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REVE Chat is a live chat support software plugin. It lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your Wordpress site to personally guide and help your visitors, while they go through the various sections of your website.

Live chat customer support, the efficient usage of valuable time is the main key to both happy customers and professional management. Traditionally interactions between live support agents and visitors have been restricted to one-on-one supports over phones or emails. Live chat for customer support has now become the alternative that today's multitasking and net savvy generation is looking for. It offers quick response in real time and higher customer satisfaction which can generate more conversions. In the era of automated customer assistance systems, the chance to chat with a person in real time through your website is a distinct feature. Now just like a sales person in the shop, talk to the visitors of your website in real-time. REVE Chat is powerful and intuitive real-time customer engagement software. It puts a live person on your website to personally guide and help your visitors, while they go through the various sections of your digital display. This helps them to get the most out of your web presence, while allowing you to understand their diverse needs on a one-to-one basis. REVE Chat is easy to install and use. So place this customizable REVE Chat widget to your business and start getting sales conversion and higher customer satisfaction.

Live Chat benefits

  • Real-time Visitor Info: Agent as well as Admin can see real time visitor information. Our live chat plugins enables you to track the website visitor's country, city, appropriate location, IP address, ISP (Internet Service Provider), total time spent in your website, and referral website
  • Proactive Chat: Proactive chat enables agents to initiate a Chat request from their Chat Window. Moreover Trigger based proactive chat automatically sends customized chat alerts for the visitors on the website.
  • Chat Monitoring: Admin can monitor which agents are chatting and the detailed chat conversations between your website visitors and agents in real-time. Admin can also whisper the agent if they give any wrong information. Here you can monitor the chat conversation between agents and website visitors and among your agents
  • Click to Call: Click to call is a powerful solution that can be implemented on REVE Chat to offer real-time voice assistance to online customers. It allows visitor and agent to initiate Voice and Video Call from their Chat window.
  • Queuing: With this chat software handle chat requests efficiently when all your agents are busy. Our live chat software gives information to website visitors regarding their waiting time in the chat queue
  • Facebook Integration: REVE Chat allows you to engage with your potential customers through your company Facebook page. Facebook is very effective tool for business. Smart use of social media increases sales, retention and customer satisfaction. REVE Chat Facebook app makes it easier than ever to engage online visitors. Facebook integration lets customers reach you directly on your Facebook fan page, whether or not you are online, increasing customer happiness and organic marketing and outreach.

What makes Reve Chat the best choice for live chat?

  • A simple and highly customizable Live chat solution
  • User friendly interface and Dashboard
  • Intuitive Chat Window
  • Innovative and unique features
  • 24x7 hour live chat support from our trained experts on any weekday (visit

Supported Language

  • Arabic | Bangla | Chinese | Dutch | English | French| German | Hindi | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Malay | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Russian | Spanish | Swedish | Tagalog | Turkish | Vietnamese

Some Geeky Facts

  • Work across major browsers (Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari).
  • Average uptime is 99.8%.
  • Mobile Optimized Dashboard

Should you need any assistance, feel free to chat with our customer advocates on or email us at


REVE Chat offers 24x7-365 live support, visit and initiate a chat or send us an email at

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Releases (24 )

Version Release Date Change Log
6.2.0 2020-04-15
  • new UI design
  • updating singup and login procedure


6.1.10 2018-08-13
6.1.9 2018-08-13
6.1.8 2018-08-13
6.1.7 2018-05-26
6.1.6 2018-05-26
6.1.5 2018-05-26
6.1.3 2018-05-26
6.1.2 2018-05-26
6.1.1 2018-05-26
6.1.0 2018-05-22
6.1 2018-05-22
5.0 2018-05-21
4.0 2018-02-28
3.0 2018-01-23
  • introduced new signup process
  • fixed signin bug


2.0.4 2018-01-14
2.0.2 2017-12-20
2.0.3 2017-12-20
  • updated the UI


2.0.1 2017-07-03
  • Updated chat script


2.0 2016-12-22
  • New Admin Menu page for REVE Chat
  • New for integration
  • Added link of settings page to display on the plugins page (beside the activate/deactivate links).


2.0.0 2016-09-17
1.2.4 2016-08-30
1.2.3 2016-07-26
1.2.2 2016-07-26