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Add schema structured data to any page and/or post type on your site. Also easily create a contact card to add all your business details with the correct structured data. Enhance your site with SEO friendly markup!

The plugin includes a Gutenberg contact card block as well as a contact card shortcode, so you can display your business info, with included structured data, on any page, no matter which page editing system you are using.

Key Features

  • Add LD+JSON structured data to any or every page or post on your site
  • Support for all organization schema types
  • Support for all schema rich results types
  • Customize general/global schema data on the post edit screen
  • Create an SEO-friendly contact card that you can add via Gutenberg block or shortcode
  • Easily include a Google map, opening hours and all your business details
  • Add multiple locations
  • Test any page on your site using Google's Rich Results Test

Five Business Profile and Schema is very user friendly and comes with a walk-through that runs automatically when you activate the plugin and will help you add your business info, create your contact card and add a schema rule.


Add Structured Data to Any Page

The plugin comes with a database of every organization type schema and every rich results type. With this you can easily create a new schema element and assign a specific structured data type to a page, an individual post, an entire post type, or to your site as a whole.

Each schema and rich results type comes with its corresponding properties/fields, as per When you add a schema element, you can fill in each of these properties with defaults that you want to apply to all posts/pages that have the schema. You can then customize each property directly on the post edit screen, should you need to make a change for a specific page or post.

Whether you're running your website for a local business, a corporation, a restaurant, a specific project, a sports team, or any other type of organization, with just a few clicks, you can have the correct schema added to your pages, to help enhance your results in search engines!

Business Profile Contact Card

The Five Star Business Profile and Schema plugin is also perfect for adding your contact details to any page on your site. It comes with a handy form to help you fill in your info, which then gets automatically included on your site both as a contact card and as schema structured data, using the new LD+JSON format.

Your contact card can be quickly added anywhere on your site using a block, shortocde or widget, which will display the folling info:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number with separate click-to-call phone number
  • Cell phone number with click-to-call functionality
  • Whatsapp number with click-to-call functionality
  • Fax number
  • Contact page link or email address
  • Link to Google Map with directions to your establishment
  • Google Map showing your location
  • Opening hours
  • Exceptions for opening hours, to specify days that are closed or have different hours (e.g. holidays)

For all of this information, the correct markup is added LD+JSON format. This helps search engines, like Google, discover your address, phone number and opening hours, so they can display them with your listing on Google.

Choose from a wide array of microdata item types for your business schema, including:

  • Corporation schema
  • Organization schema
  • Local Business schema
  • Restaurant schema
  • Many more!

Google Maps Structured Data

The integrated Google Maps features allow you to enhance your location structured data by displaying a business map on your site with full schema support. Your business location, including the business address, will be displayed on a map (with the correct map schema), as well as in text with the correct location microdata.

Multiple Locations

Business Profile supports multiple locations. This powerful feature works great for businesses that have several offices, for delivery services, for restaurants with multiple locations, etc. Business location schema is added to each entry and you can showcase your details using the Gutenberg schema block, via the location shortcode or with the included widget. For help getting started with this, you can visit:

The multiple location structured data for your business also syncs up with the Five Star Restaurant Reservations to automatically offer a dropdown in your reservation form, so people can pick which location they want to book at.

You can choose separate organization schema, corporation schema or local business schema for each new location you create, so each schema shortcode and each page's contact info is uniquely optimized with SEO and search results in mind.


Premium Schema Features

The premium version of the Five Star Business Profile and Schema plugin comes with several extra features that will help you set up and refine your structured data more quickly and more accurately.

These include a default helper functionality for your schema. This option adds a large list of default values to the plugin and allows you to easily populate each schema property with one of these values. No need to be familiar with all the different schema properties and types. Just choose the default you want from the included list and you're off and running!

The premium version also includes new integrations that will help you automatically apply specific structured data to certain areas of your site. For example, the WooCommerce Integration option will automatically add full Product schema to your WooCommerce shop, helping to enhance the search results for your products.

There is also a posts integration option, which will automatically add Article rich snippets to the default Posts post type. This way, all your articles and blog posts can have the correct schema, without the need for manually inputting it each time you add a new post.

The premium version also syncs with our Five Star Restaurant Manager mobile app (available for iOS and Android) and lets you update your business and contact card info on the go, from a phone or tablet, and without having to be logged in to your WordPress site.

Key premium features include:

  • Schema default helpers, which let you choose defaults for all schema properties.
  • Post rich snippets, to automatically add full Article markup to posts
  • WooCommerce Integration, to automatically add full Product structured data to your shop.
  • Access to the Five Star Restaurant Manager mobile app, to manage your business and contact card info on the go.

This schema structured data and contact card plugin is one part of our suite of plugins designed to give you the best WordPress business and restaurant experience. Our plugins provide an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that make sure you don't lose out on business to your competitors. For more info:

  • Restaurant Reservations plugin that lets your customers reserve a table directly on your site.

  • Restaurant Menu plugin that lets your customers view your full menu directly on your site.

For help and support, please see:

  • Our documentation and user guide, here:
  • Our FAQ page, here:
  • Our installation guide, here:
  • Our tutorial videos, here:
  • The Business Profile and Schema support forum, here:
  • Our Support Center, here:


This plugin is packed with templates and hooks so you can extend it as needed. Read the developer documentation.

Releases (53 )

Version Release Date Change Log
2.2.5 2022-11-02

(2022-08-22) = - Updating a condition to make sure the new block patterns don't cause an error on WordPress installations using a version of WordPress older than 5.5.

2.2.4 2022-08-08

(2022-08-08) = - Added an extra option to specify a display number for the Whatsapp field, so you can display a different number in the contact card than the one that is used to send the message. - Corrected an issue that was causing invalid schema. - Removed the trailing comma from the newly-added instance of register_block_pattern_category, to correct an apparent conflict with proxy fcgi, as reported by one user.

2.2.3 2022-08-03

(2022-08-03) = - Introducing new block patterns, which can be used to integrate contact card info directly into your block-based theme templates. - Added fields for cell phone, fax and Whatsapp. - Added a new (premium) option that lets you re-order the elements in the contact card. - Added in date and time formatting options for the scheduler in the admin. - Fixed some issues with the layout/styling of the schema meta box on the post and product (WooCommerce) edit screens.

2.2.2 2022-05-20

(2022-05-20) = - Tested with WordPress 6.0.

2.2.1 2022-02-18

(2022-02-18) = - Update to counter an error with WP-CLI.

2.2.0 2022-02-16

(2022-02-16) = - Changed how premium settings areas are previewed. - Removed unused packaging files.

2.1.10 2022-01-31

(2022-01-31) = - Fixed an issue in which, in certain instances, the plugin wouldn't reactivate after having been deactivated.

2.1.9 2022-01-19

(2022-01-19) = - Updated escaping function for the widget output.

2.1.8 2022-01-18

(2022-01-18) = - Updated sanitizing

2.1.7 2022-01-14

(2022-01-14) = - Added capability check to the walkthrough AJAX actions.

2.1.6 2022-01-13

(2022-01-13) = - Updated nonces in the plugin admin. - Updated sanitizing and escaping. - Removed external image assets.

2.1.5 2021-09-30

(2021-09-30) = - Updated the settings page library. - Updated name of templates folder for consistent prefixing. - Added an option so that, if you offer online ordering, you can enter the URL of your order page (can be on the same site or external) and a link to it will display in your contact card. - Past exceptions no longer show in the schedule/opening hours, and are now automatically removed when the options are saved. - Added "Image URL" field to the list of elements on the schema create/edit screen for the Organization schema type. - Moved contact card block into its own category/section.

2.1.4 2021-07-21

(2021-07-21) = - The plugin has been tested up to WordPress version 5.8.

2.1.3 2021-04-06

(2021-04-06) = - Correcting an issue in which certain times were being output always in UTC and not using the timezone set in the WordPress general settings, which could create an offset in the time displayed for exceptions on the front end. - Updated the order in which the exceptions are displayed on the front end, so that it is chronological and not using the order from the admin.

2.1.2 2021-03-08

(2021-03-08) = - Update for the conditional enqueueing of assets in the admin. - Styling fix for the location create/edit screen when using the classic editor.

2.1.1 2020-10-16

(2020-10-16) = - Updating the time format of exceptions to use the format you specified in your WP settings, like with regular opening hours. - Updating the localization of exceptions (i.e. to make the month and day, etc. translatable). - Updating the shortcode to also hide the exceptions if you're making use of the show_opening_hours attribute. - Correcting issue causing duplicate structured data in the new JSON-LD formatting. - Correcting issue causing times >

2.1.0 2020-10-13

(2020-10-13) = - This is a relatively big update with several new features and corrections, etc., so please take caution and test before updating on a live site (or wait a few days before updating in case some minor corrective updates need to be released). - Switched the structured data generated by the contact card to the new JSON-LD format. - Added an option for a separate "click to call" phone number, applicable both to the main settings and to specific locations. - Added a fallback functionality, so that, if you do not fill in a specific field (e.g. phone number) for an individual location, it will use what you set in the main settings. - Added an option to turn off the automatic insertion of the contact card on the specified contact page. - Added exceptions, so you now have the ability to have specific days that are either closed or have different hours (e.g. holidays), without having to alter your main schedule. Applicable both in the main settings and for specific locations. - Added a button to the admin bar with a link to test the current page in Google's Rich Results Test. - Added in a German translation that was submitted to us. - Generated a new .pot file.

2.0.9 2020-09-11

(2020-09-11) = - Corrects recent issue causing the feedback notice to not dismiss correctly

2.0.8 2020-08-12

(2020-08-12) = - Fix for the initial walk-through and the chosen contact page not being populated - Fix for default values not being applied - Correcting/eliminating several PHP notices - CSS updates for the admin panel - Enhanced upgrade process

2.0.7 2020-06-04

(2020-06-04) = - Updating the admin dashboard area

2.0.6 2020-04-30

(2020-04-30) = - Styling updates for the scheduler on the location edit screen when multiple locations is enabled.

2.0.5 2020-04-08

(2020-04-08) = - Updating a few input fields to correct for possible minor XSS issues

2.0.4 2020-03-27

(2020-03-27) = - Added link/the ability to click to call to phone numbers in the contact card - Added all the Organization types from the schema functionality as options in the Schema Type setting for the contact card - Added a setup walk-through that runs on initial plugin activation - Corrected some styling issues for the metaboxes on the location post type edit screen - Updated some settings descriptions - Corrected warning that sometimes came up in the Dashboard area of the admin when this and another Five Star plugin were both installed

2.0.3 2020-02-14

(2020-02-14) = - Adds in a few more is_object checks to counter the command line interface installation not calling things in the correct order

2.0.2 2020-02-04

(2020-02-04) = - Adds in an "if exists" check before checking the settings values

2.0.1 2020-02-03

(2020-02-03) = - Moving the multiple locations option back to the Basic settings page (it was accidentally moved to the premium section during the big update)

2.0.0 2020-01-31

(2020-01-31) = - This is a big update with many new features, corrections, revised admin styling, etc., so please take caution and test before updating on a live site (or wait a few days before updating in case some minor corrective updates need to be put out) - The Options pages have a brand new and easy-to-use design, to go hand in hand with the many, many new options! - Added in a new schemas functionality, to add structured data to any page or post - Added in WooCommerce integration for the schema functionality - Added in posts integration for the schema functionality - Added in default helpers for the schema functionality - Added in a walkthrough on installation to help you get going as quickly as possible - Added in defaults for several options - Added a Dashboard panel to the plugin admin - Updated the styling of certain default features to be consistent with new features - Other styling and ease-of-use changes - Updated the order, layout and descriptions of several options

1.2.9 2019-12-04

(2019-12-04) = * Removing the require that was causing the error in version 1.2.8.

1.2.8 2019-12-03

(2019-12-03) = * Moving screenshots out of main plugin folder and into assets. * Updating plugin icon and banner.

1.2.7 2019-10-29

(2019-10-29) = * Name change and new icon

1.2.6 2019-04-04

This update fixes a fatal error when adding a new location.

1.2.5 2019-04-04

This update fixes a fatal error when adding a new location.

1.2.4 2019-03-18

This update fixes a bug in the latest version of Chrome with the date and time picker in the scheduler.

1.2.3 2018-12-14

(2018-12-14) = * Fix: fatal error in old versions of PHP (< 5.4)

1.2.2 2018-12-12

(2018-12-12) = * Fix: contact card block loads in editor without saved location

1.2.1 2018-12-11

(2018-12-11) = * Update .pot file with new translation strings

1.2 2018-12-11

(2018-12-11) = * Add gutenberg block for the contact card

1.1.5 2018-09-26

This update fixes the address coordinate lookup, so that coordinates can be set for more reliable Google Map display.

1.1.4 2017-06-06

This update adds a new image setting, which Google now requires for local businesses. You're strongly encouraged to add an image for your business.

1.1.3 2017-03-21

This update fixes a critical bug when trying to add or edit a location's opening hours.

1.1.2 2017-03-14

This minor update fixes a few obscure bugs and prevents the [contact-card] shortcode from displaying an unpublished location. It also adds Italian and Swedish translations.

1.1.1 2016-10-21

This update adds support for a Google Maps API Key. Since June 22, 2016, Google Maps will require all new websites to use an API key in order to display maps. Instructions can be found near the new API Key field in your Business Profile.

1.1 2016-06-20

This major update adds support for multiple locations, refactors the codebase to follow WP coding guidelines, and adds several templates and helper functions for customization.

1.0.9 2016-03-25

This update fixes wp-cli compatibility and adds a number of useful development filters/features for interacting with the map objects.

1.0.8 2015-11-19

This update fixes an error in the Get Directions link that appears inside of embedded maps. I recommend you update as it likely effects a lot of people.

1.0.7 2015-10-01

(2015-10-01) = * Add: show shortcode on business profile page * Add: obfuscate email address if displayed in contact details * Fix: compatibility problems when the Google Maps API is already loaded * New and updated translations: Dutch, Hebrew, Spanish (Colombia), Portugese, Spanish, Czech

1.0.6 2015-04-21

This update fixes validation errors with the address and contact point markup. It is strongly recommended that you update to improve Google compatibility.

1.0.5 2014-12-15

This minor update fixes a problem in which the option to show or hide the contact details in a widget had disappeared.

1.0.4 2014-09-11

This minor update fixes a problem in which a contact page or email address wouldn't get printed with the contact card.

1.0.3 2014-09-04

This minor update fixes a problem in the markup where your business description and URL got mixed up.

1.0.2 2014-09-04

This version updates a library used by the plugin to increase compatibility with the other plugins in my restaurant plugin suite.

1.0.1 2014-07-16

This update fixes a letter-case bug that may effect some installations.

1.0 2014-07-15

(2014-07-16) = * Initial public release on * Add an option to display a link to a booking form if the Restaurant Reservations plugin is active * Fix: skip a scheduling rule if no weekdays are set. h/t @jasonhobbsllc