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OneAll_SingleSignOn Single Sign-On automatically signs users in as they browse between multiple and independent Magento shops in your network. 2017-02-28 2017-02-28
Chapagain_AssociatedProductPriceInCart An extension to use the associated product's price in shopping cart instead of the configurable product's price. 2017-02-22 2017-03-10
QuickLicenseManager Integrates QLM with Magento by automatically generating a license key when a new order is placed. 2017-02-19 2017-07-14
simitracking_0117 SimiTracking Application Connector 2017-02-17 2017-02-17
BikeExchange_DE Automating a BikeExchange DE account from the Magento Shop's admin panel. 2017-02-16 2017-07-21
visual-merchandising-product-listing-campaign-creator Instantly create product listing pages. Add banners, SEO variables, pin products etc. Improve marketing ROI. 2017-02-10 2017-05-30
Chargeback Take control of customer disputes with issuer Alerts, automated Responses and detailed Reporting. 2017-02-08 2017-06-09
official-idin-magento-extension Official iDIN extension 2017-02-06 2017-02-06
profile_Image Profile Image 2017-02-03 2017-02-03
Plumrocket_AdvancedPromotions Advanced Promotions Magento Extension allows to significantly speed-up Admin's work with Shopping Cart Price Rules and Catalog Price Rules by adding some very useful features. 2017-02-01 2017-02-27