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Version Release Date Change Log
4.0.24 2022-05-25
4.0.23 2022-03-22
4.0.22 2022-03-07
4.0.21 2022-02-11
4.0.20 2022-02-07
4.0.19 2022-02-07
3.1.9 2021-07-19
  • July 19, 2021 =

  • Fixed: Styling issue in Switch control.

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3.1.8 2021-07-01
  • July 1, 2021 =

  • Updated Google-Fonts lists.

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.8 RC 1.

  • Fixed: Deprecated warning when editing post/page.

  • Fixed: Styling issue in Radio Buttonset control.

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3.1.7 2021-06-21
  • June 21, 2021 =

  • Updated Google-Fonts lists.

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.8 Beta 1.

  • Fixed: PHP 8 warnings.

  • Fixed: Missing Kirki styles in WordPress 5.8.

  • Fixed: in

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3.1.6 2020-12-07
  • December 07, 2020 =

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.6.

  • Tweak: Updated Google fonts.

  • Fixed: Color picker styling issue in Chrome.

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3.1.5 2020-08-10
  • August 10, 2020 =

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.5.

  • Tweak: Updated Google fonts.

  • Fixed: Added wp-i18n dependency to alpha color picker script.

  • Fixed: Color picker styles.

  • Fixed: Color picker styles in background control.

  • Fixed: Color picker styles in multicolor control.

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3.1.4 2020-07-11
  • July 11, 2020 =

  • Tweak: Updated Google-Fonts lists.

  • Tweak: Tooltip styling.

  • Fixed: Error in the WordPress customizer with WordPress 5.5.

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3.1.3 2020-05-19
  • May 19, 2020 =

  • Tweak: Updated Google-Fonts lists.

  • Tweak: Slightly tweaked some of the default control styles

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3.1.2 2020-05-10
  • 2020-04-20 =


  • Added back font-display:swap to Google Fonts.


  • Updated Google-Fonts lists.

See the previous changelogs here.

3.1.1 2020-04-05
  • 2020-04-05 =


  • Updated Google-Fonts lists.


  • False-positive error in Envato theme-check.

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3.1.0 2020-03-01
  • 2020-03-01 =


  • Completely refactored the google-fonts downloader. Fonts now get stored in wp-content/fonts/{font-family}/{file}.
  • Updated Google-Fonts lists.


  • Removed the branding module.
  • Removed the styling module.
  • Removed the telemetry module.

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3.0.45 2019-09-01
  • 2019-09-01 =


  • Compatibility with the latest Gutenberg plugin versions.
  • Styles for normal font-weights in typography controls (regular to 400 conversion).


  • Updated Google-Fonts lists.


  • Backup fonts are no longer needed since google-fonts are no longer loaded from the google CDN.


  • kirki_fonts_backup_fonts filter.
  • Kirki_Fonts::get_backup_fonts() method.

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3.0.44 2019-06-25

Jun.25 2019, dev time: 30m

  • Fix: Google fonts getting constantly downloaded when WP_DEBUG was set to true

See the previous changelogs here.

3.0.43 2019-06-16

Jun.16 2019, dev time: 30m

  • Fix: Google Fonts URL references in multisites.
  • New: It is now possible to reset Kirki google-font caches by visiting {site-url}/?action=kirki-reset-cache

See the previous changelogs here.

3.0.42 2019-06-16

Jun.16 2019, dev time: 2h

  • Deprecated: fontawesome field was deprecated. If a theme uses this field users will be prompted to install the official Font Awesome plugin from the repository.
  • Fix: Transient for Google Fonts now has a lifetime of 1 day instead of 1 week.
  • Fix: Updated Google Fonts list.

See the previous changelogs here.

3.0.41 2019-06-13

Jun.8 2019, dev time: 30m

  • Fix: http/https issue for locally-hosted googlefonts
  • Fix: Updated Google-fonts list.

See the previous changelogs here.

3.0.40 2019-06-02

Jun.1 2019, dev time: 30m

  • Fix: Updated URL for fontawesome to avoid tracking.
  • Fix: Updated Google-fonts list.

See the previous changelogs here.

3.0.39 2019-03-31

Mar.31 2019, dev time: 30m

  • Fix: Updated the styles for colorpickers to make them responsive.
  • Fix: Google-fonts processing for some font-weights. #2106 props @dedalx
  • Fix: SCSS support for the code control. #2112 props @reiterbene
  • Fix: Locally downloadding google-fonts. #2118 props @plazorax
  • Update: Updated the Google Fonts list.
3.0.38 2019-02-28

Mar. 1, 2019, dev time: 20m.

  • Fix: Editor styles.
  • Update: Updated the Google Fonts list.
3.0.37 2019-02-26

Feb. 26, 2019, dev time: 1h.

  • Fix: CSS conflict in posts quickedit table
  • Fix: Load webfonts in the dashboard.
  • Fix: Add back the kirki_auto_postmessage filter.
  • Update: Updated the Google Fonts list.
3.0.36 2019-02-17

Feb. 17, 2019, dev time > 100h

This updates represents a big performance improvement both for the frontend and the customizer. In the frontend the google-fonts are now loaded more efficiently and the font-display property was added to @font-face CSS from the google API responses. In the customizer the postMessage module was completely rewritten.

  • Fix: active_callback argument for dropdown-pages control. #2055
  • Fix: color control issues when inside a repeater. #2059
  • Fix: Updated Google Fonts
  • Fix: No longer enqueueing an empty stylesheet in order to add styles inline.
  • Fix: Gutenberg implementation improvements.
  • New: Google Fonts are now embedded inside the dynamic-css instead of using the webfont-loader script when not in the customizer.
  • New: Google Fonts are now always used locally when possible, the google-CDN is only used as a fallback.
  • New: Performance improvement by using font-display:swap for google-fonts.
  • New: Added kirki_googlefonts_font_display filter.
  • New: Added a new link section-type.
  • New: Completely refactored the postMessage module. The new implementation is JS-based instead of PHP and is a lot more performant.
  • New: Added telemetry module. See for details.
  • New: Improved CSS loading method. Styles are now added inline.
  • New: Introduced a kirki_output_inline_styles filter - can be used by themes that want to enqueue a dynamic stylesheet with a URL instead of the inline method.
  • Deprecated: Removed the "host locally" option from typography controls. This is now the default behaviour and significantly improves performance. Option is no longer necessary.
  • Deprecated: Removed the Kirki_CSS_To_File class.
  • Reprecated: Removed the Kirki_Modules_Webfonts_Local class.
  • Deprecated: Removed the Kirki_Fonts_Google_Local class. 2018-12-26

Dec. 26, 2018, dev time: 1h

  • Fix: Update CSS-Vars when the preview pane refreshes.
  • Fix: Tweaked the CSS Values JS-validation function.
  • Fix: Update Google Fonts. 2018-12-07

Dec. 8, 2018, dev time: 20m

  • Fix: Correctly output css-vars on the top pf admin pages for use in Gutenberg styles.
  • Fix: Update Google Fonts. 2018-12-06

Dec. 6, 2018, dev time: 5m

  • Fix: PHP 5.2 conflict.
3.0.35 2018-12-06

Dec. 6, 2018, dev time: 15h

  • New: Add Gutenberg support #2009 props @timelsass
  • Fix: Add additional check for variants in the typography control - fixes JS issue if no variants were found.
  • Fix: Reviews all sanitization, validation & escaping calls and adjusted them where necessary. This is one step closer to full WPTRT compliance. Props @poena for bringing this to my attention.
  • Fix: Improved implementation for the sortable control.
  • Fix: kirki_modules filter was not working. #2023
  • Fix: Issue with google-fonts loading when in the customizer and the typography field uses postMessage. #1988
  • Fix: Changed the priority for css-vars.
  • Fix: Dependencies for the code control. #2020
  • Fix: PHP 5.2 error T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM #2032
  • Fix: Code cleanup in the repeater control, props @joyously ticket
  • Tweak: Removed deprecated code & code cleanups. 2018-09-15

Sept.16 2018

  • Fix: File was not properly uploaded in the WordPress repository in v3.0.34.
3.0.34 2018-09-14

Sept. 14 2018, dev time: 21h.

  • Fix: Error when typography fields don't have a font-family. #1916, #1797, #1935. props @mintbird
  • Fix: Allow using "Default Browser Font-Family" in default value (typography fields) #1907. props @mintbird
  • Fix: Envato theme-check error #1914, #1926. props @timelsass
  • Fix: HTTPS webfont load error #1925
  • Fix: Undefined index PHP notice for background-color. 95ca010
  • Fix: Minor Fixes for css-variables added in v3.0.28.
  • New: Allow unitless values in dimension controls.
  • New: (Refactor) Migrated image controls to new structure in preparation of v3.1
  • Update: Updated Google-fonts.
3.0.33 2018-05-17

May 17 2018

  • Fix: Google-Fonts folder permissions improperly set in v3.0.28.
  • Fix: Select issues in repeater controls #1892, #1888 props @asilcetin.
  • Fix: Updated Google Fonts to include latest font-family additions.
3.0.32 2018-05-16

May 16 2018

  • Fix: Reverted some google-fonts changes. Fixes loading issues on some environments.
  • New: Added option per-typography-control to allow users to host Google Fonts on their own servers (GDPR compliance).
3.0.31 2018-05-16

May 16 2018

  • Fix: Added fallback to google-CDN if locally-hosted google-fonts can't be found.
  • Fix: Updated google-fonts list.
3.0.30 2018-05-15

May 15 2018

  • Fix: Fixed caching for locally-downloaded google-fonts (GDPR compliance helper).
3.0.29 2018-05-15
  • Fix: PHP error in some PHP versions because of the "do" method-name.
3.0.28 2018-05-15

May 15 2018, dev time: 12 hours.

  • Fix: Repeater control JS issue if saved value is malformatted #1879 - props @asilcetin.
  • Fix: Preset control bug #1882.
  • Fix: JS error if an SVG is uploaded to an image control #1883 Props @seantjohnson-dev
  • New: GDPR-Compliance: Google-Fonts are now downloaded server-side bypassing the google-CDN which collects user's IP addresses and personal data without their consent.
  • New: Added support for css-variables.
3.0.27 2018-04-30

April 30 2018. dev time: 1 hour.

  • Fix: multiselect in repeaters. Props @asilcetin #1876.
  • Fix: CSS output on numeric values. issue link.
3.0.26 2018-04-27
3.0.25 2018-01-23

January 23 2018, dev time: 1 hour.

Please note that the typography controls since v3.0.23 no longer require subsets. This is not a bug or omission, subsets are simply no longer necessary because there's an implementation now that loads them properly without requiring the user to define it.

  • Fix: partial reversion of webfontloader improvements in order to resolve an issue with incorect font-weights loading.
3.0.24 2018-01-23

January 23 2018, dev time: 10 minutes.

  • Fix: Added back the get_google_font_subsets() method. Although it was alays meant just to be used internally apparently a couple of themes out there use it and its removal caused a fatal error.
3.0.23 2018-01-22
  • Fix: clear button on color controls #1720
  • Fix: PHP mode in code controls.
  • Fix: active_callback not working for upload fields #1732
  • Fix: accessibility issue on radio-buttonset controls #1722
  • Fix: active_callback not working for cropped-image controls #1752
  • Fix: added support for button_labels in image fields #1173
  • Fix: Support for adding inline CSS to an already defined stylesheet.
  • Fix: Sanitization in section & panel descriptions and priorities #1759
  • Fix: active_callback support when using serialized options #1745
  • Fix: Remove timepicker from date control #1750
  • Fix: WebfontLoader improvements.
  • Fix: Now using a datepicker for the date control #1767
  • New: Added "inherit" in the typography control's font-family option ticket
  • New: Added googlefonts resource hints. Props @aryaprakasa.
  • New: Now loading fontawesome from a CDN. smaller footprint for the plugin and async loading will improve performance for everyone #1763
  • Tweak: Removed legacy code.
  • Tweak: Code cleanups.
  • Deprecated: Typography controls no longer require the "subset" dropdown.
3.0.22 2017-12-20

December 20 2017, dev time: 3.5 hours.

  • Fix: Files cleanup. Removed webfonts.php and now use the json file.
  • Fix: WordPress Coding Standards fixes.
  • New: Converted all filter names to use _ instead of / (WPCS)
  • New: Removed inline methods for webfonts and now use typekit/webfontloader.
  • New: Update GoogleFonts list.
3.0.21 2017-12-18

December 18 2017, dev time: 3 hours

  • Fix: Allow HTML in labels and descriptions #1705
  • Fix: Code controls minor refactor (now extends the WP_Customize_Code_Editor_Control class)
  • Fix: Checkbox values sanitization inside repeater controls #1715
  • Fix: JS error in dimension controls when not using a CSS unit #1711 props @FrankM1
  • Fix: AJAX issue on a host with weird config.
  • New: Add placeholder argument in select controls #1593
3.0.20 2017-12-13

December 13 2017, dev time: 1.5 hours

  • Fix: Use repeat instead of repeat-all in background controls #1701
  • Fix: Use set_url_scheme() when outputing images #1697
  • Fix: textarea control is broken with HTML content #1694 props @tutv95
  • Fix: Typo in radio controls #1699
  • Fix: variants selection for standard font-families.
3.0.19 2017-12-08

December 8 2017, dev time: 20 minutes.

  • Fix: WebfontLoader using i instead of 400i.
  • Fix: Sometimes font-weight and font-style don't get applied.
3.0.18 2017-12-06

December 6 2017, dev time: 1 hour.

  • Fix: Standards fonts sometimes not showing in typography control #1689
  • Fix: missing .min.css file
3.0.17 2017-12-06

December 5 2017, dev time: 46 hours

  • Fix: In some cases options were not saved when using option instead of the default theme_mod #1665
  • Fix: link control-type (alias of url) was not working #1660
  • Fix: Allow using tabs & linebreaks when defining elements in the output argument #1659
  • Fix: PHP Warning when using code controls without a label defined #1658
  • Fix: Buttons inside number controls were not increasing/decreasing the values #1648
  • Fix: JS error - only on Safari - for Select controls #1662
  • Fix: Unable to deselect all options from multiselect controls #1670
  • Fix: multicolor controls missing the alpha channel #1657
  • Fix: Unable to manually edit value in multicolor controls #1666
  • New: Transitioned to a JS-based webfont loader method to load google-fonts instead of using a link.
  • New: Moved select controls to new JS implementation.
  • New: Moved text and textarea controls (generic controls) to new JS implementation.
  • New: Added text-transform to typography fields #1642
  • New: Refactored typography controls loading for better efficiency and performance
  • New: Removed PHP implementation for field dependencies, now using a pure JS solution.
  • New: Added support for "outer" sections #1683
  • New: Added new Kirki::remove_control(), Kirki::remove_section() and Kirki::remove_panel() methods.
  • New: Added 2 new filters: kirki/{$config_id}/webfonts/skip_hidden and kirki/{$config_id}/css/skip_hidden #1678
  • Tweak: Validation & Sanitization for dimension and dimensions controls.
  • Tweak: Refactored multicolor controls a bit.
3.0.16 2017-11-19

November 19 2017, dev time: 8 hours

  • Fix: typography controls not working when they are the only fields used #1627
  • Fix: slider controls were not updating the numeric value visually in their textfield when the control was not using postMessage #1633
  • Fix: Deprecated call to non-existing Kirki_Styles_Frontend, props @FrankM1 #1644
  • Fix: Updated the customizer-styling module for compatibility with WP 4.9 #1639
  • Fix: code controls were not using the corect priority #1622
  • Fix: Multiple reports of errors in the console.
  • New: Refactored the number controls #1631
  • New: Refactored the color controls. #1646
3.0.15 2017-11-12

November 12 2017, dev time: 5 minutes.

  • Fix: PHP Warning in the Kirki_Modules_Webfonts_Link class #1626
3.0.14 2017-11-11

November 11 2017, dev time: 4 hours.

  • Fix: Duplicate subsets output in the Google Fonts URLs #1618
  • Fix: Theme Check Warnings #1613
  • Fix: Add Kirki version number when enqueueing scripts & styles (cache-busting) #1623
  • Fix: JS conflict and PHP warning in typography fields when they are not properly defined #1621
3.0.13 2017-11-09

Novermber 9 2017, dev time: 3 hours.

  • Fix: textdomain typo in a string.
  • Fix: radio-image styling.
  • Fix: JS error (underscore's _.isUndefined for some reason doesn't always work as expected).
  • Tweak: Added reset back to sliders.
  • Tweak: CSS improvements.
3.0.12 2017-11-07

November 7 2017, dev time: 42 hours.

This update significantly reduces the plugin size by removing 3rd-party libraries (particularly CodeMirror) and uses the new controls and scripts that become available in WordPress 4.9. It also changes the file structure and paves the way for a 3.1 rewrite which will be a significant improvement, making Kirki a mostly JS-based app fully integrated in WordPress's JS API and moving away from the PHP API.

  • Fix: WordPress 4.9 compatibility for colorpickers.
  • Fix: WordPress 4.9 compatibility for typography controls.
  • Fix: WordPress 4.9 compatibility for multicolor contols.
  • Fix: WordPress 4.9 compatibility for background contols.
  • Fix: Refactored editor controls to make them compatible with WP 4.9
  • Fix: Remove CodeMirror and use the code control from WordPress Core. Code controls will be displayed as textareas in WP older than 4.9.
  • Fix: Use new DateTimeControl if in WP 4.9+ for date control.
  • Fix: Text field styling.
  • Fix: Switch controls labels.
  • Fix: 'choices' arguments were not getting passed-on due to is_customize_preview checks in latest WP Versions.
  • Fix: Overriding Kirki translations from a theme when Kirki is embedded.
  • New: Replaced select2 with selectWoo.
  • New: Added a Kirki_Control_Base class and abstracted controls.
  • New: Better file structure.
  • New: Compiled JS & CSS files.
  • New: Added ability to manually enter numeric values in slider controls.
  • Tweak: Improved styling of color-palette controls.
  • Tweak: Radio-Image controls now display images inline (using flexbox).
  • Tweak: Removed the reset switch from slider controls & improved their styling.
  • Tweak: Improved typography controls styling for text-align.
  • Removed: Reset module.
3.0.11 2017-10-12

October 12 2017, dev time: 3 hours.

  • Fix: Typography controls were not properly saving some sub-values #1521, #1560
  • Fix: Undefined index in the code control #1567
  • Fix: CSS Output for multicolor fields #1564
  • Fix: JS instantiation of controls in expanded sections #1559
  • Fix: LTR for code controls #1558
  • Fix: Remove Reset in default sections #1580
  • Fix: Uncaught TypeError: data.value[choiceKey].replace is not a function #1578
  • Fix: Other code cleanup.
  • Fix: Updated google-fonts.
3.0.10 2017-09-21

September 21 2017, dev time: 74 hours.

  • Fix: Allow HTML tags in tooltips #1536
  • Fix: Default System Font Stack for Sans Serif Fonts in Typography Fields #1530
  • Fix: HTML entities in repeater text field being encoded on each save? #1523
  • Fix: Some resetting issues #1474
  • Fix: Allow saving image fields as arrays (url,id,width,height) #1529
  • Fix: Allow saving image fields as ID #1498
  • Fix: Inline docs improvements.
  • Fix: $subsets not defined in the Kirki_Modules_Webfonts_Link class.
  • Fix: Coding improvements in the Kirki_Field class.
  • Fix: Performance Improvements in the autoloader see commit
  • Fix: Undefined index notice in the Kirki_Output class.
  • Fix: Sanitization for checkbox, switch and toggle controls.
  • Fix: select2 CSS fix for z-index #1459
  • Fix: Remove button in image controls when there's no image #1469
  • Fix: Background control styling issue when no other color control exists #1472
  • Fix: Checkbox and Toggle don't respect "value_pattern" #1467
  • Fix: Array to string conversion when clicking reset button #1477
  • Fix: Input Field Validation Issue #1486
  • Fix: Typography: output property not working #1484
  • Fix: postMessage does not work properly when using prefix #1479
  • Fix: Use wp_json_encode instead of json_encode.
  • Fix: Use rawurlencode instead of urlencode.
  • New: Added warnings for deprecated functions/methods.
  • New: code control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: color-palette control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: color control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: dashicons control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: date control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: dimension control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: dimensions control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: editor control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: fontawesome control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: generic control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: gradient control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: multicheck control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: number control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: palette control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: preset control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: radio-buttonset control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: radio-image control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: radio control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: select control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: slider control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: switch control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
  • New: toggle control now loads dynamically (performance improvement).
3.0.9 2017-07-08

July 8 2017, dev time: 7 hours.

  • Fix: Add alpha option to multicolor control. Props @danielortiz #1321, #1449
  • Fix: Googlefonts output when default argument contains font-weight instead of variant #1443
  • Fix: Removed the Kirki_Custom_Build class.
  • Fix: Plugin does not exist error when Kirki is embedded in a theme #1448
  • Fix: Code simplifications and optimizations.
3.0.8 2017-06-27
  • Fix: Typography controls without a variant defined were adding font-weight in the customizer #1436
  • Fix: Set default webfonts loading method to link #1438
  • Fix: Bug that prevents custom args from being passed to custom controls #1425. Props @danielortiz
  • Fix: exclude argument in output when combined with choice #1416
  • Fix: active_callback operators for greater/smaller etc #1427
3.0.7 2017-06-26
  • Fix: GoogleFonts links were not getting properly created #1430
  • Fix: Incorrect logic when Kirki::add_field() only has 1 argument defined #1429
3.0.6 2017-06-25

June 25, 2017, dev time: 5 minutes.

  • Fix: Typo, PHP 5.2 compatibility.
3.0.5 2017-06-25

June 25, 2017, dev time: 5 hours.

  • Fix: Conflict with the MaxStore Pro theme #1405
  • Fix: CSS Output for Typography controls #1423
  • Fix: PHP Warning in Repeater control. #1417
  • Fix: CSS conflict with the Shortcake plugin #1418
  • Fix: Kirki_Fonts_Google::$force_load_all_variants was not working in version 3.0
  • Fix: PHP Warning in typography control when the value was corrupted #1426
  • Fix: Notice about incorrect wp_add_inline_style when googlefont URL was throwing error #1410
  • Fix: Unable to delete the plugin when it's also embedded in the active theme and plugin version is deactivated #1421
  • Fix: PHP 5.2 compatibility.
3.0.4 2017-06-23
  • Fix: Added extra checks to avoid PHP Warning in the Kirki_Fonts_Google class #1402.
  • Fix: fontawesome control was throwing a warning in the theme-check plugin.
  • Fix: Added the "Default" button back in image controls #1401
  • Fix: Number controls sanitization memory issue #1404
  • Fix: Typography controls font-weight output #1370
  • Fix: The icon argument was not working for Panels.
3.0.3 2017-06-22
  • Fix: Error when color is not properly formatted.
3.0.2 2017-06-22

June 22, 2017, dev time: 30 minutes

  • Fix: CSS bugfixes in the editor control.
  • Fix: Improvements when embedding Kirki in a theme.
3.0.1 2017-06-22

June 22, 2017, dev time: 5 minutes

  • Fix: Undefined index PHP Notice.
3.0.0 2017-06-22

June 22, 2017, dev time: 243 hours.

This is a major release. Many things have been refactored and optimized. Please keep a backup before updating.

  • Fix: Refactored the reset module. #1334
  • Fix: Refactored the postMessage module #1333
  • Fix: PHP mode on CodeMirror. #1003
  • Fix: Dynamic repeater labels now use the label instead of value when picking up label from select field. #1230
  • Fix: Sanitization for number fields. #1240
  • Fix: Checkboxes sanitization. #1195
  • Fix: Link functionality in editor field. #968, #1159
  • Fix: Issues in Field Type editor #1260
  • Fix: Problems with sortable control #1253, #1197, #1198
  • Fix: inaccessibility of options panel #1194
  • Fix: Fields "checkbox", "toggle" and "switch" don't save as boolean in PHP, instead integer 0/1 #1195
  • Fix: Tooltip not working for switch #1225
  • Fix: Tooltip height fix in #1228
  • Fix: Tooltip not closing when clicking outside of icon #1226
  • Fix: Issue with visual representation of color picker (alpha iris) #1218
  • Fix: Reset is "undefined" #1210
  • Fix: Controls that save arrays cause PHP Notices #1199
  • Fix: Disabled the "loading" module by default. Use the kirki/modules filter to enable.
  • Fix: Refactored saving user-meta ('option_type' => 'user_meta'). #1325
  • Fix: Code fields reset #1122
  • Fix: Typography fields reset #1193, #1219
  • Fix: Multicolor fields reset #916
  • Fix: Custom fonts not displayed as active in the font list after saving #1110
  • Fix: Support for media_query when using 'transport' => 'auto'. #1184, #1127
  • Fix: Typography field bug when switching Google Fonts with different weights #1180
  • Fix: Font Variant outputs invalid property value (typography field) #1058
  • Fix: Updated webfonts. #1303
  • Fix: required argument not work with postMessage type. #1031
  • Fix: Notice: Undefined index, repeater field. #1291
  • Fix: 403 errors for CSS and JS files on localhost. #1309
  • Fix: Customizer doesn't load if ACF PRO is active. #1302
  • Fix: Enqueued google font even if not in use. #1297
  • Fix: Default dimension value does not process well percent units #1254, #497
  • Fix: Editor field issue with RTL languages #340
  • Fix: Windows Server Issues #1318
  • New: Added code to automatically handle translations when Kirki is embedded in a theme #1381
  • New: Automating postMessage for composite fields. #694
  • New: OR logic in field dependencies. #839
  • New: Radio-image labels. #1090, #1220
  • New: Typography fields support for prefix, suffix, value_pattern in output argument. #1183
  • New: Multi-selects in repeater fields. #780, #1261
  • New: Typography fields now support live-updating using 'transport' => 'auto'. #1184, #528, #1186
  • New: Typography fields now support filtering the available fonts. #1202
  • New: Typography fields now support loading multiple variants. #992, #1082, #1114
  • New: Select fields now support optgroups. #1120
  • New: Added new background control-type. #741, #1283, #952
  • New: Replaced selectize with select2. #1177
  • New: Notifications for number fields when value is invalid depending on min/max/step values.
  • New: Rebuilt typography control using select2. cafb89b
  • New: Allow modifying values instead of replacing them when using js_vars with function set to html by using the value_pattern parameter and the $ placeholder. #1137
  • New: Updated CodeMirror. fff6df0
  • New: Added word-spacing to the typography control. #1163
  • New: Refactored file structure to make fields self-contained entities, easier to decouple & debug.
  • New: Introducing "modules".
  • New: Refactored the tooltips feature (now a module).
  • New: Selective refreshes are now a module.
  • New: postMessage is now a module.
  • New: Refactored section & panel icons (now a module).
  • New: Customizer-Styling is now a module.
  • New: Customizer-Branding is now a module.
  • New: CSS-Output is now a module.
  • New: Abstracted the "spacing" control and created a new "dimensions" control from it.
  • New: Allow saving site-options('option_type' => 'site_option') #1326
  • New: Added 2 new methods for enqueueing google fonts. See the kirki/googlefonts_load_method filter.
  • New: Googlefonts now by default added inline in the stylesheet to avoid an extra call to the GoogleFonts API. (SEO & performance improvement).
2.3.8 2017-05-28

May 28, 2017, dev time: 15 minutes.

This is a maintenance release that prepares for 3.0.0 coming soon.

  • Fix: Updating webfonts.
  • New: Added ability to use upgrade notices. Needed for v3.0 in a few days.
2.3.7 2016-10-21

October 22, 2016, dev time: 12 hours.

  • Fix: spacing controls were not updating after save
  • New: Now using the WP Notifications API in the customizer for spacing & dimension controls (requires WP 4.6).
  • Fix: Allow overriding option_type with theme_mod when global config uses option by using the option_type argument in the fields.
  • Fix: Disabled the custom kirki-preview loader. This will have to be built more modular in future versions.
  • Fix: Refactored panel & section icons.
  • Fix: postMessage now works better with slider controls.
  • Fix: Reset button not working unless tooltips are loaded.
  • Fix: Properly sanitize link and url fields.
  • Fix: Automate sanitization for repeater fields.
2.3.6 2016-08-28

August 28, 2016, dev time: 3 hours.

  • Fix: CSS prefixes order fixes (#1042).
  • Fix: suffix output argument support in Multicolor control (#1042).
  • Fix: Kirki::get_variables() method should be static (#1050).
  • Fix: Add line wrapping to CodeMirror (#1079).
  • Fix: container_inclusive is disregarded on the selective refresh class (#1089).
  • Fix: Support input_attrs parameter for controls (#1074).
  • Fix: Outdated Google-Fonts list (#1091).
2.3.5 2016-07-02

July 2, 2016. dev time: 6 hours.

FIX: Missing button labels in repeater fields. FIX: Missing button label in code fields (#1017). FIX: Better implementation when embedding Kirki in a theme (#1025). FIX: Updated google-fonts (#1041). NEW: Allow simpler format for variables argument (#1020).

2.3.4 2016-05-31

June 1, 2016, dev time: 30 minutes.

  • FIX: Repeater JS issues due to error in translation strings.
2.0.5 2016-05-31
2.3.3 2016-05-30

May 31, 2016, dev time: 17 hours.

  • FIX: Editor field covering the content (#955).
  • FIX: Smoother transition for editor switching.
  • FIX: Code field JS error when using "php" mode (#958).
  • FIX: postMessage for typography fields (#528).
  • FIX: translation strings (#960).
  • FIX: postMessage for background-image properties (#963).
  • FIX: Reset Typography Control without font-family default value (#951).
  • FIX: Typography field: font-style missing in CSS output if variant is regular/400 (#977).
  • FIX: Placing two editor controls in the customizer leads to odd behavior (#140).
  • FIX: Typography field: letter-spacing missing in CSS output if its value is 0 (#978).
  • FIX: Allow using HTML in section descriptions (#976).
  • FIX: Bug preventing partial refreshes from working properly (#991).
  • FIX: Better internationalization handling.
  • FIX: Output errors on typography settings (#975).
  • NEW: Added a new attr argument to js_vars (#957).
  • NEW: Implemented both AND and OR conditionals in active_callback arrays (#839).
  • NEW: Allow defining an array of dashicons to use.
  • NEW: Added a link control type.
2.3.2 2016-05-01

May 2, 2016, dev time: 52 hours.

  • NEW: Completely refactored editor controls.
  • NEW: Completely re-styled code controls.
  • NEW: Added a new kirki/{$config_id}/styles filter (#908).
  • NEW: Added a customize-control-kirki class to all Kirki controls.
  • FIX: Field type number : Cannot read property 'min' of undefined (#911).
  • FIX: All controls are now prefixed (#918)
  • FIX: alpha argument in color-alpha controls (#932).
  • FIX: Name attribute in repeaters (props @guillaumemolter).
  • FIX: Missing label for checkbox controls inside repeaters (props @guillaumemolter).
  • FIX: Placing 2 editor controls in the customizer leads to odd behaviour (#140).
  • FIX: active_callback conbined with the old required argument. (#906).
  • FIX: Double prefix and suffix in js_vars (#943).
  • FIX: Typography control returns both 'subset' and 'subsets' indexes with the same value (#948).
  • FIX: Use strict JS mode in all controls.
2.3.1 2016-04-19
  • FIX: Spacing control JS dependencies.
  • FIX: Output property ignored in multicolor field.
  • FIX: Image sub-controls in repeaters were causing a JS error.
  • FIX: Text Domain Compliance with Themecheck.
  • FIX: PostMessage scripts when using more than 1 elements for the output.
  • FIX: Default values for swithes, toggles & checkboxes.
  • FIX: Conflict with WP Core's dropdown-pages control.
  • FIX: Auto-transport not working when using serialized options instead of theme_mods.
  • FIX: value_pattern was not working properly when used in js_vars.
  • FIX: Repeater control bugfixes (props @guillaumemolter).
  • FIX: multi-selects saving single value.
  • NEW: Added support for upload controls in repeaters (props @guillaumemolter).
  • NEW: Adding mime_type parameter for image, cropped_image, upload controls in repeaters (props @guillaumemolter).
  • NEW: Added color-picker support in repeater fields (props @guillaumemolter).
2.3.0 2016-04-10
2.2.10 2016-04-08
  • FIX: Issue with URLs when using Kirki embedded in a theme and not installed as a plugin.
2.2.9 2016-04-06
  • FIX: Repeater controls were not working on 2.2.8 due to a typo - props @guillaumemolter
  • NEW: Repeater fields now allow more control types (email/tel/url/hidden) - props @guillaumemolter
2.2.8 2016-04-06

April 6, 2016, dev time: 5 hours.

  • FIX: Enqueued assets missing when useg WP_DEBUG & WP_DEBUG_SCRIPT
  • FIX: Checkboxes were not properly displaying their values
  • FIX: Javascript errors when number controls were used without min, max or step.
  • FIX: Multiselect controls issue with the sanitize_callback used.
  • NEW: Make attributes in cropped_image sub-controls inside repeaters dynamic (props @guillaumemolter).
2.2.7 2016-04-05

April 5, 2016, dev time: 23 hours.

  • FIX: Properly parsing postMessage scripts when transport is set to auto.
  • FIX: Background image was outputing CSS even if it was empty.
  • FIX: Default value for checkboxes.
  • FIX: Issue with plugin URLs in the customizer, when the plugin was embedded in a theme.
  • FIX: Descriptions were now shown in sortable fields.
  • FIX: Reset not working for textarea fields.
  • FIX: In some cases only the first element in output arguments was being processed.
  • FIX: edge-case bugfix for select controls when data saved if the db was somehow mis-formatted.
  • FIX: Repeater controls now use image IDs instead of image URLs. Props @guillaumemolter
  • NEW: Added text-align ability in typography fields.
  • NEW: Added text-transform ability in typography fields.
  • NEW: Introduce value_pattern argument for output & js_vars.
  • NEW: Started refactoring the Kirki_Field class. Now each field can have its own sub-class extending the main Kirki_Field object.
  • NEW: multicolor control.
  • NEW: Added cropped_image support in repeater. Props @guillaumemolter
  • TWEAK: Renamed Kirki_Customizer_Scripts_Loading to Kirki_Scripts_Loading.
  • TWEAK: Renamed Kirki_Customizer_Scripts_Tooltips to Kirki_Scripts_Tooltips.
  • TWEAK: Renamed Kirki_Customizer_Scripts_Icons to Kirki_Scripts_Icons.
  • TWEAK: More inline comments, docs & coding-standards improvements.
  • DEPRECATED: Removed the Kirki_Colourlovers class.
2.2.6 2016-03-26

March 26, 2016, dev time: 10 hours

  • FIX: Invalid variants for google fonts were getting enqueued due to a mischeck.
  • FIX: Repeater rows are now minimized by default.
  • FIX: Styling for the dropdown-pages control.
  • FIX: switch controls now properly resize based on the label used in the choices argument.
  • FIX: It is now possible to use calc() in CSS value controls.
  • FIX: Styles were being applied to the customizer even if they were not defined in the kirki/config filter.
  • FIX: Removed unnecessary class inheritances & other code cleanups.
  • NEW: Allow resetting options per-section.
  • NEW: Added new color-palette control.
  • NEW: Added 'transport' => 'auto' to auto-calculate postMessage scripts from the output argument when possible.
  • NEW: Added Material design palettes in the Kirki_Helper class.
  • NEW: Allow changing the "Add Row" text on repeater fields.
  • NEW: Allow setting a limit for repeater rows.
2.2.5 2016-03-23

March 23, 2016, dev time: 7 hours

  • FIX: Google fonts now loaded via a PHP array instead of a JSON file.
  • FIX: CSS issue due to escaped quotes on standard fonts.
  • FIX: Issue when using units on js_vars combined with the style method.
  • FIX: Missing textdomain on a string.
  • NEW: Refactored postMessage scripts.
  • NEW: Allow passing options to iris using the choices argument on color controls.
  • NEW: Allow disabling the custom loader using the disable_loader argument in the kirki/config filter.
2.2.4 2016-03-20

March 20, 2016, dev time: 6 hours

  • FIX: Removed unnecessary CSS echoed by the typography control
  • FIX: Color Calculation class improvements
  • FIX: CSS improvement for toggle controls
  • NEW: Added dashicons field
  • NEW: Added the ability to limit the number of rows in repeater controls (props @fovoc)
2.2.3 2016-03-20

March 19, 2016

  • FIX: Selecting a color inside typography controls was throwing a JS error (typo)
  • FIX: CSS alignment for descriptions in toggle controls
  • FIX: Default value for letter-spacing setting in typography controls (props @andreg) 2016-03-18

March 17, 2016, dev time: 5 minutes

  • FIX: Backwards-compatibility bugfix
2.2.2 2016-03-17

March 17, 2016, dev time: 10 minutes

  • FIX: PHP notice for non-standard controls when the element defined in an output argument is of type array.
2.2.1 2016-03-17

March 17, 2016, dev time: 3 hours

  • FIX: Alpha channel was always enabled for color controls
  • FIX: PHP Notices in the class-kirki-output-control-typography.php file
  • FIX: PHP Fatal error on PHP 5.2
  • FIX: PHP Notice in the class-kirki-field.php file
  • FIX: PHP Fatal error when using background-position in the output argument
  • TWEAK: Removed unused languages from CodeMirror to reduce the plugin's size
2.2.0 2016-03-16

March 16, 2016, dev time: 120 hours

  • FIX: Improved & simplified the number control.
  • FIX: Improved & simplified the spacing control.
  • FIX: Minor bugfix on the select control.
  • FIX: WP Coding standards improvements.
  • FIX: Bugfix for radio controls.
  • FIX: Fixed repeater remove image not triggering save button to activate, and added a placeholder when the image is removed. (props @sayedwp)
  • FIX: Fixed bug when using negative numbers as min value in the number field
  • FIX: Typo in the textdomain for some strings (some strings were using "Kirki" instead of "kirki").
  • FIX: Complete refactor & rewrite of the google-fonts implementation.
  • FIX: IE11 bug on radio-image controls.
  • FIX: Radio-image bug when used with serialized options.
  • NEW: Complete refactor & rewrite of typography control.
  • NEW: Refactored the CSS output methods.
  • NEW: Added new mothods for detecting dependencies.
  • NEW: Added font-subsets in typography controls.
  • NEW: Google fonts now only show valid variants & subsets in typography controls.
  • NEW: Implemented partial refreshes for WP 4.5 using a "partial_refresh" argument (formatted as an array).
  • NEW: Better autoloader & improved file structure.
  • NEW: Deprecated the Kirki_Field_Sanitize class in favor of a more simplified & robust implementation.
  • NEW: Completely refactored the Kirki_Field class, we're migrating to a more OOP model.
  • NEW: Added a new kirki-generic control.
  • NEW: Deprecated the custom text control and used the new kirki-generic control instead.
  • NEW: Deprecated the custom textarea control and used the new kirki-generic control instead.
  • NEW: Renamed the help argument to tooltip. help will continue to work as an alias.
  • NEW: Merged the color & color-alphacontrols. We now use thecolor-alphacontrol for all colors, and just modify thedata-alpha` property it has.
  • NEW: Started an OOP rewrite of many classes
  • NEW: Started rewriting the PHPUNIT tests & tweaked them so they can now run on localhosts (like VVV) and not just on travis-ci.
  • NEW: Included the ariColor library for color calculations (
  • TWEAK: Other code refactoring for improved performance
  • TWEAK: Updated grunt packages. 2016-02-17

February 17, 2016, dev time: 5 minutes

  • FIX: PHP Notices (undefined index)
2.1.0 2016-02-17

February 17, 2016, dev time: 4 hours

  • FIX: Image field issues inside the Repeater field (props @sayedwp)
  • NEW: Allow disabling output per-config
  • NEW: Introduce 'postMessage' => 'auto' option in config (will auto-create js_vars using the output argument)
  • NEW: New color control using a js-based template
  • TWEAK: Branding script rewrite
  • TWEAK: Color controls styling
  • TWEAK: Coding improvements & cleanups
2.0.9 2016-02-13

February 13, 2016, dev time: 1 hour.

  • FIX: Google fonts bug (use double quotes when font name contains a space character)
  • FIX: Checkbox control bug (checkboxes were always displayed as checked, regardless of their actual value)
  • NEW: Intruducing KIRKI_NO_OUTPUT constant that disables CSS output completely when set to true.
2.0.8 2016-02-10

February 10, 2016, dev time: 2 hours

  • FIX: Only load Kirki styles when in the customizer
  • FIX: Performance issue with Google Fonts
  • NEW: Added radio-image controls to repeaters
  • TWEAK: Better color handling in the Kirki_Color class
2.0.7 2016-01-18

January 19, 2016, dev time: 1 hour

  • FIX: Narrow the scope of "multicheck" modification checker (props @chetzof)
  • FIX: PHP warnings due to invalid callback method
  • FIX: postMessage bug introduced in 2.0.6 (2 lines commented-out)
2.0.6 2016-01-18
  • FIX: Fix active callback for multidimensional arrays. (props @andrezrv)
  • FIX: Correctly check current value of checkbox control. (props @andrezrv)
  • FIX: Bug in the sortable field (props @daviedR)
  • FIX: Fixed some bugs that occured when using serialized options instead of theme_mods
  • NEW: Added an image sub-field to repeater fields (props @sayedwp)
  • NEW: Added a JS callback to js_vars (props @pingram3541)
  • TWEAK: Settings sanitization
  • TWEAK: Removed demo theme from the plugin. This is now provided separately on
1.0.0 2015-07-21

July 11, 2014, dev time: 177 hours

  • NEW: Added PHPUnit tests
  • NEW: Use wp_add_inline_style to add customizer styles
  • NEW: Rebuilt the background fields calculation
  • NEW: Now using Formstone for switches & toggles
  • NEW: Added a new API. See for documentation.
  • NEW: Minimum PHP requirement is now PHP 5.2
  • NEW: Added a Select2 field type.
  • NEW: Introducing the Kirki::get_option() method to get values.
  • NEW: added 'media_query' argument to output.
  • NEW: Added ability to get variables for CSS preprocessors from the customizer values. See for documentation
  • NEW: now supporting 'units' to all outputs to support '!important'
  • NEW: Ability to create panels & sections using the new API.
  • NEW: added a get_posts method to the Kirki class.
  • NEW: Implement width argument in the styling options. See
  • NEW: add 'kirki/control_types' filter
  • FIX: Properly saving values in the db when using serialized options
  • FIX: Check if classes & functions exist before adding them (allows for better compatibility when embedded in a theme)
  • FIX: PHP Warnings & Notices
  • FIX: Other minor bugfixes
  • FIX: Now using consistently option_type instead of options_type everywhere
  • FIX: Kirki::get_option() method now works for all fields, including background fields.
  • FIX: avoid errors when Color is undefined in background fields
  • FIX: Use WP_Filesystem to get the google fonts array from a json file
  • FIX: Radio-Button styling
  • FIX: PHP Notices
  • FIX: Typos
  • FIX: Properly sanitizing rgba colors
  • FIX: Properly sanitize numbers
  • FIX: Make sure all variables are escaped on output
  • TWEAK: Simplify the Colourlovers integration.
  • TWEAK: Improve sanitization
  • TWEAK: Improve the Kirki_Styles_Customizer class
  • TWEAK: Code cleanups
  • TWEAK: Added more inline docs (lots of them)
  • TWEAK: Use active_callback for required arguments instead of custom JS
  • TWEAK: Updated translation files
  • TWEAK: Better color manipulation in the Kirki_Color class
  • TWEAK: Move secondary classes instantiation to the Kirki() function.
  • TWEAK: set a $kirki global
  • TWEAK: deprecate getOrThrow method in the Kirki_Config class.
  • TWEAK: Move sanitisation functions to a Kirki_Sanitize class.
  • TWEAK: Rename Kirki_Framework to Kirki_Toolkit.
  • TWEAK: Move variables to the new API
  • TWEAK: simplify Kirki_Controls class
  • TWEAK: move the kirki/fields & kirki/controls filters to the new API
  • REMOVED: remove the 'stylesheet_id' from the configuration.
0.8.4 2015-04-07

April 6, 2014, dev time: 0.5 hours

  • Fix: Color sanitization was distorting 0 characters in the color hex.
  • Fix: Properly sanitizing ColorAlpha controls
  • Fix: Sanitizing more properties in the Fields class
  • Fix: removing remnant double-sanitization calls from the controls classes
0.8.3 2015-04-05

April 5, 2014, dev time: 28 hours

  • New: Introduce a Field class
  • New: Introduce a Builder class
  • Tweak: Code Cleanups
  • New: Added ability to use 'option' as the setting type
  • Fix : Bugs in the color calculation class
  • Tweak: Everything gets sanitized in the "Field" class
  • Fix: Bugs in sortable field
  • Fix: Editor control had no description
  • New: Added a color-alpha control. To use it just set an rgba color as the default value.
  • Tweak: SCSS & CSS improvements
  • Fix: Various PHP notices and warnings when no fields are defined
  • Tweak: More efficient color sanitization method
  • Tweak: Improved number control presentation
  • Tweak: Improved the way background fields are handled
  • Tweak: Checkboxes styling
  • New: Allow using rgba values for background colors
  • Fix: CSS fix - :focus color for active section
  • New: Add a static 'prepare' method to the ScriptRegistry class
  • Fix: Issues with the URL when Kirki is embedded in a theme
0.8.2 2015-03-30
  • Fix: Autoloader could not properly include files due to strtolower()
0.8.1 2015-03-30


March 30, 2014, dev time: 30 minutes

  • Fix: Translation strings now overridable using the config filter.


0.8.0 2015-03-30


March 30, 2014, dev time: 32 hours

  • Improvement: OOP redesign (props @vpratfr)
  • New: Added Palette control
  • New: Added Editor control (WYSIWYG - uses TinyMCE)
  • New: Added Custom control (free html)
  • New: Added a Kirki_Colourlovers class to use palettes from the colourlovers API
  • New: Added a composer file (props @vpratfr)
  • Fix: Wrong settings IDs
  • Fix: Color calculation on RGBA functions were off
  • Tweak: Restructuring the plugin (props @vpratfr)
  • New: added a functional kirki_get_option() function
  • Tweak: Simplified configuration options.
  • New: Turn Kirki into a singleton and a facade (props @vpratfr)
  • Tweak: Completely re-written the customizer styles
  • New: Using SASS for customizer styles
  • Tweak: Deprecating the group_title control in favor of the new custom control
  • Tweak: Changed the CSS for checkboxes


0.7.1 2015-03-15
  • 2014-03-15, dev time 2 hours ==
  • Removed: Remove the kirki_get_option function that was introduced in 0.7 as it's not working properly yet.
  • Fix: Undefined index notice when a default value for the control was not defined
  • Tweak: logo_image now injects an img element instead of a div with custom background
  • New: Added description argument in the kirki configuration (replaces the theme description)


0.7 2015-03-14
  • 2014-03-14, dev time: 10 hours ==
  • Fix: Array to string conversion that happened conditionally when used with googlefonts. (props @groucho75)
  • Fix: Background opacity affects background-position of bg image
  • Fix: font-weight not being applied on google fonts
  • New: Added kirki_get_option( $setting ); function that also gets default values
  • Tweak: Singleton for main plugin class
  • Fix: Prevent empty help tooltips
  • New: Added toggle control
  • New: Added switch control
  • Fix: Color controls were not being reset to default:
  • Tweak: Tooltips now loaded via jQuery
  • Tweak: Renamed setting to settings for consistency with WordPress core
  • Tweak: Renamed description to help and subtitle to `description for consistency with WordPress core
  • Tweak: Backwards-compatibility improvements
  • New: Allow hiding background control elements by not including default values for them
  • Tweak: Performance improvements
  • Tweak: Using WordPress core controls instead of custom ones when those are available
  • Tweak: Separate logic for multiple-type controls that were using the "mode" argument. This has been deprecated in favor of completely separate control types.


0.6.2 2015-03-02
  • 2014-03-02, dev time: 3 hours ==
  • Fix: Frontend styles were not properly enqueued (props @dmgawel)
  • New: Allow multiple output styles per control defined as an array of arrays.
  • Fix: Background control styles
  • Fix: Serialise default values for the sortable control. Now you can define default values as an array.
  • Fix: Required script
  • Fix: '_opacity' was added to a lot of controls by mistake. Removed it and wrote a migration script.


0.6.1 2015-02-25
  • 2012-02-25, dev time: 1 hours==
  • Fix: Sortables controls had a JS conflict
  • Fix: Switches & Toggles were not properly working


0.6.0 2015-02-25
  • 2012-02-25, dev time: 9 hours==
  • Fix: Tooltips now properly working
  • New: Added checkbox switches
  • New: Added checkbox toggles
  • Fix: Generated CSS is not properly combined & minified
  • Fix: Re-structuring files hierarchy
  • Fix: Simplify the way controls are loaded
  • New: Only load control classes when they are needed
  • New: Introducing Kirki_Customize_Control class
  • Fix: CSS tweaks
  • New: Sortable control (creating one is identical to a select control, but with 'type' => 'sortable')
  • Fix: Double output CSS (props @agusmu)
  • New: Google fonts now parsed from a json file.


0.5.1 2015-01-22

= * Fix: Transport defaults to refresh instead of postMessage * Fix: undefined index notice.


0.5 2015-01-21

= * New: Automatic output of styles for generic controls. * New: Automatic output of styles + scripts for fonts (including googlefonts ) * New: The 'output' argument on background controls is now an array for consistency with other controls. Older syntax is still compatible though. :) * New: Add the ability to auto-generate styles for colors. * Fix: Add a blank stylesheet if we need one and no stylesheet_id has been defined in the config options. * Fix: CSS-only tooltips. Fixes issue with tooltips now showing up on WP >

0.3 2014-10-25
  • new: added background field
  • new: added 'output' argument to directly output the CSS
0.4 2014-10-25
  • Fix: bugfix for selector
  • New: Change the Kirki theme based on which admin theme is selected.
  • Fix: Tranlsation domain issue
  • New: Added a "group_title" control
  • Fix: Updated the required script
  • Fix: Updating CSS
  • Other minor improvements and bugfixes