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Klevu_SmartSearch Klevu Search replaces the default Magento search functiontality with a intelligent, dynamic, lightning fast search provided by Klevu. 2015-03-11 2017-07-12
prismpay123456 PrismPay Payment GateWay 2014-06-10 2017-07-12
Nzpost_Eship This extension allows for rate quotes as well as automated shipping. 2015-12-07 2017-07-12
Rvtech_Starshipit This extension allows for rate quotes as well as automated shipping. Adds Australia and New Zealand supported carriers as well as a button to click through from the order details to enable automated shipping. 2013-09-06 2017-07-11
notime_same_day_delivery It is an extension that allows merchants to add same-day shipping by notime to the store. notime is supported in all major Swiss cities. 2016-04-04 2017-07-11
tig_buckaroo3extended The official Buckaroo extension for Magento 2015-01-06 2017-07-11
Eye4Fraud_Connector_integration Eye4Fraud – Ecommerce fraud prevention at its finest. Backed by 100% money back guarantee. 2014-02-22 2017-07-10
Fishpigs_Attribute_Splash_Page Create SEO landing pages for your product attributes. 2014-07-22 2017-07-10
vindi-subscriptions-and-recurring-payments A integração do módulo da Vindi permite criação e gestão de planos e assinaturas através do Magento de forma transparente. 2016-01-20 2017-07-07
eWAY_Payment_Rapid31 The eWAY payment module - accept credit card payments, save cards, process refunds with eWAY's Rapid 3.1 Payment Gateway. 2014-11-10 2017-07-07