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Name ▼ Summary First release Latest release
zubibu zubibu - mobile version of your magento shop 2011-08-23 2011-08-30
zmags Publish your Zmags publications on your magento website. 2013-04-30 2013-08-08
zitec_dpd Shipping carrier 2014-12-12 2015-02-27
zinc Care by Zinc is an application to allow merchants cross sell warranties and insurance products online. 2016-08-18 2017-07-26
zendesk Zendesk helps deliver the best customer support to your customers. 2012-11-07 2017-06-21
zapper_scantologin Zapper for eCommerce Login and Register integration. Frictionless Login and Register via mobile device. 2014-05-09 2014-05-09
zapper_scantocheckout Zapper for eCommerce checkout integration. Frictionless checkout framework via mobile device. 2014-05-09 2014-05-09
zapper-deeplinking Allow customers to pay with Zapper on your website. 2016-06-02 2016-09-08
zaitAP48RWT This extension allows to create sberbank payment for in PDF format. Customer can open and print it. 2016-01-12 2016-01-12
za_ukrainianlocalization If you are building website for Ukraine - use this extension to enable Ukrainian language in your shop. 2014-10-15 2014-10-15