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Name ▼ Summary First release Latest release
pict Make the photos you share to social networks shoppable. Magento extension needed for using PICT. 2013-04-12 2013-11-15
pi_slider Brands/Products Slider easier for customers to browse and shop by specific brands in a web-store. 2015-04-04 2015-04-04
photoslurp_for_magento A visual commerce and marketing platform that helps brands increase conversion rates by finding, curating, analysing and publishing customer photos from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook 2015-07-13 2017-05-25
payu_payment payu released version 2012-01-19 2012-03-01
paysure Paysure Gateway Payment module Incorporates Visa and Kenswitch cards and M-pesa. 2013-01-26 2013-10-29
paymentwall_magento_module Paymentwall payment extension for Magento. 120+ payment methods in more than 200 countries. 2014-09-03 2016-07-06
paylookout_payment_ext this is an extension for hosted payment method. 2013-05-07 2013-05-14
payitsimplepayment Offer your customers interest-free credit card installment payments. Official extension. 2015-01-14 2017-06-08
payin7 Payin7 offers the clients the opportunity of choosing between two products: Pay in 7 days or Finance Payment ( ---- Payin7 ofrece a los clientes la oportunidad de elegir entre dos productos: Pago en 7 días o Pago financiado 2016-03-24 2016-03-24
payfort_payment This extension will allow your customers to use Payfort payment gateway. 2013-08-18 2014-10-28