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iparcel_carthandoff Enable your store to sell internationally, immediately! 2016-02-23 2017-06-28
Praxigento_LoginAs Login as Customer by Praxigento 2013-02-28 2017-06-27
Expressly Expressly is a customer referral network that allows merchants to find partner merchants and launch customer acquisition campaigns to their respective audiences. Full instructions, and registration at 2015-10-14 2017-06-27
fermopoint Fermo!Points 2015-02-05 2017-06-26
AltaPay_for_Magento1 Plugin that integrates Magento to the AltaPay payment gateway. 2016-09-01 2017-06-26
AJAX_ZOOM Responsive product detail view mousehover zoom extension with optional 360° spins or multilevel 3D 2015-09-07 2017-06-25
Conlabz_CrConnect Synchronizes your Magento subscribers, customers and sales with CleverReach Email Marketing Software. 2014-08-08 2017-06-22
RetentionScience_Waves Retention Science Integration 2013-01-26 2017-06-21
zendesk Zendesk helps deliver the best customer support to your customers. 2012-11-07 2017-06-21
Cue Powerful onsite marketing solution that helps increase engagement and conversions. 2015-09-15 2017-06-20