fix] Chart legend was not being displayed as expected. 2015-11-16
  • [Fix] The Access Log report was not displaying referrers and other critical information.
4.2 2015-11-16
  • [Note] You now have full control over the placement of your reports. Move them not just within each screen, but from one screen to another. Build your own custom Overview, by simply dragging and dropping report labels just like you already do with widgets and widget areas. Compare multiple charts in one screen, and much more. Go to Slimstat > Customize and... have fun!
  • [Note] If for any reasons your reports are not being displayed correctly, make sure to give the No Panic button a try (under Settings > Maintenance)
  • [Note] Did you say charts? We are adding new visual reports to Slimstat, to make your metrics easier to interpret. Stay tuned!
  • [Update] Support for the old "Custom Report" screen (already deprecated in version 4.0) has been removed from the source code. Please update your custom reports accordingly.
  • [Update] Renamed and reorganized tabs under Settings to make them easier to understand.
  • [Update] Flot chart library updated to version 0.8.3 2015-10-31
  • [Update] Renamed and reorganized some tabs under Settings to make them easier to understand
  • [Update] Added icons for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge 12 browser (thank you, Romain Petges)
  • [Update] Top Outbound Links and other reports can now be added to the WordPress dashboard (thank you, Cole)
  • [Fix] One metric's description was misleading: it was supposed to be Pageviews per Visit, not Pages per Visit (thank you, Bperun)
  • [Fix] Some people were having problems locating the Save button in the settings, which was also hidden when RTL was enabled.
4.1.8 2015-10-05
  • [New] The hover effect that revealed the details of a given row in many of our list reports has been flagged as not user-friendly by some users. A new approach using a floating tooltip has been implemented to address this issue (thank you, Romain Petges).
  • [New] Slimstat now differentiates between known users who are currently visiting your website, and all others users currently online (two separate reports).
  • [New] Customize the look and feel of your charts. Go to Settings > Reports > Miscellaneous, and follow the instructions (thank you, Morcom).
  • [Update] The WordPress Translation Team contacted us to let us know that Slimstat has been imported into We are adapting the source code and relocating the localization files within our folder structure, to comply with their new guidelines.
  • [Update] Removed atialiasing detection feature from the tracker source code, as it was not considered reliable and it didn't really add any useful information for the administrator.
  • [Update] Top Downloads report is now showing number of downloads by default, and percentages on hover (thank you, Romain Petges).
  • [Update] SlimScroll jquery library has been updated to version 1.3.6.
  • [Update] Browscap has been updated to version 6007, released on September 28, 2015.
  • [Update] AmMap has been updated to version 3.17.1, released on September 16, 2015.
  • [Fix] A bug in the SQL to calculate the top bounce pages was affecting the report itself (thank you, Pattaya_web).
  • [Fix] An update to the WordPress CSS files affected the layout of our User Overview add-on (thank you, Per Soderman).
  • [Fix] Do not record referer URL, if it's the site URL itself.
4.1.7 2015-09-27
  • [New] Added new column dt_out to our table structure, to capture when a visitor leaves the page. This allows us to measure things like time on page and time on site. Please consider purchasing our Heartbeat add-on to increase this metric's accuracy.
  • [Update] New icon added to our custom font package, and removed unneded font files for faster loading.
  • [Update] Plugin Update Checker version 2.2 is now part of the package.
  • [Fix] Bug preventing the stylesheet from loading on the Settings pages, under certain circumstances. 2015-09-12
  • [New] Polish localization added. Thank you, DFactory Team
  • [Update] Renamed two reports to avoid conflicts with similarly named widgets on WP's main dashboard (thank you, Romain)
  • [Fix] Bug affecting the admin bar: permissions to display the link to just administrators were not being honored (thank you, Nils) 2015-08-12
  • [Note] Yep, our team is active even in August, while sunbathing somewhere on the US East Coast.
  • [Update] Now all the 'Recent' reports leverage the new optimized SQL code, not just Activity Log.
  • [Fix] Replaced function get_the_title with the_title_attribute (thank you, Pepe)
  • [Fix] The GNU License notice was not hiding upon acceptance of the terms and conditions. 2015-08-04
  • [New] Contextual counters are now added not just to pages and posts, but to other custom post types available on your website.
  • [Update] Optimized SQL query that retrieves the data for the Access Log report.
  • [Update] New link for partnership.
  • [Fix] Patched a remote XSS vulnerability related to forged referrer URLs.
  • [Fix] Bug in refreshing Access Log (second try).
  • [Fix] Bug in calculating Unique IP counters for pages and posts.
  • [Fix] Link to install the GeoLocation DB was pointing to the wrong tab under Settings.
  • [Fix] When selecting the filter in Overview > Top Pages, reports were returning empty datasets.
  • [Fix] Resetting the report layout was not always working as expected, if Slimstat was displayed in the admin bar.
4.1.6 2015-07-24
  • [New] Administrators can now set the maximum number of records that should be retrieved from the database when generating the reports (Settings > Reports). This allows those with powerful servers and unlimited PHP resources to increase this limit and get a more accurate picture of their visitors.
  • [New] Extended the export functionality (via our premium Export to Excel add-on) to reports like At a Glance, Rankings, Audience Overview, etc (thank you, Tiffany).
  • [Fix] Undefined variable 'temp' in wp-slimstat-admin.php (thank you, candidhams).
  • [Fix] Referrers and other information were not being displayed when the Access Log report was refreshed through the admin button (thank you, Diggories).
  • [Fix] Warning message in Top Entry Pages and Top Exit Pages (thank you, Romain).
  • [Fix] The link in the admin bar, when the corresponding option was enabled, was interfering with some admin bar plugins (thank you, Christian) 2015-07-13
  • [Note] We are still getting support requests from users having issues with Slimstat because of the GeoLite add-on that was distributed a few months ago. If you are still using this separate add-on, we'd like to remind you that Slimstat 4 introduced a new more intuitive way of managing the MaxMind Geolocation database bundled with our software. Actually, the free Geolite plugin is not compatible with the latest version of Slimstat, because of the IPv6 support we introduced a few weeks ago. We recommend that you uninstall the add-on from your systems, thus improving the overall performance of your website. As usual, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
  • [Update] Restored Activity Log report in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • [Fix] The Add-ons tab under settings was visible even if no add-ons were installed (thank you, greg57 and others).
  • [Fix] Typo in our German localization (thank you, Marc-Oliver).
  • [Fix] Adding users to the corresponding blacklist was not working if the table wp_users had certain collations (thank you, Romain Petges).
  • [Fix] Non-standard quotes and other characters (hyphens, etc) were getting munged because of a security feature being overzealous (thank you, Victor).
  • [Fix] SQL Debug Mode is now correctly displayed in the WP Dashboard reports.
  • [Fix] More PHP warnings (debug mode) removed.
  • [Fix] Added missing localization strings for certain operating systems (thank you, Romain Petges). 2015-07-07
  • [Update] Our Export to Excel add-on now includes the post slug, when appropriate.
  • [Fix] Removed a few warnings displayed when DEBUG MODE was enabled.
  • [Fix] A warning was being displayed when exporting certain reports.
4.1.5 2015-07-01
  • [New] Welcome our new partner, a service that allows you to find your true influencers and understand which users are driving your traffic and conversions through their shares. Our users get free access to their platform through a new report located in the Site Analysis screen.
  • [New] Slimstat can now differentiate between viewport size and screen size (or resolution). Two new reports, hidden by default, will enumerate the most popular of both categories.
  • [Update] We implemented a more flexible way to change the number of results returned by the database API (via filter). Documentation to follow soon.
  • [Update] Reports for Top and Recent Events are back. Go say hi, they will be waiting for you under Slimstat > Site Analysis. If you don't see them, you will need to activate them inside the Screen Options tab.
  • [Update] After the report and data API overhaul, it was now the config panels' turn. We revisited the way they are managed, and consolidated how third party add-ons can add their own parameters. All of our add-ons affected by this change have been updated on our repository.
  • [Update] Third party plugins and add-ons have now an easier way to increase the limit on the number of results returned by the data API.
  • [Update] To avoid confusion when a date filter is set, the Real-Time Log has been renamed Access Log.
  • [Update] Code optimizations in the report library/API: function get_raw_results is about to be deprecated. Please contact us if you're using it and would like to know how to proceed from now on.
  • [Fix] Setting the 'is empty' filter would cause a WordPress warning regarding wpdb->prepare.
  • [Fix] The setting to ignore visitors by username was not being saved as expected (thank you, Romain).
  • [Fix] Custom CSS styles were not being properly enqueued (thank you, Romain).
  • [Fix] Quotes in post titles were being escaped twice (better safe than sorry, right? thank you, Victor).
  • [Fix] Bug affecting the Export to Excel add-on. 2015-06-16
  • [Fix] A bug was preventing our Export to Excel add-on from working as expected under certain circumstances (mainly WPMU-related).
4.1.4 2015-06-16
  • [Note] If you have a custom report that is still using the Custom Reports tab, please note that this approach is about to be deprecated. We are working on the documentation to explain how to use the new method.
  • [Note] Our partners over at just released a new version of their database. We're working on compiling our optimized version for it, to be included soon in our package.
  • [New] You can now hide your active Slimstat add-ons, so that the list of plugins in your WordPress dashboard is not so crowded. Go to Settings > General > WordPress integration and activate the corresponding option.
  • [Update] Outbound links in the Real-Time Log were restored, along with screen resolutions and a first pass of code optimizations for this crucial report.
  • [Update] Added some new OS Families to the tracker (certain flavors of Blackberry and Linux, plus Fire OS).
  • [Update] We are updating all our premium add-ons to use the same update checker library (now moved to Slimstat as a shared resource). This allows third party developers to leverage the same library in case they want to offer a similar functionality for automatic updates.
  • [Fix] A residue column from the old database structure was preventing the archive script from working as expected.
  • [Fix] Bottom pagination for the Real-Time Log has been restored.
  • [Fix] The Screen Options toggle was not working as expected for certain hidden reports.
  • [Fix] Implemented code optimizations that allowed us to remove some unnecessary SQL queries. This will further improve your reports' performance.
  • [Fix] We've updated our code to not drop the old ip/other_ip columns anymore, in case something goes wrong during the update.
  • [Fix] Top Language Families and OS Families were showing duplicates and wrong percentages.
  • [Fix] Top Categories report was throwing a warning message under certain circumstances. 2015-06-10
  • [Fix] A bug was preventing the tracker from correctly determining the country code of a given IP address 2015-06-09
  • [update] Our shortcode now supports an offset for the counters, that allows you to indicate any previous visits not tracked by Slimstat.
  • [Update] Session cookie now considers multiple users logged into WordPress using the same browser within the session limit (very rare situation, but apparently not impossible).
  • [Fix] A fatal error message was being displayed if a tag or a category did not exist anymore in WordPress, and Slimstat would attempt to calculate its permalink.
4.1.3 2015-06-09
  • [Note] We've updated the following add-ons to be compatible with Slimstat 4.x: Custom DB, Heatmap, Track Cookies. Go get your copy today.
  • [Update] Say hello to IPv6 internet addresses. Slimstat is now compatible with this technology, and will not throw an error when users visit the site using an IPv6 address. Please note: the column type in the database has changed from INT UNSIGNED to VARCHAR(39). Update your custom code accordingly.
  • [Update] Category names are now displayed instead of their URLs, when the corresponding option is enabled (thank you, Keith Gengler).
  • [Update] Now the database API can be given a table alias for when JOINS are necessary, to avoid MySQL errors or ambiguous column names.
  • [Fix] Map overlay was being displayed not in full width, because of some class name changes we implemented in Slimstat 4.
  • [Fix] Tracking of internal link coordinates (heatmap) was not accurate if the link tag had markup inside it (thank you, dragon013).
4.1.2 2015-05-27
  • [Note] A few weeks ago we started hitting the limits imposed on our site by our existing hosting provider. It was clearly time to find a new home for Slimstat. We've been working on migrating our web platform (website and add-on repository API) to a new more powerful server, and a new domain:
  • [Note] Our dev team has released updates for our premium add-ons Export to Excel, Email Reports and User Overview, which are now fully compatible with Slimstat 4. Go get your copy today.
  • [Update] More adjustments to streamline the report API and make it easier for our users to add new custom reports.
  • [Update] Restored the following reports: Recent/Top Downloads, Recent/Top Outbound Links, Top Entry Pages, Top Exit Pages.
  • [Fix] Bug preventing some outbound links to be properly tracked.
  • [Fix] In a Windows Server environment, the way the checkboxes are added under Screen Options was creating some issues (thank you, Rafael Ortman).
  • [Fix] Post and page titles were not being displayed when the corresponding option was set
4.1.1 2015-05-22
  • [Note] We are starting to hit the limits imposed by our current hosting provider, so it's time to move to a new more reliable server farm. We will be migrating our platform in the next few weeks, and this might cause some downtime for those trying to buy our premium add-ons. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • [Update] Minor adjustments to our codebase to make Slimstat easily extensible. Now you can quickly add your own reports by just passing some simple information to the plugin. More information soon available on our knowledge base website.
  • [Update] Our premium add-on Export to Excel has been updated to be compatible with Slimstat 4.0.
  • [Fix] We took care of some other tenacious warnings displayed with DEBUG_MODE enabled.
4.1 2015-05-20
  • [Note] We'd like to hear from you: have you noticed any performance improvements after switching to Slimstat 4.0? Let us know through the forum or contant our support team.
  • [New] Our dev team is moving forward with their effort to give Slimstat's source code a good scrub. After cleaning up the database library, it was now the report library's turn. Again, if you developed your own custom report, you will probably need to update your code to make it work with our new library. We are going to update our online documentation in the next few days.
  • [New] The DB library function wp_slimstat_db::get_popular has been renamed wp_slimstat_db::get_top for consistency with the rest our codebase. Please update your code accordingly.
  • [New] Say hello to your new shortcodes. We merged the ShortCodes add-on directly into our main plugin. This improves the overall performance and streamlines our software lifecycle. Please note: the shortcode syntax has been updated and simplified (you need to replace 'popular' with 'top'). All the information is being added to our knowledge base for your convenience. Stay tuned or contact our support team for more information.
  • [Update] AmMap has been updated to version 3.14.2. Please consider supporting this project by purchasing a license.
  • [Fix] We took care of various warnings displayed with DEBUG_MODE enabled.
  • [Fix] The data import script failed to do its job in some multisite environments (thank you, pepe).
  • [Fix] In Client Mode (aka Javascript mode), all page content types were being set to 'admin', under certain circumstances.
  • [Fix] THe uninstall script was not removing the 'old' tables (wp_slim_stats_3, wp_slim_stats_archive_3).
4.0.2 2015-05-16
  • [Note] There seem to be some issues with the tracker not being updated throughout the CDN. If you are using this service, please disable it temporarily (Settings > Advanced > Enable CDN
4.0.1 2015-05-14
  • [Note] Version 4.0 had a bumpy start, but that's expected when something radically new is released to the public. We got in touch with some of our users to ask them to test 4.0 before it was released, but unfortunately people are busy, and out of 120 requests for testing, we only got feedback from 3 users. Such is life.
  • [Note] Make sure to uninstall the Dashboard Widgets add-on before upgrading to Slimstat 4.0, or you might get a white screen of death. If this is the case, please remove the folder wp-content/plugins/wp-slimstat-dashboard-widgets via FTP. You will not lose your data.
  • [New] Say hello to your new Dashboard Widgets. We decided to merge our free add-on into the main plugin: this way you don't have to deal with a separate software, our update cycle is streamlined, and performance increases. You can always deactivate this integration by using the corresponding option under Settings > General.
  • [Fix] A few people pointed out a Unexpected T_FUNCTION parse error. Slimstat officially requires PHP 5.3 to function properly. Nevertheless, we implemented a workaround so that people with PHP 5.2 can still enjoy all the power of our plugin. Thank you for your patience.
  • [Fix] MySQL Error 121 was preventing the plugin from creating the new table structure, if MySQL was configured to work in strict mode (thank you, wvploeg)
  • [Fix] If you compile PHP with certain flags on Ubuntu, gzopen is not available (thank you, larryisthere)
4.0 2015-05-13
  • [Note] A brave new world is now ready to be explored: Slimstat 4.0. This version introduces a totally redesigned database architecture, new streamlined tracking code, new heuristic user agent parser, new filters and much more. You will surely notice the performance improvements!
  • [Note] Our dev team should have read this article a long time ago. But it's never too late, and we can guarantee you that the new denormalized table structure will make your report generation so quick that your jaw will drop. Sure, the table size will increase 50%, but in the age where space is cheap, the real precious resource is time. The time you won't have to wait for your report to appear!
  • [Note] Upon update, Slimstat will convert the old table structure to the new one. Just to stay on the safe side, the old tables will not be removed (wp_slim_stats will be renamed to wp_slim_stats_3). After a transition period, we will offer the option to remove the old tables with a button in the settings.
  • [Note] Please make sure that your MySQL user can issue a RENAME command.
  • [Note] We are now working on our premium add-ons to make them compatible with Slimstat 4.0. Some of them might stop working until a new update is available.
  • [New] MaxMind upload folder path can now be filtered (thank you, chrisl27).
  • [New] The new tracker is measuring both the screen resolution and the viewport size. Here you can find more information on this topic.
  • [New] The library wp-slimstat-db.php has been cleaned up and reorganized (20% smaller!). Please note: some of the function signatures have changed (order of parameters), please update your custom code accordingly or contact us for more information.
  • [New] Internal downloads are now tracked as regular pageviews, with content_type
3.9.9 2015-04-22
  • [Fix] Some users get an error where download_url is undefined. This is a WordPress core function, so we're really not sure why that is happening to those few users. We included a fix that makes sure the function exists before calling it. 2015-03-18
  • [Note] just released a new version of their database, but it looks like it has some issues. We'll wait for a more stable release and then update our optimized version of their db.
  • [Fix] Some users are reporting problems related to the compressed (gzipped) version of the MaxMind GeoLite DB introduced in version We updated our code to unzip the database before the tracker uses it. Please note: if your install is working as expected, you can skip this update. 2015-03-17
  • [Note] After further discussing with the repo moderators the incompatibility issue regarding the license under which MaxMind GeoLite is released, we were able to implement a much easier way to enable the geolocation functionality in Slimstat. There's no need to download a separate plugin anymore! Just go to Slimstat > Settings > Maintenance tab, and click on Install GeoLite DB. Of course, you can always deactivate this feature by clicking on the corresponding button under the Maintenance tab.
  • [Note] If you had downloaded and installed our Get Country add-on, you can now uninstall it from your server. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.
  • [New] A warning message is now displayed on the reports screens to remind you to install the GeoLite database. You can hide this message by enabling the corresponding option under Slimstat > Settings > Reports tab > Miscellaneous section.
  • [Update] Some of the Settings screens have been cleaned up and reorganized
  • [Update] Cleaned up the interface for better readability
  • [Update] Removed banner from our partner ManageWP
3.9.8 2015-03-10
  • [Note] The team who manages the WordPress Plugin Repository notified us that since the MaxMind GeoLite library used by Slimstat to geolocate visitors is released under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license, it violates the repository guidelines, and cannot be bundled with the plugin. We were required to remove the code and alter the plugin so that this functionality becomes optional. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, the only immediate consequence is that your visitors' country will not be identified; everything else will still work as usual. You can download the geolocation DB as a separate add-on on our store, free of charge. Don't forget to enter your license key in the corresponding field under Slimstat > Add-ons, to receive free updates!
  • [New] A few new options under Slimstat > Settings > General tab > WordPress Integration section, allow you to have more control over the information displayed in the Posts admin screen (thank you, Brad). 2015-03-07
  • The team who manages the WordPress Plugin Repository notified us that since the MaxMind GeoLite library used by Slimstat to geolocate visitors is not released under the GNU General Public License (or compatible), it violates the repository guidelines, and cannot be shipped with the plugin any longer. We were required to remove the code and alter the plugin so that this functionality becomes optional. We apologize for the inconvenience, and even if we really tried hard to convince the repo administrators of our good intentions, we are deactivating the geolocation functionality starting from now. We are already at work to find an alternative solution that satisfies the repo's rules and regulations. Stay tuned.
3.9.7 2015-03-07
  • [Note] The uninstall routine now deletes the archive table (wp_slim_stats_archive) along with all the other tables (thank you, KalleL)
  • [New] Some users who are using our "track external sites" feature, were getting an error saying that no 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header was present on the requested resource. We've added a new option under Settings > Advanced that allows you to specify what domains to allow. Please refer to this page for more information about the security implications of allowing an external domain to submit AJAX requests to your server.
  • [New] Added debugging information (most recent tracker error code) under Slimstat > Settings > Maintenance tab > Debugging. This information is useful to troubleshoot issues with the tracker. Please include it when sending a support request.
  • [Fix] The option to delete pageviews based on given filters (Settings > Maintenance > Data Maintenance) was not working as expected (thank you, kentahayashi)
  • [Fix] The uninstall script was not deleting all the tables as expected (thank you, KalleL)
  • [Fix] We've implemented Marc-Alexandre's new recommendations to further tighten up our SQL queries.
  • [Fix] The new encryption key was affecting the way external sites could be tracked. You can now track non-WP sites again: please make sure to copy and paste the new tracking code (Settings > Advanced) right before your closing BODY tag at the end of your pages.
3.9.6 2015-02-19
  • [Note] The security of our users' data is our top priority, and for this reason we tightened our SQL queries and made our encryption key harder to guess. If you are using a caching plugin, please flush its cache so that the tracking code can be regenerated with the new key. Also, if you are using Slimstat to track external websites, please make sure to replace the tracking code with the new one available under Settings > Advanced. As usual, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • [Note] Added un-minified js tracker to the repo, for those who would like to take a look at how things work.
  • [New] Introduced option to ignore bots when in Server-side mode.
  • [Update] Cleaned up the Settings/Filters screen by consolidating some options.
  • [Update] AmMap has been updated to version 3.13.1
  • [Update] MaxMind GeoLite IP has been updated to the latest version (2015-02-04).
  • [Fix] Patched a rare SQL injection vulnerability exploitable using a bruteforce attack on the secret key (used to encrypt the data between client and server).
  • [Fix] Increased checks on SQL code that stores data in the database (maybe_insert_row).
  • [Fix] Report filters could not be removed after being set.
3.9.5 2015-02-12
  • [Note] Some of our add-ons had a bug preventing them from properly checking for updates. Please contact us if you need to obtain the latest version of your add-ons.
  • [Update] The Save button in the settings is now always visible, so that there is no need to scroll all the way to the bottom to save your options.
  • [Update] More data layer updates introduced in wp_slimstat_db. Keep an eye on your custom add-ons!
  • [Fix] Pagination was not working as expected when a date range was set in the filters (thank you, nick-v)
3.9.4 2015-02-03
  • [Note] The URL of the CDN has changed, and is now using the official WordPress repository as a source: - Please update your "external" tracking codes accordingly.
  • [Note] The structure of the array wp_slimstat_db::$sql_filters has changed! Please make sure to update your custom code accordingly. Feel free to contact us for more information.
  • [New] The wait is over. Our heatmap add-on is finally available on our store! We would like to thank all those who provided helpful feedback to improve this initial release!
  • [New] Our knowledge base has been extended with a list of all the actions and filters available in Slimstat.
  • [Fix] The Add-on update checker had a bug preventing the functionality to work as expected. Please make sure to get the latest version of your premium add-ons!
  • [Fix] Date intervals were not accurate because of a bug related to calculating timezones in MySQL (thank you, Chrisssssi).
  • [Fix] Line height of report rows has been added to avoid conflicts with other plugins tweaking this parameter in the admin (thank you, yk11).
3.9.3 2015-01-20
  • [New] We're starting to work on a completely redesigned data layer, which will require less SQL resources and offer a much needed performance improvement. Stay tuned.
  • [New] Three new settings to turn off the tracker completely on specific links (internal and external), by class name, rel attribute or simply by URL.
  • [Update] MaxMind GeoLite IP has been updated to the latest version (2015-01-06).
  • [Fix] Bug affecting our add-ons setting page, in some specific circumstances (thank you, Erik).
3.9.2 2015-01-07
  • [New] Welcome our recommended partner, ManageWP. You will get a 10% discount on their products using our affiliation link.
  • [Fix] XSS Vulnerability introduced by the new Save Filters functionality (thank you, Ryan)
3.9.1 2014-12-30
  • [New] Quickly delete single pageviews in the Real-Time Log screen
  • [New] Option to fix an issue occurring when the DB server and the website are in different timezones. Please disable this option if your charts seem to be off.
  • [New] Using the new WP Proxy CDN feature. Please contact us if you notice any problems with this new option, as this feature is still being tested.
  • [Update] Reintroduced the NO PANIC button under Settings > Maintenance > Miscellaneous
  • [Fix] Conflict with WP-Jalali, which forces date_i18n to return not western numerals but their Farsi representation
3.9 2014-12-16
  • [Note] Announcing our latest add-on: heatmaps! Get your free copy of our beta: contact our support team today.
  • [New] Section under Settings > Filters that allows you to specify what links you want to "leave alone", so that the tracker doesn't interfere with your lightbox treatments.
  • [New] You can now turn on the option to collect mouse coordinates for internal links, which will be used to draw the heatmap on your pages.
  • [New] Operator "is included in" has been added to search matches in lists of strings (see W3resources, thank you pchrisl)
  • [New] Added new reports: Top Bounce Pages, Top Exit Pages, Recent Exit Pages (thank you, Random Dev)
  • [Update] Partial overhaul of the javascript tracker. We reintroduced the new algorithm to track pageviews, which now avoids the problem of triggering the popup blocker on links opening in a new tab.
  • [Update] Added browser and operating system to Spy View report
  • [Update] MaxMind GeoLite IP has been updated to the latest version (2014-12-02)
  • [Fix] Bug in archiving old pageviews under certain circumstances (thank you, Thomas)
  • [Fix] Added max height to overlay, for those who have very long lists of saved filters
  • [Fix] The button to reset date filters was not being displayed in some cases (thank you, RangerPretzel)
  • [Fix] Charts were not accurate when a custom interval was selected and the mysql server's timezone was different from the web server timezone (thank you, RangerPretzel)
3.8.5 2014-12-02
  • [Update] Show notices only to admin users (thank you, thisismyway)
  • [Fix] The javascript tracker had been changed to deal with popup blocker issues, but the new code was causing even more problems to other people. Implemented a synchronous solution to make everybody happy! (thank you, bishoph)
3.8.4 2014-11-30
  • [New] You can now archive old pageviews, instead of deleting them
  • [Update] Code optimizations to the Javascript tracker (and a bugfix - thank you, themadproducer)
  • [Fix] Fixed a corrupted browscap data file (thank you, crzyhrse)
  • [Fix] Do not refresh the Real-Time log if a date filter is set (thank you, asylum119)
3.8.3 2014-11-20
  • [Update] Browscap v5035 - November 4, 2014 (this should fix all the issues with recent Firefox versions)
  • [Fix] The originating IP address was not being ignored, if it was the same as the IP address (thank you, morcom)
  • [Fix] Visits in map were not correctly displayed (thank you, psn)
3.8.2 2014-11-11
  • [New] You can now load, save and delete filters (or "goal conversions", in Google's terminology). Please test this new functionality and let us know if you find any bugs!
  • [Update] Added new WordPress filter hooks to initialize the arrays storing the data about the pageview (thank you, Tayyab)
  • [Update] AmMap version 3.11.3
  • [Update] MaxMind GeoLite IP has been updated to the latest version (2014-11-05)
  • [Fix] Bug affecting links opening in a new tab/window (target=_blank). Our thanks go to all the users who helped us troubleshoot the issue!
  • [Fix] Backward compatibility of new date/time filters with old ones
  • [Fix] Issue with counters on Posts/Pages screen (thank you, vaguiners)
  • [Fix] Warning about undefined array index in date/time filters (thank you, Chris)
  • [Fix] Some tooltips were being displayed outside of the browser viewport (thank you, Vitaly)
3.8 2014-11-04
  • [New] We increased the filter granularity to the minute, so that now you can see who visited your website between 9 am and 10.34 am (thank you, berserk77)
  • [New] If admin is served over HTTPS but IP lookup service is not, don't use inline overlay dialog (thank you, 509tyler)
  • [Update] Javascript libraries: qTip v2.2.1 and SlimScroll 1.3.3
  • [Fix] Outbound links from within the admin were not tracked as expected (thank you mobilemindtech)
  • [Fix] Firewall Fix add-on was not tracking the originating ip's country as expected (thank you, JeanLuc)
3.7.5 2014-10-21
  • [Fix] Some plugins are not considerate of the shared environment they use, and don't return data in the right format ;) We added some extra code to make sure the data Slimstat needs is of the correct type (thank you, p30m)
  • [Fix] Compatibility issue with our Firewall Fix add-on
3.7.4 2014-10-07
  • [Fix] Issue with menus when displayed in the admin bar (thank you all the users who pointed this out)
3.7.3 2014-09-23
  • [Note] A few people have asked us why they don't see the search keywords anymore, for the traffic coming from Google. Blame the NSA, Prism and... your government ;) Read more here
  • [New] Slimstat now tracks server latency and page performance. Please be patient the first time you load the reports: the database is being upgraded to store this new info!
  • [New] Date and time formatting is now independent from the one used by WordPress
  • [Update] Autopurge is now disabled by default on new installs, since people have had issues with losing old data by mistake
  • [Update] Russian Localization (thank you, Vitaly)
  • [Update] Real-Time Log legend has been moved to the top, for easy access (thank you, scruffy1)
  • [Fix] Visit ID were not being tracked if FORCE_SSL_ADMIN was enabled in wp_config, when the site was served over HTTP (thank you, Pepe)
3.7.2 2014-09-12
  • [New] Added operator BETWEEN, to express filters like "country code BETWEEN f,g" and get reports for France and Ghana but not for Portugal. Or something like "screen resolution BETWEEN 1000,1300" to get data for visitors whose screen width is at least 1000 px and no more than 1300 px. Separate the two values in the range with a comma.
  • [New] A premium add-on to track all the cookies associated with the domain
  • [New] Notes regarding a specific pageview are now accessible under the Real-Time Log (little note/pencil icon next to the list of browser extensions). This will allow you to know things like prefetch requests, user id, spam, etc. If you have the Track Cookies add-on, here you will also find all the information about each user's cookies
  • [Fix] Counter on Posts and Pages screens was not working as expected
  • [Fix] Color-coded visits in the Real-Time log were not displayed correctly (thank you, Vitaly)
3.7.1 2014-09-10
  • [Note] Our Reports API (wp-slimstat-reports.php) does not extend wp-slimstat-admin anymore, for extra flexibility in building third-party solutions
  • [New] Added support for generating email reports
  • [Update] MaxMind's IP Database has been updated to the latest version (2014-09-04)
  • [Fix] Some settings could not be turned off, because of the Network Settings functionality (thank you, LeonardShelby)
3.7 2014-09-01
  • [New] Japanese localization added (thank you, h_a_l_f)
  • [New] Added support for SOV Languages (thank you, h_a_l_f)
  • [New] Added support for our Network Settings premium add-on
  • [Update] All the icons used in the admin are now optimized (thank you, scruffy1)
  • [Fix] Introduced some code optimizations (browser detection) that will solve the slow response time once and for all!
  • [Fix] Add-ons page was not accessible if menu was attached to the Admin Bar (thank you, h_a_l_f)
3.6.9 2014-08-14
  • [Note] Our new website is finally live, check it out
  • [Update] AmMap has been updated to version 3.10.2 (August 6, 2014)
  • [Update] Renamed some sections to make their purpose more intuitive (thank you, Aaron)
  • [Fix] The browser's properties (css version, mobile device, etc) were not being recorded properly
3.6.8 2014-08-06
  • [Fix] Mobile Safari on iOS was not being properly detected
  • [Fix] Google Bot icon was not being displayed under certain circumstances
3.6.7 2014-07-22
  • [Fix] Foreach warning was being displayed, related to the latest browscap update. Sorry for the inconvenience, folks!
3.6.6 2014-07-22
  • [New] Top Traffic Sources is now showing the percentage of direct pageviews (thank you, uewinfo_frm)
  • [Update] Browscap has been updated to version 5031, released on July 2, 2014
  • [Fix] Index name was not properly handled (thank you, bretweinraub)
  • [Fix] Patched XSS Vulnerability (thank you, Yogendra Sharma)
  • [Fix] Code for tracking external pages could not be selected in Firefox (thank you, KSteinmann)
3.6.5 2014-07-20
  • [Fix] Bug in tracking visits when the CDN option is enabled
  • [Fix] Number format description was sort of misleading (thank you, Shonu)
3.6.4 2014-06-14
  • [Fix] Issue with our UAN code
3.6.3 2014-05-27
  • [Fix] Issue with heuristic user agent detection
3.6.2 2014-05-13
  • [New] You can disable SlimScroll if it doesn't work on your browser or mobile device (thank you, Egor)
  • [New] Track non-WP pages (within the same domain) with WP SlimStat. Go to Settings > Advanced and get your tracking code (thank you, JourdanDixon)
  • [Fix] Page load speed has been improved introducing some caching mechanisms for certain requests
3.6.1 2014-04-29
  • [Update] Streamlined DB initialization / update procedures (thank you, PyroSteveJr)
  • [Update] AmMap has been updated to version 3.8.13
  • [Fix] Uninstall procedure was not removing all the tables as expected (thank you, scruffy1)
  • [Fix] Bug in retrieving the ID of the longest comment
  • [Fix] Inconsistent table records were being removed without alerting the admin
  • [Fix] Bug in calculating the CIDR mask for some IP-based filters (thank you, Alan)
  • [Fix] Current tab was not remembered when clicking on a report's link to filter the data
  • [Fix] Sorting was not available in Asynchronous Mode for certain reports (thank you, psn)
3.6 2014-04-15
  • [Note] We'll go back to our biweekly release schedule after this release - we just wanted to get our latest feature to our users as soon as possible
  • [New] Support for network-wide reports is now complete
  • [New] Support for network-wide settings is being tested and will be added soon
  • [Update] MaxMind's IP Database has been updated to the latest version (2014-04-02)
  • [Update] French localization had some encoding issues (thank you, Yves Pouplard)
  • [Update] Swedish localization has been updated (thank you, Per Soderman)
  • [Fix] User Overview add-on is now compatible with network-wide reports
  • [Fix] Author filters were not working under certain circumstances (thank you, tbetzold)
3.5.9 2014-04-09
  • [Fix] New user agents were not being recorded correctly in some cases (thank you, fberzau)
  • [Fix] Bug affecting the plugin in MU environments (thank you, 27pchrisl)
  • [Fix] Filters have a more consistent behavior and are now easier to extend via third party add-ons
  • [Fix] Date filters were being set to January 1, 1970 under certain circumstances (thank you, Russell and uewinfo_frm)
  • [Fix] Our premium Export to Excel add-on was only returning the first 20 records of each report
3.5.8 2014-04-04
  • [New] Added support for network-wide settings, premium add-on coming soon!
  • [New] New filter slimstat_footer_thank_you allows you to remove the thank you note in the admin footer (thank you, luenez)
  • [Update] Swedish language files have been updated (thank you, Per)
  • [Fix] A bug was affecting the way the chart was being displayed
  • [Fix] For some reason we're still investigating, the update procedure was not triggered in certain specific cases
  • [Fix] Oldest/Longest post report is now making sure that post_type
3.5.7 2014-03-26
  • [Note] Browscap, the third party database we use to detect user agents, has more than doubled its size in the last few months (which is great: it means the project is actively maintained). In some cases, this was causing WP SlimStat to exceed the maximum amount of memory assigned to PHP. By breaking the database into multiple files, we were able to lower the plugin's peak memory usage from 20 to 2 MB. Enjoy!
  • [Update] Browscap has been updated to version 5025, released on March 23, 2014
  • [Update] The GeoLite Database (courtesy of MaxMind) has been updated to the version released on March 5, 2014
  • [Fix] Delete ALL data under Maintenance tab was not working (thank you, Ronan)
  • [Fix] No more PHP memory issues (thank you, Roquefort)
  • [Fix] Visitors had some empty reports (thank you, psn)
3.5.6 2014-03-11
  • [Note] Do you have WP MU and would like to get reports for your entire (small) network? We're finally working on something that might make you happy :)
  • [Update] Purge functionality now works with different timezones
  • [Update] Added indexes, foreign keys and other constraints to our tables, in order to improve performance (thank you, Morgan)
  • [Update] Browscap has been updated to version 5024, released on March 2, 2014
  • [Update] WP SlimStat now works on network installs of any size. And yes, you can network activate it without worrying about timeouts or perfomance issues!
  • [Fix] Originating IP addresses were not being "anonymized" (thank you, carbeck)
  • [Fix] Width of column in Edit Posts (thank you, 27pchrisl)
  • [Fix] XSS Vulnerability (exploitable only in rare circumstances and on site with very little pageviews) in Overview (thank you, lnxg33k)
  • [Fix] When a site in a network (MU) environment was deleted, WP SlimStat's tables weren't removed
  • [Fix] In a Network (MU) environment, WP SlimStat's tables were being created even if the plugin was NOT network activated
  • [Fix] A conflict with some unknown plugin causing all the users to be mistaken for spammers (thank you, iinnovations)
  • [Fix] Missing space in SQL query was the cause of empty reports in some cases (thank you, psn)
  • [Fix] Warning on undefined index when trying to create a new blog in a MU environment (thank you, Sam Brodie)
  • [Fix] Bug in displaying more days than necessary for some months, in the chart
  • [Fix] Filtering by IP Address was not working with our Firewall Fix add-on
  • [Fix] Natural language date ranges were being calculated based on UTC, not the blog's timezone (thank you, haheute)
3.5.5 2014-03-03
  • [Note] Our partnership with ended a few days ago, we wish them all the best for their business!
  • [New] The new DB API supports natural language dates: day equals today, year equals this year, etc. This brings the Shortcodes add-on to a whole new level of flexibility!
  • [Update] Right Now has been renamed Activity Log
  • [Fix] We can't believe nobody had noticed a bug in calculating the bounce rate value. Numbers were way off! (thank you, Rob)
  • [Fix] User Overview add-on had some problems with sorting by certain columns
  • [Fix] Filters were not being reset when multiple shortcodes were being used on the same page (thank you, joachimcarrein)
  • [Fix] Pageviews in the Edit Posts panel were not being properly calculated (thank you, Aljoscha)
  • [Fix] The Add-Ons page was not working as expected.
3.5.4 2014-02-12
  • [Note] Update your free and premium add-ons to the latest version available!
  • [New] When Convert IP Addresses is enabled, hostnames are shown along with IP addresses, not instead of (thank you, Simas)
  • [New] Added a new switch to turn 'Debug Mode' on (under Settings > Advanced)
  • [New] Consolidated report functions to use the new DB API filter format
  • [Update] Browscap has been updated to version 5023, released on Feb 2, 2014
  • [Fix] Various bugs related to date filters
  • [Fix] Layout of our modal window (ip lookup) was being overwritten by other plugins (thank you, charlieusa)
  • [Fix] Compatibility issue with WP SlimStat Shortcodes and 'strtotime' filter (our DB API is growing!)
  • [Fix] Close button had disappeared from modal window (ip lookup service)
  • [Fix] Added Seychelles to the list of known Countries
  • [Fix] Bug in displaying the correct time range with some timezones
  • [Fix] Removed 'Save Options' button on Maintenance page
3.5.3 2014-01-28
  • [New] You can finally hide our notices whenever you want and never see them again... until the next update!
  • [Update] Rolled back change that made the DB API use more SQL queries and less memory, since users were complaining about performance
  • [Update] Browscap has been updated to version 5022 stable, released on Jan 24, 2014
  • [Update] SlimScroll has been updated to version 1.3.2, released on Dec 26, 2013
  • [Update] More Font Icons replaced those ugly PNGs
  • [Fix] CDN Schema changed to HTTPS if site is served over HTTPS (thank you, samatva)
  • [Fix] Bug on counter displayed in Edit Posts screen (thank you, kirksylvester)
  • [Fix] Bug on expanded details not honored by Spy View
  • [Fix] Bug on filtering by IP Address (thank you, rodak)
  • [Fix] Bug on filtering Browsers (the new API is still in its infancy, please be kind with the baby!)
  • [Fix] Date range does not include 'future' dates anymore, since it was confusing some users
  • [Fix] Is Empty filter was not working as expected
  • [Fix] Bug on Maintenance > Delete Pageviews Where
3.5.2 2014-01-15
  • [Update] The Reports Library (wp-slimstat-db.php) has been streamlined. Please make sure to update your custom add-ons to use the new structure, or contact us if you need help.
  • [Update] The new DB Library uses 1 more SQL query per report, but much less PHP memory to store the results. You'll notice the difference!
  • [Fix] A snippet of code meant to be part of a future update, sneaked into v3.5.1, breaking the compatibility with WP SlimStat Shortcodes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
3.5.1 2013-12-31
  • [Note] We got quite a lot of feedback about the new interface. Thank you for speaking up (yes, I'm looking at you, Romain and dFactory)!
  • [Note] Please make sure to clear your browser cache, if your reports look all messy and broken!
  • [New] You can now reload the World Map without reloading the entire page.
  • [Update] Colors now adapt to the admin color scheme currently active (thank you, dFactory).
  • [Update] Added new responsive layout for very large screens (width > 1440px).
  • [Update] Say hi to our own Icon Font Set, which replaces all the png icons we were using before (courtesy of Fontello, thank you, dFactory).
  • [Update] A new World Flags icon set makes things look even more consistent
  • [Update] Chart Tooltips are back!
  • [Update] RTL Support is being added to the CSS
  • [Update] FAQs have been updated to match the new Settings screens.
  • [Update] flot plotting library updated to version 0.8.2 stable
  • [Fix] The Add-ons Settings page was not rendering properly (thank you, Alexander et al.).
  • [Fix] The author filter was not working properly (thank you, advertisingtech)
  • [Fix] Bug with the new Currently Online report (it was honiring date filters, which was sort of confusing).
  • [Fix] Bug affecting tooltips in Firefox.
  • [Fix] Bug affecting database indexes (thank you, frequencycast)
  • [Fix] Bug affecting SlimScroll in Firefox (thank you, Gerard ter Beke).
  • [Fix] Conflict with another plugin related to the logout button (thank you, GusRuss89)
  • [Fix] Bug on masking IP Addresses on 32-bit systems, which apparently hadn't been fixed in 3.5 (thank you, carbeck)
3.5 2013-12-19
  • [Note] Please make sure to clear your browser cache, if your reports look all messy and broken!
  • [New] A polished and fully responsive interface, optimized for the new WordPress 3.8 admin layout. If you're still using WP 3.7 or earlier, you may want to stick to version 3.4.3.
  • [New] Implemented *Slim*Scroll (what else? hehe) by Piotr Rochala.
  • [New] Added qTip 2 to handle tooltips and contextual help.
  • [New] Added two new reports: who's currently online (registered users), and top language families (thank you, Vitaly)
  • [New] Now you can track 'fake' pageviews (if events are not enough for you)
  • [New] Pagination has been added to most reports: now you will not miss anything!
  • [Update] The 'Latest News' ribbon is now only displayed within the report screens, and it disappears automatically after 5 minutes.
  • [Update] Browscap has been updated to version 5021-b9, released on Dec 8, 2013
  • [Updade] Most add-ons have been updated to use the new look and feel, icons, etc.
  • [Update] All the Settings screens have been reorganized and redesigned (and are now fully responsive!). We replaced the old "for geeks only" descriptions with new ones, easier to understand.
  • [Update] The plugin's source code is being consolidated and reorganized. You reports will now load faster than ever!
  • [Update] By default, Javascript Mode (or Tracking Mode, in v3.5) is now enabled
  • [Update] Added new icon for Windows 8.1
  • [Update] MaxMind / Geolocation database updated to December 2013
  • [Fix] Bug on masking IP Addresses on 32-bit systems (thank you, Per)
3.4.3 2013-12-03
  • [Fix] Bug in parsing the data returned by Alexa (new Rankings report) was causing some reports to disappear (thank you, pepe)
  • [Fix] A few PHP notices (thank you, supriyos)
  • [Fix] Bug in masking local IP addresses (thank you, carbeck)
3.4.2 2013-11-19
  • [New] Three new reports give you detailed information about your rankings (Google, Facebook, Alexa), your content and your site's security.
  • [Update] Complete Russian Localization (thank you, Vitaly!)
  • [Update] Top Browsers now groups browsers by name, if the user agent string is not enabled/displayed (thank you, Vitaly)
  • [Update] Much improved language detection and localization (thank you, Vitaly)
  • [Update] By default only admins can now see the stats (minimum capability to view: activate_plugins).
  • [Update] Removed unused languages from the dictionary (who is using operating systems in Herero, Igbo, Hiri Motu, Church Slavic anyway?)
  • [Update] Optimized code to manage the plugin's options (removed unnecessary db interactions)
  • [Update] World Map (AmMap) updated to version 3.7
  • [Update] MaxMind / Geolocation database updated to November 2013
  • [Update] Consolidated reports and improved performance on Overview tab
  • [Fix] Bug in converting some IP addresses to long integers (thank you, tkleinsteuber)
  • [Fix] Some PHP warnings about undefined variables
3.4.1 2013-11-05
  • [New] Report to visualize top Outbound Links and Downloads (thank you, bobinoz)
  • [New] Purge data by user agent (thank you, GermanKiwi)
  • [New] Import/Export all your settings in a text file. Go to Settings > Maintenance and give it a try! (thank you, Mike)
  • [Update] Cosmetic updates to the interface
  • [Update] Right Now Extended is now set to 'No' by default
  • [Fix] Filters were not being reset if API was invoked more than once on the same page (thank you, PV-Patrick)
  • [Fix] Compatibility issues with User Overview (thank you, Thorsten)
  • [Fix] Bug affecting the data recorded when URLs were using non-ASCII characters (thank you, dimitrios1988)
  • [Fix] Compatibility issues with Export to Excel
  • [Fix] Bug related to the new HTTP POST-based Filtering system
  • [Fix] Issue with French localization encoding (thank you whoaloic)
  • [Fix] Elaborated on how to use multiple filters with the API (thank you, Statistiker)
3.4 2013-10-22
  • [Note] We can't believe we're already crossing the 600,000 downloads mark! To celebrate this accomplishment, we're working on a brand new website! Stay tuned.
  • [New] Local IP Addresses are now marked as such (thank you, Thorsten)
  • [Update] SlimStat's filters have been reimplemented to use HTTP POST requests, in order to avoid issues with very long URIs (thank you, John)
  • [Update] You can now restrict access to the configuration screens by specifying the minimum capability required (default: activate_plugins)
  • [Update] Localization files have consolidated and are now easier to manage. Send us your localization!
  • [Fix] Clicking on report titles doesn't collapse the box anymore (thank you, psn)
  • [Fix] Minor fixes to the Javascript used on admin pages
  • [Fix] Restored compatibility with the plugin Dashboard Widgets