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Afone_Oneclicpay The extension provides Oneclicpay payment integration. 2013-10-08 2013-10-08
Age_Gate_Pop_Up Age Gate allows you to lock your store until users confirms their Age. 2015-08-08 2015-08-08
Agenceweb_Mailpro Mailproâ„¢ Email Marketing Software with up to 12'000 users and Newsletter Software compatible Mac & PC. Try our Emailing Solution for FREE, create your account in less than 30 seconds and start to send your emailing campaign. 2012-08-22 2012-08-23
AgilOne_Recommendations_CE AgilOne Predictive Marketing Module for Magento Community Edition 2015-01-27 2015-01-27
AgilOne_Recommendations_EE AgilOne Predictive Marketing Module for Magento Enterprise Edition 2015-03-13 2015-03-16
Aicod_AdminWysiwygImageUrlFix 2013-05-31 2013-06-25
Aicod_ForceTranslate 2013-05-31 2013-07-02
Aicod_SimpleCaptcha 2013-05-31 2013-05-31
Airlaunch_Estoreiq Printed label customiser for Magento 2013-02-07 2013-08-28
Aitoc_Aitholiday Decorate your store with fine Christmas ornaments without having to change your theme. 2009-12-11 2010-01-27