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upload-file-tags upload files & set tags 2014-06-19 2014-07-05
upload_check_payment_method This Free extension adds a new payment method to your Magento store. It is quite similar to Check / Money Order, but allows customers to upload a scanned check as payment proof. 2014-07-11 2014-07-11
url-apply-coupon-code-link-extension-for-magento Allows merchants to use links to any Magento® page and apply coupon code on the fly to existing or future cart 2016-01-21 2016-01-21
vBulletin_Integration_Lite vBulletin Integration Lite 2009-11-12 2009-11-12
valibus_emailpreview Debug the email preview 2012-08-08 2012-08-08
vdgmage_chromeloginfix This extension fixes an issue with logging in on the backend using Google Chrome. 2014-11-21 2014-11-25
veeqo_bridge Multi-Channel order and inventory management software, bulk ship orders with Royal Mail integration. 2014-01-16 2015-11-23
veridial_authentication Veridial provides 2 Factor Authentication for Magento Admins and Customer logins 2015-09-29 2015-09-29
vian_pictograms_free VIAN Pictograms will help you to beautify your catalog and improve customer experience 2011-11-09 2012-07-23
vindi-subscriptions-and-recurring-payments A integração do módulo da Vindi permite criação e gestão de planos e assinaturas através do Magento de forma transparente. 2016-01-20 2017-07-07