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Version Release Date Change Log
4.5.14 2022-11-28
  • CHANGE Delay 'message_send' replace variables until used (fix conflict with Rank Math).
  • CHANGE Optimized variable replacement, runs only when needed.
4.5.13 2022-11-24
  • FIX Tooltip text is cut off when there is an image emoji.
  • FIX PHP notice undefined 'title' introduced in v4.5.12.
4.5.12 2022-11-23
  • FIX Unescape help dynamic vars on post/term metabox.
  • CHANGED Better get title for dynamic var {TITLE}.
4.5.11 2022-11-02
  • CHANGED Better Joinchat script initialization for deferred or async load by optimizers.
4.5.10 2022-09-09
  • NEW: GA4 "generate_lead" event can now be changed to a custom event.
  • CHANGED default z-index to 9000 for compatibility with major cookies plugins.
4.5.9 2022-07-19
  • FIX Product Button should not appear on related products.
4.5.8 2022-07-14
  • Unify all occurrences of the plugin name to "Joinchat".
4.5.7 2022-06-23
  • NEW: Added "Test Number" button for phone input.
  • CHANGED Reduded delay for QR tooltip.
  • UPDATED International Telephone Input library.
  • Reduce size of QR generator script.
4.5.6 2022-06-13
  • FIX Joinchat sidebar for Gutenberg only must be loaded on public CPTs.
4.5.5 2022-06-11
  • FIX WhatsApp Web always deactivated in frontend.
4.5.4 2022-06-09
  • FIX Allows Google Ads conversion ID of 11 characters.
4.5.3 2022-06-06
  • FIX PHP warning introduced in v4.5.2.
4.5.2 2022-06-06
  • FIX Joinchat integration with Gutenberg only loads for WordPress 5.9 or higher.
4.5.1 2022-05-28
  • FIX PHP error introduced in v4.5
  • CHANGED Bump min PHP version to 5.5.
4.5.0 2022-05-27
4.4.3 2022-05-17
  • Minor CSS fixes and optimizations.
4.4.2 2022-03-30
  • NEW Optimized CSS for only button without Call to Action (only 2.5kB).
  • NEW Compatible with Perfect Brands for WooCommerce for brand custom settings.
  • NEW Compatible with Google Tag Manager for WordPress custom DataLayer name.
  • NEW Don't load on Elementor Site Builder previews.
  • FIX badge animation don't show error introduced in v4.4.0.
  • CHANGED optimized render without unused elements.
4.4.1 2022-03-28
  • FIX Google Ads conversion field is too short.
4.4.0 2022-03-25
4.3.2 2022-02-25
  • Styles minor improvements, fix tooltip align.
4.3.1 2022-02-09
  • FIX empty phone notice dismiss.
4.3.0 2022-02-03
4.2.0 2022-01-18
4.1.15 2021-07-19
  • NEW: WordPress 5.8 tested & updated.
  • FIX RTL text align right.
  • FIX Send event to all GA4 properties.
  • Prevent faux WhatsApp clicks when chat window is showed automatically
4.1.14 2021-05-20
  • NEW: Enhanced telephone input scripts now are included in plugin and self-hosted.
4.1.13 2021-05-17
  • NEW: Add Thank you page in WooCommerce visibility options.
  • SECURE frontend escape html output.
4.1.12 2021-04-12
  • NEW: Add integration with Elementor Finder.
  • NEW: Add compatibility with Storefront theme mobile toolbar.
  • Better dependency loading.
4.1.11 2021-04-06
  • FIX some CSS optimizers break message bubble style.
  • FIX PHP notice undefined 'telephone'.
4.1.10 2021-02-26
  • NEW: Add support to new Elementor landing pages.
  • FIX fallback for browsers that don't support CSS "clamp()" (i.e Edge for Android)
4.1.9 2021-02-03
  • SECURE escape input values on wp-admin (thanks to Camilo @camilo517)
  • NEW can pass custom data layer name for gtag.js and GTM with filter joinchat_get_settings
  • FIX also send Google Analytics 4 event when Universal Analytics and GA4 are present
4.1.8 2021-01-07
  • Front script better settings validation
  • FIX error with some prices on variable replacement
  • Bump required minimun WordPress version to 3.5
4.1.7 2020-12-30
  • FIX jQuery 3 deprecation warnings for event shorthands
  • FIX JSON error with """ on variable replacement
  • FIX Don't load public hooks on wp-login.php page
4.1.6 2020-12-21
  • FIX minor css error introduced in v4.1.5
4.1.5 2020-12-21
  • NEW: Add links to WhastApp with #joinchat or #whatsapp in your href. CSS triggers and links work on all pages, even without Join.chat visible.
  • NEW: Analytics event compatible with Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights custom tracker name
  • Load images when show button for better Page speed.
4.1.4 2020-12-09
  • NEW: PHP 8 & WordPress 5.6 tested & updated
  • Cleaner placeholder on telephone field
  • Added lazy loading attribute for image
4.1.3 2020-11-30
  • NEW: Ensure chatbox header is allways visible on mobile with better height control
  • NEW: WooCommerce, use custom Join.chat settings on shop page for all shop catalog pages
4.1.2 2020-11-18
  • SECURE window.open with 'noopener'
  • FIX PHP error undefined get_col_charset() on old WordPress versions
4.1.1 2020-11-10
  • FIX error on prices with '$'
4.1.0 2020-11-04
4.0.10 2020-09-17
  • NEW: show tooltip on hover button
  • NEW: hide on mobile when user fill forms
  • CHANGED by default clear all plugin data on uninstall.
  • FIX remove unnecessary get option 'whatsappme'
4.0.9 2020-08-06
  • FIX notification balloon text color white
  • New js event 'joinchat:starting'
4.0.8 2020-07-13
  • FIX WP Super Cache clear cache error on save
  • Image thumbnail fallback if possible
4.0.7 2020-07-13

= * FIX WP Super Cache clear cache error on save

4.0.6 2020-06-25

Join.chat rebrand!! Analytics events change from WhatsAppMe to JoinChat and classes, actions and filters change from wame or whatsappme to joinchat.

4.0.5 2020-06-09

Join.chat rebrand!! Analytics events change from WhatsAppMe to JoinChat and classes, actions and filters change from wame or whatsappme to joinchat.

4.0.4 2020-06-04

Join.chat rebrand!! Analytics events change from WhatsAppMe to JoinChat and classes, actions and filters change from wame or whatsappme to joinchat.

4.0.3 2020-05-23
  • Fix WAme deactivate
4.0.2 2020-05-22
  • Encode emojis if DB not support utf8mb4.
  • Better update from WAme (no manual activation required).
4.0.0 2020-05-13
  • NEW: Join.chat brand.
  • NEW: Widget theme color.
  • NEW: CSS class triggers to open chat window.
  • CHANGED for SEO: All analytics events change from WhatsAppMe to JoinChat
  • CHANGED for devs: All css styles change from wame or whatsappmeto joinchat and all actions and filters change from wame_ or whatsappme_to joinchat_.
  • Lighter, reduced assets size and deleted images.
4.0.1 2020-05-13
  • minor fixes.
3.2.3 2020-04-20
  • FIX svg in safari < 13.
3.2.2 2020-03-19
  • NEW: Metabox can override global settings and leave it blank with {}.
  • NEW: Can use wame_open class on any element to open WAme or launch WhatsApp.
  • NEW: Added 'whatsappme_delete_all' filter, set true to clear all WAme data on plugin uninstall.
  • CHANGED Tested up to WordPress 5.4.
  • CHANGED updated FAQs GDPR info to include localStorage vars.
3.2.1 2020-02-11
  • FIX svg animations on firefox.
  • FIX empty messages on WP < 4.6.
  • FIX Google Analytics 'ga' event not sent if gtag for GAds or GTM is present.
3.2.0 2020-02-03
  • NEW: Dark mode.
  • NEW: Hide on mobile when keyboard is open.
  • NEW: Post metabox show main WAme settings as placeholders.
  • CHANGED webp support is now on server side.
  • CHANGED rewrite of chatbox output, SVGs separated, full chatbox scroll and new filters.
  • FIX 'apply_filters_deprecated' fatal error on WP < 4.6
3.1.4 2019-12-30
  • FIX php warning with new var {DISCOUNT} when price is zero.
3.1.3 2019-11-13
  • Minor improvements and link to Wame CTA Extras.
3.1.2 2019-11-13
  • NEW: WooCommerce Call to Action for Products on Sale, also added dynamic vars {DISCOUNT} {REGULAR}.
  • FIX Fatal error when selected button image is deleted from media library.
  • FIX WooCommerce settings not registered for translation.
  • For devs: format replacements now also accepts callbacks.
  • For devs: new javascript events for chat window 'whatsappme:show' 'whatsappme:hide'.
3.1.1 2019-10-25
  • CHANGED Tested up to WordPress 5.3
  • FIX Save on the first time can store some settings incorrectly.
  • FIX rtl styles for new button text.
3.1.0 2019-10-18
  • NEW: WhatsApp button image.
  • NEW: WhatsApp button tooltip.
  • NEW: Start WhatsApp button text on Chat Window.
  • NEW: Option to disable automatic open of Chat Window.
  • For devs: static functions moved to a WhatsAppMe_Util class.
3.0.3 2019-10-11
  • FIX in landscape or with long CTAs the chat window could be higher than view and can't be closed.
  • For developers:
    • New metabox filters 'whatsappme_metabox_output' and 'whatsappme_metabox_save'.
    • Change filter 'whatsappme_message_replacements' to 'whatsappme_format_replacements'.
    • Change filter 'whatsappme_message_send_replacements' to 'whatsappme_variable_replacements'.
3.0.2 2019-10-04
  • NEW: Send Facebook Pixel custom event when user launch WhatsApp.
  • FIX empty tabs on settings page due to conflicts with other themes or plugins.
3.0.1 2019-10-03
  • FIX sometimes the phone number is lost in WAme settings on save.
  • CHANGED Wame button z-index to 1000.
3.0.0 2019-09-26
  • NEW: Better Integration with WooCommerce: CTA and Custom Message for product pages and new dynamic variables {SKU}, {PRICE} {PRODUCT}.
  • NEW: Admin help tab with styles and dynamic varibles info.
  • NEW: For developers: a lot of new hooks to change or extend WAme functions.
  • NEW: Custom javascript document event 'whatsappme:open' that allow trigger other actions and/or change the link url.
  • CHANGED Rebrand "WhatsApp me" to "WAme chat".
  • CHANGED Code linted following WordPress standar.
  • FIX when post visibility was set as "hidden", it used default global visibility.
  • FIX javascript error when "ga" global object is defined but isn't Google Analytics.
  • FIX rtl styles for chat.
2.3.3 2019-09-19
  • FIX javascript error when "ga" global object is defined but isn't Google Analytics.
2.3.2 2019-06-27
  • FIX PHP notice on some archive pages
2.3.1 2019-06-26
  • Readme texts and description.
2.3.0 2019-06-26
  • NEW: WPML/Polylang integration.
  • NEW: Added setting to launch WhatsApp Web on desktop.
  • NEW: Separated button delay and chat delay settings.
  • NEW: dynamic variables {SITE}, {URL} and {TITLE} now also works on Call To Action.
  • CHANGED Better ordered settings panel.
  • FIX incorrect post id on loops can return post config instead main config.
  • FIX typo error on filter "whatsappme_whastapp_web"
2.2.3 2019-04-02
  • NEW: Hide in front if editing with Elementor.
  • CHANGED improvements in public styles.
2.2.2 2019-03-16
  • NEW: styles/scripts minified.
  • FIX UX issues.
2.2.1 2019-03-14
2.2.0 2019-03-13
  • NEW: Now can change telephone number on every post/page.
  • NEW: Send Google Tag Manager event on click.
  • NEW: New filter 'whatsappme_whastapp_web'. Set true if you prefer to open WhatsApp Web on desktop.
  • NEW: "Send button" change when dialog is opened.
  • UPDATED Tested up to Wordpress v.5.1.
  • UPDATED International Telephone Input library to v.15.
2.1.3 2018-10-29
  • FIX PHP warning on some rare cases.
2.1.2 2018-10-25
  • FIX javascript error on iOS Safari private browsing.
2.1.1 2018-09-20
  • FIX javascript error on IE11.
2.1.0 2018-09-13
  • NEW: Button bagde option for a less intrusive mode.
  • CHANGED now each different Call to Action is marked as read separately.
  • CHANGED now first show Call to Action (if defined) before launch WhatsApp link.
2.0.1 2018-09-07
  • FIX removed array_filter function that requires PHP 5.6 min version.
2.0.0 2018-08-30
  • NEW: Advanced visibility settings to define where to show WhatsApp me button.
  • NEW: WooCommerce integration.
  • UPDATED International Telephone Input library to v.13.
  • Minor fixes on fields cleanup and other improvements.
1.4.3 2018-05-31
  • NEW support for Google Analytics Global Site Tag (gtag.js).
  • CHANGE events label now is the destination URL to match general behavior.
  • UPDATED International Telephone Input library
1.4.2 2018-05-06
  • FIX JavaScript error introduced on v1.4.1.
1.4.1 2018-05-04
  • Fix JS frontend sometimes can't load WhatsApp me settings.
  • Fix better Google Analitycs event tracking when leave page.
1.4.0 2018-04-16
  • NEW: Added the option to define the first message to send. You can include variables such as {SITE}, {URL} or {TITLE}.
  • Fix PHP notice when global $post is null (e.g. search results or login page).
1.3.2 2018-03-27
  • Only set admin/public hooks when it corresponds to improve performance and fix a notice on admin.
1.3.1 2018-03-15
  • Fix fatal error when the PHP mbstring extension is not active
1.3.0 2018-02-26
  • Added option to change position of button to left
  • Added formatting styles for Call to action text like in WhatsApp: italic bold ~strikethrough~
1.2.0 2018-02-23
  • Added International Telephone Input for enhanced phone input
  • Phone number is cleared to generate correct WhatsApp links
1.1.0 2018-02-20
  • Added posts/pages option to override CTA or hide button
  • Don't enqueue assets if not show button
  • Added filters for developers
1.0.3 2018-02-13
  • Readme texts
1.0.2 2018-02-12
  • Fix plugin version
1.0.1 2018-02-12
  • Fix text domain