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nudgespot Nudgespot lets you communicate with your customers (via email/sms), based on their interactions on your store. 2015-07-07 2015-07-07
ntoklo_recommendations Displays personalised product recommendations and trending product charts through nToklo for retail platform. 2013-06-11 2015-01-26
nrgsignupformrecaptcha reCaptcha for sign up page 2013-11-19 2013-11-19
nrgdetailedonepagesuccess A better Success page 2013-12-17 2013-12-17
np3455key New Extension Release 2014-10-01 2014-10-01
notime_same_day_delivery It is an extension that allows merchants to add same-day shipping by notime to the store. notime is supported in all major Swiss cities. 2016-04-04 2017-07-11
notifications_sessionticker Notify customer when session expires 2012-05-10 2012-05-10
notification_module This extension allows you to create and manage a notification bar for displaying important announcements and notices to your customers and site visitors. 2014-05-17 2015-01-05
nmmlm_log Magento wrapper for Apache log4php logging framework. This logger adds flexible control to your logs. 2012-09-27 2012-12-12
nightlydevrupee Convert Currency Symbol for Indian Rupee. 2014-05-25 2014-10-16