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17805632160283535599 COD order email 2014-12-07 2015-09-30
16f83d637da64be29b0de1c4868deef2 An account management extension which tells admin to reset password for those accounts with compromised passwords 2016-05-23 2016-05-23
16092523a84af2a2dacb3b75a8504df4 Improves the Quick Search functionality with weight on each attribute and OR/AND operator for the search query. 2016-04-28 2016-04-28
1234567v The Facebook Page plugin lets you easily embed and promote any Facebook Page on your website. 2016-03-13 2016-03-28
0a2d30eb82e9387c910c2ae361455026 Mobify delivers technology and services that help companies engage connected consumers to increase revenue online and in-store. Mobify’s mobile engagement platform creates powerful mobile web and native applications and delivers the latest mobile push notification and location-based technology across all mobile devices. 2016-02-08 2016-02-08