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Post Tweets from WordPress to Twitter.

Yep. That's the basic functionality. But it's not the only thing you can do:

  • Display your Recent Tweets: Widget for your recent Tweets. Fetch Tweets from your own or any other account.
  • Display Tweets based on a search: Display the Tweets resulting from a search and limit by Geolocation.
  • Shorten URLs in your Tweets with popular URL shorteners, or let Twitter to do it with t.co.

Upgrade to WP Tweets Pro and schedule Tweets, set up automatic reposts, upload images and more!

WP to Twitter uses a customizable Tweet template for Tweets sent when updating or editing posts and pages or custom post types. You can customize your Tweet for each post, using custom template tags to generate the Tweet.

Free Features

  • Use post tags as Twitter hashtags
  • Use alternate URLs in place of post permalinks
  • Support for Google Analytics
  • Support for XMLRPC remote clients
  • Select from YOURLS, Goo.gl, Bit.ly, jotURL, or Su.pr as external URL shorteners.
  • Rate limiting: make sure you don't exceed Twitter's API rate limits.

Premium Features

Upgrade to WP Tweets Pro for extra features, including:

  • Authors can set up their own Twitter accounts in their profiles
  • Time delayed Tweeting
  • Scheduled Tweet management
  • Simultaneously Tweet to site and author Twitter accounts
  • Preview and Tweet comments
  • Filter Tweets by taxonomy (categories, tags, or custom taxonomies)
  • Upload images to Twitter
  • Integrated Twitter Card support
  • Automatically schedule Tweets of old posts
  • Try out WP Tweets PRO!

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Visit the WP to Twitter translation site to see how complete the current translations are.

Translating my plug-ins is always appreciated. Work on WP to Twitter translations at the WordPress translation site! You'll need a WordPress.org account to contribute!

Extending WP to Twitter

Check out my GitHub repository of plug-in extensions.

Releases (48 )

Version Release Date Change Log
3.4.4 2019-11-12
  • Bug fix: Due to external add-ons, need to test URL shortener settings as strings, not integers.
  • Bugfix: If YOURLS JSON object does not exist, it cannot have values.
  • Change: Support custom domains in jotURL.
  • Change: Add user info to debugging records.
3.4.3 2019-10-07
  • Bug fix: Failed to account for a URL value that could be false in template parsing.
3.4.2 2019-10-07
  • Bug fix: don't parse Username settings if user is connected to Twitter (Pro)
  • Bug fix: Non-semantic text in user settings.
  • Bug fix: type error in media comparison.
  • Improve logic for exiting media handling. (Pro)
3.4.0 2019-06-30
  • New function: wpt_allowed_post_types(). Returns array of post types that can be Tweeted.
  • New template tag: #categories# Return string of all categories on post. Filterable with 'wpt_twitter_category_names'
  • Change: default tag length allowed raised to 20
  • Change: default number of tags allowed raised to 4
  • Breaking change: Remove major function deprecated in January 2017 and minor functions deprecated March 2018.
3.3.12 2019-04-26
  • Missed ssl_verify=false removed
3.3.11 2019-03-28
  • Pass post ID to wpt_retweet_text filter.
  • Don't throw duplicate Tweet error if Tweet is blank.
3.3.10 2019-01-29
  • Change: Display UI for post types that are private but have a UI (e.g., WooCommerce coupons)
  • Bug fix: User permissions for connecting to Oauth overrode ability to enter personal settings.
  • Bug fix: Exit meta migration if post does not exist.
3.3.9 2018-10-05
  • Added filter to cancel Tweets for custom reasons after all other filters executed.
  • Removed video on app creation, due to Twitter's radical revision of creation process.
  • Update setup instructions inside app.
3.3.8 2018-09-20
  • Change function name for checking edit vs. new for clarity.
  • Update debugging function to pass post ID of current Tweet.
  • Bug fix: PHP Notice in settings.
  • Bug fix: If rate limiting cron not set, automatically recreate.
3.3.7 2018-07-31
  • Change: Remove replacement character setting unless in use for non-space character
  • Change: Capitalize each word in tags sent to Twitter (accessibility)
3.3.6 2018-05-21
  • Bug fix: Check for existing short URL should not run when parsing text of Tweets for URLs.
3.3.5 2018-04-23
  • Bug fix: Assignment replaced with comparison in connection creation.
3.3.4 2018-04-21
  • Bug fix: fallback normalizer method called incorrectly
3.3.3 2018-04-20
  • Removed: upgrade paths from version 2.4.x
  • Removed: support for YOURLS version 1.3
  • Removed: support for Twitter Friendly Links (plug-in not updated in 8 years)
  • Removed: Ability to enable the Goo.gl URL shortener (see: https://developers.google.com/url-shortener/)
  • Removed: fallback functions required for PHP 4 support.
  • Add 'show images' as option in feeds.
  • Support for alt attributes displayed in Feeds
  • Improved URL generation to link to searched Tweets.
  • Improve parsing of URLs in Tweets.
  • Don't save URLs if no shortener used or shortener returns no value.
  • Option to ignore stored URLs when sending Tweets.
  • Code now conforms with WordPress PHP standards with the exception of four deprecated functions.
3.3.2 2017-12-26
  • If short URL already stored, do not execute shortening routine
  • Remove instances of create_function for PHP 7.2 compat
  • Remove language files completely in favor of WordPress.org translations
  • CSS fix
  • Minor text changes
3.3.1 2017-11-13
  • Add temporary method to extend character count. Twitter has not yet released their new character counting library.
  • Minor style changes
3.3.0 2017-11-04
  • Bug fix: Fix arguments when using keywords with YOURLS
  • Bug fix: Problem saving settings in PHP 7.1 due to array assignment changes
  • New: Add filter to provide custom support any taxonomy as hashtags, 'wpt_hash_source' & 'wpt_hash_tag_sources'
  • New: Add cache refresh checkbox for Tweet widget
  • Update: Rewritten debugging mechanism
  • New: admin notice to indicate in debugging.
  • Remove Freemius (with all thanks to the Freemius team.)
  • Minor tweaks to Tweet widget CSS
3.2.19 2017-09-12
  • Bug fix: account for mixed return values in get_the_tags()
3.2.0 2016-11-15
  • Bug fix: if user without permissions to edit WP to Twitter meta updated profiles, Twitter profile data was deleted.
  • Bug fix: PHP notices (2) in Twitter search widget
  • Bug fix: no notice to update settings when setting new URL shortener.
  • Bug fix: permissions tabs non functional if custom role name had a space
  • Bug fix: remove notice thrown when rate limiting is run on a Tweet not associated with a post
  • Bug fix: remove notice thrown when no error defined by custom shortener.
  • Design update in metabox panel
  • Misc. design & text updates
  • Ability to add new URL shorteners via filters ('wpt_shorten_link', 'wpt_shortener_settings', 'wpt_choose_shortener')
  • Remove ability to set YOURLS as a local resource in new installs
  • Added filter to disable storing URLs in post meta
  • Deprecate more old jd_ prefixed functions
  • Change admin page URL to match Pro version.
  • Remove dependency on is_plugin_active()
  • Added opt-in usage tracking via Freemius.com
3.1.9 2015-12-10
  • CSS update in Twitter feed for new iframe generated follow button
  • Include target URL in information deleted when a post's Tweet History cleared
  • Minor design changes
  • Updated manual
  • Updated text
3.1.0 2015-07-14
  • Moved changelog entries older than 3.0.0 into changelog.txt
  • Update PHP 4 class constructors to PHP 5.
  • Added template tags for all categories and all category descriptions.
  • Better loading of text domain.
  • Improve preview character counting when featured images are being uploaded. (WP Tweets PRO)
  • Require users to add an email to send a support request.
  • Added check for constant WPT_STAGING_MODE; disables posting to Twitter on staging servers.
  • New feature: Rate limiting. Enable rate limiting to restrict the number of posts per category per hour can be sent to your Twitter account.
3.0.7 2015-06-01
  • Bug fix: Twitter Feed search broken.
  • Bug fix: Display issue with support form textarea.
  • Address issue with input sources that have double encoded entities.
  • Improved: Error messages with Twitter Feed issues.
  • Add option to hide header on Twitter feed widget.
  • Language Update: Portuguese (Brazil)
3.0.0 2015-01-27
  • Handles case where post type identification could throw PHP warning if no post types were chosen to be Tweeted.
  • Eliminated outdated compatibility function.
  • Eliminated old update notices.
  • General code cleanup.
  • Code documentation.
  • Updated media uploading to use Uploads endpoint, replacing deprecated update_with_media endpoint. [WP Tweets PRO]
  • Simplifed short URL storage
  • Decreased widget cache life from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
  • Added fallback Normalizer class for cases when extension is not installed.
  • Added notes for the 100 HTTP code return error.
  • Moved Twitter server time check out of basic set-up & set up to only run on demand.
  • Minor design changes.
2.9.8 2015-01-17
  • Feature: Upload images from remote servers (WP Tweets PRO)
  • Updated User's Guide.
2.9.0 2014-08-18
  • Revamp roles and capabilities management
  • Add filter: wpt_max_tweet_length; returns array with max Tweet lengths. Default array( 'with_media'=>119, 'without_media' => 137 );
  • Bug fix: When a Tweet was truncated due to long raw text, truncation would be 5 chars too aggressive.
  • Changed base capability from 'update_core' to 'manage_options' for multi-site admins
  • Post to Twitter function returns false on all errors, rather than just Twitter errors.
  • Removed upgrade cycles for versions more than 2 1/2 years old.
  • Add "Tweet Now" button to send a Tweet without saving post.
  • Add Tweet Scheduler button for WP Tweets PRO users; set time and date and schedule from post without saving.
  • Language update: Italian
2.8.9 2014-06-02
  • Bug fix: Tweet this post toggle incorrectly set when editing an unpublished post with edits default set to not Tweet.
2.8.0 2014-01-07
  • Removed category filtering in favor of WP Tweets PRO update allowing filtering on all taxonomies.
  • Removed obsolete functions handling older WP versions.
  • UI updates.
  • Updated fallbacks for multibyte string functions.
  • Added wpt_tag_default filter to choose the default hashtag symbol.
  • Miscellaneous PHP notice eliminations.
  • File reorganization.
  • Bug fix: Twitter feed widget errors if not authenticated.
2.7.7 2013-11-23
  • Bug fix: #author# template tag
  • Bug fix: tag filtering error.
  • Bug fix: eliminated one PHP notice.
  • Minor text changes.
  • Updated: Russian translation.
2.7.3 2013-09-10
  • Don't display promotional notice if donation option checked.
  • WP Tweets PRO: fix for broken prepend text.
  • WP Tweets PRO: Improved truncating if image uploads enabled.
  • Updated translation: Italian
2.6.9 2013-06-16
  • Error with post_with_media check. All apologies.
2.4.11 2013-04-02
  • Bug fix: Mismatched rules for when to enqueue charCount script and when to insert inline script calling that script.

  • Bug fix: Added long-missing 'do not post Tweets by default when editing' option.

  • Bug fix: 2 bugs when sending test Tweet and using WordPress as a shortening service

  • Translation updated: French

2.5.9 2013-04-02
  • Using tag slug instead of tag name is a problem for languages with characters outside of RFC 1738 URL specs. Transformed into selectable option, default off.
2.4.5 2012-07-14
  • Added #modified# to use post modified date in templates.
  • Corrected unstripped slashes for template preview in WP to Twitter post box
  • Character count for custom tweet text was incorrect on initial load in edit mode.
  • Replaced character counter with a more Twitter-like character counter (counting down.)
  • Removed JavaScript from post box so that WP to Twitter box is properly draggable.
  • Added ampersand to normalizer function
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
2.3.18 2012-05-24
  • Bug fix: resolved case where new backdated posts were treated as edits.
  • Some changes to tweet truncating routines to avoid modifying the URL during truncation.
2.3.2 2011-07-10
  • Fixed XMLRPC support
  • Updated Italian translation
2.2.12 2011-06-20
  • Bug fix release. Sorry.
  • Added translation to Brazilian Portugese Matheus Bratfisch
2.2.2 2010-10-07
  • Fixed a bug where new Pages did not Tweet.
  • Minor text changes to try and clarify OAuth process.
  • Fixed bug where any post with a customized status update would post, regardless of settings.
  • Fixed faulty shortening when new links were added.
2.1.3 2010-08-16
  • Fixed copy typo.
2.0.1 2010-03-17
  • Bug found with YOURLS short url creation when using multiple sites with one YOURLS installation and short URLS are created using post ID. Added option to disable post_ID as shortURL generating key in YOURLS account settings.
  • Missing semicolon replaced in uninstall.php
2.0.0 2010-02-23
  • Fixed bug introduced in WordPress 2.9 where logged in users could only edit their own profiles and associated issues.
  • Fixed bug which caused #url# to repeatedly be added to the end of tweet texts on reactivation or upgrade.
  • Fixed bug which generated shortener API error messages when no URL shortener was used.
  • Fixed bug which prevented display of URL on edit screen if no URL shortener was used.
  • Added Spanish translation courtesy of David Gil PĂ©rez
  • Made so many language changes that aforementioned translation is now terribly out of date, as are all others...
  • Added ability to restrict posting to certain categories.
  • Added option to dynamically generate Google Analytics campaign identifier by category, post title, author, or post id.
  • Added option to configure plugin to use other services using the Twitter-compatible API.
  • Added support for YOURLS installations as your URL shortener. (Either local or remote.)
  • Redesigned administrative interface.
  • Removed use of Snoopy and alternate HTTP request methods.
  • Discontinued support for WordPress versions below version 2.7.
  • Major revisions to support checks.
  • Version jumped to 2.0.0
1.5.7 2010-02-10
  • Quick bug fix contributed by DougV from WordPress Forums. *
1.5.1 2009-11-02
  • Because that's what I get for making last minute changes.
1.4.11 2009-09-26
  • Fixed a bug which allowed editing of posts to be tweeted if status updates on editing Pages were permitted.
  • Fixed a bug in the support check routine which caused all Cli.gs tests to fail.
  • Streamlined logic controlling whether a new or edited item should be tweeted.
  • Added Italian translation. Thanks to Gianni Diurno!
1.4.0 2009-08-03
  • Added support for the Bit.ly URL shortening service.
  • Added option to not use URL shortening.
  • Added option to add tags to end of status update as hashtag references.
  • Fixed a bug where the #url# shortcode failed when editing posts.
  • Reduced some redundant code.
  • Converted version notes to new Changelog format.
1.3.7 2009-08-01
1.1.1 2008-12-11
1.2.0 2008-12-11
1.0.0 2008-11-03