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Version Release Date Change Log
1.33 2014-01-17
  • ADDED: Logging messages to trace bug where the stats don't get updated
  • FIXED: Order of preference for tags.
  • ADDED: Support for css inlining, recipient preservation, whether or not to have the view content link in your Mandrill dashboard, tracking, signing, and return-path domains, using subaccounts, per recipient metadata, pool of ips, email scheduling, and asynchronous sending in wpMandrill::mail().
  • REMOVED: The concept of 'verified domains' was completely removed from the plugin.
  • ADDED: Tracking options in the settings page
  • ADDED: New filter, mandrill_nl2br, that can be used to modify the value of the "Replace Line Feeds by
    " setting, for specific messages. Check the How-To to see how it works.
  • FIXED: Removing wrongly formatted attachments from the payload
1.32 2013-08-02
  • FIXED: Reordering constructors of Mandrill class to prevent the "Redefining already defined constructor" message
  • UPDATE: Favoring self:: instead of wpMandrill::
1.31 2013-06-19
  • FIXED: Some PHP 5.3 installations don't have the finfo_open available so we're now checking for the function instead of the PHP version
1.30 2013-05-28
  • FIXED: Multiples To: recipients where not being handling correctly.
1.29 2013-05-28
  • ADDED: wp_mail, wp_mail_from, and wp_mail_from_name filters. ** Thanks Mike Little! **
  • ADDED: Support for "important" emails.
  • UPDATED: Wordpress wp_mail function code.
  • ADDED: wpMandrill User-Agent
1.28 2013-05-10
  • ADDED: If you want to fall back some of your emails to the native wp_mail function, now you can do it by using the mandrill_payload filter and setting a parameter called 'force_native' to true.
  • REMOVED: Mime type checking on attachments.
  • ADDED: Sending MIME TYPE of attachments to Mandrill only when wpMandrill is able to find it.
1.27 2013-04-15
  • FIXED: Removing php short tags. ** Thanks Kailey Lampert! **
1.26 2013-02-13
  • UPDATED: Now Mandrill accepts any content type and so does wpMandrill.
  • FIXED: Queued messages were triggering the native wp_mail function. ** Thanks Scott Connerly! **
1.25 2013-01-28
  • FIXED: Undefined WPDOMAIN constant in stats.php
1.24 2013-01-25
  • UPDATED: Dashboard widget shown only to those capable of manage_options
  • ADDED: CURL calls doesn't verify SSL certificates anymore. ** Thanks Bruno Braga! **
  • ADDED: Adding support for editable regions. ** Thanks dennissmolek **
  • FIXED: Using a literal as the textdomain instead of a constant. ** Thanks Joost! **
  • FIXED: Cleaning some unused variables. ** Thanks Joost! **
  • FIXED: Removed checking of sender domain at send time.
1.23 2012-11-09
  • FIXED: JS Alerts on wrong places...
1.22 2012-09-24
  • UPDATED: Replacing Highcharts in favor of Flot
  • ADD: Cron job to fetch stats
1.21 2012-09-05
  • FIXED: Logging wrong error messages when sending emails with no attachments
  • FIXED: Attachments that Mandrill doesn't support were discarded instead of sending the email (with attachment) through the native wp_mail function.
  • ADDED: Added support Audio and Video file attachments.
  • FIXED: Valid Domains matching is NOT case-sensitive now.
  • FIXED: Better error reporting on Dashboard widgets.
  • FIXED: Validating FROM: email address after mandrill_payload has been processed.
1.20 2012-08-07
  • ADDED: Mandrill's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  • FIXED: Sending more than one attachment was failing
  • FIXED: Doing a Ping call only when displaying the API Key on the settings page
  • ADDED: Support for Global Merge Vars, Per-Recipient Merge Vars, Google Analytics, and Meta Data in wpMandrill::mail()
  • FIXED: Logging error messages even if WP_DEBUG is false.
1.12 2012-06-27
  • FIXED: Issue with the CSS declaration of the RSS icon displayed on the settings page. ** Thanks Nicholas Ciske! **
  • FIXED: Highcharts' Exporting module not loaded for dashboard widget
  • FIXED: Removing unnecessary pings to MandrillApp.com and instanciating the API client on demand ** Thanks Per Wiklander! **
1.11 2012-05-30
  • ADDED: screenshot-4.jpg
  • FIXED: Emails delivered % in Mandrill stats
  • ADDED: Limiting the numbers of senders that the Mandrill stats reports.
  • FIXED: Limiting the numbers of days to 30 in Daily Sending Volume graph in Mandrill stats reports.
  • ADDED: Visual notification in the dashboard widget while loading.
  • ADDED: Support for sockets when CURL is not present.
1.10 2012-05-15
  • ADDED: Blank .po file for other translations :)
  • ADDED: Some debugging messages just in case need arises.
  • ADDED: Adding GNU license
  • ADDED: Mandrill's blog RSS
1.09 2012-05-10
  • ADDED: Reply-To Setting
  • ADDED: Replacing line feed by
1.07 2012-05-08
  • FIXED: Removing notices in the dashboard widget when there's no open or click data in the last 7 days.
  • FIXED: No having general tags defined were causing a validation error. ** Thanks Max! **
  • FIXED: Daily stats showing some hourly stats.
  • UPDATED: Spanish translation updated.
  • FIXED: Speeding dashboard widget results.
1.06 2012-05-08
  • Fixed: Some installations were reporting valid API keys as invalid due to a restrictive server configuration regarding Time-Out.
1.05 2012-05-07
1.04 2012-05-07
1.03 2012-05-07
  • Fixed: Test email were using an old function.
  • Fixed: Some data type checking to avoid PHP warnings.
1.02 2012-05-03
  • Fixed: Dashboard widget title was displaying incorrectly when a filter was defined.
1.0 2012-04-26
  • Public release