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Name ▼ Summary First release Latest release
productreviewcaptcha This module add captcha to "Product Reviews" form. 2012-11-28 2016-04-07
productcms mageex 2012-03-02 2012-03-02
product_thumbnail_image_slider This is product thumbnail image slider extension for magento and its playing with product thumbnail images. 2014-12-04 2014-12-04
prismpay123456 PrismPay Payment GateWay 2014-06-10 2017-07-12
price_margin Customers based pricing for Magento 2014-06-27 2014-06-27
prefix-order-id prefix-order-id 2016-09-10 2017-01-18
prashant_remove_customeraccount_links Remove customer myaccount links in Magento. 2016-03-29 2016-03-29
prashant_header_logo Admin can upload store logo from magento back-end easily. 2016-06-28 2016-06-28
prashant_delete_orders This extension allows you to delete orders from admin panel. Easy to delete orders through admin. 2016-03-16 2016-03-16
prashant_customer_invoice Allow customers to view list of generated invoices and download Invoice PDF files. 2016-07-19 2016-07-19