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Sendinblues official plugin for WordPress is a powerful all-in-one email marketing plugin. At a glance:

  • Subscription forms Create custom subscription forms and easily integrate them into your posts, pages or sidebars
  • Contact lists Manage your contact lists and take advantage of advanced segmentation to improve your email marketing performance
  • Newsletters Easily create and send beautiful newsletters using our mobile-friendly, drag and drop builder to create custom emails or select from our template library
  • Transactional emails The wp_mail() function automatically uses Sendinblues SMTP for enhanced deliverability and tracking
  • Statistics Real-time report dashboard gives you advanced insights into deliverability and performance: opens, clicks, bounce reports, etc.
  • Marketing automation Enable Automation on WordPress to auto-install the script on your website and the identify tag on the Sendinblue forms and WordPress Login


  • Subscription Form designer with WYSIWYG and direct HTML / CSS editing (if desired)
  • Integration as widget or shortcode [sibwp_form]
  • Send a confirmation email you choose the template and the sender
  • Use a double opt-in subscription form you choose the template and the sender
  • URL redirection
  • Confirmation / error message customization
  • Captcha-protected subscription forms


  • Unlimited contacts for free
  • Folder and lists management
  • CSV and TXT file import
  • Copy paste contact import
  • 2-way synchronisation with your favourite CMS
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Advanced segmentation. Example: Search for contacts who are less than 45 years old who clicked once in at least one of your last 3 newsletters.


  • Responsive, drag and drop email marketing design tools
  • Extensive library of mobile-friendly, creative newsletter templates
  • Subject and content personalization. Example: Hello {{contact.FIRSTNAME}},
  • Inbox and design rendering tests for multiple devices and email clients
  • Schedule newsletters in advance
  • Send at the best time (Premium): maximize your open rates by letting our AI choose at what time to send each email (you decide the day, we maximize the open rate).
  • Enjoy built-in custom unsubscription links, unsubscription pages, and other compliance features of email marketing
  • Automated UTM tagging of every link on your newsletters for accurate tracking and optimization
  • A/B test your subject lines and content to constantly improve your email marketing campaigns


  • Automatic replacement of default SMTP when you use wp_mail function
  • Drag & drop builder for transactional emails
  • Deliver your transactional emails fast and reliably through our SMTP capabilities: We successfully deliver 3 billions of emails every month
  • Robust API to build complex integrations easily & get accurate reporting on your transactional emails
  • Create transactional email templates that are easy to reuse via the API
  • Real-time and exhaustive statistics: delivered, opened, clicked, etc.


  • As the leading email marketing platform in the EU, Sendinblue has built in all the tools to achieve GDPR compliance easily for your newsletters & SMTP.
  • Built-in GDPR compliance in our forms (checkbox, )
  • Double-opt-in feature accessible easily
  • Unlimited contacts helps keep clean contact records (unsubscriptions etc.)
  • Advanced segmentation and contact management capabilities. Example: Unsubscribe all contacts who didnt open an email in the past 6 months.


  • Auto-installation of the automation script on your website
  • Auto-deployment of the identify tag for Sendinblues forms and WordPress plugin
  • Access to the Sendinblue online dashboard for workflow creation and management
  • Trigger emails when people visit a specific page or realise a specific action on your website
  • Automatically send follow-up emails to non-openers, contacts that opened your newsletter but didnt click, etc.
  • Send welcome emails, happy birthday emails, and more automatically


Sendinblue is available in 6 languages and our 150 people-strong support team spread across Seattle, Paris, Berlin, and Noida provides support to all free and paid users 24/7 through email. Paid users benefit from dedicated phone support.

To get support, please send an email to, we will be happy to help you!

The plugin is available in English and French.

Releases (15 )

Version Release Date Change Log
2.9.16 2020-04-22
2.9.15 2020-04-08
  • Sib_security token issue has been fixed
2.9.14 2020-04-06
  • Form sumission -1 issue and mailin class conflict issue has been fixed
2.9.13 2020-03-31
  • Added feature that allows to map WP boolean attributes to Sendinblue contacts
2.9.12 2020-03-20
  • Updated company description
2.9.11 2020-01-16
  • Add Validation on required fields when invisible captcha is enabled on Forms
  • New Sender not Updated issue fixed
2.9.10 2020-01-03
  • new branding changes


2.9.9 2019-10-18
  • campaign and list page url issue fixed
2.9.8 2019-08-21
  • notation and variable issue fixed
2.9.7 2019-07-29
  • redirection issue fixed
2.9.6 2019-07-26
  • Fr translations fixes
  • Small improvements related to Query Monitor, Form Redirection etc.
2.9.5 2019-06-13
  • Fix fr translation issue.
2.9.4 2019-03-11
  • Fix the doubleoptin issue for NTL
  • update Sendinblue registration link
  • Update translation
1.5 2013-08-22
1.0 2012-09-12