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magento_easy_catalog_images Magento Easy Catalog Images Community Module 2009-07-09 2016-08-25
MDN_CustomerUniversalPassword Log in on front as any customer using universal password for administration purposes 2009-07-02 2009-07-03
Safitech_Catalog This extension replaces the image gallery with the jqueryZoom widget 2009-06-25 2009-08-06
Mage_Econda Bindet econda Web Analytics in Magento ein. Inserts econda Web Analytics into Magento. 2009-06-25 2017-05-15
Morningtime_TextfieldLayeredNav Until now, you could only use Dropdown and Multiselect attributes for layered navigation. This extension adds a textfield for layered navigation. 2009-06-24 2009-10-22
magento_easy_lightbox Magento Easy Lightbox Community Module 2009-06-24 2016-08-25
magento_easy_flags Magento Easy Flags Community Module 2009-06-23 2016-08-25
Order_Status This extension adds extra Status options to the Order Status drop down of Customer Orders and also allows you to add your own. 2009-06-18 2009-06-23
AuIt_FLASH_GALLERY_FLIP Flash gallery, simple integration 2009-06-07 2010-04-10
Drupal Drupal CMS full integration 2009-06-04 2011-09-28