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4.6.2 2016-11-14
4.5 2012-11-04
4.4.1 2012-07-22
4.4 2012-07-16
4.3 2012-03-15

(2012-03-12) = * NEW: Romanian translation by Luke Tyler * CHANGE: Ukrainian translation updated by Jurko Chervony * CHANGE: update to Colorbox 1.3.19 * CHANGE: gracefully add CSS style "colorbox-link" to TinyMCE style dropdown * CHANGE: use plugins_url to make links HTTPS aware * CHANGE: increase z-index of Colorbox and overlay to 99999 since Twentyeleven has a Header z-index of 9999 * CHANGE: removing meta tag from header since it's not HTML5 compatible * CHANGE: pulled all links to company sites of translators on request by WordPress staff * CHANGE: successfully tested with WordPress 3.3 * CHANGE: Plugin name now translatable * CHANGE: Defaults are now used if JavaScript options can't be set because of JavaScript minimizers

4.2 2011-10-16

(2011-10-16) = * NEW: Danish translation by Michael Bering Petersen * NEW: Vietnamese translation by Techfacts Computer Magazin * NEW: added option to remove the link to the developers site from the WordPress meta-box. * BUGFIX: "Automate Colorbox for all other images" now again works as intended. (functionality broke in 4.1) * BUGFIX: fixes "Undefined index: colorboxAddClassToLinks" error * BUGFIX: got rid of PHP's XML-RPC methods, also plugin checks now before calling XML-related methods. * CHANGE: Updated Colorbox version to 1.3.18

4.1 2011-06-25

(2011-06-25) = * NEW: Plugin is compatible to WordPress 3.2 * NEW: Polish translation by Kornel ysikowski * NEW: Finnish translation by Lauri Merisaari * NEW: Simplified Chinese translation by Lucas Ho * BUGFIX: Plugin will only select links with class "colorbox-link", no other HTML tags. * BUGFIX: JavaScript will work with jQuery 1.6 now * BUGFIX: loading inline content does not trigger loading an iframe any more. * BUGFIX: regex for IMG tag works correctly now. * CHANGE: Update of Colorbox library to version * CHANGE: JavaScript now ignores links that do not have the optional "href" attribute. * CHANGE: Links from images to non-images are now opened in a Colorbox. * CHANGE: Moved bulk of JavaScript from inline to file, consolidated files * CHANGE: Additional option for adding colorbox class to images outside of posts and pages. * CHANGE: Major refactoring, hopefully speeds up frontend and backend rendering * CHANGE: Render Meta-Tag with plugin version into blog header instead of comments * CHANGE: French translation updated by Pierre Sudarovich

4.0 2011-06-02

(2011-04-16) = * CHANGE: Restructured settings page * CHANGE: plugin again compatible to PHP4. * CHANGE: Update of Colorbox library to version 1.3.16 * CHANGE: jQuery calls won't break other JavaScript libraries like Prototype or Scriptaculous any more * NEW: set width and height for Colorbox links once separate from the Colorbox setting for images * NEW: inline HTML content can now be loaded in the Colorbox. * NEW: Latvian translation by Uldis Jansons * CHANGE: Modar Soos updated the Arabic translation * CHANGE: Joao Netto updated the Portuguese translation * CHANGE: Arkadiy Florinskiy updated the Russian translation * CHANGE: made plugin compatible to the "smugmug" plugin. * CHANGE: moved Colorbox CSS class add to style dropdown of TinyMCE

3.8.3 2010-12-24

(2010-12-24) = * NEW: Spanish translation by Inma P.-Zubizarreta * BUGFIX: re-added the option to hide flash objects behind the colorbox overlay.

3.8.2 2010-12-21

(2010-12-21) = * BUGFIX: Last bugfix broke minor functionality.

3.8.1 2010-12-21

(2010-12-21) = * BUGFIX: Last bugfix broke the plugin, settings are now correctly read again.

3.8 2010-12-21

(2010-12-21) = * BUGFIX: Theme change is now saved again.

3.7 2010-12-21

(2010-12-21) = * NEW: Experimental feature: jQuery Colorbox can now open external websites/pictures if the link has the class "colorbox-link" and a width/height for the colorbox is set. * BUGFIX: Plugin now works if "WP_DEBUG" is set to "true". Thx to Roy Iversen for the bug report! * CHANGE: rewrote auto-add JavaScript. Thx to jrevillini for the help! * NEW: Slovak translation by Stefan Stieranka * NEW: Swedish translation by Christian * CHANGE: Update of Colorbox library to version 1.3.15 * CHANGE: performance improvement: colorbox-class is only automatically added only to images that do not already have a colorbox-class.

3.6 2010-09-12

(2010-09-12) = * CHANGE: Update of Colorbox library to version 1.3.9 which fixes lots of bugs. Most notably the "0 by 0" bug in Chrome.

3.5 2010-06-18

(2010-06-16) = * NEW: Ukrainian translation by Yuri Kryzhanivskyi * NEW: Italian translation by Erkinson * NEW: Hebrew translation by Tommy Gordon * BUGFIX: URLs are now generated correctly for WP-MU installations * NEW: Added latest donations and top donations to settings page

3.4 2010-05-24

(2010-05-24) = * NEW: Colorbox is not applied to image links that have the class "colorbox-off" any more. Useful for NextGEN users. * NEW: Dutch translation by Richard van Laak * NEW: Malay translation by Saha-ini Ahmad Safian * CHANGE: Added CSS id "colorboxLink" to link in Meta container. * CHANGE: Modar Soos updated the Arabic translation

3.3 2010-05-10

(2010-05-05) = * NEW: Belorussian translation by Marcis G. * NEW: Russian translation by Drive2Life.ru * BUGFIX: Screenshot for Theme#10 is now displayed correctly. * NEW: Added Theme#11, a modified version of Theme#1. * BUGFIX: Theme#7,9 and 11 will work in Internet Explorer 6 now. * CHANGE: Minified CSS and JavaScript * NEW: registered link to plugin page in WordPress Meta widget

3.2 2010-04-26

(2010-04-20) = * NEW: Added theme#10, thx to Serhat Yolaan for all the hard work! (CSS3 rounded edges, IE does not support that) * CHANGE: jQuery Colorbox plugin now adds necessary CSS class to all embedded images. * CHANGE: jQuery Colorbox plugin is now compatible to NextGEN Gallery * CHANGE: Vedran Jurincic updated the bosnian translation * NEW: Arabic translation by Modar Soos

3.1 2010-04-09

(2010-04-10) = * BUGFIX: Automatic hiding of embedded flash objects under Colorbox layer now works in Internet Explorer. * NEW: Added theme#9, a modified version of theme#4. * NEW: French translation by Tolingo Translations * NEW: If auto colorbox is switched on, plugin now adds Colorbox functionality to every image regardless of position * CHANGE: Serhat Yolaan updated the turkish translation.

3.0.1 2010-03-31

(2010-03-31) = * BUGFIX: Settings are NOW REALLY not overridden any more every time the plugin gets activated.

2.0.1 2010-02-11

(2010-02-11) = * BUGFIX: slideshow does not start automatically any more if the setting is not checked on the settings page.

2.0 2010-02-11

(2010-02-11) = * NEW: Decided to move from 1.3.3 to 2.0 because I implemented many new features. * BUGFIX: fixed relative paths for theme1 and theme4 by adding the CSS for the Internet Explorer workaround directly into the page. Thx to Andrew Radke for the suggestion! * NEW: switch adding of "colorbox-postId" classes to images in posts and pages on and off through setting. Default: off. * NEW: now works for images outside of posts (e.g. sidebar or header) if CSS class "colorbox-manual" is added manually * NEW: jQuery Colorbox now working for WordPress attachment pages * NEW: Added switch that adds slideshow functionality to all Colorbox groups. (no way to add slideshows individually yet) * NEW: Added switch that adds automatic start to slideshows (no way to add slideshows individually yet) * NEW: Added configuration of slideshow speed * NEW: Added switch that allows the user to decide whether Colorbox scales images * NEW: Added demos of the plugin on the plugin page * NEW: Added configuration for adding colorbox class only to WordPress galleries * NEW: Automatically resets settings if settings of a version prior to 1.4 are found upon activation * NEW: width and height can now be configured as percent relative to browser window size or in pixels (default is percent) * CHANGE: jQuery Colorbox is now only working on Image links (of type jpeg, jpg, gif, png, bmp) * CHANGE: Improved translation. Thx to Fabian Wolf for the help! * CHANGE: updated the FAQ * CHANGE: Updated readme. * CHANGE: Updated descriptions and translations

1.3.3 2010-01-22

(2010-01-21) = * CHANGE: fixed settings page, options can be saved now * NEW: added settings deletion on uninstall and "delete settings from database" functionality to settings page * CHANGE: moved adding of CSS class priority lower, hopefully now the CSS class is added to pictures after other plugins update the HTML * CHANGE: updated the FAQ

1.3.2 2010-01-18
  • moved back to regexp replacement and implemented a workaround in the JavaScript to still allow images to be excluded by adding the class "colorbox-off"
1.3.1 2010-01-17
  • changed include calls for Colorbox JavaScript and CSS to version 1.3.6
  • optimized modification of the_content
1.3 2010-01-17
  • jQuery-Colorbox won't add Colorbox functionality to images that have the CSS class "colorbox-off"
  • Updated Colorbox version to 1.3.6
  • should be compatible to jQuery 1.4, still using 1.3.2 at the moment because it is bundled in WordPress 2.9.1
  • changed the way that the Colorbox CSS class is added to images to be more reliable
  • changed layout of settings page
  • updated the FAQ
1.2 2010-01-11
  • fixes bug where colorbox was not working if linked images were used (by the theme) outside of blog posts and pages.
  • adds configuration for Colorbox and picture resizing
1.1 2009-12-29
  • fixes critical bug which would break rendering the blog. Sorry, was not aware that the plugin would be listed before I tagged the files as 1.0 in subversion...