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Zendesk is the market leader of smart, agile and convenient cloud-based customer support software. For growing organizations, Zendesk is the fastest way to enable great customer service.

This extension makes Zendesk work seamlessly with Magento to enable stores to deliver great customer support.

Features include:
- Enable Single Sign-on for Magento administrators
- Create support tickets without leaving Magento
- Display relevant support tickets on order & customer dashboards
- Create support tickets from Contact Us requests
- Easily add the Web Widget to your site

Releases (27)

Date Version Notes
2017-06-21 2.1.9

* Fetch store and website from current configuration scope when configuring the extension
* Use fieldValue search criteria for searching zendesk tickets with the configured ticket_field_id

2016-10-27 2.1.8

Go-lion launch asset and string updates.

2016-09-20 2.1.7

Add logging for exception on customer ticket fetch.

2016-03-27 2.1.4

Fix Setup Guide for sites with store codes enabled.

2015-09-21 2.1.2

- Compatibility for array_column

- "Test Connection" no longer requires users to save the form

2015-09-16 2.1.1

- Sorting disabled on tickets grid (introduced in v2.1.0)
- PHP errors when saving incorrect configuration
- PHP error when clicking the sync users button multiple times

- Set ticket submitter as logged in Magento user if email is a Zendesk agent or admin

2015-09-09 2.1.0

Sideload users instead of caching them all while making multiple API calls

- Memory limit is reached when retrieving a huge number of users

- Removes the Priority field from the admin tickets grid

2015-09-07 2.0.9

Bug fixes:
* Memory leak on admin order creation
* Ticket link always points to the agent backend
* Division by zero when customer has no orders

2015-07-14 2.0.8

Patch for Magento SUPEE-6285 - checks for user permissions while accessing admin features.

2015-06-22 2.0.6

Fix bulk actions bug - redirecting to 404.
Security patch for loading the widget script.

2015-06-01 2.0.5

Change route used in getUrl call

2015-05-22 2.0.4

Fix Bug: While building the SSO payload it was using the store email.

2015-05-21 2.0.3

Urgent bug fix: Fatal Error on Data.php

2015-05-20 2.0.2

Rename data script

2015-05-20 2.0.1

Embeddables Web Widget - Drop Feedback Tab support

2015-05-20 1.4.3

Fix stability mismatch

2015-04-17 1.4.1

The JWT payload must be sent to Zendesk subdomain using the https protocol.

2015-04-10 1.4.0

Replace Feedback Tab with Web Widget
Set raw body also for PUT requests
Add headers param to API calls, auto-detect JSON for encoding to raw data, prevent exceptions caused by logging non UTF-8 data
Redirect to login page if trying to access tickets list in customer account while logged out
Various bug fixes (SSO, better debugging & validation)

2014-01-21 1.3.0

Fix getModuleDir error for JWT.
Fix Typing error on ApiController.php.
Fix Invalid parameter for parent::getBackUrl(). Renamed method to getZdBackUrl().
Fix for 'Invalid block type: Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Empty_Edit_Form'.
Fix Strip slashes from the request header since some servers will escape quotes.
Fix ACL Children ordering for Zendesk backend menu.
Fix ACL to allow Roles to add the Zendesk Menu to Non Full Access Users.
Updated README.md to include SSO URLs.
Added Composer JSON.
Added new translations in locales and improvements for yml.
Added modman config.
Added check for Authorization header.
Added logging viewer via backend.
Added new SSO functionality for end-user and agents.
Added connection checks for APIs.
Added logout method for admin SSO.
Added troubleshooting link to test responses.
Added Permissions check to the left menu to match the main dropdown menu.

2013-05-01 1.2.0

Switch to new Single Sign On approach using JWT and update the way user tickets are requests from the Zendesk search API

2013-03-15 1.1.5

Bug fix to reduce the amounts of system logs

2013-02-18 1.1.4

Added autocomplete for customer details when creating a Zendesk ticket inside Magento.

2012-11-30 1.1.3

Added support for 11 languages:
- German
- Spanish
- French
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Nederlands (Dutch)
- Portuguese (Brasil)
- Russian
- Traditional Chinese
- Simplified Chinese

2012-11-12 1.1.2

Fix to resolve cache issue

2012-11-12 1.1.1

Fix to resolve cache issue with setup guide

2012-11-11 1.1.0

First release of the Zendesk extension.

2012-11-07 1.0.4

Initial public release