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Version Release Date Change Log
3.1.8 2020-06-01
  • Fixed a potential PHP error
  • Fixed a string consistency problem on Login form
  • Display the correct compatible plugin versions on the Add-Ons page.
  • Change content restriction metabox priority for compatibility with Paid Member Subscriptions.
  • Fixed a problem with WPML where domains were mismatched on backend and frontend for labels
3.1.7 2020-05-04
  • Added support for Max character length addon for default website field
  • Fixed possible issues with Email Confirmation on some domains
3.1.6 2020-04-21
  • Fixed an issue with default value for Biographical Info Field
  • Fixed a notice on register forms when the form did not pass a required check
  • Fixed a problem with User to Edit on pages with multiple edit forms on them
  • Compatibility with Wordpress 5.4 nav_menu hooks
3.1.5 2020-04-06
  • Fixed a problem on multisite where admins were not being able to confirm/unconfirm Email Confirmation users
  • Fixed page title on admin pages for Email Confirmation User page
  • Fixed pagination display on Email Confirmation User page in admin
  • Added Screen Options on Email Confirmation User page where we can change the number of displayed users
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Invisible Recaptcha and Paid Member Subscriptions
3.1.4 2020-03-23
  • We now have the capability to show Select User Role field on edit profile forms
  • Small css modification
  • Changed the logo icons inside the plugin
  • Added an icon to the update screen for PB pro
  • Fixed an issue with Query monitor plugin not working on Roles Editor page
3.1.3 2020-03-09
  • Fixed a potential php notice on recover password form
  • Added filters over the submit button classes of the login and password reset form.
  • Refactored wppb_curpageurl() function
3.1.2 2020-02-24
  • We now make sure you cant use a meta-name for a field that is a reserved query var in WP. which would result in an unexpected behaviour
  • Fixed a potential php error regarding a filter
  • We now scroll to the top of a success form submit through js and not through anchor
  • Fixed a conflict with reCAPTCHA and Paid Member Subscriptions
3.1.1 2020-02-10
  • Security update
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with PMS and redirect url
  • Fixed issue in backend when labels for user roles contained a %
3.1.0 2020-01-27
  • We now add html and body tags to html emails that we send
  • Fixed issue with admin approval still impacting the flow after downgrading from Pro to Free
  • Fixed a conflict with Oxigen Builder.
  • Fixed issue with global $post variable in content restriction.
  • Added a filter over the edit other users dropdown display name.
3.0.9 2020-01-14
  • Fixed a php 5.4 compatibility issue
3.0.8 2020-01-13
  • Modified how we display the user roles in backend edit users to be consistent with how wordpress does it
  • Fixed an issue with user role search not working when pressing enter key
3.0.7 2019-12-16
  • Fixed a possible notice on Recover Password page for an undefined variable
  • Fixed an issue with GDPR checkbox and multi-step forms
  • Fixed the height of the search button in some cases
  • reCAPTCHA field language is now set reliably
3.0.6 2019-11-19
3.0.5 2019-09-17
  • Fixed: Elementor Templates restriction brakes rendering of templates


3.0.4 2019-09-12
  • We now show a success message when settings are saved
  • Translation updates
  • Fixed issue with Elementor Templates restriction
3.0.3 2019-08-20
  • Fixed an error introduced in the last update regarding content restriction and Posts Page
3.0.2 2019-08-19
  • Now the Static Posts Page can be restricted as expected
  • Added support for restricting Elementor Single Page templates.
  • Fix issue with Elementor content restriction by user roles.
3.0.1 2019-07-01
  • Added GDPR Delete Button as a field
  • Export Personal Data now exports Profile Builder fields
  • GDPR improvements
3.0.0 2019-06-10
  • Security improvements
  • Added a filter for the Register and Edit Profile forms.
2.9.9 2019-05-08
  • Implemented Elementor Widget/Section restriction.
  • Security improvements
  • When submitting our forms we scroll to the top of the form now and not the top of the page
2.9.8 2019-04-18
  • Removed a create_function call for compatibility with php 7.2
  • Changed some in-plugin notifications
2.9.7 2019-04-11
  • Fixed an issue with private website and login forms that didn't work even though they were on the allowed pages list
  • Fixed a issue with the reCaptcha field on themes that did not enqueue jQuery
  • Removed the deactivation feedback form
2.9.6 2019-02-04
  • Added Divi PageBuilder compatibility with Content Restriction
  • Fix password recovery issue when username contained spaces.
2.9.5 2019-01-22
  • Fixed an issue with the Boss theme by moving the priority of the login_redirect filter
  • Fixed issue with edit other user on the Twenty Nineteen theme
  • Fixed issues with jQuery code and the Twenty Nineteen theme
  • Fixed conflict with Elementor Pro.
2.9.4 2018-12-18
  • Added (int) cast in manage fields meta name generation to prevent some php notices
  • Fixed issue with private website when the login page url contained a $_GET parameter
  • Added classes on body when Private Website is enabled and some css to hide the main menu container
2.9.3 2018-11-26
  • Display name shows properly in admin bar if login with email is selected
  • Fixed Buddypress add-on import fields error
2.9.2 2018-11-02
  • Change single post redirect hook to template_redirect which runs only in frontend for content restriction
  • Modified the edit other user dropdown on edit profile forms for administrators
2.9.1 2018-10-25
  • Rewrote login errors so they can be translated easily
  • Extended the send credentials email so there is a bit more info like the link to the website
  • Add plugin notification about the Toolbox add-on.
  • Fixed issue with update password and field visibility addon.
2.9.0 2018-09-25
  • Fixed an issue with Private page settings not saving "Redirect to page" if "Allowed pages" was empty
  • Fixed some html validation issues in our forms
  • Added support for detecting the current page url based on WordPress home_url()
  • Removed a deprecated filter that we used in Private Page
  • Added a few extra filters in our forms
  • Fixed an issue with some menu items still appearing when not on Profile Builder pages
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with the import/export plugin
2.8.9 2018-08-29
  • Added Private Website functionality
  • Added a plugin notice for Private Website
  • Removed from the admin menu the pages that have a tab on the settings page
2.8.8 2018-08-16
  • We no longer allow users to login with username is is set to login with email. added 'wppb_allow_login_with_username_when_is_set_to_email' filter to still allow it
  • Small css changes
2.8.7 2018-08-02
  • Secupress plugin compatiblity when activating "Move the login and admin pages"
  • Fixed issue with content restriction and url redirect if url was missing 'http'
  • Select2 now offers a labels tag in the Userlisting
  • Small css change
  • Reimplemented the deactivation feedback poll
2.8.6 2018-06-26
  • Implemented a tabbed settings interface
  • Content restriction activated setting is now in the Content Restriction tab
  • Fixed a fatal error that occurred on some instances on the Settings page
  • Fixed typo in query for existing pages in setup process
2.8.5 2018-06-18
  • Added a small setup process for creating forms
  • GDPR field now saves the value on Edit Profile
  • We no longer consider the 'users_can_register' option in our forms
  • Fixed product description paragraphs in Woocommerce
  • Fixed issue with login form on some pages that weren't logging you in the backend as well
2.8.4 2018-06-04
  • Refactored the login form. This should fix a lot of issues with and other incompatibilities with plugins
  • Fixed issue with content restriction and Woocommerce products adding extra html
2.8.3 2018-05-21
  • Usability improvements and some name changes
  • Refactored manage fields dropdown to be more user friendly
  • Added the GDPR field on the Edit Profile as well
2.8.2 2018-05-07
  • Added GDPR checkbox default field
  • Fixed some warnings with Onfleek theme
2.8.1 2018-04-26
  • Added a feedback modal on plugin deactivate for profile builder
  • Added 'form_name' parameter to the submit button value hook.
  • Fixed small typos.
2.8.0 2018-04-12
  • Improved reCaptcha security on login forms
  • Fixed issue with 'User to edit' field and multiple edit forms on the same page
  • Fixed some warnings regarding the 'save_post' hook
  • Fixed a warning regarding 'create_function'
2.7.9 2018-03-26
  • Added support for Content Restriction on WooCommerce shop page and products
  • Fixed php version 7.2 warnings
  • Modification to the recaptcha field that will eliminate some warnings
2.7.8 2018-03-19
  • Fixed issue with reCaptcha not appearing any more in some cases
  • Fixed a notice introduced in the last update
2.7.7 2018-03-15
  • Added Invisible reCAPTCHA support for both PB forms as well as default WordPress forms
  • Small CSS modification in role editor
  • Fixing some CSS issues with notifications class on some pages and addon pages
2.7.6 2018-02-22
  • Fixed some issues on the login form that prevented some users from logging in
  • When changing/recovering password we now log out of all other/all sessions
  • Increased the performance of the plugin on the frontend
2.7.5 2018-02-05
  • Improved security on forms
  • Implemented a better plugin notification system
2.7.4 2018-01-25
  • Improved admin interface speed in most cases by up to 100% by reducing the number of ajax calls
  • Improved the admin interface with small visual tweaks and bug-fixes
  • Fixed bug with email not showing up for unconfirmed users table listing in backend
2.7.3 2018-01-16
  • Now we save the registration date only in GMT time to avoid confusions. We have a filter to be able to save to local time: wppb_return_local_time_for_register
  • Added functionality to update meta name for existing fields in the database if they change. It is off by default but can be activated with the filter wppb_update_field_meta_key_in_db
  • Added a mention to Roles Editor in the Basic Info Page
2.7.2 2017-12-05
  • Updated translation file.
  • Fixed issue with login token generating duplicated ID validation error
2.7.1 2017-11-30
  • Fixed an issue with the Biographical Info field that was showing html tags
  • Fixed Content Restriction preview post before more-tag issue
  • Fixed Roles Editor conflict with Dokan plugin
  • Fixed redirect_priority='top' not working after login
  • Fixed back-end login with after login redirect set to http_referer
2.7.0 2017-11-16
  • Added [wppb-restrict] shortcode for Content Restriction
  • Password Strength Indicator improvements
  • Added an extra filter (wppb_mail) to wppb_mail function that gives the possibility to also send headers
  • Updated German translation files.
  • Added context to the 3 wppb_mail calls so we can identify the recover password emails being sent using the filters/actions from wppb_mail.
  • Fixed content restriction meta-box for attachments
2.6.9 2017-11-02
  • Implemented Content Restriction feature
  • Added nonce field on Profile Builder login form for security check
  • Security improvements on login form
  • Fixed an issue with po file-names that was causing random issues with different environments/FTP clients.
  • Fixed a redirect loop when we log in from Paid Member Subscribtions and we had a redirect for default WordPress login
  • Changed the locale for the Slovenian translation files. It was using the locale for Sierra Leone.
2.6.8 2017-09-13
  • Edit other users dropdown on the frontend Edit Profile form is now a select2
  • Fixed a potential error when submitting the Register form
2.6.7 2017-08-29
  • Added option in backend user new/edit screen to add multiple user roles when user roles module is active
  • Added user role multiple select for admin in front-end edit profile form when roles editor is active and select role field is in the form
  • Changed password reset success email
2.6.6 2017-08-08
  • Updated translation files
  • Added the wppb_fields_extra_css_class filter to default fields
2.6.5 2017-07-10
  • Fixed an issue where certain users could view the Roles Editor page without permission
  • Changed the strings in Recover Password accordingly with the option set in 'Allow Users to Log in With' setting
2.6.4 2017-06-08
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing deleting thrashed posts
  • Compatibility fixes with Advanced Custom Fields Plugin
2.6.3 2017-05-23
  • Fixed a small display bug for custom capabilities on Roles Editor
  • Fixed a potential warning with the login form and WPML when cURL was not working properly
2.6.2 2017-05-18
  • Added Role Editor which grants you control over roles and capabilities on your site.
  • Added reacaptcha field for Profile Builder forms and WordPress default forms
  • Added User Role select field
  • We now prevent our forms from executing in the header on the wp_head hook to prevent conflicts with other plugins like Yoast SEO
  • Improved WPML compatibility with login forms
  • Now checkboxes retain their value on edit profile forms if the form errors out
  • Changed the way we set the default settings that was sometimes not adding them properly
2.6.1 2017-04-24
  • Updated translation files
  • Added a filter for already logged in message on recover password form: wppb_recover_password_already_logged_in
  • We now process only the submitted form so we can have multiple forms on the same page
2.6.0 2017-04-04
  • Compatibility with WPML for login widget/shortcode error messages
  • Small change to meta name generation function that could eliminate a notice on some setups
  • Updated translation files
2.5.9 2017-03-09
  • Fixed a issue with a database error that happened in certain conditions
  • Compatibility with Captcha by BestWebSoft latest version
2.5.8 2017-03-07
  • Fixed security issues and performed a security audit
2.5.7 2017-02-23
  • Fixed an issue with "Display name as" field on register forms
  • Recover password form now doesn't appear for logged in users
  • Fixed a wrong variable passed to a filter in Email Confirmation
2.5.6 2017-02-09
  • Compatibility fix with php 7.1
  • Redirects code refactoring which should fix some minor issues with redirects as well
2.5.5 2017-01-25
  • Added Blog Details field type
  • Email From Name and Subject should now display proper special characters in all cases
  • Fix css issue with notice image on forms taking an inherit width instead of auto
  • Fixed an issue with automatic login with redirect on Firefox
2.5.4 2017-01-11
  • CSS changes for the Twenty Seventeen Theme
  • Fixed a notice caused sometimes by general settings options not setting properly
  • Small changes to readme file
2.5.3 2016-12-12
  • Major improvement to loading performance of the Manage Fields admin interface
  • Added actions before and after submit form button:wppb_form_before_submit_button and wppb_form_after_submit_button
  • Added a filter on the forms submit button class
  • Updated Dutch translations
2.5.2 2016-11-28
  • Updated translation files
  • Added a filter to the submit button which can be used to add extra attributes: wppb_form_submit_extra_attr
  • Fixed a warnings inside pb-compatiblities.php file
  • Changed text for Email Confirmation description in admin area
  • Fixed a bug with the "Add field" button in Manage Fields that wasn't disabled after we added a field
  • Reorganized and added filters on form id and form class on hte Profile Builder forms
  • Removed Note message from PMS cross promotion saying that PMS does not work with admin approval / email confirmation
  • Modified multiple filters
2.5.1 2016-11-17
  • Improvements regarding caching plugins and user registration
  • Added a search field in the admin area on the Users with unconfirmed email address screen
  • Improved queries for displaying users in the admin area on the Users with unconfirmed email address screen
2.5.0 2016-10-31
  • We now delete cache when updating a user with email confirmation so solve issues with cache-ing plugins
  • Fixed select2 JS error when select2 addon is inactive but select2 fields are still in front-end.
  • Fixed js issues in manage fields interface when opened multiple fields for editing: sorting was possible and it shouldn't, the first opened field disappeared, a stack limit exceeded error
2.4.9 2016-10-17
  • Security improvements and fixes
  • Fixed a warning that happened on older WordPress versions regarding the get_user_by() function
  • Login with email uses default functions now for WordPress versions higher thab 4.5
  • Removed login with email when username is selected from settings
  • Removed sending password from default registration email
2.4.8 2016-10-03
  • Now when an administrator registers an user the Register button text has changed to Add User
  • Multiple fixes regarding redirects
  • Fixed issues with redirect_url shortcode parameter and changed the logout shortcode parameter to redirect_url from redirect
  • Added the filter 'wppb_edit_other_users_dropdown_query_args' for changing the user query on the edit other users dropwdown
2.4.7 2016-09-19
  • Fixed an issue with the redirect after registration autologin and string translations
  • Changes to Addons page to meet wp directory requirements
  • Fixed a bug with forms on static front pages and the username field
2.4.6 2016-09-05
  • CSS modifications to accomodate dark/black themes
  • Small changes for E-mail Confirmation and Paid Member Subscriptions compatibility
2.4.5 2016-08-23
  • Modifications to Addons Page
  • Apply filter to email on all forms to allow stripping slashes if necessary
  • Added filter so we can bypass Email Confirmation when needed
  • New menu icon and small branding changes
2.4.4 2016-08-09
  • Added New branding images
  • Added -required- html tag to fields
  • Created function to return field based on id or meta_name
  • Renamed HTML ID for recover-password div, to avoid duplicate IDs
2.4.3 2016-07-25
  • When login with email we remove the li for the username field now
  • Small code review changes
  • PHP 7.0 compatibility code review
  • Define filter in wck-api for adding support for custom field types
2.4.2 2016-07-11
2.4.1 2016-07-07

Security update for ajax calls

2.4.0 2016-06-29
  • Now we check checkboxes default value to not be empty in the front end forms
  • Display name with email confirmation now is set to First name Last name or Nickname if they exist
  • UI adjustment for checkbox in email confirmation table in the admin area
2.3.9 2016-06-17
  • Security update
2.3.8 2016-06-17
  • Fixed an issue with the redirect parameter for login widget
  • Added extra_attr filter for recover password forms: 'wppb_recover_password_extra_attr'
  • Added filter in select fields for placeholder labels add-on support
  • Fixed the url from http to https
2.3.7 2016-06-09
  • Changed the wppb_curpageurl function to fix the missing www problem from links
  • Added a new filter wppb_send_to_admin_email to Email Confirmation
2.3.6 2016-05-10
  • Fixed a security issue regarding shortcodes
  • Fixed a deprecated function warning in the hidden input field
  • Fixed a notice in the WCK API
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with ACF Pro
  • We now make sure we call jQuery dialog only if it exists
2.3.5 2016-04-18
  • Fixed issue regarding password update not working in certain cases
  • Changed label for when login with username is selected
  • Fixed small css issue regarding checkboxes labels
2.3.4 2016-04-04
  • We now load the plugin translation from the current theme in the folder local_pb_lang if it exists otherwise normally from the plugin dir
  • Fixed notices regarding the 'add_meta_box' hook
  • Added a filter in wordpress-creation-kit API before testing for required fields: 'wck_before_test_required'
  • Added hook before saving fields: 'wppb_before_saving_form_values'
2.3.3 2016-03-21
  • Added more fields to be available in wpml string translations: labels, default value and default content
  • Made css modifications so that Checkbox, Radio and Select fields align properly in Twenty Sixteen theme
  • Fixed different notices and warnings that appeared in certain cases
2.3.2 2016-03-09
  • When upgrading from an older version than 2.2.6 on a Multisite install Email Confirmation is set to yes automatically now
  • Fixed notice undefined variable from wppb_mail when using filter to not send email
  • Fixed filter wppb_curpageurl not being applied
2.3.1 2016-02-22
  • Refactored username exists check to search only in username
  • Fixed issue when there was a meta in the db with no meta key and we couldn't add our fields that had no meta key because it would generate meta name already in use
  • Fixed conflict with WPMUDEV Set Password plugin with which we had a function with the same name
2.3.0 2016-02-08
  • Added filter in login form so we can display html at the bottom
  • Fixed a filter in login redirect link that was broken
  • Removed 'Display name publicly as' from Registration Forms.
  • We no longer create custom directories in the WordPress uploads directory.
  • Removed notice from Manage Fields page when the WPML plugin was active.
2.2.9 2016-01-25
  • Fixed compatibility with Yoast and Page Builder by SiteOrigin that caused our shortcodes to be executed multiple times
2.2.8 2016-01-11
  • Translation Updates
  • Changed User Registered date and time according to timezone selected in WordPress settings
2.2.7 2015-12-04
  • Translation Updates
2.2.6 2015-11-17
  • Email Confirmation can now be disabled on WordPress multisite
2.2.5 2015-11-11
  • Fixed issue that prevented the value 0 to be set as default value
  • Fixed xss vulnerability
  • Fixed issue that was preventing to change back to original email address in edit-profile, after changing to a new one
  • Removed default value option from PB Password and Repeat Password fields
  • Changed name of japanese translation file
  • Fixed updating edit-profile form without email field, when allowing users to login only with email
2.2.4 2015-09-29
  • Translation Updates
2.2.3 2015-09-28
  • Fixed website field not saving on registering with email confirmation
  • Fixed a potential security vulnerability
  • Removed condition in edit-users dropdown to allow custom ones
2.2.2 2015-08-24
  • Fixed notice that was thrown in WordPress 4.3 related to WP_Widget constructor being deprecated in login widget.
2.2.1 2015-08-06
  • Changed recover password link from using username to using the user-nicename
  • We no longer strip spaces from usernames on singele-site registration when Email Confirmation is on and we also do not allow usernames with spaces on multisite installs
  • Changed message in Manage Fields sidebar
  • Fixed issue that prevented sometimes 0 values to be saved
2.1.9 2015-07-08
  • Add attribute filter to each Profile Builder form input: apply_filters( 'wppb_extra_attribute', '', $field )
  • Added Japanese translation
  • Updated translation files
2.1.8 2015-06-18
  • Added filter to wppb_curpageurl() function to easily modify returned URL: apply_filters('wppb_curpageurl', $pageURL)
  • Fixed a issue with default fields not having labels and descriptions localized sometimes
  • Removed link to author page in logged in user shortcode
  • Shortcodes on Basic Info page should no longer be translated
  • Replaced home_url with site_url in login.php
  • Fixed an error when admin was editing another user from the front end sometimes we got 'This email is already reserved to be used soon.'
  • Select a User to edit (as admin) adds HTML special char (&) in URL when should not
  • Added filters that can be used to stop emails being sent to users or admins
  • Redirect registration form after login to same page. Also added a filter on the url
2.1.7 2015-05-25

Added reCaptcha support for default login, register and lost password forms as well as PB forms + our own login widget Added RTL support for Profile Buider Forms Fixed a problem regarding required fields Added filter on add custom field values on user signup 'wppb_add_to_user_signup_form_meta' Fixed issue where username was sent instead of email when Login with Email was set in the user emails

2.1.6 2015-04-30
  • Updated translation files.
  • Bulk approve email in Email Confirmation now functions as expected
  • Now the Addons Page in Profile Builder is compatible with Multisite.
  • Added filter to add extra css classes directly on the fields input: apply_filters( 'wppb_fields_extra_css_class', '', $field )
  • The Show Meta button in the Email Confirmation admin screen no longer throws js errors when site in other language.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Checkboxes, Selects and Radios to not save correctly if they had special chars in their values
2.1.5 2015-04-21

Added compatibility with "Captcha" plugin Fixed issue on Add-Ons Page that prevented addons to be activated right after install Fixed issue on multisite where Adminstrator roles were able to edit other users from frontend Added filters to edit other users dropdown:'wppb_display_edit_other_users_dropdown' and 'wppb_edit_profile_user_dropdown_role'

2.1.4 2015-04-15
  • Fixed vulnerability regarding activating/deactivationg addons through ajax. We added nonces and permission checks.
  • Added a filter in which we can change the classes on the li element for fields: 'wppb_field_css_class'
  • Fixed automatic login on registration when filtering the random username generated when login with email is active
2.1.3 2015-04-02
  • Fixed bug that prevented non-administrator roles to save fields in their profile on the admin area
  • Added Spanish translation thanks to Andrew Kurtis at
  • Styled the alerts and errors in registration/edit profile, above the forms
  • Added line in footer that asks users to leave a review if they enjoyed the plugin
  • Fixed bug in registration forms that allowed users to create accounts even when they removed the email box from the DOM
  • Fixed bug that was outputting wrong successful user registration message on multisite
  • We now can add fields from Addons that will save on user activation
  • Now WPPB_PLUGIN_DIR is pointing to the correct directory
2.1.2 2015-02-18
  • Created Add-On Page in Profile Builder
  • Added support for Twenty Fifteen theme to better target inputs
  • Add support for "redirect_url" parameter to Login shortcode (will do the same thing as "redirect" - for consistency)
  • Added "redirect_url" parameter to Register and Edit-profile shortcodes
2.1.1 2015-02-05
  • Added username validation for illegal characters
  • Fixed wp_mail() From headers being set sitewide
2.1.0 2015-01-22
  • Added option to Log In with either Username or Email.
  • Added default values for "Logout" shortcode so it displays even if you don't pass any arguments to it.
2.0.9 2015-01-14
  • Fixed bug that was causing the username to be sent instead of the email when login with email was set to true in the default registration emails.
  • Fixed bug in Password Reset email when Login with email was on.
  • The "This email is already reserved to be used soon" error wasn't appearing on single site when Email Confirmation was on. Now it does when it is the case.
  • Fixed bug that was causing an upload incompatibility with WordPress media uploader.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Password strength and Password length error messages to not be translatable.
  • Interface changes to forms in admin area on Profile Builder Pages.
  • Added possibility to edit other users from the front end edit form when an admin is logged in.
  • Added a popup in unconfirmed email user listing in admin area where the admin can see the users meta information.
  • Add logout shortcode and menu link to Profile Builder.
2.0.8 2014-12-15
  • Fixed problem that when Email Confirmation was active the password in the registration emails was empty. We now have a placeholder for when we can't send the actual password.
  • Added 'wppb_login_form_args' filter to filter wp_login_form() arguments.
  • Added css classes to loged in message links so we can style.
  • Fixed bug that was allowing us to change meta_name on un-editable fields:First Name, Last Name etc.
  • Fixed "Display Name Publicly as field on front-end.
  • Now User Email Confirmation works on multisite as expected.
  • Fixed bug that was throwing This email is already reserved to be used soon ERROR on Edit Profile form on multisite.
  • Fixed bug that caused metaboxes and the Profile Builder page to appeared for roles that shouldn't have.
2.0.7 2014-12-02
  • Added icon with tooltip on registration pages 'Users can register themselves or you can manually create users here' message
  • Updated translation files
  • Removed some php notices from the code-base
  • Improved theme compatibility for the submit buttons inside the Profile Builder forms
  • Removed UL dots from Register form in Chrome, Safari
2.0.6 2014-11-17
  • Fixed a bug with checkbox field that didn't pass the required if the value of the checkbox contained spaces
  • When email confirmation is enabled we no longer can send the selected password via email because we now store the hased password inside wp-signups table and not a encoded version of it. This was done to improve security
  • Fixed problem that was causing "Insert into post" image button not to work
  • Fixed Fatal error when having both Free and Premium versions activated.
  • Removing the meta name for extra fields is no longer possible
  • Added translation files
2.0.5 2014-11-06
  • Added notification to enable user registration via Profile Builder (Anyone can register checkbox).
  • Add register_url and lostpassword_url parameters to login shortcode.
  • Added filter to allow changing Lost Password link in login shortcode.
2.0.4 2014-10-29

Added $account_name as a parameter in the wppb_register_success_message filter Fixed typo in password strength meeter.

2.0.3 2014-10-23

Fixed bug that made radio buttons field types not to throw error when they are required Fixed XSS security vulnerability in fallback-page.php Reintroduced the filters:'wppb_generated_random_username', 'wppb_userlisting_extra_meta_email' and 'wppb_userlisting_extra_meta_user_name' Fixed the bug when changing the password in a edit profile form we were logged out

2.0.2 2014-10-21
  • Brand new user interface.
  • Drag & drop to reorder User Profile Fields.
  • More flexibility for Managing Default User Fields.
  • Better Security by Enforcing Minimum Password Length and Minimum Password Strength on all forms (front-end and back-end).
  • NOTE: upgrading from Profile Builder 1.1.x to 2.0.2 might make some of your plugin customization (if you have any ) not work because in the restructuring we had to drop some of the filters from 1.1.x.
1.1.67 2014-09-11

Added stripslashes to register shortcode.

1.1.66 2014-07-16

Sanitized forms against XSS exploits.

1.1.65 2014-07-10

Minor changes in the readme and index files.

1.1.64 2014-07-10

Minor changes in the readme and index files.

1.1.63 2014-07-10

Changes weren't saving on the Edit Profile page when profile was not fully updated.

1.1.62 2014-05-28

Minor changes to the readme file.

1.1.61 2014-05-28

Fixed a few notices in the plugin.

1.1.60 2014-05-28

Fixed a few notices in the plugin.

1.1.59 2014-04-08

Improved some of the queries meant to select users at certain points, hidden input value on front-end (Pro version) and the remember me checkbox on the login page.

1.1.58 2014-01-08
1.1.57 2013-12-11

Minor changes to the readme.txt file.

1.1.56 2013-12-03

Added activation_url and activation_link to the "Email Customizer" feature (pro). Also, once the "Email Confirmation" feature is activated, an option will appear to select the registration page for the "Resend confirmation email" feature, which was also added to the back-end userlisting.

1.1.55 2013-08-29

Minor changes in the plugin's readme file and updated the screenshots.

1.1.54 2013-06-10

Minor changes in the plugin's readme file.

1.1.53 2013-06-10

Minor changes in the plugin.

1.1.52 2013-06-10

Minor changes in the plugin.

1.1.51 2013-06-10

Minor changes in the plugin.

1.1.50 2013-06-10

Improved the userlisting feature in the Pro version.

1.1.49 2013-05-21

Fixed "Edit Profile" bug and impred the "Admin Approval" default listing (in the paid versions).

1.1.48 2013-05-21

Improved a few existing features (like WPML compatibility), and added a new feature: login with email address.

1.1.47 2013-03-21

Improved the "Email Confirmation" feature and a few other functions. Added new options for the "Userlisting" feature (available in the Pro version of Profile Buildeer). Added translations: persian (thanks to Ali Mirzaei,

1.1.46 2013-02-27

Improved a few existing functions.

1.1.45 2013-02-18

Fixed a few warnings on the register page.

1.1.44 2013-02-13

Minor changes to the readme file.

1.1.43 2013-02-13

Small bug fixed.

1.1.42 2013-02-13

Added a few improvements and fixed a few bugs.

1.1.41 2013-01-17

Email Confirmation bug on WPMU fixed.

1.1.40 2013-01-14

Minor changes to the readme file.

1.1.39 2013-01-14

Security issue fixed regarding the "Email Confirmation" feature

1.1.38 2013-01-10

Added a fix (suggested by regarding the admin bar not displaying properly in some instances.

1.1.37 2012-12-13

Minor changes to the readme file.

1.1.36 2012-12-13

Minor changes to the readme file.

1.1.35 2012-12-13

Added support for WP 3.5

1.1.34 2012-12-12

Separated some of the plugin's functions into separate files. Also fixed a few bugs.

1.1.33 2012-11-08

Fixed function where it wouldn't create the _signups table in the free version.

1.1.32 2012-09-10

Error fixed.

1.1.31 2012-09-03

Minor updates to the plugin files.

1.1.30 2012-08-27

Minor changes to the plugin.

1.1.29 2012-08-27

Minor changes to the readme file.

1.1.28 2012-08-27
1.1.27 2012-08-27
1.1.26 2012-05-22

Minor changes

1.1.25 2012-05-22
1.1.24 2012-01-19

Wordpress 3.3 support

1.1.23 2012-01-16

Consecutive bugfixes.

1.1.22 2012-01-16


1.1.21 2012-01-16


1.1.20 2012-01-16

Consecutive updates.

1.1.19 2012-01-16
1.1.18 2012-01-16

Small changes.

1.1.17 2012-01-16


1.1.16 2012-01-16

Minor bugfixes.

1.1.15 2012-01-16

Minor changes in the index file.

1.1.14 2012-01-03

Compatibility fix for WP version 3.3

1.1.13 2011-12-20
1.1.12 2011-11-29

Minor changes to readme file.

1.1.11 2011-11-29

Minor changes to readme file.

1.1.10 2011-11-29
1.1.9 2011-09-22

Minor changes to readme file.

1.1.8 2011-09-22
1.1.7 2011-08-19

Minor modification in the readme file.

1.1.5 2011-08-19
1.1 2011-07-06

Added a new user-interface (borrowed from the awesome plugin OptionTree created by Derek Herman), and bugfixes.

1.0.10 2011-07-06

Bugfix - The wp_update_user attempts to clear and reset cookies if it's updating the password. Because of that we get "headers already sent". Fixed by hooking into the init.

1.0.9 2011-05-06

Bugfix - On the edit profile page the website field added a new http:// everytime you updated your profile. Bugfix/ExtraFeature - Add support for shortcodes to be run in a text widget area.

1.0.8 2011-04-14
1.0.7 2011-04-14
1.0.1 2011-04-14

Changes to the ReadMe File

1.0.2 2011-04-14

Small changes.

1.0.3 2011-04-14
1.0.4 2011-04-14
1.0.5 2011-04-14

You can now actualy install the plugin. All because of a silly line break.

1.0.6 2011-04-14

Apparently the svn converts my EOL from Windows to Mac and because of that you get "The plugin does not have a valid header."

1.0 2011-04-14
  • Added the posibility of displaying/hiding default WordPress information-fields, and to modify basic layout.