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za_russianlocalization If you are building website for Russia - use this extension to enable Russian language in your shop. 2014-11-21 2014-11-21
yuzu Yuzu 2015-02-09 2016-06-08
youtube-feed youtube 2016-02-17 2016-02-17
yireo_googletagmanager No summary 2012-10-02 2016-07-19
yd521cdsf5re1serkcjbf4r50rew54cxc12 Ship packages using the Whiplash Fulfillment Network, painlessly and automatically with the Magento Extension. 2016-02-08 2016-03-23
yapital Yapital, the first Pan-European, cross-channel payment solution, is the fast, easy and secure way for your customers to pay. All payments and transactions immediately show up in your Yapital business account and all payments are guaranteed. 2013-10-29 2014-12-15
xtest Summary 2011-05-10 2011-05-10
xpressbuy_product_variants Commerce Anywhere is a service that allows a retailer to drive in-the-moment purchases of their products. 2015-09-29 2016-05-23
xonu_sbe Allows using static blocks in terms and agreements, category description and product description. 2012-07-11 2012-10-17
xonu_PayPalInvoiceSender Sends invoice automatically after an order is paid using PayPal. 2012-07-30 2013-04-26