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Version Release Date Change Log
3.7.2 2019-10-18
  • NEW Custom taxonomy for automatic schemas (eg: Brand for product schema) - PRO
  • NEW Add image caption and title to XML Image Sitemaps
  • NEW Image sitemaps now support shortcodes (useful with DIVI page builder)
  • NEW Add %%post_content%% dynamic variable to get the post content / product description
  • NEW 'seopress_titles_product_cat' hook to filter product categories using %%wc_single_cat%%
  • NEW 'seopress_titles_product_tag' hook to filter product categories using %%wc_single_tag%%
  • NEW 'seopress_titles_cat' hook to filter product categories using %%post_category%%
  • NEW 'seopress_titles_tag' hook to filter product tags using %%post_tag%%
  • INFO Improve schemas rendering to avoid "}" missing error in Google Search Console
  • FIX UI - Hide Redirections tab in SEO > Tools if SEOPress PRO is not enabled
  • FIX new meta robots
  • FIX Call to undefined function is_product() in /wp-seopress-pro/inc/functions/options-woocommerce.php:8
3.7.1 2019-10-09
  • NEW JobPosting schema (PRO)
  • NEW 'seopress_metabox_seo_tabs' hook to filter tabs in SEO metabox
  • NEW 'seopress_schemas_auto_job_html' hook to filter JobPosting global schema
  • NEW 'seopress_schemas_job_html' hook to filter JobPosting manual schema
  • NEW 'seopress_sitemaps_max_posts_per_sitemap' hook to filter max posts per paginated sitemap
  • INFO GA: we now follow all external links, even if you have not defined an empty target attribute
  • INFO Performance optimization
  • INFO Improving security
  • INFO Improving the user experience
3.7 2019-10-01
  • NEW Import metadata from CSV file: title, meta description, meta robots and more... (SEO > Tools > Data) - PRO
  • NEW Support the new Google meta robots (max-snippet:-1, max-image-preview:large, max-video-preview:-1), ON by default
  • INFO Improve translations
  • FIX %%current_pagination%% for first page
  • FIX robots.txt with Elementor didn't load in specific configurations
  • FIX Outbound links count in content analysis
  • FIX Last separator for breadcrumbs with "seopress_pro_breadcrumbs_crumbs" hook
3.6.5 2019-09-09
  • NEW XML Author sitemap
  • NEW 'seopress_schemas_organization_html' hook to filter Organization schema
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_titles' hook to remove Titles and metas block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_xml_sitemap' hook to remove Titles and metas block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_social' hook to remove Social block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_google_analytics' hook to remove Google Analytics block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_advanced' hook to remove Advanced block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_woocommerce' hook to remove WooCommerce block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_edd' hook to remove Easy Digital Downloads block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_local_business' hook to remove Local Business block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_dublin_core' hook to remove Dublin Core block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_breadcrumbs' hook to remove Breadcrumbs block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_schemas' hook to remove Schemas block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_page_speed' hook to remove Page Speed block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_robots' hook to remove Robots block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_news' hook to remove News block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_redirects' hook to remove Redirects block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_bot' hook to remove Bot (broken links) block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_backlinks' hook to remove Backlinks block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_rewrite' hook to remove Rewrite block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_htaccess' hook to remove htaccess block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_rss' hook to remove RSS block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_tools' hook to remove Tools (Import / Export) block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW 'seopress_remove_feature_license' hook to remove License block in SEO > Dashboard
  • INFO Aria-label attribute in breadcrumbs is now translatable
  • INFO %%current_pagination%% is now set to 1 by default
  • FIX 'seopress_sitemaps_html_pages_query' hook to include $cpt_key parameter
  • FIX bounce rate with custom dimensions
  • FIX Hierarchical post types in HTML sitemap
  • FIX CSS bug in SEO dashboard with WordPress 5.2.3
3.6.4 2019-08-29
  • NEW Add 'seopress_bot_query' hook to filter the broken links checker query
  • INFO Relevanssi users: posts marked as noindex are no longer indexed by default (Relevanssi 4.3.2 required)
  • INFO Updated Chart JS library
  • FIX primary category in XML sitemaps
  • FIX meta robots / canonical tags for static blog page
  • FIX Breadcrumbs with before / after HTML hooks (thanks to @wpchannel)
3.6.3 2019-08-22
  • INFO Improve code quality
  • INFO Improve security
  • FIX Notice: Undefined index: seopress_backlinks_majestic_key
  • FIX Notice: Undefined index: seopress_robots_file
  • FIX Notice: Undefined index: seopress_rss_before_html
  • FIX Notice: Undefined index: seopress_rss_after_html
  • FIX Saving FAQ manual schema
  • FIX Saving Service description manual schema
  • FIX Saving Recipe ingredients manual schema
  • FIX Saving Recipe instructions manual schema
  • FIX Pixels counter color
  • FIX Some CSS
  • FIX map_meta_cap was called incorrectly. The post type seopress_404 is not registered, so it may not be reliable to check the capability "edit_post" against a post of that type.
  • FIX Undefined variable in installation wizard 2019-08-13
  • FIX Video duration for manual edit (automatic schema)
  • FIX Notice: Undefined variable: seopress_excerpt_length
  • FIX undefined 'post_author' variable if no posts in author archive
  • FIX %%post_author%% and %%author_bio%% variables
  • FIX Redirections with HTML entities
3.6.2 2019-08-08
  • NEW Add custom manual / automatic schema with dynamic variables (PRO)
  • NEW Add custom tracking code after opening body tag like Google Tag Manager
  • NEW Add meta name "thumbnail" option in SEO > Titles and metas > Single post types to display post thumbnail in Google Custom Search (eg:
  • NEW Add FAQ global schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'keywords' for Recipe schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'recipeCuisine' for Recipe schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'recipeIngredient' for Recipe schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'recipeInstructions' for Recipe schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'BlogPosting' for Article schema (PRO)
  • NEW 'seopress_schemas_auto_faq_html' hook to filter FAQ global schema
  • NEW 'seopress_sitemaps_single_img' hook to add custom fields to XML image sitemaps
  • NEW 'seopress_sitemaps_html_pages_depth_query' hook to filter depth for hierarchical contents in HTML sitemap
  • NEW 'seopress_custom_body_tracking' hook to filter custom body tracking
  • NEW 'seopress_titles_template_variables_array' && 'seopress_titles_template_replace_array' hook to filter dynamic variables for title tag / meta description
  • NEW Add keywords density to content analysis to help you avoid keyword stuffing
  • NEW Add outbound links to content analysis (in links tab)
  • INFO WP-Rocket now automatically detect our XML sitemaps (WP-Rocket 3.3.7 required)
  • INFO Add quick button separator for title fields
  • INFO You can now disable BOT / Broken links checker from the SEO dashboard (admin bar, menu page and post type)
  • INFO Improve content analysis by removing empty target keywords
  • INFO Remove Alexa Rank feature (the API is no longer provided for free by Amazon)
  • INFO Translate Google Analytics UA option field with WPML / Polylang
  • INFO Automatic schemas tab is now the default one in Structured Data Types metabox
  • INFO Checks if the redirects feature is active before importing redirects
  • FIX Some translation strings / localize strings
  • FIX wpml-config.xml file, WPML / Polylang users can now translate Archives title and meta description (eg: shop page)
  • FIX Recipe schema: cooking time / calories / yield / total time
  • FIX Custom tracking code in head
  • FIX Remove Website schema if nositelinkssearchbox option is ON 2019-07-26
  • FIX s(...).tabs is not a function in seopress-cookies.min.js
3.6.1 2019-07-25
  • INFO PHP 5.6 is now the minimum requirement
  • INFO Small performance improvements
  • INFO Refactoring some JS files (drastic weight reduction)
  • INFO Support %%title%% dynamic variable (alias of %%post_title%%') in title / meta description
  • INFO Remove query strings for social sharing and image XML sitemaps
  • FIX Canonical placeholder value in SEO metabox for terms taxonomy
  • FIX Undefined variable: html
  • FIX Breadcrumbs shortcode
  • FIX Fatal error SEOPRESS_Language_Packs
  • FIX Notice array to string conversion
  • FIX Saving image fields for automatic schemas
3.6 2019-07-17
  • NEW Using the pixel to calculate the length of title / meta description (beta)
  • NEW All translations are now maintained on TranslationsPress
  • NEW Remove static Shop page defined in WooCommerce settings from Breadcrumbs (PRO)
  • NEW Google Ads (SEO > Google Analytics > Tracking tab)
  • NEW Import redirects from Yoast Premium (PRO)
  • NEW Service schema (automatic and manual - PRO)
  • NEW "seopress_metaboxe_term_seo_priority" hook to filter SEO metabox priority in terms taxonomy
  • NEW "seopress_gtag_ua" hook to filter Google UA tag + features
  • NEW "seopress_gtag_ads" hook to filter Google Ads tag
  • NEW "seopress_pro_breadcrumbs_crumbs" hook to filter crumbs for breadcrumbs
  • NEW "seopress_sitemaps_html_cpt" hook to filter post types for HTML sitemap
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_auto_service_html' hook to filter automatic service schema (PRO)
  • INFO Refactoring broken links checker feature (PRO)
  • INFO Remove stop words feature
  • INFO JSON-LD breadcrumbs is now automatically called in the head of your document (if enabled). No longer need to manually add the function in your theme.
  • INFO Improve UI for License page / displaying license error
  • INFO Improve UI for Tools page
  • INFO Improve CSS for Schemas
  • INFO Improve SEO metabox UI for term taxonomy
  • INFO Improve Content Analysis metabox UI
  • INFO Removal of the version number in the header of the SEO dashboard (too confusing)
  • INFO Significant performance improvement for Google Analytics widget in Dashboard
  • INFO Improve select values for automatic schemas
  • INFO Better Admin Columns PRO integration (thanks Stefan from ACPRO team @admincolumns)
  • INFO Minify some JS files to slightly improve performance
  • INFO Remove 100 CSS lines in seopress-pro.css
  • FIX Social meta tags for Shop Page (WooCommerce)
  • FIX Some translation strings
  • FIX Add a check to avoid displaying empty automatic schemas
  • FIX White Label: Remove SEOPress admin header
  • FIX SEO metabox position for term taxonomy is now using the setting defined in SEO > Advanced
  • FIX Undefined variable: article_img_height for article schema
  • FIX Undefined variable: article_img_width for article schema
  • FIX Redirections category filtering in backend
  • FIX JS error ctx is not defined when configuring Google Analytics widget in Dashboard
  • FIX Notice Only variables should be passed by reference in Import tool page
  • FIX CSS position sticky with Safari
  • FIX CSS for FAQ schema (Structured data types metabox)
  • FIX Display the searched keyword in the breadcrumb
  • FIX HTML Entities decode in placeholders for SEO metabox
  • FIX Product Global Identifiers type and value for manual Product schema
  • FIX Using WooCommerce product metas with automatic schemas
  • FIX Broken link checker percentage of completion
  • FIX Strip HTML comments in title / schemas (especially those of Gutenberg)
3.5.8 2019-07-02
  • NEW Installation wizard!
  • NEW Import redirects from Redirections plugin
  • NEW Display and automatically accept the users consent on page load (not fully GDPR) for Google Analytics
  • INFO Compatibility with LifterLMS plugin
  • INFO Improve redirections export to CSV
  • FIX Import/export redirects tool for query param
  • FIX Links in SEO Tools
  • FIX Post type archive link if no posts page set in Settings > Reading for HTML sitemap
3.5.7 2019-06-07
  • NEW Add 23 LocalBusiness types
  • FIX Sitemap for subdirectory installs
  • FIX get_home_url() with WPML
3.5.6 2019-06-04
  • NEW Rank Math importer
  • FIX Notice in HTML sitemap
  • FIX Fatal Error with manual Product Schema if Brand isn't defined
3.5.5 2019-06-03
  • FIX Fatal errors
  • FIX Strings translation
3.5.4 2019-06-03
  • NEW brand field for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW aggregateRating for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW review for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW global identifiers field for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW SKU field for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW priceValidUntil field for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW URL for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW Remove default JSON-LD structured data (WooCommerce 3+, PRO)
  • NEW 'seopress_ga_dashboard_widget_cap' hook to filter Google Analytics dashboard widget capability (PRO)
  • INFO Small performance improvements
  • INFO Add default values for Product schema if empty fields (for manual and automatic)
  • INFO Google Analytics dashboard widget is now only visible for users with "edit_dashboard" capability (PRO)
  • FIX Page Speed screenshots (PRO)
  • FIX Notices in Page Speed analysis (PRO)
  • FIX Esc_attr for term taxonomies
  • FIX Revert itemscope attribute in Breadcrumbs (it's not possible to be valid both in W3C and in Google Structured Data test tool, PRO)
3.5.3 2019-05-29
  • NEW Add 'seopress_dublin_core_language' hook to filter Dublin Core language
  • FIX itemscope attribute in Breadcrumbs
  • FIX Conflict between SEO and Schemas metboxes
  • FIX XML sitemaps compatibility with WPML (double slash, prefix in URLs...)
3.5.2 2019-05-22
  • INFO Block Ahrefs bot in 1 click (SEO > PRO > robots.txt)
  • FIX robots.txt save in multisite setup
  • FIX Title in Content Analysis
  • FIX CSS typo
3.5.1 2019-05-22
  • NEW Add %%sku%% dynamic variable (thanks to Necdet Emre Ozpalamutcu)
  • INFO Improve content analysis by adding nositelinkssearchbox detection
  • INFO Refactoring some JS files
  • INFO Improve UI in redirections edit screen
  • INFO Improve UI in Social pages
  • INFO Display page post type first in HTML sitemap page
  • INFO Display post type archive link in HTML sitemap if available
  • FIX XML Product category sitemaps with latest version of WooCommerce
  • FIX Content analysis if target keywords field empty
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_analysis_target_kw
  • FIX noimageindex meta tags detection in content analysis
  • FIX Google Optimize if empty
  • FIX CSS conflicts with WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads
3.5 2019-05-15
  • NEW WP 5.2 compatibility
  • NEW Automatic schemas for your posts, pages, post types: article, local business, course, recipe, video, event, product, review (SEO > PRO > Structured Data Types)! (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_auto_article_html' hook to filter automatic review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_auto_lb_html' hook to filter automatic review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_auto_course_html' hook to filter automatic review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_auto_recipe_html' hook to filter automatic review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_auto_video_html' hook to filter automatic review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_auto_event_html' hook to filter automatic review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_auto_product_html' hook to filter automatic review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_auto_review_html' hook to filter automatic review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_article_html' hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_lb_html' hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_faq_html' hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_course_html' hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_recipe_html' hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_video_html' hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_event_html' hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_product_html' hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_schemas_review_html' hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_titles_article_published_time' hook to filter article published time meta
  • NEW Add 'seopress_titles_article_modified_time' hook to filter article published time meta
  • NEW Add 'seopress_titles_og_updated_time' hook to filter article published time meta
  • NEW Add additional tracking code like Facebook Pixel, Hotjar... from SEO > Analytics > Tracking (PRO)
  • NEW Add seopress_gtag_after_additional_tracking_html hook to filter custom tracking
  • NEW White label: remove SEOPress icons on the right in header (changelog, YouTube, Twitter...) - (PRO)
  • NEW Add SEOPRESS_WL_ICONS_HEADER define to remove SEOPress icons
  • INFO WordPress 4.6 is now the minimum recommended version
  • INFO Removing multiple references to SEOPress to improve the white label
  • FIX White label for subsites in a multisite setup
  • FIX TotalTime for recipe schema
  • FIX Remove /category/ in content (thanks to Udo Telaar)! Flush your permalinks!
3.4 2019-04-19
  • NEW Automatically set the image Title based on filename
  • NEW Automatically set the image Alt text based on filename
  • NEW Automatically set the image Caption based on filename
  • NEW Automatically set the image Description based on filename
  • NEW Redirect attachment pages to the file URL
  • NEW Query parameters of redirections (exact match, exclude all parameters, exclude all parameters and passed them to the redirection)
  • NEW Google Optimize
  • INFO Show content analysis tab even if there is no target keyword entered
  • FIX Escape attribute on custom field dynamic variable (thanks @wpchannel)
  • FIX Word count for Themify builder plugin
3.3.15 2019-04-16
  • FIX Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context
3.3.14 2019-04-10
  • NEW Paginated XML Sitemaps (NGINX USERS READ THIS PLEASE: you must update your nginx configuration file. More info here:
  • NEW Add categories for redirects (PRO)
  • FIX Redirects with parameters in specific cases
  • FIX CSS admin body class 2019-03-21
  • FIX CSS admin body class
3.3.13 2019-03-20
  • INFO Update updater
  • FIX The link has expired with very specific configurations
  • FIX Can't save PRO options with some configurations
  • FIX PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in options-redirections.php on line 18
  • FIX CSS admin body class hook
3.3.12 2019-03-10
  • NEW Support Redirects with parameters (PRO)
  • NEW Add Argentina Peso currency (PRO)
  • NEW White label settings + Multisite (PRO)
  • INFO Improve Content Analysis UX/UI if no target keywords
  • INFO Improve UI in Permalink settings page
  • FIX Test redirection link and Test your URL button (PRO)
  • FIX Notice Trying to get property 'ID' of non-object in wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/functions/options-titles-metas.php:439
  • FIX Notice Trying to get property 'ID' of non-object in wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/functions/options-titles-metas.php:807 2019-02-28
  • FIX Content Analysis for non UTF-8 characters
  • FIX H1 count for Content Analysis
  • FIX Content Analysis for Images and links detection 2019-02-27
  • FIX SSL verification for Content Analysis / Snippet Preview!
3.3.11 2019-02-26
  • NEW Add seopress_category_rewrite_rules hook to filter rewrite rules for category taxonomy
  • INFO Content analysis is now working with draft / pending review / published posts
  • FIX Date Picker CSS conflict
  • FIX WP Editor in term description
3.3.10 2019-02-24
  • NEW Content analysis for all page builders / themes
  • NEW Add Turkish language
  • INFO Improve CSS
  • FIX Security
3.3.9 2019-02-15
  • NEW WP 5.1 compatibility
  • NEW German language updated by WP Translations
  • NEW Select a primary category for post permalink
  • NEW WooCommerce dynamic variables for title / meta desc: price with taxes (%%wc_single_price%%), price without taxes (%%wc_single_price_exc_tax%%)
  • INFO Better URL encoding for canonical / dc.relation / dc.source / og.url
  • INFO Add is_wp_error checks for custom taxonomy in title tag
  • FIX Canonical URL for old permalink
  • FIX redirects with + sign
  • FIX CSS in Tools blocking buttons
  • FIX og:image:alt esc_attr 2019-02-08
  • FIX Remove Google +
3.3.8 2019-02-08
  • NEW Remove the advice if None schema selected option in SEO > Advanced > Appearance (PRO)
  • INFO Add new notification in SEO > Dashboard about 404 cleaning
  • INFO Improve UI/UX for License page / XML Sitemaps
  • INFO Improve UI when clicking Import / Export redirects buttons
  • INFO Google Analytics links to documentation updated
  • INFO Google Suggestions is now localized to your country (PRO)
  • FIX Warning Invalid argument supplied for foreach() when using filters to remove metaboxes (thanks to John Buchanan)
  • FIX Remove Blog page for Tags / Categories option
  • FIX Cross domains tracking if multiple domains
  • FIX OG:type video.other
  • FIX Import SEOPress Google Analytics settings (thanks to @wpchannel)
  • FIX Permalink encoding in Google Snippet Preview / XML Sitemaps (thanks to Tsika Boom)
  • FIX Compatibility with WPML and e-commerce features for XML sitemaps
  • FIX Tribe events for XML Sitemaps
  • FIX Reset License button
  • FIX Compatibility with WPML/Events Calendar/HTML sitemap
3.3.7 2019-01-30
  • NEW Add 'seopress_sitemaps_html_cat_query' filter to HTML sitemap
  • NEW Add 'seopress_sitemaps_html_pages_query' filter to HTML sitemap
  • NEW Add menu_order option for HTML sitemap
  • NEW Remove static Posts page defined in WordPress Reading settings from Breadcrumbs (PRO)
  • NEW Enhanced Google Analytics Dashboard widget (PRO)
  • NEW Add 92 Types for Local Business schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_rgpd_full_message' filter for user consent message (PRO)
  • NEW Add Persian language
  • INFO HTML sitemap now lists your content hierarchically if the custom post type is (eg: Pages).
  • INFO A11Y for cookie bar
  • INFO Update of the logo for 404 email notification
  • FIX Shortcode for user consent message if privacy page not available
  • FIX 404 filter in post type list
  • FIX Encoding for tags and categories in Video XML sitemap
  • FIX Import / export Redirections
  • FIX SEOPress icon font
3.3.6 2019-01-14
  • INFO Allow rel attribute in RSS feeds
  • INFO Improve license notification
  • FIX Multisite: metaboxes did not show up if super_admin user role
  • FIX Google News Sitemap (news:title encoding)
  • FIX Count words column (was displaying unique words instead of words)
  • FIX Warning invalid argument for Page Speed
3.3.5 2019-01-10
  • INFO Add admin notice for License / automatic update (PRO)
  • INFO Password posts are now excluded by default from XML Sitemaps
  • FIX Video / Image sitemaps
  • FIX SEO tools URLs
  • FIX Notice: do_shortcode_tag was called incorrectly in XML Sitemaps
  • FIX Progress-bar CSS conflict with WPML
  • FIX PHP Warning: htmlspecialchars(): charset 'UTF-8;' not supported, assuming utf-8 (to fix bad server PHP configuration)
3.3.4 2019-01-06
  • FIX Notice: Undefined variable: seopress_social_og_thumb
3.3.3 2019-01-03
  • NEW Add og:image:width, og:image:height, og:image:alt and og:image:secure_url for better social sharing
  • FIX Notice $is_block_editor
3.3.2 2018-12-31
  • FIX Support non unicode characters and accents in Redirections
3.3.1 2018-12-31
  • NEW Add Ukrainian hryvnia currency (PRO)
  • INFO Improvement of UI
  • FIX Rollback for executing shortcode in meta description: replace do_shortcode by strip_shortcodes
  • FIX Display meta description only if not empty
3.3 2018-12-30
  • NEW Add Simple Review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Update Google Page Speed to API Version 5 (PRO)
  • NEW Add Persan language (thanks to Dariush Ojabonian)
  • NEW Add separator button in SEO metabox
  • NEW Use [seopress_privacy_page] in Consent message for user tracking field to get Privacy Page URL dynamically
  • NEW Add og:locale:alternate with Polylang
  • NEW Add Target keywords quick edit from post type list
  • INFO Support DIVI / Elegant Theme Builder / Visual Composer / page builders using shortcodes for meta description / social / Image XML sitemaps... ()
  • INFO User cookie bar A11Y / CSS / HTML improvements
  • INFO Improvement of notification for license activation
  • INFO Improvement of XML Image sitemap
  • INFO Improvement of import/export tool
  • INFO Update seopress-cookies.min.js
  • INFO Allow target (eg: _blank) attribute in consent message for user tracking textarea
  • INFO Phasing out jQuery dependency
  • INFO Update SEOPress webfont
  • INFO Add Validate my schema button for Structured Data Types metabox (PRO)
  • FIX PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function get_category_link(), 0 passed in /wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress-pro/inc/functions/options-breadcrumbs.php on line 488
  • FIX Increase timeout to generate Google Snippet Preview (5 to 15 seconds), useful on slow server
  • FIX Stop words now only applied when post is published, not updated
  • FIX Stop words and Polylang conflict
  • FIX User consent message bar with caching plugins
  • FIX Quick edit in post types
  • FIX Bulk edit for custom post types
  • FIX Logo preview in Structured Data Types
  • FIX Words counter column in post type list
  • FIX Breadcrumbs with custom search URL (PRO)
  • FIX Breadcrumbs with default search URL
  • FIX Notice Trying to get property 'labels' of non-object
  • FIX Notice Trying to get property 'name' of non-object
  • FIX Notice undefined index 'seopress_google_analytics_ua'
  • FIX Notice undefined index 'seopress_google_analytics_opt_out_msg_ok'
  • FIX Notice undefined index 'seopress_google_analytics_cross_domain'
  • FIX Notice undefined variable 'seopress_local_business_type_option'
3.2.6 2018-12-13
  • FIX Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen()
3.2.5 2018-12-12
  • NEW Add hook 'seopress_real_preview_remote' to filter Google Snippet Preview remote request and allow htaccess/htpasswd
  • INFO Support maintenance plugin for Google Snippet Preview
  • FIX Gutenberg compatibility if Classic Editor activated
3.2.4 2018-12-12
  • NEW Add Guternberg / WP 5.0 compatibility
  • INFO German translation updated (thanks to Nicola Stobbe)
  • INFO Support %%sitename%% (alias of %%sitetitle%%) in titles and description
  • FIX %%post_author%% dynamic variable in meta description
  • FIX CSS on Breadcrumbs
  • FIX Elementor compatibility when creating new single template
3.2.3 2018-12-02
  • NEW Add ?replytocom option (SEO > Advanced settings)
  • NEW Add Business type option to Local Business Schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add "None" choice for Contact option (Knowledge Graph)
  • NEW Add Bulgarian lev currency to Product / Event data type (PRO)
  • INFO Add Help tab in Licence page
  • INFO Redirect URL is no longer needed if status code is set to 410 / 451
  • INFO Add 404, 410 and 451 redirects to filters in Redirections list
  • INFO Improve UI/UX
  • INFO Remove max limit to "Number of posts / pages / post types to scan"
  • FIX Remove WooCommerce pages from sitemap if noindex set in SEO > PRO > WooCommerce
  • FIX Video schema publisher logo
  • FIX Dutch translation string (thanks to Dirk)
  • FIX check if XML sitemaps feature on/off
  • FIX Add checks to Structured Data Types fields
  • FIX Words counter
  • FIX conflict with Google XML Sitemaps
  • FIX Undefined notice in admin.php line 177
  • FIX HTML sitemap with WPML
  • FIX article:author / article:publisher
  • FIX JSON/LD Breadcrumbs can now be used without HTML Breadcrumbs
3.2.2 2018-11-05
  • NEW Add %%sep%% dynamic variable (custom separator)
  • NEW Add %%post_modified_date%% dynamic variable for meta title / desc
  • NEW Add meta property article:author and article:publisher for Open Graph
  • NEW Capture the user agent for 404 monitoring (PRO)
  • NEW Add itemCondition for Product schema (PRO)
  • INFO Improve UI
  • INFO Add option to disable Knowledge graph (select None in Person or organization field, in SEO > Social Networks)
  • FIX Snippet preview counters if no custom title / meta desc set
  • FIX WPML XML sitemap issue
  • FIX Breadcrumbs with WooCommerce
  • FIX Disable date archives
3.2.1 2018-10-25
  • FIX Image sitemaps
3.2 2018-10-22
  • NEW WPML officially supported (still one issue with duplicate sitemap)
  • NEW Polylang compatibility for translating options (site title, global titles / meta desc, google analytics user consent message...)
  • NEW The SEO Framework import tool
  • NEW Add Local Business schema on a per post basis
  • NEW Add FAQ schema on a per post basis
  • NEW Add orber/order by option for HTML Sitemap (SEO > XML / HTML Sitemap > HTML Sitemap)
  • NEW 'seopress_404_exclude' to filter 404 error creation
  • NEW Add 410 (gone) and 451 (Unavailable For Legal Reasons) redirections type
  • NEW Add Arabic language (thanks to Moqbel Bajri)
  • NEW Prevent Google to display a sitelinks searchbox in search results (nositelinkssearchbox)
  • NEW Remove Genesis SEO link in WP Admin Menu (SEO > Advanced > Appearance)
  • NEW Add Indonesian rupiah currency to Product data type (PRO)
  • INFO Updating Google Analytics API source
  • INFO Better UI for meta robots
  • INFO Automatically exclude URLs starting with "wp-content/cache" from 404 monitoring
  • INFO Exclude base64 img from XML Sitemaps
  • INFO New notifications to detect already active SEO plugins to avoid conflicts
  • FIX Import tool (AIO, Yoast, The SEO Framework)
  • FIX XML Video sitemap
  • FIX dynamic variables in term titles / term description
  • FIX 'seopress_breadcrumbs_after_html' hook
  • FIX redirects
  • FIX Video and News sitemaps template_include
  • FIX First thumbnail from the_content for OG/Twitter img
  • FIX Couldn't fetch XML sitemaps with the new Google Search Console
  • FIX Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /****/wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/admin/admin.php:3074)
  • FIX Avoid error 500 if mbstring PHP module is not installed, add fallback if not available
3.1.1 2018-09-07
  • FIX Yoast/AIO import tool
  • FIX Updater! (PRO)
3.1 2018-09-06
  • NEW All In One SEO importer
  • NEW JSON/LD for Breadcrumbs (PRO)
  • NEW Add German language (thanks to Nicola Stobbe)
  • NEW Add Greek language (thanks to Stratos Karavarakis)
  • NEW Add author biography tag for meta description
  • NEW Add seopress_404_cleaning_query hook to filter 404 cleaning query (PRO)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_rgpd_message' hook to filter user consent message (RGPD)
  • NEW Add Valid from / Image / Description in Event data type (PRO)
  • NEW Add new types of Events for Structured Data types (PRO)
  • NEW Add Indian Rupee / Chilean Pesos / Vietnamese ng currency to Product data type (PRO)
  • INFO Complete refactoring of the breadcrumb trail: more flexible, more efficient
  • INFO Add link to post type archive in SEO > Titles & metas > Archives (if has_archive is true)
  • INFO Remove Whois tool
  • INFO Change default ItemCondition from UsedCondition to NewCondition for Product schema (PRO)
  • INFO Improve Yoast importer tool
  • INFO Improve Google Snippet Preview UI
  • INFO Add date picker in Event data type to improve UX/UI (PRO)
  • INFO Improve Reset License action
  • INFO Improve UI
  • INFO Improve performance
  • FIX Undefined index: responseCode
  • FIX Post update messages if 404 monitoring is on
  • FIX Undefined variable: seopress_404_test
  • FIX 404 cleaning after 30 days (PRO)
  • FIX Ping Google manually link
  • FIX Disable News Sitemap if green toggle off
  • FIX Some strings translation / wrong text domain
  • FIX TechArticle selected value in admin
  • FIX Fixing updater / license "the link has expired"
  • FIX If default search parameter is empty, do not display quotes in breadcrumbs / meta title
  • FIX Calculation of title length / meta description for content analysis
  • FIX Use OG if no Twitter Cards
  • FIX OG/Twitter cards thumbnail if Your latest posts is set for homepage
3.0 2018-07-24
  • NEW 404 monitoring will now automatically exclude crawlers (robots/spiders)
  • NEW Hide SEO tools option in SEOPress dashboard page
  • NEW Hide Useful links option in SEOPress dashboard page
  • NEW Add 'seopress_404_bots' hook to filter bots list
  • NEW Add 'seopress_adminbar_icon' hook to filter SEOPress icon in adminbar (White labeling)
  • NEW Add SEOPRESS_WL_ADMIN_HEADER define to remove SEOPress admin header (White labeling)
  • NEW Add SEOPRESS_WL_ADMIN_HEADER_LOGO define to change SEOPress logo in admin header (White labeling)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_content_analysis_content' hook to filter the analyzed content (eg: adding custom fields, ACF fields...)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_custom_tracking' hook to add your custom tracking code (Facebook Pixel, Hotjar...) with user consent
  • NEW Breadcrumbs: add translation for homepage option
  • NEW Breadcrumbs: add translation for 404 error option
  • NEW Breadcrumbs: add translation for Search results option
  • NEW Breadcrumbs: add translation for No results option
  • INFO Improve UI / UX
  • INFO Improve CSS / JS registering
  • INFO Performances improvement
  • INFO A11Y for Breadcrumbs (remove title attr)
  • INFO Better microdata markup for Breadcrumbs
  • INFO Remove News keywords / genres / standout tag for News XML Sitemap to match new guidelines
  • INFO You can now delete "Your theme doesn't use add_theme_support('title-tag');" notice
  • INFO Add compatibility for Admin Columns > 4.3 (older versions of AC will stop working with SEOPress, please update)
  • INFO Improve content analysis
  • INFO Decrease meta description length to 160 characters
  • INFO Meta robots for articles and terms (noindex, nofollow, nosnippet, noodp, noarchive, noimageindex) are now precoched according to the global parameters.
  • FIX Change og:price:amount prefix to product
  • FIX Change og:price:currency prefix to product
  • FIX Event calendar compatibility with Breadcrumbs
  • FIX If Google News sitemap is off, Video tab doesn't display in SEO metaboxe
  • FIX [seopress_breadcrumbs] shortcode to return instead of echo
  • FIX jQuery accordion error
  • FIX %%archive_date%% in title/meta desc
  • FIX Udpater
2.9.3 2018-06-12
  • FIX PHP 5.4 compatibility (we strongly recommend users to upgrade to PHP 7.2) 2018-06-11
  • FIX Encoding in xml image sitemaps
2.9.2 2018-06-11
  • FIX Encoding some characters in xml image sitemaps & og:image
2.9.1 2018-06-08
  • FIX og:image
2.9 2018-06-07
  • NEW Video XML Sitemap (PRO Only)
  • NEW Add Google Suggest to find top 10 suggestions / keywords for your post (PRO Only)
  • NEW Add Romanian language (thanks to @antonio)
  • NEW Add Chinese language (thanks to @stanma)
  • NEW Add seopress_excerpt_length hook to filter excerpt length
  • NEW Add 'seopress_sitemaps_video_query' hook to filter video xml sitemap query
  • NEW og:image and twitter:image tags now automatically take the first image of the post if no post thumbnail
  • INFO Add og:title, og:description, og:image, twitter:title, twitter:description and twitter:image values from source code to placeholders
  • INFO Trim words for category, tag and term description on og:description and twitter:description meta (default: 50 words, use 'seopress_excerpt_length' hook to filter)
  • INFO add a check on "Discourage search engines from indexing this site" option before rendering meta robots
  • INFO Improve UI in notifications center
  • INFO Add useful information about og:image and twitter:image as image ratio, size etc when uploading
  • INFO Set meta robots to noindex if is a password protected page
  • INFO Detect relative urls in XML Image sitemap and fix them
  • FIX Export redirections file (thanks to Rmy Rouqual)
  • FIX Remove post type archive link in single XML sitemap if noindex set (thanks to Momo Zaza)
  • FIX Flush permalinks ajax
  • FIX XML Category sitemap if remove /category/ enabled
  • FIX Strip html comments in meta description / og:description / twitter:description / dc.description for excerpt/post content
  • FIX Fix translation in Local business
2.8.3 2018-05-14
  • INFO Add shop base to breadcrumbs if WooCommerce is enabled for single product and archive page (product cat and product tag)
  • FIX Columns in post types
  • FIX some text-domain
  • FIX Flush permalinks ajax
2.8.2 2018-05-09
  • FIX Google Analytics GDPR compatibility
  • FIX Search URL rewrite
  • FIX 4 notices in SEOPress dashboard
  • FIX 1 fatal error seopress_get_toggle_rewrite_option()
2.8.1 2018-05-08
  • FIX Fatal error, hook too early
2.8 2018-05-08
  • NEW GDPR for Google Analytics: request user's consent for analytics tracking
  • NEW Search results URL rewriting, eg: (PRO only)
  • NEW Add ARIA label to breadcrumbs
  • NEW %%_ct_your_custom_taxonomy_slug%% dynamic variable for title / meta description
  • NEW %%currentday%% dynamic variables for title / meta description
  • NEW %%currentmonth%% dynamic variables for title / meta description
  • NEW %%currentyear%% dynamic variables for title / meta description
  • NEW %%currentdate%% dynamic variables for title / meta description
  • NEW %%currenttime%% dynamic variables for title / meta description
  • NEW %%archive_title%% dynamic variable for title / meta description
  • NEW %%archive_date_day%% dynamic variable for title / meta description
  • NEW %%archive_date_month%% dynamic variable for title / meta description
  • NEW %%archive_date_year%% dynamic variable for title / meta description
  • NEW Add 'seopress_pro_breadcrumbs_css' hook to filter breadcrumbs inline CSS
  • NEW Add 'seopress_pro_breadcrumbs_sep' hook to filter breadcrumbs separator
  • INFO Remove "seopress-breadcrumb" class
  • INFO Add echo parameter to 'seopress_display_breadcrumbs' function, default true, set to false to return the breadcrumbs
  • INFO Remove SEOPress PRO ad in Add plugin section
  • INFO Add a message when import settings is done
  • FIX Word count in Content Analysis metaboxe
  • FIX XML Sitemaps standard images
  • FIX PHP Notice: Undefined index: _ajax_nonce
2.7.3 2018-04-15
  • FIX Meta title / description
2.7.2 2018-04-14
  • NEW Add Vietnamese language (thanks to Anh)
  • NEW Add seopress_titles_canonical hook to filter canonical URL tag
  • NEW Add seopress_social_og_title hook to filter OG title tag
  • NEW Add seopress_social_og_desc hook to filter OG description tag
  • NEW Add seopress_social_og_thumb hook to filter OG thumbnail tag
  • NEW Add seopress_social_og_url hook to filter OG URL tag
  • NEW Add seopress_social_og_site_name hook to filter OG site name tag
  • NEW Add seopress_social_og_locale hook to filter OG locale tag
  • NEW Add seopress_social_twitter_card_title hook to filter Twitter card title tag
  • NEW Add seopress_social_twitter_card_desc hook to filter Twitter card description tag
  • NEW Add seopress_social_twitter_card_thumb hook to filter Twitter card thumbnail tag
  • NEW Add seopress_social_twitter_card_summary hook to filter Twitter card summary tag
  • NEW Add seopress_social_twitter_card_site hook to filter Twitter card site tag
  • NEW Add seopress_social_twitter_card_creator hook to filter Twitter card creator tag
  • NEW Add seopress_dublin_core_title hook to filter Dublic Core title tag
  • NEW Add seopress_dublin_core_desc hook to filter Dublic Core description tag
  • NEW Add seopress_dublin_core_relation hook to filter Dublic Core relation tag
  • NEW Add seopress_dublin_core_source hook to filter Dublic Core source tag
  • INFO Remove canonical URL if noindex set
  • FIX Notice: Undefined variable: seopress_titles_title_template
  • FIX Notice: Undefined variable: seopress_titles_description_template
  • FIX Improve breadcrumbs compatibility with WooCommerce
  • FIX Dutch translation
2.7.1 2018-04-05
  • NEW Add seopress_titles_title hook to filter title tag
  • NEW Add seopress_titles_desc hook to filter meta description
  • NEW Add seopress_titles_robots hook to filter meta robots (complete tag)
  • NEW Add seopress_titles_noindex hook to filter meta robots noindex value
  • NEW Add seopress_titles_nofollow hook to filter meta robots nofollow value
  • NEW Add seopress_titles_nosnippet hook to filter meta robots nosnippet value
  • NEW Add seopress_titles_noarchive hook to filter meta robots noarchive value
  • NEW Add seopress_titles_noodp hook to filter meta robots noodp value
  • NEW Add seopress_titles_noimageindex hook to filter meta google noimageindex
  • NEW Add seopress_ga_dashboard_widget filter to remove Google Analytics Widget in Dashboard (PRO Only, feature requested by @wpchannel)
  • INFO "Discourage search engines from indexing this site" option (Settings > Reading), is not impacting anymore Titles & metas in frontend
  • INFO Improve Post type title in HTML Sitemap (suggested by @mickaelgris)
  • INFO Autoredirect sitemap.xml to sitemaps.xml
  • FIX Export redirections CSV file
  • FIX backslashes in metas
  • FIX Google Snippet Preview
2.7 2018-03-22
  • NEW Export redirections to CSV file (PRO only)
  • NEW Add Redirection URL and Redirection Enable columns in post types (Go to SEO > Advanced > Appearance to enable them)
  • NEW Swedish stop words
  • NEW Add Dutch language (thanks to Sebastiaan Hendriks)
  • INFO Import tool from Yoast now supports large amount of posts (tested with 10 000 posts)
  • INFO Improve server software detection (thanks to @KulkaNicolas)
  • INFO Improve design to separate 301/302/307 redirections compare to 404 errors (PRO Only)
  • FIX Double echo in Breadcrumbs
  • FIX Encoding in Google Snippet Preview
2.6.3 2018-02-27
  • FIX Regression on canonical
2.6.2 2018-02-26
2.6.1 2018-02-25
  • NEW Russian language for SEOPress PRO (thanks to @Dmitriy)
  • FIX Themosis Framework (thanks to @romainhe)
  • FIX XML Sitemap last mod error
  • FIX Multisite save settings
2.6 2018-02-14
  • NEW Add WP Editor to taxonomy description textarea
  • NEW 15 new Google Analytics hooks (custom dimensions, link attribution etc...)
  • NEW Admin menu hook to filter SEOPress icon
  • INFO Content Analysis improvement: now with support for expressions, accented words, case insensitive etc...
  • INFO Improve A11Y
  • FIX Trying to get property 'ID' of non-object (inc/functions/options-titles-metas.php:503 & inc/functions/options-titles-metas.php:253)
2.5.2 2018-02-03
  • FIX Google Analytics
2.5.1 2018-02-01
  • FIX Fatal error in XML Sitemaps
2.5 2018-01-30
  • NEW Google Analytics: Moving from analytics.js to gtag.js
  • NEW Huge improvement for accessibility (thanks to @thierrypigot for his feedbacks)
  • NEW Real Google Snippet Preview: meta title and description are now read from your source code
  • NEW 404 email alert redesign (PRO Only)
  • NEW Page Speed email alert redesign (PRO Only)
  • INFO Improve Page Speed design page (PRO Only)
  • INFO Add post type archive link in XML sitemaps
  • INFO Increase htaccess textarea width
  • INFO Add a default value for meta description at plugin activation
  • INFO Redirections now support Query String
  • FIX 4 Notices
  • FIX CSS conflicts
  • FIX Notice seopress_xml_terms_list in XML sitemaps (thanks to @lriaudel)
2.4 2018-01-13
  • NEW Add priceRange field for Local Business (PRO Only)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_sitemaps_single_query' hook to filter XML Sitemap query for single post type
  • NEW Add 'seopress_sitemaps_single_term_query' hook to filter XML Sitemap query for single term
  • NEW Add 'seopress_sitemaps_single_gnews_query' hook to filter XML Sitemap query for Google News
  • NEW Add 'seopress_sitemaps_index_cpt_query' hook to filter latest post types query in index XML Sitemap
  • NEW Add 'seopress_sitemaps_index_gnews_query' hook to filter latest post types query for Google News in index XML Sitemap
  • NEW Add 'seopress_sitemaps_index_tax_query' hook to filter taxonomies query in index XML Sitemap
  • NEW Add 'seopress_sitemaps_html_query' hook to filter HTML Sitemap query
  • NEW Group posts by category in HTML Sitemap
  • NEW Option to set noindex on search pages
  • INFO Breadcrumbs now displays the category hierarchy for single post
  • INFO Compatibility with PHP 7.2
  • INFO Updating Google Analytics API with latest release
  • FIX Google News XML Sitemap with Polylang
  • FIX Latest post in XML Sitemaps index for Google News
  • FIX Wrong og:title / og:description / twitter:title / twitter:description in category/tag/term archive if custom title/desc set
  • FIX 5 notices: undefined index in Titles & metas option page
  • FIX Increase security
2.3 2017-12-30
  • NEW Facebook Link Ownership meta: link your website to your Facebook page in order to edit your titles, links and thumbnails in Facebook when your share posts
  • NEW Add Shortcode to call Breadcrumbs (PRO Only)
  • NEW Admin Columns PRO support: quickly add inline editing for Meta Title, Meta Description, noindex & nofollow (PRO Only)
  • NEW Add Standout tag for Google News (PRO Only)
  • NEW Add Canonical URL column / quick edit in post types
  • NEW Add 'seopress_paged' hook to filter current pagination tag in title / meta description (see documentation)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_get_search_query' hook to filter search keywords tag in title / meta description (see documentation)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_metaboxe_seo' hook to filter call of SEO metaboxe for each post type (see documentation)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_metaboxe_term_seo' hook to filter call of SEO metaboxe for each term taxonomy (see documentation)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_metaboxe_content_analysis' hook to filter call of Content Analysis metaboxe for each post type (see documentation)
  • NEW Add 'seopress_pro_metaboxe_sdt' hook to filter call of Structured Data Types metaboxe for each post type (PRO Only - see documentation)
  • INFO Breadcrumbs: you can now call multiples breadcrumbs in same page
  • INFO Improve Breadcrumbs support for paged pages, parent page, blog page...
  • INFO Replace "Products" in Breadcrumbs by Product terms category (WooCommerce and PRO Only)
  • INFO Gutenberg compatibility
  • INFO Increase meta description length to 320 characters
  • INFO Increase Twitter description length
  • INFO Improve search keywords title / meta description if empty
  • INFO Add a notice if logo publisher is empty when using Article structured data types (required by Google)
  • INFO Performance improvement
  • FIX Translations
  • FIX Notice seopress_titles_single_titles
  • FIX Notice undefined $post value in terms
2.2.3 2017-12-05
  • INFO Improve Broken links feature with better UI
  • INFO Add option to increase number of posts to scan for broken links feature
  • FIX Notice in Local Business (thanks to Aurlien Joahny)
  • FIX Google News XML Sitemaps encoding (thanks to Christophe Lengay)
  • FIX Remove Post and Page in Titles > Archives (thanks to Patrice Defago)
  • FIX Support SEOPress custom columns for Easy Digital Downloads
2.2.2 2017-11-27
  • NEW Custom fields (from post, page and post type) for titles and meta description
  • NEW Easy Digital Downloads: remove meta tag generator, add Open Graph Price & Currency, OG:TYPE Product (PRO Only)
  • INFO XML Sitemaps: check if there is posts associated to custom post type (to reduce Search Console error)
  • INFO XML Sitemaps: check if there is terms associated to taxonomy (to reduce Search Console error)
  • FIX Custom breadcrumbs with multiple children
2.2.1 2017-11-18
  • NEW Remove WordPress meta generator in source code
  • NEW Remove Windows Live Writer tag in source code
  • NEW Remove RSD (Really Simple Discovery) tag in source code
  • INFO Add notice in metaboxe if is Shop page
  • FIX noindex on archives taxonomies default setting
  • FIX Toggle features JS
2.2 2017-11-14
  • NEW Content analysis!
  • NEW Add Target keyword column (go to SEO -> Advanced page to enable)
  • INFO Importer tool now supports Focus keyword from Yoast SEO
  • INFO PHP 5.3 compatibility (we strongly encourage you to switch to PHP 7.1)
  • INFO Improve security
  • FIX Redirection test in list view
  • FIX Home url for breadcrumbs with Polylang
  • FIX seopress-counters.js conflict with WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos
  • FIX Undefined $seopress_robots_breadcrumbs in term edit
  • FIX Undefined variable seopress_backlinks_majestic_key
2.1.9 2017-10-21
  • NEW Custom breadcrumbs for single post types (PRO Only)
  • INFO Improve redirection test (tanks @mickaelgris)
  • INFO Improve post type notifications for bulk edit (redirections, broken links and backlinks) (thanks @wpchannel)
  • INFO Improve current submenu for post type (redirections and broken links) (thanks @gd6d)
  • INFO Small performance improvement for XML taxonomy sitemap
  • FIX Google Analytics lock selection (thanks @wpchannel)
  • FIX GA Notice
  • FIX XML Taxonomy sitemaps by removing terms if noindex set
  • FIX Italian language
  • FIX Robots.txt & htaccess tabs
2.1.8 2017-10-11
  • NEW Block robots.txt and .htaccess file editing with define in wp-config.php (
  • NEW %%post_category%% dynamic variable for single post title / meta description
  • NEW %%post_tag%% dynamic variable for single post title / meta description
  • NEW Add Tamil language (thanks to Sankar Srinivasan)
  • NEW Add bulk edit for WooCommerce products
  • NEW Add bulk edit for terms taxonomies
  • FIX DatePublished quotes for Article Data Structured
  • FIX Some strings translation
  • FIX Add logo to Google Knowledge Graph only if Organization type is selected
  • FIX Breadcrumbs (thanks to Aurlien Joahny) 2017-09-21
  • NEW Add Brazilian Portuguese language (thanks to Daniel Pechmann)
  • FIX Google News Genre 2017-09-18
  • FIX Fatal Error (function doesn't exist!)
2.1.7 2017-09-16
  • NEW Filter stop words list (
  • NEW Open Graph and Twitter Cards tags now inherit custom title and meta description first
  • NEW Use Open Graph for Twitter Cards if empty
  • INFO Add YouTube link in admin header
  • FIX EDD Updater
  • FIX Twitter link in admin header
2.1.6 2017-09-07
  • NEW Add WooCommerce dynamic variables for Titles and meta descriptions (single product cat, single product tag and short desc)
  • NEW Add content before each post in RSS (PRO Only)
  • NEW Add content after each post in RSS (PRO Only)
  • FIX XML Image Sitemaps errors
  • FIX CSS opacity for Google Analytics dashboard widget
  • FIX Replace User Login with User ID for Google Analytics custom dimensions
2.1.5 2017-08-22
  • FIX Esc attr if post excerpt in meta desc/OG/DC
  • FIX Flush permalinks in Network admin
2.1.4 2017-08-11
  • NEW Add Russian language (thanks to Dmitriy)
  • INFO Add sidebar in help tab
  • INFO Add Reset license button (PRO Only)
  • INFO Refactoring code (Dublin Core and Meta-description)
  • INFO OG:TYPE is now "product" if single product page with WooCommerce
  • FIX Strip all HTML tags in metas
  • FIX CSS background
  • FIX CSS Help tab
  • FIX Disable admin bar in frontend if option is checked
  • FIX Improve check when loading CSS files
  • FIX og:price:amount notice
  • FIX Translations / Update POT
  • FIX Home Title/meta description if Your latest posts checked
2.1.3 2017-08-02
  • NEW Lock your Google Analytics view
  • NEW Add [seopress_html_sitemap] shortcode to display HTML Sitemap
  • NEW Add Import redirects button in redirections list
  • NEW Add Flush permalinks button in robots.txt tab
  • NEW Add option to disable published date in HTML Sitemap
  • NEW Add Test redirection link in Redirections list view to quickly test your redirection
  • NEW Add Telugu language (thanks to Manoj Kumar)
  • NEW Add new notification to detect if add_theme_support('title-tag') is used
  • FIX Replace get_gallery_attachment_ids by get_gallery_image_ids() for XML Sitemaps
  • FIX UTF8 Encode/decode URL in XML Sitemaps
  • FIX CSS alert z-index
  • FIX Sanitize seopress_robots_file
  • FIX Remove Google News tab in metaboxe if Google News feature is Off
2.1.2 2017-07-24
  • FIX Notice: Undefined variable: seopress_social_og_type in wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/functions/options-social.php on line 392
  • FIX Fatal Error with Recipes Rich Snippet (PRO Only)
2.1.1 2017-07-20
  • FIX Add new plugin page error
2.1 2017-07-19
  • NEW Check your backlinks with Majestic API (PRO Only)
  • NEW Multisite support for .htaccess and robots.txt (PRO Only)
  • NEW Track external links in Google Analytics (PRO Only)
  • NEW Track affiliates links in Google Analytics (PRO Only)
  • NEW Add some hooks to breadcrumbs
  • INFO License key are now hidden in admin
  • INFO Links to documentation are now localized if language is available
  • INFO Improve notice if SEOPress (free release) is disabled (if PRO enabled)
  • INFO No more SEOPress mention in XML Sitemap and now translatable
  • INFO Check if .htaccess file exists before editing
  • FIX Minor CSS
  • FIX XML Sitemaps template conflicts with some themes
  • FIX Google Analytics Ajax Fatal Error
2.0.4 2017-07-01
  • NEW Add new option to automatically clean old 404 error if monitoring enabled (PRO Only)
  • INFO Add site name in 404 email alerts
  • INFO Notice user if default permalink structure is used in XML Sitemaps settings
  • FIX RSS deactivation
  • FIX Default tab in PRO page settings
  • FIX Text domain for translations
  • FIX XML Sitemaps Image if Jetpack enabled
  • FIX Undefined offset in admin.php
  • FIX Whois if subdomain
2.0.3 2017-06-19
  • NEW Add indonesian language (thanks to Tomtom)
  • FIX Title/meta desc/OG, DC and Twitter metas for blog page
  • FIX OG/Twitter metas for term archive
  • FIX Esc quotes
2.0.2 2017-06-08
  • INFO WordPress 4.8 compatibility
  • FIX Whois (PRO Only)
  • FIX CSS conflicts
  • FIX Undefined index: Domain Name wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/admin/admin.php:1041
  • FIX Undefined index: Registrar wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/admin/admin.php:1043
  • FIX Undefined index: Updated Date wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/admin/admin.php:1045
  • FIX Undefined index: Creation Date wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/admin/admin.php:1047
  • FIX Undefined index: Registry Expiry Date wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/admin/admin.php:1049
  • FIX Notice wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/functions/options-titles-metas.php:408
  • FIX Notice wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress-pro/inc/functions/options-dublin-core.php:71
2.0.1 2017-06-06
  • NEW Add bulgarian language (thanks to @ilivanov)
  • FIX Compatibility with Custom Post Type UI
  • FIX Fatal Error if Advanced options is disabled
  • FIX CSS issues
2.0 2017-05-31
  • NEW SEO metaboxe for terms (categories, tags, custom taxonomies including WooCommerce categories and tags)
  • NEW Track downloads with Google Analytics (PDF, ZIP, DOCX...)
  • NEW Disable author archives
  • NEW Disable date archives
  • NEW Check websites/domain names setup on your server (useful with share hosting - PRO Only)
  • NEW Receive email alert before domain name expiration (PRO Only)
  • NEW Check your Alexa Rank (PRO Only)
  • NEW Add link rel="prev" / rel="next" for paginated archives
  • NEW Import Yoast SEO term settings in SEOPress
  • NEW Disable RSS feeds
  • NEW Quickly block directory browsing, protect wp-config.php file and create 301 redirection when editing htaccess (PRO only)
  • INFO Introducing SEOPress font family: better integration of SEOPress icon in admin (remove base64 img)
  • INFO Remove Google Analytics footprint
  • INFO Add notification for NGINX server in XML Sitemaps page by providing NGINX rules (thanks
  • FIX Scan link in SEOPres Dashboard
  • FIX Remove Jetpack Open Graph metas now availabe in the free release instead of PRO
  • FIX %%post_excerpt%% if empty, use the_content() for meta-description
  • FIX Link to
  • FIX Remove Redirections in menu if disabled to avoid error
  • FIX Undefined variable $seopress_get_the_excerpt
  • FIX Trying to get property of non-object in options-titles-metas.php:378 if no post in post type archives
  • FIX Trying to get property of non-object in options-breadcrumbs.php:136 if no post in post type archives
  • FIX Disable post type archive link in breadcrumbs if no archive for CPT
  • FIX Bulk edit nofollow
  • FIX Quick edit save
  • FIX UX/UI bugs
  • FIX Google Analytics: not showing if user logged in
  • FIX Google Page Speed request/redirect
1.9 2017-04-27
  • NEW Add W3C check column in post types list
  • NEW Add Google Page Speed check column in post types list
  • FIX Use https for if SSL used
  • FIX Compatibility with Max Mega Menu
1.8.2 2017-04-21
  • FIX Enable by default trailing slash in options
1.8.1 2017-04-20
  • INFO Enable / disable trailing slash at the end of URL
  • FIX Wrong link for Broken links page in Dashboard
  • FIX CSS minification in admin
1.8 2017-04-19
  • NEW Import your redirections from CSV file (PRO Only)
  • NEW Bulk actions to enable/disable redirections from list view (PRO Only)
  • NEW Add redirections type filter button in Redirections list view (PRO Only)
  • NEW Google Local Business to improve your Knowledge Graph card in search results and Google Maps
  • NEW Show total number of words from posts, pages and custom post types list view
  • INFO Improve UI/UX
  • INFO Add some advices in notifications center
  • INFO Strip all HTML tags in breadcrumbs (PRO Only)
  • FIX Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/functions/options-google-analytics.php
  • FIX Notice ReportPageSpeed
1.7.6 2017-04-08
  • FIX some text domain translations
  • FIX Block SEO and Google Structured Data Types metaboxes for user roles
  • FIX Google Analytics Stats in WordPress Dashboard (PRO Only)
  • FIX Undefined variable seopress_google_analytics_auth
  • FIX Redirect licence manager
  • FIX XML Image Sitemaps (thanks to @mikyjoseph)
1.7.5 2017-03-29
  • FIX Redirections (PRO Only)
  • FIX UI issues
  • FIX Capability for SEOPress BOT (PRO only)
  • FIX Default tab JS (PRO only)
  • FIX Notice Undefined variable: seopress_social_twitter_card_site in options-social.php on line 553
1.7.4 2017-03-27
  • NEW Add Redirection Enable column in Redirections / 404 monitoring
  • NEW Add Redirection status column in Redirections / 404 monitoring
  • NEW Add Redirection URL column in Redirections / 404 monitoring
  • INFO Updating updater licence manager
  • INFO Improve translations
  • INFO Improve UX
  • INFO Improve UI
  • FIX Text domain in some translations
1.7.3 2017-03-22
  • NEW Add spanish language (thanks to
  • FIX Remove non public custom post types in XML Sitemaps options
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_knowledge_type
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_knowledge_contact_type
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_knowledge_contact_option
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_twitter_card_img_size
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_accounts_facebook
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_accounts_twitter
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_accounts_google
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_accounts_pinterest
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_accounts_instagram
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_accounts_youtube
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_accounts_linkedin
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_accounts_myspace
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_accounts_soundcloud
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_accounts_tumblr
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_knowledge_name
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_knowledge_phone
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_facebook_admin_id
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_facebook_app_id
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_knowledge_img
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_facebook_img
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_social_twitter_card_img
  • FIX Undefined index: description
  • FIX Undefined index: description (2)
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_titles_archives_author_desc
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_titles_archives_date_desc
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_titles_archives_404_desc
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_xml_sitemap_html_mapping
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_xml_sitemap_html_exclude
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_advanced_advanced_google
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_advanced_advanced_bing
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_advanced_advanced_pinterest
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_advanced_advanced_yandex
  • FIX Use of undefined constant seopress_admin_header - assumed 'seopress_admin_header'
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_rich_snippets_publisher_logo
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_rich_snippets_publisher_logo_width
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_rich_snippets_publisher_logo_height
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_breadcrumbs_separator
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_robots_file
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_news_name
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_news_genres
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_news_keywords
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_404_redirect_home
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_404_redirect_custom_url
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_404_redirect_status_code
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_404_enable_mails_from
1.7.2 2017-03-16
  • INFO Breadcrumbs now support Events Calendar / Events Calendar Pro
  • FIX Edit robots.txt
  • FIX Esc_attr for SEOPress BOT
  • FIX Google Knowledge Graph (thanks to @leflibustier)
1.7.1 2017-03-01
  • FIX XML Index sitemaps count column
  • FIX XML Sitemaps replace Published date by Modified date (last update)
  • FIX XML Sitemaps Notice: Undefined variable: product_img
  • FIX XML Sitemaps Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): Empty string supplied as input
  • FIX XML Sitemaps Notice: Undefined variable: images
  • FIX Undefined index: logout wp-seopress-pro/inc/admin/admin.php (Google Analytics)
  • FIX Google Analytics Dashboard widget if no token
1.7 2017-02-23
  • NEW SEOPress BOT : scan all your links in content and detect 404 errors, 301/302/307 redirects, links down... (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW SEOPress BOT : export links scan in CSV (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW XML Image Sitemap now with Post Thumbnail support
  • INFO Improve UI
  • INFO Improve Licence page
  • FIX Twitter Card
  • FIX Google News Sitemap
  • FIX Sanitize fields (PRO only)
  • FIX Translations
1.6 2017-02-09
  • NEW XML Image Sitemap to improve ranking in Google Images (supports standard images, WP Image Galleries and WooCommerce image products)
  • NEW Block SEO metaboxe to specific user roles
  • NEW Block Structured Data Types metaboxe to specific user roles
  • INFO Move SEO metaboxe just under the editor
  • INFO Add Items count column in index XML Sitemaps
  • INFO Move Structured Data Types metaboxe just under SEO metaboxe
  • FIX Undefined notice phone number
  • FIX Change Price input number to input text to allow decimals (Structured Data Types)
  • FIX incorrect last update date in index XML Sitemaps
  • FIX Admin bar is_plugin_active error
1.5.1 2017-02-02
  • INFO Improve Breadcrumbs SEO
  • FIX Google Analytics Fatal Error
  • FIX Dublin Core notices
  • FIX Adminbar now visible in front-end too when user is logged
  • FIX Use of undefined constant yes - assumed 'yes'
  • FIX WooCommerce compatibility with Breadcrumbs
  • FIX Dublin Core Subject
  • FIX Dublin Core Description
  • FIX 10 Undefined variable seopress_social_knowledge_img_option
1.5 2017-01-31
  • NEW Google Analytics Stats in Dashboard with interactive charts (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW Add new advices in Notifications center
  • NEW Add bulk actions to enable/disable noindex/nofollow/index/follow
  • NEW Hide Genesis SEO Metaboxe (in Advanced page, appearance tab)
  • INFO You can now reset notifications display settings in Import/Export/Reset page
  • INFO Enhanced Google Snippet Preview
  • FIX Conflict with AIT Themes
  • FIX some undefined notices
  • FIX Notice admin_header
1.4 2017-01-16
  • NEW Remove /category/ in permalinks (works with Polylang and WPML)
  • NEW Show/Hide Notifications Center
  • NEW Allow Google AdSense bot, Allow Google Image Bot, Add Default WP rules in on click in robots.txt
  • INFO Hide Search Console notice if Google site verification field isn't empty
  • INFO Minifying CSS
  • FIX Canonical tag
  • FIX Facebook Admin ID
  • FIX Facebook App ID
  • FIX Remove stop words conflict with WooCommerce Orders report
  • FIX Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function seopress_titles_single_desc_option()
1.3 2017-01-10
  • NEW Redirect 404 to homepage/custom url automatically with custom status code (301, 302 or 307) - (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW Receive email notifications each time a 404 is detected (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW Create an HTML sitemap to boost your SEO
  • INFO Add save remove notices
  • FIX Esc_html on category, tag and term description
  • FIX Structured Data Types metaboxe if disabled
  • FIX Some french translations
  • FIX Canonical URL
  • FIX Dublin Core Relation
1.2.1 2017-01-05
  • FIX Fatal error for WooCommerce cart, checkout, my account pages
1.2 2017-01-04
  • NEW Add Dublin Core meta tags (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW Add Structured Data Types for Articles, Courses, Videos, Recipes, Events and Products (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW Add Organization phone number for Google Knowledge Graph
  • NEW Add Contact type for Google Knowledge Graph
  • NEW Add Contact option for Google Knowledge Graph
  • FIX Remove Meta description if empty
  • FIX Esc_html in tooltips
  • FIX Logo Google Knowledge Graph
  • FIX Social Accounts in Google Knowledge Graph
  • FIX Duplicate URL (trailing slash bug)
1.1 2016-12-21
  • NEW Add new advices in notifications center
  • NEW Link your robots.txt to your sitemap in one click
  • NEW Block SEMRush et Majestic SEO Bots in one click
  • NEW Add noindex column in post types
  • NEW Add nofollow column in post types
  • INFO Improve performance in xml sitemap generation
  • INFO Improve translations
  • INFO Set Google Analytics enable by default
  • INFO Add some helps
  • FIX XML Sitemaps compatibility with Polylang
  • FIX Access to PRO options if SEOPress is disabled
  • FIX Notice Trying to get property of non-object seopress.php:182
1.0.2 2016-12-18
  • FIX Escape HTML tags in title
  • FIX WooCommerce (PRO) fatal error
1.0.1 2016-12-08
  • FIX XML sitemaps fatal error
1.0 2016-12-07
  • NEW Google Analytics
  • NEW Import Yoast Posts metadata in SEOPress (Title tags, Meta description, Facebook Open Graph tags (title, description and image thumbnail), Twitter tags (title, description and image thumbnail), Meta Robots (noindex, nofollow...), Canonical URL)
  • NEW Google News Sitemap (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW Breadcrumbs (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW Google Page Speed tool (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW Robots.txt (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW htaccess (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW WooCommerce OG:PRICE meta for product (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW WooCommerce OG:CURRENCY meta for product (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW WooCommerce Noindex cart page (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW WooCommerce Noindex checkout page (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW WooCommerce Noindex customer account pages (SEOPress PRO only)
  • NEW Add Title tag column in post types
  • NEW Add Meta description column in post types
  • NEW Set default values (settings need to be reset if you already own the plugin)
  • NEW Add SEOPress in Admin Bar for quick access (you can remove it)
  • NEW Manage Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Robots for Custom Post Type Archives
  • NEW Add new checks in notifications center
  • NEW Add Logo preview in Knowledge graph
  • INFO If Jetpack enabled, disable Jetpack Open Graph Tags for compatibility
  • INFO Check if SEOPress is installed, if not, display a notice for SEOPress Pro users
  • INFO Improve some labels
  • INFO Add minimum size required for Facebook and Twitter thumbnail
  • INFO Add SEOPress icon in admin menu
  • INFO Add descriptions / tooltips for labels, inputs...
  • FIX Disable article:published_time, article:modified_time and og:updated_time on homepage
  • FIX CSS bugs
  • FIX XML Sitemaps namespaces
  • FIX Escape HTML in OG:Title, Twitter:title
  • FIX Wrong link for rating SEOPress on
  • FIX Replace get_site_url() by get_home_url() (thanks to Ludovic Riaudel)
  • FIX Title tag and meta description for frontpage
  • FIX Notification center checks
  • FIX if function exists errors
  • FIX WooCommerce checks
0.9 2016-10-03
  • NEW Add OG:URL if Open Graph is enabled
  • NEW Add OG:SITE_NAME if Open Graph is enabled
  • NEW Add OG:TYPE if Open Graph is enabled
  • NEW Add OG:LOCALE if Open Graph is enabled
  • NEW Add TWITTER:SITE if Twitter Card is enabled
  • NEW Add TWITTER:CREATOR if Twitter Card is enabled
  • NEW Add Flush permalinks button in XML Sitemaps settings page
  • NEW Add Ping Google manually button for XML Sitemaps
  • NEW Add noindex meta robots tag for Author and Date archives
  • FIX Display Site Verification meta only on homepage
  • FIX Set Search and 404 pages to noindex by default
  • FIX Notice Undefined variable: seopress_social_knowledge_img_option
  • FIX Notice Undefined variable: seopress_social_accounts_facebook_option
  • FIX Notice Undefined variable: seopress_social_accounts_twitter_option
  • FIX Notice Undefined variable: seopress_social_accounts_google_option
  • FIX Undefined variable: seopress_social_accounts_pinterest_option
  • FIX Notice Undefined variable: seopress_social_accounts_instagram_option
  • FIX Notice Undefined variable: seopress_social_accounts_youtube_option
  • FIX Notice Undefined variable: seopress_social_accounts_linkedin_option
  • FIX Notice Undefined variable: seopress_social_accounts_myspace_option
  • FIX Notice Undefined variable: seopress_social_accounts_soundcloud_option
  • FIX Notice Undefined variable: seopress_social_accounts_tumblr_option
  • FIX Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in inc/functions/options-titles-metas.php on line 253
  • FIX Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in inc/functions/options-titles-metas.php on line 355
0.8 2016-09-25
  • NEW Remove stop words in URL (supported languages: EN, FR, ES, DE, IT, PT)
  • INFO List last modified posts first in XML sitemaps
  • FIX Remove posts marked as noindex in edit post page in XML sitemaps
0.7 2016-09-17
  • NEW Redesign SEOPress main page
  • NEW Notifications center
  • NEW Add XSL in sitemaps for readability
  • NEW Add Google site verification option
  • NEW Add Bing site verification option
  • NEW Add Pinterest site verification option
  • NEW Add Yandex site verification option
  • INFO Limit items in sitemaps to 1000 for performances
  • FIX Notice Undefined variable: seopress_paged
  • FIX Website in JSON-LD
0.6 2016-09-05
  • NEW Add template variable for titles tags and meta descriptions
  • INFO Remove screenshots from main directory to assets
  • FIX Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /inc/admin/admin-metaboxes.php on line 11
  • FIX Notice: Undefined variable: seopress_titles_the_description
  • FIX Notice: Undefined variable: post
  • FIX Canonical tag
  • FIX Notice: Trying to get property of non-object
0.5 2016-08-30
  • NEW Add 301/302 redirections in SEOPress metaboxe for custom post types
  • NEW Add Redirect attachment pages to post parent or home if none option
  • INFO Use pretty names for Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies in all options
0.4 2016-08-26
  • NEW Add article:published_time, article:modified_time, og:updated_time metadata
  • INFO Add website link
  • INFO Improve UI in Google Snippet Preview with live preview
  • INFO Improve Canonical URL field
  • FIX CSS Google Snippet preview
  • FIX Title tag in Google Snipet Preview
0.3 2016-08-24
  • INFO Add placeholders
  • INFO Improve sanitization
  • INFO Set noindex on xml sitemaps
  • FIX Text domain for localization
  • FIX CSS in Import / Export page
0.2 2016-08-23
  • INFO Improve SEOPress Metaboxe UI/UX
  • INFO CSS Cleaning
  • FIX Titles tag, meta description and meta robots
  • FIX Test site visibility in Reading Options before applying Titles & Metas settings
  • FIX Security Allowing Direct File Access to plugin files
  • FIX No more calling core loading files directly
  • FIX Import / Export Tool