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cadence_pinterest This extension allows you to quickly implement Pinterest conversion tracking and code on your Magento store. Supports Visit and Checkout conversion events. 2016-05-30 2017-07-20
Textmaster_Textmaster Get your product descriptions translated or corrected by professionals directly through Magento. 2014-10-08 2017-07-20
viveum_ePayments The Official Viveum Extension 2016-06-08 2017-07-20
ConCardis_PayEngine_ePayments ConCardis PayEngine 2016-06-08 2017-07-20
Klaviyo_Reclaim Officially supported Magento extension for the Klaviyo marketing platform. 2013-02-08 2017-07-19
VantageAnalytics_Analytics The must-have dashboard, with over 100 metrics to monitor the pulse of your store. 2015-01-15 2017-07-19
Shippit_Shippit Shippit Magento Integration Module 2016-07-13 2017-07-19
26e794300ae96a620bdec2bed0b7cc14 The extension allows process by skipping any of the login page, shipping or payment methods. 2016-08-13 2017-07-18
GetResponse GetResponse integration 2016-09-12 2017-07-17
ing_psp The ING register for your web shop to be used with KassaCompleet, ING Checkout or ING ePay. 2017-03-03 2017-07-17